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General Info


How long does it take to beat More Dark and unlock all trophies?

Around 45 minutes.

How difficult is it to beat More Dark and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does More Dark have online trophies?


Does More Dark have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does More Dark have missable trophies?


Does More Dark have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in More Dark?

One partial playthrough up to level 31.

Does More Dark have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

More Dark Trophy Guide and Road Map

More Dark is a 2D puzzle-platformer, based in Hell. Being a Ratalaika-published game, this title’s platinum trophy can be earned quite quickly, in approximately 30-45 minutes., especially using this More Dark Trophy Guide.

You just need one partial playthrough up to level 31 and there are two potentially missable trophies, but I’ll try to warn you ahead of time on those.

Phase One – Play Until the Slime Upgrade in Level 31

For the majority of the trophies, you simply need to make it to level 31 and collect the Slime Upgrade, this will guarantee you all but two trophies.

The two missable trophies can be earned as early as level 4. One is called Sandwich Time and requires you to crush an enemy under a box, the other is called Chop and requires you to throw a box at an enemy. Check out the instructions for each individual trophy for specific methods.

There will be opportunities to earn those trophies after level 4, but that is the earliest and easiest place to achieve them.

Unmissable Trophies

The following trophies in this More Dark Trophy Guide are guaranteed if you just get to and collect the Slime Upgrade in level 31.

Trophy Image

Complete the 1st level.

Trophy Image

Complete the 10th level.

Trophy Image
Building Your Way

Complete the 20th level.

Trophy Image
Bonus Level

Reach the 1st bonus level.

Trophy Image
First Area

Complete the Dungeon area.

Trophy Image

Jump on the head of an enemy.

Trophy Image

Pick up the bomb upgrade.

Trophy Image

Pick up the high jump upgrade.

Phase Two – Cleanup

If you haven’t earned Sandwich Time or Chop after completing phase one, now is the time to go back and get them. Load Level 4 and use the guides below to unlock them.

Also, if you somehow managed to avoid dying the entire time, you’ll need to do that for a trophy too.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
Sandwich Time

Crush an enemy with a box.

This trophy is most easily earned in level 4.

Jump up to the uppermost platform and wait for the enemy to be on your left. Once the enemy is in position, push the box down, trapping the enemy between the box and the wall.

Drop down now, and push the box from the right side until it comes into contact with the wall, squishing the enemy in-between.

Interestingly, I managed to get the trophy by just dropping the lower-most block onto the enemy while they were next to the wall. I guess the physics glitched out for a sec and the game assumed the enemy was squished between the wall and the block.

Trophy Image

Throw a box at an enemy.

This trophy is most easily earned in level 4.

As with Sandwich Time, jump up to the uppermost platform where there is a box. This time, wait for the enemy to be on the right-hand side of this platform, so that you can drop the box down onto his head.

Time it right, and the box will land on the enemy, squishing them into the ground.

If you mess up the timing, press to restart the stage and get another chance to earn the trophy.

Trophy Image
First blood

Die for the 1st time.

To unlock this trophy, just die for the first time. In the game, obviously…

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Platinum Demon

Get all other trophies.

With the Slime Upgrade collected and some enemies sufficiently squished, you should have all the trophies, and this platinum with them!

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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