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Stranger of Paradise Hidden Side Mission Orb Guide

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Where to Find All Hidden Side Mission Orbs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Welcome to our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Side Mission Orb Guide.

Below, I’ve detailed the exact locations where you can find all seven hidden Purple Orbs which unlock secret Side Missions in Stranger of Paradise.

Note that if you have entered a mission solely to find a Purple Orb, you can quit as soon as you find it and don’t need to finish the mission for the game to remember that you collected the orb.

Bound by Crimson Memories | Refrin Wetlands

In the Refrin Wetlands level, after you’ve used a Weather Orb for a second time to make it sunny again, you’ll eventually come to a tree with a purple creature attached to it.

To progress, you’re supposed to kill the creature so that the tree falls and forms a bridge. Ignore it for now.

Look down over the right edge of this area, near the waterfall, and you’ll see a hidden path below.

Drop down to it and follow it to a cave, where you’ll find this Purple Orb, guarded by a Tonberry.

Scarlet Memories: The Savior | Crystal Mirage

In the Crystal Mirage level, when you’re making your way up the large room with several platforms, you’ll come across two platforms which have short towers and stairs on them.

When you reach the second one, instead of climbing the stairs to the top of the tower, follow the platform base to the right side of the tower and look down to see a platform below.

There’s a series of platforms here, one below the other. Keep dropping down until you find the Purple Orb and then hold to collect it.

I already grabbed it by mistake, but it would be here. The dialogue at the bottom of the screenshot is triggered when you collect it.

Indigo Memories: The Humiliated | Wicked Arbor

In the Wicked Arbor, near the end of the level and just before the final set of Cubes, there’s a large cave area.

Inside this cave, you’ll find a flower attached to some vines blocking your path, but you can’t reach it.

Near to it, however, there’s a very small hole in the ground. Look for that and then jump inside.

Follow the path and it will lead you to the flower. Look out for the nearby Tonberry enemy! Kill the flower to make the vine wall brittle so that you can drop down, break it, and go through.

The Orb is on the other side of the vines, in plain sight.

Indigo Memories: The Deceived | Mount Gulg

At a certain point in this mission, in the Path of Destiny area, an enemy will roll a boulder down a narrow path at you.

Avoid the boulder and then go up the path where it came from, you’ll be able to see this orb at that top.

Go up the stairs on your right to a chest, and then approach the ledge on your left.

Jump from the ledge onto a hidden path and then follow it to the orb you saw earlier to collect it with .

Azure Memories: The Stymied | Cavern of Earth

Along the main path in the Cavern of Earth, just before the Cubes checkpoint on the purple floor of the temple, look for a door on your right.

Head down this optional path and you’ll drop into a room where the walls start closing in.

Head through the door in this room to another trap room where the walls close in. Keep doing this for a few rooms; in each trap room, look for a door out of there which drops into another trap room.

Eventually, you’ll land in a normal corridor where the walls are very much stationary.

Run to the stairs at the end of this corridor but don’t go up them.

Look to your left and you’ll see a destructible wall.

Break through it with your weapon and you’ll find the purple orb inside the secret room beyond.

Coral Memories: The Greedy | Ruins of Machina

This is the least well-hidden Side Mission Orb of them all. In the Ruins of Machina level, progress until you’re in the green-lit room containing a huge cannon.

You should try to deactivate the cannon first, or the orb will be very difficult to reach without taking massive amounts of damage.

On a platform in the middle of this large room, you’ll see the Purple Orb behind some rubble.

You’ll honestly probably find this one naturally because it’s not well-hidden at all.

Indigo Memories: The Stabbed | Terra Tortura

At the very start of the Terra Tortura level, there are three paths you can take.

Go down the left-most gateway and then follow this semi-linear path to a large area filled with spike traps and holes in the ground.

If you come across some breakable ribs, you’ve gone the wrong way, don’t go past the ribs, go up to the next area instead.

To reach the Side Mission Orb, you need to drop down one very specific hole in this area.

When you look down into the correct hole, you’ll be able to see the Purple Orb. Drop down to it and collect it with .

Once you have collected all seven of the orbs listed above, you will have access to the seven hidden Side Missions. With those available, you will now be able to unlock the Strangers’ Memories trophy by completing all 32 Side Missions.

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