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How long does it take to beat Orbibot and unlock all trophies?

10 minutes.

How difficult is it to beat Orbibot and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Orbibot have online trophies?


Does Orbibot have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Orbibot have missable trophies?


Does Orbibot have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Orbibot?


Does Orbibot have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Orbibot Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Welcome to our Orbibot Trophy Guide. Ratalaika’s newest release; Orbibot has a Platinum Trophy that is as quick and easy to unlock as we’ve come to expect. Make your way through just three levels, completing a few miscellaneous trophy requirements along the way, and that Platinum is as good as yours!

Phase One – Complete 3 Levels, Find 3 Cats, and Push a few objects

There is just one single phase in this Orbibot Trophy Guide as all trophies–and the platinum–can be earned in less than 10 minutes by just playing three levels. Rather than doing this guide the usual way, I’m going to use a more walkthrough-like format that you can play along with to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Orbibot Platinum Trophy Walkthrough – Level 1

From the main menu, select “Play” and then choose the first (and only available) level, “Start.”

When the level has loaded, push forward with to roll your Orbibot onto the large square platform in front of you.

There, roll into the barrels and boxes to push them off the corners of the platform.

You should push three barrels and four boxes off of this platform, which will unlock the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Accidents Happen

Push 1 barrel from the level into the sky

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
In the middle

Push 3 different barrels from the level into the sky.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Push 1 box from the level into the sky.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Push 3 different boxes from the level into the sky.

Once you have those trophies, roll onto the narrow path at the far end of this platform and follow it around to the next platform, which has a flag on it.

From there, continue along the narrow path until you come to two barrels blocking your way.

Roll into them to push them off, thus unlocking your next trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Barrel hater

Push 5 different barrels from the level into the sky.

Continue on to another platform which has two barrels on it. We have all of the barrel trophies now so you can spare them.

Instead, continue by rolling onto the two bars jutting out from the right-hand side of this platform. Between them is a small sphere. Try to push it off as you make your way onto the circular platform.

When the sphere falls off the level you will unlock another trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
There can be only one

Push 1 sphere from the level into the sky.

Afterwards, move onto the narrow path leading from the circular platform to the final platform in the level, but do not enter the teleporter yet.

Look behind the blue glass barriers on the final platform and you’ll see a pretty goofy-looking cat spinning on the spot. This is a collectible and we will need to collect three of them; one in each level.

Move back towards the narrow path and then slowly and carefully make your way around the edge of the platform, past the blue glass barriers, and around to the cat.

Simply roll into it to collect it and unlock this trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
First cat

Get 1 plastic cat on a level.


Once you’ve successfully nabbed your first feline friend, make your way back to the other side of the glass barrier and head into the teleporter, completing the level and earning yet another trophy!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete 1 level.


Orbibot Platinum Trophy Walkthrough – Level 2

Moving on now to level two, at the start of the level just ignore the boxes and barrels nearby and roll along the narrow path onto the next platform.

There will be some double-doors in your way, but they open when you approach them.

On the next platform, immediately push the big cluster of boxes in the near-right corner.

You only need to push off 1 more and you’ll earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Box hater

Push 5 different boxes from the level into the sky.

That’s it for boxes now too so you can ignore any others you see.

Next, carefully roll your way up the curved bars at the end of the platform, which will take you up to the next platform.

There, you’ll see a strange block which–when rolled-onto–will create a checkpoint for you to return to if you fall off the stage. This is great because we’re going to need it right now.

Use to move the camera and look at the scaffolding under the platform you’re on. You should be able to see another one of those plastic cat collectibles. Don’t forget to grab it!

To do so, slowly and carefully roll off the edge of the platform above it, and then very quickly push towards it once you start falling. If you fail, just keep trying, the checkpoint will help a lot!

Continue through the stage to the next platform which has another set of double-doors, but these ones are locked.

Roll over the red circle on the ground and a small metal sphere will spawn next to a blue see-through pipe which slopes off the side of the platform.

Push the metal sphere into this pipe and it will roll onto a switch that will, in turn, open the doors. Note that the sphere falls off the stage when its job is done, which gives us some progress towards another trophy.

Head through the doors and follow the narrow path up to the next set of double-doors. Just roll onto the nearby circle with the red “!” symbol on it and the doors will unlock.

Pass through the doors and continue on until the path splits. Ahead, there’s another set of doors, to the left there’s a group of boxes and another circular red switch on the ground.

Push one of the boxes onto the red circle and the doors will unlock.

Head straight through the doors and into the blue pipe which will carry you to the end of the level.

There are no secrets here so head straight into the teleporter and collect your next level trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete 2 levels.


Orbibot Platinum Trophy Walkthrough – Level 3

And here now is the final level you’ll need to complete if you want the Platinum Trophy. Here, we’ll vanquish another few spheres, collect our last plastic cat collectible, and then lock in that Platinum at the start of level four!

Level three starts you off facing some more of those bars you need to roll between. Follow the linear path up to the next platform.

As you approach the platform, adjust the camera with to see that the final Plastic Cat collectible is spinning away just between the square platform and the subsequent circular one.

Carefully drop down from the square platform to the circular one, collecting the cat on the way down, securing the last collectible trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Cat collector

Get 3 different cats.


From the circular platform, cross the two bars onto the next circular platform and then head inside the blue tube.

Follow the narrow path at the other side to come to another checkpoint platform and then keep going.

You’ll come to a large platform that has a red switch in the corner, three blue tubes at the opposite side, and another sphere-spawner in the middle.

You will need to use the red switch to spawn three spheres (one at a time) and push them through the blue tubes in the following order:

  • The right-most tube (same end of the platform as the red switch).
  • The middle tube.
  • The left-most tube (nearest the doors).

Two of those spheres will fall off the level which means we’ll unlock another trophy while solving that puzzle:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Push 3 different spheres from the level into the sky.

You could technically push off one more sphere for another trophy, but a short stint into the fourth level will provide us with a quicker and easier opportunity if you don’t mind waiting a minute or so.

Now head through the newly-opened double doors and follow the linear path to a vertically-moving elevator platform.

Ride the elevator platform up to the next area and then take a quick trip to the checkpoint on the off-shoot path.

Make your way back to the main path and then continue through the blue tube into the next area.

There, you’ll see a large jet engine blocking your path. Move onto the platform on your right and push the barrel off the switch to deactivate the engine.

This will clear your path allowing you to head straight to the teleporter at the end of the level and pick up another trophy.

Trophy Image

Complete 3 levels.


Now, stick around for level 4 to load and then move forward a bit. You’ll see a path branching off to the right with two metal spheres on it. Simply roll right into them and push at least one off the path.

That brings our total number of murdered spheres up to 5, unlocking the last trophy we need:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
I will prevail

Push 5 different spheres from the level into the sky.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Platinum Orbibot

Get all other trophies.

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Orbibot Trophy Guide, the “Platinum Orbibot” platinum trophy will unlock.

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