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How long does it take to beat Metal: Hellsinger and unlock all trophies?

Around 10-12 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Metal: Hellsinger and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

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Does Metal: Hellsinger have missable trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Metal Hellsinger Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 5

Welcome to our Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide! Metal: Hellsinger is a lot like the thrilling headbang-inducing DOOM games that have graced us recently, but with a rhythm-game twist: every jump, shot, slice, and reload is enhanced by timing your button presses to the BPM of each level’s soundtrack.

The result is an adrenaline-fueled badass simulator in which you storm the halls of hell itself, painting the walls with demon blood to the beat of epic metal tracks featuring legendary vocalists such as Serj Tankian (System of a Down) and Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) ?.

The trophy journey itself is surprisingly forgiving. You can play on any difficulty and won’t even really need to 100% the game at all. There are even collectibles that you’re not required to get. The hardest challenge you’ll face (which is quite a leap in difficulty compared to other trophies) is to complete an entire level without ever attacking off-beat. With practice, though, you can still achieve that well within the 12 hour estimated time-to-plat!


Phase One | Complete all Hells

For this first phase of our Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide, you should just focus on getting the hang of the gameplay mechanics. It can take a very long time to overcome the learning curve but once you start to get the rhythm right more often, you’ll find yourself flying through the game.

Fortunately for people like myself who struggle to hold a rhythm, you can play on any difficulty you like, even the easy “LAMB” difficulty:

The game is broken up into several “Hells,” which is their cute way of saying “Level.” Each level has its own soundtrack and rhythm, which you can even change after completing a level for the first time.

By completing levels, you will also gain access to each of the “Torment” sub-levels available for each Hell. Torments are basically mini challenge-based levels where you’ll have a set amount of time in which to complete an objective. These aren’t required just yet, but you should be aware that earning three skulls in one of these will unlock a Sigil you can equip in order to make the game slightly easier.

You can choose to skip them completely and clean them up later, or grab a few while making your way through this phase; the choice is yours. Either way, we’ll come back to Torments later.

Throughout this phase, you’ll mostly earn unmissable trophies from completing the story. Specifically, the ones for defeating the boss at the end of each “Level,” and one for receiving every weapon.

One final thing I suggest doing is using the ability to Soar ( + ) frequently. The Soaring in the Deep trophy requires you to do this a grand total of 100 times, so it’s good to get a head start while you can.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Breaking the Law

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Voke



The “Breaking the Law” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Voke” Hell.

If I Can Make It Here

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Stygia



The “If I Can Make It Here” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Stygia” Hell.

Smoke on the Water

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Yhelm



The “Smoke on the Water” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Yhelm” Hell.

Material Girl

Obtained all weapons



You will receive weapons naturally as you progress through the main Hells. By the time you’ve completed the “Yhelm” Hell, you will have naturally unlocked this trophy.

Rise, Rebel, Resist

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Incaustis



The “Rise, Rebel, Resist” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Incaustis” Hell.

Dead and Buried

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Gehenna



The “Dead and Buried” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Gehenna” Hell.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Nihil



The “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Nihil” Hell.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Acheron



The “For Whom the Bell Tolls” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you defeat the Red Judge Aspect at the end of the “Acheron” Hell.

When She Falleth

Destroyed the Red Judge



As you may have surmised by this point, the “Red Judge” is the final boss of the game. Defeating them and finishing the story will unlock the “When She Falleth” trophy unavoidably.

Phase Two | Torment Cleanup

In this second phase of our Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide, by completing the story, you will have access to all Level I Torments. Your focus now will be to master (earn all 3 skulls in) all Level I Torments to unlock the Level II ones.

Unfortunately, you will also need to master all Level II Torments to gain access to the Level III Torments. With full access, however, you simply need to complete the remaining Level III Torments, by earning at least 1/3 skulls in each, to unlock the No Rest for the Wicked trophy, at which point you’ll have all three of the trophies in this phase.

Torment Trophies

Heavy Metal Is the Law

Completed a Torment

The Heavy Metal is the Law trophy will unlock when you have completed a Torment for the very first time, regardless of your score. You will earn this naturally in your pursuit of the No Rest for the Wicked trophy.

Three of Pentacles

Achieved the top result in a Torment

The Three of Pentacles trophy will unlock when you have completed a Torment with a high enough score to earn all three skulls for the very first time. To get all three skulls in a Torment, you will need to reach the ultimate objective, at which point the Torment will end automatically. If the Torment ends because you run out of time, you definitely haven’t earned enough score.

You will earn this naturally in your pursuit of the No Rest for the Wicked trophy.

No Rest for the Wicked

Completed all Torments


To unlock the “No Rest for the Wicked” trophy, you will need to complete every Torment in the game. There are three “Torment” challenges available per “Hell” and by completing each “Hell” you will gain access to their Torments.

