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How long does it take to beat Tanks, But No Tanks and unlock all trophies?

3 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Tanks, But No Tanks and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Tanks, But No Tanks have online trophies?


Does Tanks, But No Tanks have difficulty-specific trophies?

Does Tanks, But No Tanks have missable trophies?


Does Tanks, But No Tanks have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Tanks, But No Tanks?

Several Matches.

Does Tanks, But No Tanks have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide and Road Map for Tanks, But No Tanks

Welcome to our Tanks, But No Tanks Trophy Guide. Tanks, But No Tanks is a modernized take on the old-school top-down tank shooter genre popularised by games like Battle City on the NES or Tanks! on the Nintendo Wii. In Tanks, But No Tanks you must collect coins that spawn randomly in the arena while avoiding bullets shot and ricocheted from three other tanks. Between rounds you can spend your hard earned coins on upgrades to make your tank even more lethal. Tanks, But No Tanks is a fun PlayStation 5 game to play solo or with three of your buddies.

Phase One | Play All Game Modes

For this phase in our Tanks, But No Tanks Trophy Guide you should focus on learning the gameplay while unlocking the Game Mode trophies. There are two Game Modes in Tanks, But No Tanks—Free For All and Teams—and both of them can be played with just two players, and/or AI. All you need to do in this phase is work on collecting coins and destroying the other tanks. Make sure to buy and upgrade with your coins, play against 1 Very Hard AI Bot, and shoot a teammate in Teams Mode.

Trophies in this phase:

Game Mode Trophies

What's This Do?

Purchase An Upgrade

Every two rounds in Tank, But No Tanks there is a Shop Round where you can buy upgrade from four chests. All you need to do to unlock What’s This Do? is purchase any upgrade from the chests in the Shop Round.

1 v 1

Play A One-On-One Match

When on the Player screen you can choose how many AI players you’d like to add. Only add one and you will unlock 1 v 1. This trophy can be paired with Unstoppable.


Play A Game With Teams

While on the Player screen you can add some AI players and press to open the Game Config screen. From here you can change the Game Mode to Teams. Make sure you assign colours to each tank before you start the match. You can pair this with Friendly Fire.

Friendly Fire

"Accidentally" Shoot Your Teammate

In Team Mode you can shoot a projectile at your teammate and destroy their tank unlocking Friendly Fire.


Beat 3 Easy Bots


On the Player screen before a match, add three AI players and start the match to unlock Warm-Up.


Win Against 3 Very Hard Bots


While on the Player Screen add AI players—or just one AI player to make it easier on yourself—and make sure their AI difficulty is set to Very Hard before starting a match. You can also set the Game length to One Round. Once you win a match against an Very Hard AI Bot you will unlock Unstoppable.

Phase Two | Grind Free For All Mode

Now we’re on to the meat of our Tanks, But No Tanks Trophy Guide. In this phase you will be playing a lot of Free For All mode against three AI Bots or three inactive players if you want things to go smoother. Your goal is to destroy tanks using various Upgrades while also collecting coins. You’ll need to destroy 75 tanks with the Explosive Bullet Upgrade, destroy 75 tanks with the Turret Upgrade while also Teleporting 75 times, and so on. During this phase you’ll also naturally play on every map and collect a lot of coins which will help for the last phase.

Trophies in this phase:

Miscellaneous Trophies


Play Every Available Map

There are a handful of maps in Tanks, But No Tanks and each of them have their own tricks to them. Some maps have doors that can be opened and close by driving over a button whereas other maps will have rotating platforms under pitfalls. During this phase you’ll be playing enough games that you’ll naturally see all the maps the game has to offer.

Making Mayhem

Destroy 100 Tanks


For Making Mayhem to unlock you need to destroy a total of 100 tanks. Destroying your own tank with your own ricocheted bullets counts towards this trophy. You can pair this trophy with Bite The Bullet.


Destroy 75 Tanks With Explosions


For this trophy you will need the Explosive Bullet Upgrade which can be acquired in the Shop Round. Once you have it, you can press to fire an Explosive Bullet at enemies. Once you destroy 75 enemy tanks with the Explosive Bullet, Gottem will unlock. To speed this process up you can shoot your friends in the Shop Round repeatedly until the trophy unlocks. This won’t work with AI players.

Automation Sensation

Destroy 75 Tanks With A Turret


One of the Upgrades you can buy is the Turret Upgrade which places a turret in front of you when you press . To unlock Automation Sensation you need to destroy 75 tanks with the Turret Upgrade. Tanks respawn infinitely in the Shop Round.

Watch Out

Destroy 75 Tanks With A Lethal Dash


One of the more useful Passive Upgrades you can buy for your tank is the Lethal Dash Upgrade. This allows you to dash right through an enemy tank and destroy them. You must destroy 75 tanks with the Lethal Dash Upgrade to unlock Watch Out. Tanks infinitely respawn in the Shop Round.


Teleport 75 Times


The Teleporter Upgrade is quite helpful for getting around the map fast and avoiding enemy tanks. In order to unlock Everywhere all you need to do is teleport 75 times. While you’re attempting this you should also get the Teleport This.

