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How long does it take to beat Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and unlock all trophies?

Around 20-25 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Sword and Fairy: Together Forever have online trophies?


Does Sword and Fairy: Together Forever have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Sword and Fairy: Together Forever have missable trophies?


Does Sword and Fairy: Together Forever have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever?


Does Sword and Fairy: Together Forever have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Welcome to our Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Trophy Guide. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is actually the seventh game in the Chinese mythology-inspired “Sword and Fairy” series, but you can enjoy it independently of its predecessors.

The game has similar semi-open-world JRPG (or CRPG, in this case) gameplay to titles like Stranger of Paradise or Tales of Arise, meaning you’ll get to explore several small open-world areas within a larger overworld map.

The trophy journey itself is a calm and peaceful one. Nothing majorly missable and no difficult challenges ahead, simply some good old JRPG fun in a beautiful china-inspired fantasy world.

Phase One | Complete the Story

Kicking off our Sword and Fairy 7 Trophy Guide, begin by starting a new game on any difficulty you like. There are no difficulty-specific or really even missable trophies to worry about, you can simply focus on the story!

There are two trophies which must be earned in specific Boss Fights, making them a pain to clean up later if you don’t unlock them as part of the story. They are not completely missable as there is a Boss Rush activity you can use later to mop up, but your trophy journey will be much easier if you get these Semi-Missable Boss Trophies out of the way asap.

Naturally, there will be a lot of cleanup later depending on how much you do now. If you choose to accept and complete every Side Quest you see, this will benefit you in the long run but ultimately drag out this phase of your trophy journey. That said, here are a few things you could look out for while you play to minimize cleanup:

  • Some time around the Fire Spirit Boss Fight, Combo prompts will start appearing on-screen, indicating that the character you’re playing as can perform a combo with another character. Try to do this as often as possible and also switch characters (+///) frequently so that you can try to execute every combo (every combination of characters performing a combo together) at least once. Nice Team trophy.
  • Collect any items you see, visit viewpoints on the map, collect lore items and cards, etc. Essentially you need 70% completion of your “Library” ( menu, Library tab) for the Immortality Trophy. The majority of this will come naturally but going out of your way to grab anything you see will help to ensure that.
  • At least start every Side Quest you see on the map. They’re clearly marked by “!” icons while Side Quest Waypoints are marked with a “?” icon. The currently tracked Side Quest has an “S” icon. Side Quests usually take just a few minutes to complete, requiring hardly any effort, so you could complete them as you play. You’ll need to complete just 20 for You Are So Nice and then can leave them from then on if you wish.
  • Once you have the ability, activate Deity Summoning in battle ( + ) with each of the four main characters for Not A Legend.

Semi-Missable Boss Trophies


Successfully induce Xiqu to hit the stone wall and get stuck


To unlock the “Bullfighter” trophy, you will need to trick Xiqu into headbutting one of the outer medium-sized rocks during the second phase of the fight.

Damage the boss until a cutscene plays, indicating that you have entered the second phase of the fight. Afterward, he will glow a purple colour and begin charging you. Along the outside of the arena, many rocks which were too large to stand on before have been cut to size.

Find one of these three rocks and either bait Xiqu into charging into it, or simply jump on top and stand there until he charges you, stunning himself upon impact with the rock, which will then break.

If you miss your chance to do this during the story, you will need to re-attempt it via the boss time trial accessible after finishing the story.

Bring Justice

Defeat the Puppets without being executed


During the story, you will eventually come to another realm in Chapter 23, in which you use portals to navigate.

Here, you will eventually need to complete a puzzle where you place Stone Statues within glowing gold areas above the symbols matching that which is carved into the base of the statue.

Once you have placed the eighth statue and watched a short cutscene, you’ll be thrust into a boss fight.

If you die in a specific way during this Boss Fight, you will miss your opportunity to earn the “Bring Justice” trophy and will need to load the latest autosave, which will take you back to before you entered the area with the statue puzzle.

As with the Bullfighter trophy, however, you can use the Boss Time Trials in the post-game to acquire this trophy if needed.

At certain points throughout the fight, the boss will spawn a large round mirror. This is part of an attack that, if left for too long, will immediately execute a member of your team. To unlock this “Bring Justice” trophy, you need to get through the entire fight without this attack ever being allowed to damage you.

