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How long does it take to beat SkyScrappers and unlock all trophies?

3 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat SkyScrappers and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does SkyScrappers have online trophies?


Does SkyScrappers have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does SkyScrappers have missable trophies?


Does SkyScrappers have glitched trophies?

What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in SkyScrappers?


Does SkyScrappers have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

SkyScrappers Trophy Guide, Walkthrough, and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Skyscrappers is a frustrating but short multiplayer game with a decent single-player campaign. Having lived on PS Now for years, it’s an easy and quick 3-hour platinum to pick up from the Now Library. Using the road map and information provided in this SkyScrappers Trophy Guide, you should have no trouble smashing out this platinum with little effort.

Phase One – Complete the Campaign with All Four Characters

This first phase of our SkyScrappers Trophy Guide will see you battle it out as each of the four characters within the game’s single player campaign. You will earn a trophy for completing the story with each of the characters, as well as an additional trophy when you’ve completed it with all four.

There are 7 chapters in the Single Player Campaign, which means you will be completing a total of 28 matches during this phase of our guide.

Along the way, you will undoubtedly collect a vast majority (if not all) of the miscellaneous trophies naturally. For any that you do happen to miss, we will have a short clean-up phase later in the guide.

Watch out for the buggy trophy “A Tale of Tales” and check out the resolution below.

Single Player Campaign Trophies

During this first phase, the following trophies are guaranteed:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Tale of Tales

Complete all the single player campaigns



This trophy can be particularly glitchy and it’s been bothering people for years. For some reason, if you do not complete all four playthroughs in one run (without closing the game, suspending is fine) the trophy has a high chance of not unlocking.

To ensure you do not miss this trophy, complete all four 30-minute campaigns in a single sitting.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
French Resistance

Complete the single player campaign as Solene


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Mysterious Girl

Complete the single player campaign as Jessica


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lucky Boy

Complete the single player campaign as Kichirou


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Around the World in Several Days

Complete the single player campaign as Phileas


Completely Unmissable Misc Trophies

The following trophies in this section of our SkyScrapper Trophy Guide are totally unmissable and will be unlocked by simply working through the game’s campaign.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Win your first round

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Big Leagues

Win a match for the first time

Phase Two – Single Player Campaign Cleanup

It’s extremely likely that you collected most of these during your four full campaign playthroughs and so you may even be able to skip this phase of our SkyScrappers Trophy Guide completely. Regardless, this phase is here just to give you a point at which to go back and attempt any of the remaining trophies you might need.

Miscellaneous Gameplay Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Win a game without losing any health

This sounds more difficult than it is. You just need to avoid falling off-screen or getting hit by objects. You’ll be completing at least 28 races so the chances of you doing this naturally are very high.

This is much easier to pull off in the campaign’s earlier 1v1 matches, just avoid your opponent and reach the roof as fast as you can.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
If You’re Inclined

Do a jump of over 15m from an inclined platform

SkyScrapper involves running along many falling platforms, which will often tilt as they fall creating either inclined or declined surfaces for you to run across.

You will need to be running up an inclined platform and then hit to jump at the apex of the platform, this should allow you to jump some fairly grand distances. 15 meters for this trophy isn’t much of an ask and it’s very likely it will just happen naturally.

You may also want to use a “Special Jump” which can be achieved when your super bar is full, à la Special Jumper.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Top Out

Win a game by landing on the roof of a building

Every stage is set around a collapsing building. To unlock this trophy, you will need to make it to the very top of the collapsing building and land on the roof.

Across your 28 Single Player Campaign matches this is pretty likely to happen, but you may need to put a little effort in to achieve it.

Try to focus on platforms which are inclined so that you can get more height from your jumps and reach the top of the building more quickly.

The numbers at the top of the screen indicate your distance from the top of the building.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Flame On

Strike a flaming object into another character

Actively attempting this trophy is frustrating and not much fun as there are too many variables to try and control. That being said, there’s a high chance of it occurring naturally, which is the best possible outcome so you can avoid actively trying to earn it.

There are many pieces of flaming debris in this game, across all levels. By hitting or you can attack the flaming object with your sword and send it flying. You should make a point of hitting any flaming object that crosses your path and then just hope that an unfortunate AI gets in the way.