Phase Three | Clean-Up

In this final phase of our Tanks, But No Tanks Trophy Guide you will be working on trophies you failed to unlock in the previous two phases. At this point you should be really close to most of the trophies listed below but generally the method for unlocking most of them will be to load up a match with maximum players and quickly grind out the requirements for the trophy. For example, the I Meant To Do That trophy requires you to shoot an enemy with a bullet that ricocheted three times so I would load up a game with some player-controlled tanks, quickly buy a +1 Ricochet upgrade and place the player tank in a spot where I can shoot a bullet and have it ricochet three times before hitting them.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Don't Underestimate Me

Acquire 4 Passive Upgrades At Once


Max Out All Passive Slots

For both Don’t Underestimate Me and Untouchable to unlock you need to buy Passive Upgrades during the Shop Round in any game mode. For Untouchable you need to have a Passive Upgrade in each of the 8 available slots.

Watch Your Step

Fall Off The Map

On most maps you can find spots where the ground suddenly stops. All you need to do to unlock Watch Your Step is willingly, or accidentally, drive off into the abyss.

I Meant To Do That

Destroy A Tank After Ricocheting Off 3 Surfaces

By default your bullets only ricochet twice before the next contact with an object destroys the bullet entirely. You can get more ricochets by acquiring the Ricochet Passive Upgrade—each one giving you an extra ricochet. To unlock I Meant To Do That you need to acquire at least one Ricochet Upgrade and fire a bullet at an object or wall with the intention of having it ricochet a total of three times before hitting your target. You can try attempt this naturally against Bots or you can connect a second controller and do this very easily against an inactive partner.

Better Together

Play A Game With 4 Players

Local Co-op

To unlock Better Together you will need three extra DualSense controllers. Load up a game in any Game Mode and connect four controllers and press to ready them. Once you start a game with four players connected Better Together will unlock. Since this is a PS5 game you cannot use DualShock 4 controllers to play it so you need three extra DualSense controllers.

A Note from the Developer: “One [tip] that may help people is that the [Better Together] trophy is able to be unlocked with a single controller if the player joins in the lobby, then signs out, then signs in with a guest profile three times.
Hope this helps!”


run Into Your Own Explosion

To destroy yourself by “running into your own explosion” you first need the Explosive Bullet upgrade. Once you have this you can drive into a wall and press to shoot your Explosive Bullet and die in the resulting explosion.

Bite The Bullet

Get Destroyed 100 Times


Getting destroyed 100 times might be one of the last trophies you have left if you’re playing Tanks, But No Tanks solo. To unlock Bite The Bullet quickly, you can play a game until you get to the Shop Round and repeatedly fire at a wall while running into your ricochet or use the Explosive Bullet Upgrade like in the Making Mayhem trophy.

Senseless Violence

Respawn 100 Times In The Shop


Every 2 rounds—this can be modified in the game settings—there is a Shop Round where you can buy upgrades. While in the Shop Round you can shoot yourself and your friends and in turn be shot by them. To unlock Senseless Violence you need to be shot, destroyed, and respawn a total of 100 times in the Shop Round. This trophy can be paired with Making Mayhem, and Bite The Bullet.


Collect 500 Coins


Coins drop every few seconds in random locations throughout a map which you can then collect to spend at the Shop Round. To unlock Greedy you just need to collect a total of 500. You can connect three extra controllers and leave them idle while you run around collecting coins as they drop if you still haven’t collected 500 by the end of your trophy journey.

Teleport This

Destroy a Tank With A Teleportation Projectile

In the Shop Round you can buy a Teleporter Upgrade that lets you fire a projectile with . Once you’re happy with where the projectile is you can press again to teleport to that location. Instead of doing that to unlock Teleport This you’ll need to hit an enemy tank with the teleportation projectile which will destroy the tank.

Shoot First, Ask Later

Fire 500 Projectiles


If you still need to unlock this trophy after clearing Phase One and Two of our trophy guide, you can go into the Shop Round, face a wall and repeatedly tap . Every time a bullet hits a wall it will bounce back and be hit by another bullet destroying them. This will create an infinite stream of bullets as long as you keep tapping and Shoot First, Ask Later will unlock before you know it.

This Is Gonna Be Fun

Play A Game With A Starting Upgrade

On the Player screen before a match you can press to open the Game Config screen. From this screen you can change a few parameters as well as choose what upgrade to start a game with. Choose any upgrade and start a game to unlock This Is Gonna Be Fun.

Big Spender

Spend 100 Coins


In the Shop Round you must spend 100 coins at the four Upgrade chests to unlock Big Spender. Passive Upgrades like Ricochet is a good choice for this trophy as they can be stacked a total of 8 times per game and cost 3 coins per purchase which means you can spend 24 coins per game.


Purchase Every Type Of Upgrade


For Connoisseur to unlock you will need to purchase at least one of every type of Upgrade. The total list of upgrades is as follows:

  1. Faster Bullets | Passive
  2. +1 Ricochet | Passive
  3. +1 Bullet | Passive
  4. Long Dash | Passive
  5. Own Bullet Immunity | Passive
  6. Bullets Collect Coins | Passive
  7. Lethal Dash | Passive
  8. Land Mines | Active
  9. Teleport to Bullet | Active
  10. Explosive Bullets | Active
  11. Turret | Active
  12. Triple Shot | Active
  13. Summon Wall | Active
  14. Shield | Active
Treasure Hunter

Open 100 Chests


The fastest way to open 100 chests is to first collect a lot of coins—more than 100—and play a round until you get a Shop Round with 2 or more Active Upgrade chests and just move between them while pressing to buy them repeatedly.


Thank You Very Much

Conquer The Game

After collecting every trophy in this Tanks, But No Tanks Trophy Guide, the "Thank You Very Much" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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Thank You!

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