Fortunately, this trophy doesn’t require you to earn three skulls (the maximum score) in every Torment. That said, you will unfortunately need to earn three skulls in every Level I Torment to gain access to their Level II counterparts. The same goes for Level II Torments, to gain access to Level III Torments.

The silver lining, of course, is that you then only need to complete the Level III Torments, which are by far the hardest to master anyway. Completing them will mean earning at least one Skull, but that’s a damn sight easier than mastering them all!

With three Torments per Hell, excluding the Tutorial and the final Hell, that’s a total of 21 Torments to complete and just 14 to Master.

Please note; there were very early reports of this trophy being bugged and not unlocking. The developers have addressed this twice, claiming that it now functions as intended. One thing players should be aware of, however, is that it appears you need to complete all Torments on the same difficulty, so try not to switch difficulty mid-playthrough or you may need to redo some.

Phase Three | Perfect Run & Misc Cleanup

The third and final phase of our Metal: Hellsinger trophy guide contains some of the toughest trophies you’re yet to face, including the very intimidating Not Shaken, Not Stirred, which requires you to complete an entire hell without ever landing a hit off-beat. Real tricky stuff.

Along the way, you’ll pick up many other timing- and beat-related trophies and should then be left with just a small amount of miscellaneous cleanup to cap off your trophy journey.

Complete a level without hitting off-beat

Not Shaken, Nor Stirred

Never hit off-beat in a Hell


Skill Based

As I have forewarned, the Not Shaken, Not Stirred trophy is going to be the biggest challenge you face. Essentially, to unlock it, you must complete an entire “Hell” (main level—not Torments) without ever attacking off-beat.

This takes an insane amount of discipline and rhythm to maintain the beat flawlessly for up to and around 10 minutes at a time, but with sufficient practice and by employing some of the rhythm-keeping methods detailed below, you should hopefully be able to eventually pull this off. Once you do, you’re over the biggest hurdle in the game, and the Platinum is practically yours.

Here are some rhythm-keeping techniques that worked for me. They didn’t work flawlessly as I have a pretty rough time staying on-beat regardless of what I do, but the fact that I managed to employ a mix of these methods to succeed says more than I ever could about their efficacy:

  • Tapping your foot | A good way to stay on-beat is to continuously tap your foot or stomp your heel down in beat. If you keep that beat going with your foot, you should actually find it harder to fire your gun off-beat.
  • Nodding your head | Same principle as above, but you nod your head instead. This can be an easier way to hold the beat depending on how you’re sitting, but will make accuracy difficult to achieve.
  • Count 1, 2, 1, 2 | This worked for me when all else failed, by just repeating 1 – 2 – 1 – 2 in my head in time with the beat and only shooting on 2 I was able to maintain my rhythm quite effectively. Counting out loud proved helpful in some instances too.
  • Remap R2 | If you have a DualSense Edge or a custom controller with back buttons, it helps to either shorten the length of or remap it to a quicker button. Having to push the trigger all the way down on every beat vs tapping or clicking a button makes quite a big difference.
  • Pay attention to the environment | You may have already noticed, but much of the environmental objects are animated on-beat. Explosive crystals will pulse with the rhythm of the song, and torches/braziers will combust on-beat too. These peripheral indicators can help you stay on rhythm.

In terms of which “Hell” to attempt this trophy in; it’s up to you. Which level are you most comfortable in? Which song do you find the easiest for staying on-beat? You might prefer the song “Stygia,” for example, which has the lowest BPM at just 103.

Experiment with a setup of your own or just use the same setup as me and practice away. At the end of each run, on the stats screen, you’ll be told what percentage of your hits were on beat via the upper-left stat. This is a good way for you to measure your skill improvement as you practice until, eventually, you unlock this trophy. As a bonus, I’ve provided below my recording of my successful run for you to use as reference:

Misc Trophies

This Pounding Heart

Reached Hit Streak: 10


“This Pounding Heart” will unlock when you reach a hit streak of 10. See This Pounding Heart IV for more information.

This Pounding Heart II

Reached Hit Streak: 20


“This Pounding Heart II” will unlock when you reach a hit streak of 20. See This Pounding Heart IV for more information.

This Pounding Heart III

Reached Hit Streak: 35


“This Pounding Heart III” will unlock when you reach a hit streak of 35. See This Pounding Heart IV for more information.

This Pounding Heart IV

Reached Hit Streak: 50


Skill Based


“This Pounding Heart IV” will unlock when you reach a hit streak of 50. Your Hit Streak Counter will increase for every hit you land which is on-beat. Hitting off-beat or getting hit by an enemy will reset your Hit Streak Counter.

The counter can be seen on the left-hand side of the HUD and there are some “Streak Guardian” Sigils that you can get by earning 3 skulls on certain Torments which can prevent your counter from resetting from a one-off mistake.

See Not Shaken, Not Stirred, where I’ve detailed some useful methods for staying on beat.  It’s possible you’ll even earn this trophy while attempting that one.