Therefore, in order to secure the trophy, you will need to focus on the mirror and destroy it each time she spawns one, or you will need to reload your save if it executes one of your party members.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Not bad

Make dishes for the first time



The “Not Bad” trophy basically requires you to cook for the first time. There is actually a point very early in the story where you’ll need to cook a dish to progress the story, making this trophy completely unmissable.

Defeat Xiqu

Defeat Xiqu



Xiqu is the first boss in the game and you will need to defeat it in order to proceed, making this trophy totally unmissable.

You should be more concerned about the Bullfighter trophy, which is semi-missable!

Power of Protoss

Defeat Kuiyu



Kuiyu is the second boss in the Story and you cannot proceed without defeating her. As such, the Power of Protoss trophy is unmissable.

Thanks For Your Test

Defeat the Spirit Ice Beast



You will come face to face with the “Spirit Ice Beast” as part of the story and will not be able to proceed without taking it down, thus making the Thanks For Your Test trophy unmissable.

Fire Master

Defeat Hualiu



The “Fire Spirit” Hualiu is one of the main bosses you will have to face throughout the story and so the Fire Master trophy is completely unmissable.


Defeat Chiru



Chiru is one of the main bosses you will have to face throughout the story and so the Executioner trophy is totally unavoidable.

Zero-Sum Game

Defeat Kuiyu for the second time



Eventually, the second boss of the game “Kuiyu” will make a reappearance throughout the story and you’ll need to defeat her again, unavoidably unlocking the “Zero-Sum Game” trophy in the process.


Save Mo Nian's soul



The “Reunion” trophy’s description refers to another unmissable story beat. Simply playing through the main story will guarantee you this trophy.

Pass The Test

Defeat the Spring Sentry of Duzhang



The Spring Sentry of Duzhang boss is yet another unavoidable Boss Fight that you’ll be thrust into as part of the story. Defeating the boss will unavoidably unlock the Pass The Test trophy.

Follow My Lead

Defeat the Spirit Fire Beast



As I am sure you have realised by now, the Follow My Lead trophy is another unmissable story trophy tied to a boss that you’ll inevitably have to fight.

Demon Lord

Pass the challenge of Chonglou



Eventually, as part of the story, you will need to face Chonglou in battle. You don’t need to defeat him totally, just reduce his health to about halfway and the fight will end, allowing you to progress and unlocking the Demon Lord trophy.

Destiny Maste

Beat Puppet Mirror and Sword



The Destiny Maste trophy is guaranteed through story progression. It does, however, relate to a boss fight in which you can earn Bring Justice, a semi-missable trophy, so be sure to attempt that while you can.

Dragon Down

Defeat strengthened Meng Zhang



The Dragon Down trophy will unavoidably unlock after you defeat Strengthened Meng Zhang as part of the story campaign.


Defeat Jiuying



Jiuying is another unavoidable boss you will face and defeat in order to progress. Thus, the “9+1=0?” trophy is completely unmissable.

I'll Protect You

Successfully save Ziqiu



The objective described in this trophy’s description is a reference to an unmissable story beat. Simply progress to unlock this trophy naturally.

Crazy to Survive

Defeat Aoxu



The Aoxu boss fight will occur toward the end of the story campaign. Defeat him to get access to the story’s climactic moments and secure the “Crazy to Survive” trophy.

Paean Of Sword

Watched the ending CG



What the description for the “Paeon of Sword” trophy is actually asking you to do is to complete the story. The trophy will unlock after the final credits.

Just to be sure this trophy is not missable—and avoid any confusion caused by the description—I purposefully skipped all of the final cutscenes on my save and the trophy still unlocked for me after the credits (which are not skippable)!

Phase Two | Cleanup

With the story now complete, you will be brought back into the game in Chapter 30, before collecting the “Glow” for the story.

If you happened to miss either of the Semi-Missable Trophies, you will need to use the Boss Time Trials, available at the Mingshu Sect. Just speak to this little fairy character:

Aside from that, this phase of our Sword and Fairy 7 Trophy Guide is dedicated to cleanup. I’ve divided the trophies into two groups; Upgrade Trophies, which will require you to upgrade your gear/party with various resources, and Exploration Trophies, which will require you to explore the different open-world areas.