If you do have a friend to play locally with, you could work together so that your friend intentionally gets hit by the flaming object after you’ve batted it away. This likely won’t be necessary though, wait and see if you still need the trophy after the campaign.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Superb Man

Completely fill your super bar

Performing tricks like Slide, Vertical Rush, and Ground Pound will fill up your super bar (green bar, under your health) a small amount per trick. As you will likely be pulling off tricks plenty throughout the main campaign, your chances of earning this naturally are very high.

Note that if you fall off-screen, a huge chunk of your Super Bar will be used to return you to the fight, so try and avoid falling off-screen.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The One Who Knocks Out

Finish a game with a weapon attack

To use a weapon attack, hit or . This will deal damage to your opponents and eventually defeat them when their health is low enough.

In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to wait until the end of a round, when there’s just you and one rival left standing, then finish them off with weapon attack. This will both end the match and unlock the trophy.

This is obviously easier in the earlier levels of the campaign where there’s just one rival, that way you can pretty much earn this trophy in the first round if you play aggresively.

Again, this is very likely to happen naturally as long as you actually use your attacks.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Ground Shatter

Hit an opponent with a ground pound attack

Ground Pounding is as simple as hitting the moment your character lands on any platform. The move will send out a small shockwave which can damage other players/opponents.

To get the timing right, watch for a circular shockwave whenever your character lands and then press while the wave is present to send out a second, red shockwave.

All you need to do is to use this ability close enough to a rival that the shockwave hits them, and the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Three Point Landing

Do a three point landing trick

This trophy is hard to actively pull off because the requirements are a little vague, but it has a very high chance of occurring naturally.

The prevailing theory is that you need to hop across several objects and then land on a platform with a ground pound (see Ground Shatter).

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Strike a falling object into another character

This trophy works exactly the same as Flame On, except the object doesn’t need to be on fire. There’s a great number more non-flaming objects than there are flaming objects, so I don’t imagine you’ll have a hard time hitting one into an opponent.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Do a slide trick

When travelling down a declined platform, if you give just a slight push, the character should slide down the platform instead. If done correctly, the words “SLIDE RULE” should appear on-screen and this trophy should unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
What a Rush!

Do a vertical rush trick

A vertical rush appears to trigger when you leap from the apex of a platform on a steep incline, but it is inconsistent. A quick burst of dust will fly from your character’s feet and they will jump higher than usual, with the text “VERTICAL RUSH” appearing on-screen.

This is very likely to happen naturally, especially while going for the “If You’re Inclined” trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Long Jump

Do a long jump trick

The “Long Jump” trick is exactly what it sounds like… A long jump. It’s one of the most likely trophies to occur naturally, especially when you’re trying to earn “If You’re Inclined.”

When you have performed a jump which is sufficiently “long,” the words “LONG JUMP” will appear on-screen and this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Special Jumper

Do a special move jump

To unlock this trophy, your Super Bar will need to be full (see Superb Man). Once a full Super Bar is achieved, double-tap to perform a Special Jump.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Spicy Moves

Do a special move attack

This is another trophy which requires a full Super Bar (see Superb Man). When the Super Bar is full, double-tap or to trigger a Special Attack.

Phase Three – Multiplayer Trophy

In this final phase of our SkyScrappers Trophy Guide, you just need to collect the one and only multiplayer-specific trophy. This somewhat scummy trophy asks that users have at least four Dualshock/DualSense controllers, which is a bit presumptuous.

Luckily, there’s a workaround, detailed below.

Complete a Four-Player Minigame

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Falling with Friends

Complete a four-player multiplayer game with all human players

Local Co-op

As stated above, asking you to have four controllers for a local multiplayer game is a little ludicrous. Luckily, there is a way around it.

Load up Multiplayer and select your character, then hold the PS button and switch users. Your account will stay logged in but your controller will now be attributed to another account. I recommend using “Play as Guest” to avoid having to add or create new profiles.

Repeat this process until you’ve successfully logged in as four different users/guests and assigned each of them a character.

All you need to do then is play the match until it ends however it ends and the trophy will unlock soon enough.

Unfortunately, this trick does not work on PlayStation 5. You will need to actually have 4 Dualshock/Dualsense controllers to use.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Obtain all other trophies

The platinum will unlock once you have acquired every other trophy in this SkyScrappers Trophy Guide.

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for a SkyScrappers Trophy Guide, consider checking out our other guides!

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