The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna

13 Trophies (1320 Points)






PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Release Date

February 2nd, 2022


Eastasiasoft Limited, Tonguç Bodur


Eastasiasoft Limited, Tonguç Bodur


How long does it take to beat The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna and unlock all trophies?

About 90 Minutes

How difficult is it to beat The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10)

Does The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna have online trophies?


Does The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna have missable trophies?


Does The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna?


Does The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna have a Platinum Trophy?


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The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Welcome to our Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide. The Dead Tree of Ranchunia is something of a walking simulator game with some light puzzle elements. Nothing is really missable and the game is very short, consisting mostly of story-telling along a linear path.

Most of the trophies in The Dead Tree of Ranchunia are completely unmissable, the only ones you really need to look out for are “Skeletons of” and “Encore? ,” which require you to view the end credits in their entirety and solve an optional puzzle after the credits.

Phase One – Complete the Game and Watch the Credits

The one and only phase of our Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide simply requires you to beat the game. There are some simple puzzles, for which I have provided solutions at the end of this guide.

Pretty much every trophy is unmissable except for Skeletons of and Encore?, as I mentioned at the top.

This game can be quite frustrating because you’ll quite frequently hit an invisible wall with no visible way forward, but then once you have triggered a dialogue event nearby, the invisible wall will disappear, without indication.

To avoid getting stuck, make sure you approach anything that looks like it might be significant, and if you hit an invisible wall don’t assume it will be there forever.

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophies

Trophy Image
Welcome home

Arrive at the village.

Trophy Image



The game starts with a long walking section during which there’s nothing to do. Just keep following the linear path and you’ll eventually arrive at a village, where you can see some houses up ahead. The Welcome Home trophy will unlock here.

Trophy Image

Talk to her.

Trophy Image



In the Village, approach the houses one by one to trigger dialogue sequences. Not every house will trigger a scene, but you’ll be impeded at several points until you’ve approached the right house. At the top of the village, approach the small Green House and it will trigger a dialogue exchange with Daniela.

The Daniela trophy will unlock when the dialogue begins.

Trophy Image
+300 XP

Solve the first gate puzzle.

Trophy Image



After you leave the village, you’ll eventually come to a gate in your way. Solve this simple puzzle and the +300 XP trophy will unlock.

See the solution here.

Trophy Image
At the waterfall

Together forever?

Trophy Image



As you progress through the story, you’ll eventually trigger some dialogue on a bridge over a river, next to a waterfall. The At the Waterfall trophy will unlock there.

On the way to the waterfall, you’ll need to complete a House Puzzle, see the solution here if you need it.

Trophy Image
+400 XP

Solve the second gate puzzle.

Trophy Image



As you’re making your way down the next path, you’ll come to an area where the path just loops on itself. Look for this tree along the path, you need to push it down with and then walk up it:

After that tree, you’ll come to the second gate. Solve the switch puzzle to unlock the +400 XP trophy. See the solution here if you wish.

Trophy Image
A drizzly path

See the first drizzle.

Trophy Image



Eventually, it will start to rain, when you walk down a path next to a run-down building. When the rain starts to fall, the A Drizzly Path trophy should unlock.

Trophy Image
Train of consequences

See the train pass by.

Trophy Image



Eventually, after quite a long while without collecting any trophies, you’ll pass under a poor approximation of a bridge, and a very fast train will shoot by overhead. Your character will automatically look up at the train as the Train of Consequences trophy unlocks.

Trophy Image

Solve the third gate puzzle.

Trophy Image



Not long after you receive the Train of Consequences trophy, you’ll come to a third gate puzzle. Complete it and the LEVEL UP! trophy will unlock.

See the solution here if you need it.

Trophy Image
Deja vu?

Scare the deer away for the second time.

Trophy Image



There are two points in the story where you’ll see a deer ahead of you. Both times, it will flee when you get close. The second time this happens, the Deja Vu? trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
I ponder as I wander

Walk towards the end of the hilly path.

Trophy Image



Towards the end of the game, you start walking along a rocky mountain path that raises in altitude the further you progress. After you complete the Demon Room Puzzle, continue along the mountain path until you see two huge dog statues in the distance.

Continue heading towards them and the “I ponder as I wander” trophy will unlock when you get close.