Misc Upgrade Trophies

Close Partner

Adjust the attributes of spirit beast for the first time

In the menu, on the “Spirit” tab, you can feed the Spirit Beast Qiaoling to increase its level. Once its level goes up at least once, you will earn “Gift Points” which you can use to adjust the sliders in the bottom-right corner.

Upon spending a gift point on any of these attributes for the first time, even without committing the changes, the Close Partner trophy will unlock!

Best Weapon

Enhance a weapon to the top level

After bringing a letter to your Uncle at the forge early int he story, you will gain access to blacksmith forges. At forges, each weapon can be upgraded a set number of times. For example, the Cyan Sword you start with can be upgraded three times. The circular nodes next to the weapon name indicate how many upgrades are available and how many you have already applied.

On the right-hand side, you will see the requirements for any upgrades you wish to apply.

Fully upgrade any weapon and you will unlock the Best Weapon trophy. You should even be able to earn this immediately after unlocking the forge.

Master Blacksmith

Enhance for 20 times


Similar to the “Best Weapon” trophy, the Master Blacksmith trophy requires you to upgrade weapons a total of 20 times.

It is worth noting that only weapons you have crafted or received under special circumstances can be upgraded. Weapons you’ve bought or found in chests typically cannot be upgraded, making the craftable weapons more desirable.

Hypothetically, let’s say the worst-case scenario is that you have sold every upgradeable weapon you ever owned and now realize you need this trophy, having no progress on it. In that case, you would need to visit a Forge and craft at most seven weapons. This would give you 21 Upgrade Slots (3 per weapon).

Then, access the upgrades section of the blacksmith’s store to install weapon upgrades in at least 20 of the 21 slots. Once you have installed 20 weapon upgrades, the Master Blacksmith trophy is all yours!


Learn all abilities of the four heros

To unlock the “Invincible” trophy, you simply need to level up your party until all of their skills have been unlocked, which should happen at Level 40.

There is one hidden skill called “Alpaca on a Hill,” but you do not need it for this trophy.

It’s very likely you will reach Level 40 while simply playing through the story. However, if you do not, you can always fight monsters and complete Side Quests until you earn enough EXP to reach the Level 40 cap with all four party members.

Spirit Beast Master

All spirit beasts are upgraded to full level

Misleading Description

Despite what the misleading description says, you do not need to level all Spirit Beasts up to max level to unlock the Spirit Beast Master trophy.

Instead, you simply need to level one Spirit Beast up to the maximum level of 15. You can do this by simply feeding them Spirit Fruits from the Spirits menu (). You’ll get plenty of Spirit Fruits from story progression and completing Side Quests. Just feed one Spirit Beast up to Level 15 and the trophy is yours!

Misc Exploration Trophies


Successfully clear one jumping game

The Jumping Game referenced by this Silver trophy is the “Free Leaf” platforming minigame. In various maps, you will find a waypoint for “Free Leaf Fairy.”

Speaking to the character at one of these waypoints will cause various floating leaves to spawn, leading to a chest.

To complete the minigame, you need to use the leaves as platforms to make your way to the chest and open it. Doing this for the very first time will unlock the Exercise trophy!

You Are So Nice

Complete any 20 branch tasks


The “You Are So Nice” trophy requires you to complete a cumulative total of 20 Side-Quests (referred to as Branch Tasks).

You will see them on the map in any area, clearly marked as soon as they’re available. Not only that but there are far more than just the 20 Side-Quests you need to complete.

Either complete them as and when they become available on your journey through the main story, or leave them all to be completed at a later date. Either way, this trophy is incredibly simple and you should have no difficulties earning it!


Have dishes for 30 times


To unlock the “Gourmet” trophy, you simply need to eat a meal 30 total times, cumulatively throughout your playthrough.

You can prepare a dish yourself at any cooking station or campsite, provided you have some recipes and any required ingredients. Alternatively, you can just go to a restaurant in any of the game’s settlements and sample the meals they sell there. Rather than ingredients, you just need some money.

Purchase or cook a total of 30 dishes (even just the same dish 30 times) and the Gourmet Trophy will unlock.

Super Cook

Make 10 dishes


The “Super Cook” trophy is similar to the “Gourmet” trophy, except you will need to have prepared (or purchased) 10 unique meals. In short, cooking or buying the same meal 10 times won’t work here, you’ll need to find 10 unique meals to try.

Fortunately, this is not difficult to do, since every Settlement has an eatery and each one has at least 2-3 unique meal options to choose from.

