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How long does it take to beat Snakeybus and unlock all trophies?

Around 1 Hour.

How difficult is it to beat Snakeybus and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Snakeybus have online trophies?


Does Snakeybus have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Snakeybus have missable trophies?


Does Snakeybus have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Snakeybus?


Does Snakeybus have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide


Welcome to our Snakeybus Trophy Guide. This game is really short, but a lot of fun. Essentially, it plays like the classic snake game, but in 3D and with buses. Your only goal is to pick up passengers and then drop them off, which will you grant you a longer bus until you cannot move.

That’s pretty much it! There are a selection of maps and a handful of whacky vehicles for you to unlock. The way you unlock things in this game is by accruing points. At the end of each attempt you will get a breakdown which will tell you how many points you earned. You only need around 17,000—18,000 points to unlock everything.

Excluding the platinum trophy, there are 14 trophies to be earned. 10 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze. All trophies are tied to progression, and reaching a certain bus length and none are missable.

Stage 1 – Play On Suburbs Map, Submit Your Score and Earn 4,000pts

Segments and Bus Unlock Trophies

In this stage you should select the Suburbs Map and just play until you fail. Once you have failed, choose to submit your score to the leaderboard. During this stage you should aim to earn 4,000pts to unlock the Ring map for the next stage and focus on trying to get at least 150 in bus length.

Once you are done with this stage, you should have earned the following trophies.

Trophy Image

Completed first game.

Trophy Image
You got to start somewhere

Get 150 segments.

Trophy Image
Submit First Leaderboard

See you at the top.

Trophy Image
Saved by the bell

Unlocked School bus.

Trophy Image
Not Rainbow Road

Unlocked Ring Map.

Stage 2 – Play On Rings Map and Earn 17,000—18,000pts

With stage 1 out of the way, load up the rings map and play until you reach at least 420 in car length. This is the hardest trophy in the game, and playing it on Rings makes it much more manageable. Still, it should take you quite a few tries. Once you have reached 420 in car length and/or reached the required amount of points, then quit to the main menu and all but 1 trophy should pop.

Easiest Method for Getting 420 Segments:

Getting 420 segments can be quite challenging, and many people have claimed that the Rings map isn’t the best map for getting it.

Instead, you can try the Museum map and make sure to select the red Double Decker as your bus. It has shorter segments which means you can go longer without things getting too messy.

Drive in a figure 8 pattern and loop around the circle pits to keep your bus from crowding the middle section too much. Eventually your bus will become too long for you to stay exclusively in the middle. At this point you should start looping the outside lane once or twice just to clear out the middle section for you to do another lap.

Just go slow, try to think ahead and keep your lines clean and you should reach 420 without too much difficulty. If you’re having trouble, please refer to our video below.

Once you are done with this stage, you should have earned the following trophies.

Trophy Image
Not Bad

Get 300 segments.

Trophy Image
Blaze it

Get 420 segments.

Trophy Image
Disco Disco

Unlocked Party bus.

Trophy Image
Truck Parkour

Unlocked Clustertruck.

Trophy Image
Where are the firecrackers?

Unlocked Dragon bus.

Trophy Image
Miami, baby!

Unlocked Miami map.

Trophy Image
It's not much but honest work

Unlocked Coriolis map.

Trophy Image
Grow until your console crashes

Unlocked Endless map.

Stage 3 – Play On Paris Map to Unlock Secret Paris Night Map

How to Find the Paris Night Map in SnakeyBus

Once you load into the Paris map, you will see a glass roof immediately to your right. Your goal is to use this as a ramp and jump into a building opposite (see this video for details).

Once you land inside this building, your attempt will end. Choose to “Play Again” and Paris will not be shrouded in night.

Once you are done with this stage, you should have earned the following trophies.

Trophy Image
Who turned off the lights?

Found Paris Night map.


Once you’ve done all the above, you’ll net this trophy:

Trophy Image
Snakeybus Completionist

Collect all trophies.

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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