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How long does it take to beat Storm Boy and unlock all trophies?

About 30 minutes.

How difficult is it to beat Storm Boy and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Storm Boy have online trophies?


Does Storm Boy have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Storm Boy have missable trophies?


Does Storm Boy have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Storm Boy?

Play through the story once and then clean up via the Remember menu.

Does Storm Boy have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Storm Boy Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our Storm Boy Trophy Guide. Storm Boy is a short game inspired by a touching Children’s Book of the same name.

The game’s platinum can be earned in about 30 minutes and it serves as a rare under-one-hour platinum trophy which is actually a good game too.

You’ll need to follow the linear side-scrolling path of the beach, reading the tale of Storm Boy and his Pelican friends, playing minigames along the way.

Phase One – Complete the Story

In Storm Boy, you’ll play the role of Storm Boy himself, a young lad who lives on the coast and spends his time playing on the beach. You will use to move along the beach, looking for things to advance the story or minigames to play.

Try not to miss any minigames, because we will need to be able to access them via the “Memories” menu later, and they will only show up there if you have played them for a second or two.

To help you avoid this, there’s a short minigame guide here, with information on which trophies you can find attached to each one:

Storm Boy Minigame Guide

If you happen to miss any of the trophies mentioned in this guide, re-attempt them while going for the Remember trophy in Phase Two.

Sanctuary Dream Minigame

You’ll stumble across this very early in the game, where there are some birds hanging out by the water’s edge.

In this minigame you can earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Born to Fly

Change Direction in the Sanctuary Dream mini-game 15 times

All you need to do here, is push left to turn around, right to turn around again, and repeat until the trophy pops after you have changed direction 15 times in total.

Cockle-Digging Minigame

This is the next minigame you’ll come across, where you can find Storm Boy’s Dad on the beach:

In this minigame, you can earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image

Find 20 Cockles

For this trophy you need to successfully dig up 20 Cockles.

All over the sand in this segment, you’ll see small bubbles rising up to the surface. You’ll need to move to approach these, so that the bubbles are in the center of your screen, and then press multiple times until the Cockle has been retrieved.

Repeat this 20 total times in order to earn the trophy.

Feeding Minigame

After being introduced to the three pelicans, you’ll enter into a feeding minigame. This is not something you need to find on the beach, as it will start automatically.

In this minigame, you can earn the following two trophies:

Trophy Image
Fish Magnet

Feed all 3 Pelicans once

In this minigame, you will feed the Pelicans by pulling fish back in the opposite direction of each Pelican, and then pressing to throw them.

For example, if you want to feed the pelican which is forward and to the left, pull down and to the right, then press .

It might take a bit of practice to get the aim down, but the goal here is to feed every pelican one time. That will earn you this trophy.

Trophy Image
Hangry Birds

Have all 3 Pelicans get angry during the Feeding Mini-Game

You don’t need to restart the feeding minigame to earn this trophy, you can simply continue playing.

Start by feeding the Pelican on the left repeatedly. Continue to do so until both the middle and right-side pelicans get frustrated and shake their head in anger.

Now, feed either the middle or right-side Pelican until the one on the left shakes his head in anger, thus – now that you’ve angered all three birds – the trophy will unlock!

Diving Minigame

A short ways after the feeding minigame, you’ll come across a small raft on the beach:

In this minigame, you can earn the following two trophies:

Trophy Image

Dive to the deepest part of the ocean

For this trophy you need to find the deepest point and then dive down to it.

The easiest way to find this deep point is to look around for Sailing boats in the distance. Point your raft towards them and then sail close to the barrier. This is where you’ll dive.

Press to enter the water and then to begin diving. Push down and then mash to reach the bottom and unlock this trophy:

Now, don’t surface yet, you can immediately earn the next trophy…

Trophy Image
Dive Expert

Stay underwater for the maximum amount of time

While underwater at any point in this mini-game, stay immobile for about 60 seconds. Eventually, Storm Boy’s lung capacity will get the better of him and he will automatically swim to the surface. Just before he does this, your trophy will unlock:

Sand-Drawing Minigame

This next minigame can be found by a stick on the beach, not too far from the raft.

In this minigame, you can earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image

Leave an artwork on the beachfront

For this trophy you just need to play the minigame. You can draw anything you like and the trophy will unlock.

In fact, I accidentally backed out of the minigame when it first loaded – without drawing anything – and the trophy still unlocked:

Fetch Minigame

Just a little later on, you should see a red ball on the beach, which you can interact with to start the fetch minigame.

In this minigame, you can earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image

Have Mr Percival Fetch the ball from underwater 3 times

Using the same controls as the feeding minigame, you can throw the ball for Mr Percival and he will get it and bring it back.

You’ll need to pull the ball back as far as you can, and then throw it into the water. Mr Percival will follow it into the sea and dive under to get it for you.

Repeat this two more times, for a total of three, and the trophy will unlock.

Sliding Minigame

Go a little further along the beach to find yet another small minigame in which you can slide down the beach’s sandy slopes on a bit of cardboard.

There are no trophies to earn for this one, you just need to make sure you do it so it can be replayed for the Remember trophy in Phase Two.

Rescue Minigame

Just like the Feeding Minigame, this minigame will start as part of the story and cannot be missed.

In this minigame, you can earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Our Hero

Save the Sailors from a Sinking Ship

During the Rescue minigame, you’ll be trying to reach a boat which is caught in a storm in the distance. To make it there, you’ll need to push in the opposite direction of the wind, ensuring that Mr Percival doesn’t get swept out of view.

If you fail this enough times, the game will offer you the option to skip it, do not skip this minigame, as the trophy will only unlock if you beat it. If you want to re-attempt later using the Remember menu, this is fine too.

Once you successfully reach the boat, the trophy is all yours.

Farewell Minigame

After a little bit more story, this minigame will also start automatically. You’ll be controlling Mr Percival again and will need to find and fly down to the perch which was placed at the start of the story.

In this minigame, you will earn the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Goodbye Mr Percival

Say Goodbye to Mr Percival

By completing this minigame – and therefore the game – you will unlock this trophy.

Phase Two – Replay Every Minigame in the Remember Menu

After Phase One, provided you didn’t miss any minigames, you should be able to access all nine of them via the “Remember” option in the main menu.

Remember Trophy

Trophy Image

Play each Mini-Game once through the Remember menu

All you need to do is replay each minigame once. You don’t need to perform any specific actions or anything like that at all, just load each minigame for a couple of seconds and then return to the Remember menu.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Storm Boy

Get all other Trophies in Storm Boy

With both Phases of this Storm Boy Trophy Guide complete and all minigames mastered, you’ll add another Platinum to your collection!

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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