The misleading description on this trophy suggests that you must make these 10 meals yourself. However, I earned this by just eating unique meals that I’d purchased, rather than cooking them.

Monster Hunter

Destroy all elite monsters


To unlock the Monster Hunter trophy, you simply need to find and defeat 9 Elite Monsters hidden across the game’s many maps. To expedite the process, use the details in the table I have provided below to find them with ease.

Elite Monster Location Details
Magic Ginseng (D) Story-related Unmissable
Thorn Monster (D) Story-related Unmissable
Sword Servant (B) Story-related Unmissable
Hard Rock Monster (H) Story-related Unmissable
Wind Evil (S) Changbai Mountain Road
Complete the “Animism I” Side-Quest in this area.
Ice Cone (C) Howling Canyon
Complete the “Animism II” Side-Quest in this area.
Knife Nanny (S) Flora Cliff
Complete the “Animism III” Side-Quest in this area.
Anxiang (C) Flora Cliff
Go to the field of red flowers in the southwest corner, where you will find Anxiang (C).
Furious Salamander (P) Bottom of Duzhang Spring
Near the middle of the map, there’s a body of water. At the north edge of it you will find the Furious Salamander (P).

Archive 70%


In the pause menu of Sword & Fairy Together Forever, you will find an Archive Tab, containing lore you’ve collected. In the top-right corner of this screen, there’s a percentage indicating how of the Archive you’ve completed thus far.

By simply completing the story, you will come very close to reaching 70%, especially if you’ve been picking everything up as I suggested at the top. If you still need to pad it out some more after the story, go exploring around each main settlement. The houses and streets of these areas are filled with books you can find to add to your archive.

Nice Team

Use all combos


To unlock the “Nice Team” trophy, you need to execute every possible “combo.” Sometimes, while you’re in combat, a button prompt will appear on-screen and—if you hit it in time—the character you’re controlling will join a random one of their allies in a “combo” attack.

There are 12 total combinations;

  • While playing as Yue Qingshu, combo with Xiu Wu.
  • While playing as Yue Qingshu, combo with Bai Moqing.
  • While playing as Yue Qingshu, combo with Sang You.
  • While playing as Xiu Wu, combo with Yue Qingshu.
  • While playing as Xiu Wu, combo with Bai Moqing.
  • While playing as Xiu Wu, combo with Sang You.
  • While playing as Bai Moqing combo with Yue Qingshu.
  • While playing as Bai Moqing combo with Xiu Wu.
  • While playing as Bai Moqing combo with Sang You.
  • While playing as Sang You combo with Yue Qingshu.
  • While playing as Sang You combo with Xiu Wu.
  • While playing as Sang You combo with Bai Moqing.

Once you have executed all 12 combos, the trophy will unlock. It can be hard keeping track of which ones you’ve done, so hopefully you can keep notes somewhere while using the list above as reference.

In the post-game, you can either use the Boss Time Trials to farm these combos, or just switch to your weakest weapons and then go fight enemies that are much too powerful to defeat with said weapons. This way, you can execute multiple combos per fight without killing things too easily.

Raising the difficulty a little could help too if you continue to struggle.

God of Gamblers

Successfully pass the mid-level challenge from all NPCs in the card game.


To unlock the “God of Gamblers” trophy, you need to find all 15 Card Game Opponents and defeat them all at the simple (but somewhat RNG) rock-paper-scissors-style card game. Water (Green) beats Fire (Red) which beats Ice (Blue) which beats Water.

When you defeat one of these NPCs their dialogue will change, asking you if you would like to “play another round”. This is the only way to keep track of which ones you’ve already completed.

All Card Game Opponents are clearly marked on the map from the very moment you start playing the game. Use the list below of all Card Game Opponent locations in conjunction with your in-game map to find and defeat them all.