Trophy Image
Skeletons of

Watch the whole credits.

Trophy Image


When you reach the game’s ending in the cave behind the Dead Tree, put your controller down.

Do not skip the credits or you will miss this trophy as well as the Encore? trophy.

At the end of the credits (which are thankfully quite short), the game will load back up in the crypt and the “Skeletons of” trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image

Pick the vault door lock.

Trophy Image


If you avoided skipping the credits and unlocked the “Skeletons of” trophy, you’ll find yourself back in the Crypt where the game’s story came to a conclusion.

Head to the right, past the skeletons, and deeper into the crypt. Eventually, you’ll find a door on your left side.

Find a way into this door (You can find the solution here if you want) and the “Encore?” trophy will unlock once you enter the room behind it.

The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Puzzle Solutions

In this section of our Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide, you will find the solutions for all 7 Puzzles in the game.

Gate Puzzle #1

After you’ve left through the wooden gate, continue down the path until you reach a corrugated metal doorway placed in the way.

To the right of the doorway, there are three switches. Activate the second and third switches and the gate will open. Look at a Switch and press to interact with it.

Completing this puzzle unlocks the +300 XP trophy.

House Puzzle #1

In this first indoors sequence, you need to investigate your surroundings and find a way to exit the house.

You’ll start facing the window, turn to your right and open the left-most door in the wardrobe with to find a Crowbar inside.

Press on the crowbar to grab it.

Behind you, on a shelf next to the couch, you’ll find a small box. Press on the lid to open it and then press on the key inside to take it.

Finally, interact with the metal door opposite the window to be returned to your leisurely stroll.

Gate Puzzle #2

The second Gate Puzzle comes after the waterfall. There will be a part of the path where you need to push down a tree to progress, the gate is almost immediately after that.

This second gate puzzle really adds very little to the original gate puzzle. This time, activate switches 2, 3, and 4.

Completing this puzzle unlocks the +400 XP trophy.

Gate Puzzle #3

After quite a long while, once you have the Train of Consequences trophy, you’ll come to the first puzzle for a long while; another Gate Puzzle.

This time, the puzzle solution is simple to throw the first three switches, but not the right-most one. Completing it will unlock the LEVEL UP! trophy.

House Puzzle #2

The second time you find yourself teleported indoors, have a look around the house for Candle Holders. You will need to light them all to proceed.

Once they have all been lit, you will get teleported again into a dark abyss, surrounded by doors.

Turn around and look for the door with two candles placed at either side of the doorway. Approach it and press to return from this fever dream.

Demon Room Puzzle

Eventually, out of nowhere, you will be faced with a ridiculous sight. A large black abyss filled with Demons…

I guess the metaphor here is that you need to “face your demons,” so do exactly that. When you walk into a Demon, it lets out a growl and then collapses onto the ground before slowly sinking into the abyss.

Walk into each Demon one by one until there are no more Demons in the room. You’ll then be returned to the mountain path.

Vault Door Puzzle

To reach the Vault Door puzzle, you will need to first finish the game, and make sure you do not skip the credits.

When the credits end, you’ll be taken back into the crypt where the game ended. Go past the skeletons ahead of you and continue down the path to the right.

When the path forks, you’ll see a door to your left, a table on your right, and some more crypt tunnel ahead of you.

The door on your left is our objective. You need to open it, and doing so will unlock the “Encore?” trophy.

The puzzle is very simple. First, go to the table opposite the door and you’ll find some lockpicking tools. Collect them with .

Return to the door and press on it to begin Lockpicking. This Lockpicking mechanic is very similar to the one used in the Fallout games and—more recently—Dying Light 2.

Use left and right to rotate the upper tool, and then use up and down to rotate the lock.

You need to find the right angle for the upper tool so that the lower tool can turn the lock fully and open the door. You need to do this by essentially feeling it out.

Keep moving the upper tool and then the lower tool, if the lock turns more then keep moving the upper tool in that direction. If it turns less before stopping then move the upper tool in the opposite direction. Eventually, you’ll be able to turn the lock fully and the minigame will disappear from your screen.

Push on the door again to open it and step inside.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
The Dead Tree

Unlock all other trophies.

Trophy Image

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Trophy Guide, the “The Dead Tree” platinum trophy will unlock.

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