  1. Mingshu Sect | Pingxi Village
  2. Mingshu Sect | Swallow Valley
  3. Tianshi Sect | Atrium of Tianshi Sect
  4. Changbai Mountain | Changbai Mountain
  5. Xianxia Sect | Mt. Emei Road
  6. Flora Cliff | Deep in Flora Cliff
  7. Lulong Town | Governor’s Mansion
  8. Quanyin Village | Quanyin Village
  9. Quanyin Village | Upper of Duzhang Spring
  10. East Azure Abyss | East Azure Abyss Reef
  11. Yanbo Spring | Yanbo Ancient Road
  12. Heaven Demon Kingdom | Heaven Demon Palace
  13. Mingshu Sect | Mingshu Sect – only after beating the first 12.
  14. Mingshu Sect | Mingshu Sect – only after beating the first 12.
  15. Mingshu Sect | Mingshu Sect – only after beating the first 12.
Best Listener

Listen to a complete storytelling in Lulong Town

In Lulong Town, there’s a Storyteller who passively tells stories in Chinese. By which I mean he tells them out loud rather than needing to be spoken to.

To unlock the “Best Listener” trophy, you just need to stand near this NPC until he eventually stops speaking. During the story, he can be found on the second floor of the tavern, sitting next to this man:

After the story, however, he’s found in this side-street:

Find him at either location and… just… stand and wait. Eventually, the trophy will unlock.

Wine God's Here

Summon the Wine God

Before you can summon the Wine God and unlock “Wine God’s Here,” you need to first complete three Side-Quests:

  • “Kind Paladin” in Pingxi Village
  • “Fellow” in Smoky Village
  • “Thousand Cup Secret” in Lulong Town

After completing all three of these Side-Quests, you will have the “Gourd” accessory in your inventory. Go to the Equipment screen and equip the Gourd in the accessory slot of any character.

While playing as the character with the Gourd, fill your Deity Summon Gauge in battle (to the left of your health bar) and then press + together to summon a deity. Rather than their usual Deity summon, the Wine God will appear instead!

Not A Legend

Summon all Gods


Through natural story progression, you and your party will eventually learn “Deity Summoning” from Xiu Wu. With it, when the Deity Summon gauge (to the left of your HP) is full, you can press + together to summon a powerful Deity which you will then be able to control.

To unlock the “Not A Legend” trophy, you need to summon all 5 possible Deities. The first four are easy, as they’re simply assigned to each character. So just use Deity Summoning one time with each character.

The fifth one, as you may have guessed, is the Wine God. See Wine God’s Here.

No One's Left Behind

Collect all spirit beasts


To unlock the “No One’s Left Behind” trophy, you need to find and unlock 7 of the 8 available Spirit Beasts. So maybe it should be called “Someone’s Left Behind,” but let’s ignore that.

Four of the Spirit Beasts will come to you naturally via story progression, while the remaining 3 just require you to complete some simple Side Quests!

See our table below for each Spirit Beast and how to obtain them.

Spirit Beast Location Details
Qiaoling Story-related Unmissable
Hazhan Story-related Unmissable
Chenfeng Story-related Unmissable
Shengyan Story-related Unmissable
Yun’er Howling Canyon
Complete the “Legacy” Side Quest and then revisit Howling Canyon and speak to Yun’er to recruit them.
Gubai Flora Cliff
As part of the story during Chapter 20, while you’re passing through Upper Duzhang Spring, you will cut through some vines and free Gubai from the cave it was stuck in. After completing that Main Mission, head to Flora Cliff and you’ll be able to find and recruit Gubai there.
Shanzu Changbai Mountain
First, go to Flora Cliff and speak to the fairy-like character at the end of the rope bridge, near the tree. She will give you a Side-Quest called “Five Poison.” Complete all the objectives of this Side Quest to eventually end up in Changbai Mountain, where you’ll recruit Shanzu.
Music Inheritor

Complete the branch task of "Music Inheritor"


The “Music Inheritor” questline is a series of 4 Side-Quests which you can start quite early in the story from a Quest Giver in Swallow Valley, Mingshu Sect.

That said, you will need to progress quite far in the story before you can complete the final part of this questline.

The side-quests are quite easy to complete, especially since each part of the questline will be clearly marked on the maps of each area.

  • “Music Inheritor I” starts in Swallow Valley, Mingshi Sect
  • “Music Inheritor II” starts on Changbai Mountain Road
  • “Music Inheritor III” starts near Smoky Village at Flora Cliff. The “Diagram of Eight Triagrams” you need for this quest is purchased at the store in Lulong Town.
  • “Music Inheritor IV” starts in Lulong Town.

Upon completion of the “Music Inheritor IV” quest, you will receive the Music Inheritor trophy.


Sword and Fairy

Collect all other trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Sword and Fairy: Together Forever Trophy Guide, the "Sword and Fairy" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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