Queen of the Underworld

Killed 50 Behemoths


“Behemoths” are lanky-yet-portly scythe-wielding enemies. They deal a lot of damage and tend to lunge at you from afar. They will be introduced fairly early in the game as a threat, but as you progress and make your way onto higher-difficulty Hells and Torments, you will see them more and more often.

In-fact, it’s very likely that you will unlock this trophy naturally while completing Hells and Torments. The Torment titled “Giant Slayer I” features them quite prominently.

Soaring in the Deep

Soared (Dash + jump) 100 times


At any time in a Hell or Torment, you can press and at the same time, causing you to soar through the air quite a distance. The total distance is ultimately dictated by how well you time your + button-presses with the beat of the soundtrack.

To unlock the “Soaring in the Deep” trophy, you simply need to perform this action a total of 100 times. It’s possible you won’t earn this naturally, as it’s quite an obscure ability. Hopefully, however, you saw and heeded our earlier advice and have already either earned this trophy or made a good head start.

If not, don’t fret, just stick on a video or some music to entertain yourself, find a quiet corner in any level, and then perform this action back and forth as many times as you need until the trophy unlocks!

Piece of My Heart

Died in a Chaos Crystal explosion

In every Hell and Torment, you will quite frequently see large red “Chaos Crystals” which explode when hit with an attack, causing damage to everyone nearby, including you!

To unlock the rather unorthodox “Piece of My Heart” trophy, you will actually need to get yourself killed by one of these explosions.

Stand near a chaos crystal while letting enemies hit you and then, once your health is very low, hit the crystal to finish yourself off, unlocking the trophy.

Highway to Hell

Got 666 kills (game total)


The “Highway to Hell” trophy should unlock when you kill your 666th enemy in-game. This isn’t something you can really track so there’s not much way of knowing how close you are. That said, throughout the story’s main Hells and the various Torments, you’re extremely likely to unlock this trophy naturally without much effort at all; 666 is a lot fewer demons than you’d think.

Kill Your Demons

Multi-killed 2 enemies

With one of the highest unlock rates of any trophy in this list, the “Kill Your Demons” trophy is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem. It’s actually frighteningly easy to get multi-kills once you have received the Shotgun. Aiming and shooting the shotgun at a group of standard Demons is a surefire way to score a multi-kill of two or more easily!

Who Wants to Live Forever

Died 20 times


The “Who Wants to Live Forever” trophy will unlock once you have died a total of 20 times throughout your total time in-game. If this doesn’t unlock for you naturally, simply load up any Hell or Torment and then stand around, letting enemies have their way until the trophy unlocks.

The Empress

Killed 25 enemies while maintaining a Hit Streak


Skill Based


The Empress trophy is quite likely to unlock while you work towards This Pounding Heart IV or Not Shaken, Not Stirred. In order to earn it, you will need to have killed a non-cumulative total of 25 enemies in a single Hit Streak. If you take damage or land a hit off-beat, your Hit Streak will end and you will need to start your streak again.

This isn’t too difficult—far from being the most difficult in the game—and, as I said, it’s likely to unlock naturally in your pursuit of other trophies. Check out Not Shaken, Not Stirred, where I’ve detailed some helpful tips for staying on beat. Beyond that, the best thing you can do is practice.

Raining Blood

Killed two Seraphs in one attack

To unlock the “Raining Blood” trophy, you need to defeat two “Seraph” enemies with a single attack. This can be done by weakening two seraphs to low health and then blowing them up simultaneously with a well-placed arrow or Ult.

Seraphs are zombie-like demons with large gold rings around them. They float in the air and attack with ranged abilities.

The method I used was as follows:

  • Load up the “Slaughter Mastery II” Torment and play charging up Paz’s (The Skull’s) Ult ( attack) until three Seraphs show up at once.
  • Bait the Seraphs close to each other and then hit them with Paz’s Ult to freeze them. While frozen, enemies are volatile. They explode on death and these explosions will also cause any nearby frozen enemies to explode.
  • Finish off any one of the Seraphs with any weapon, causing them to explode and hopefully taking out a second Seraph in the process.
  • If you fail, hit [options] and then select “Restart.”

Keep at it with the method above until you have this elusive Gold Trophy. To help you pull off the above method, I’ve provided footage of my successful run, too:

The Ferrywoman

Killed 8 enemies in 4 seconds

To unlock “The Ferrywoman” you will need to defeat 8 enemies within a window of just 4 seconds. This could be done by blowing up an entire group of enemies at once with the Crossbow/Shotgun, or by going absolutely sicko-mode with the Sword’s (Terminus’) [L2] ability.

However you choose to do it, the best places to attempt it would be in Torments that feature a particularly large group of enemies. I managed to even unlock the trophy naturally while working my way through the Torments.


Cleared a Hell using only Paz

Unlocking “Pazifist” is simple, but will require some patience for sure. Paz is your default ranged weapon, the skull you can switch to using . His attacks build your fury quickly, even when you don’t hit someone with them, but they don’t deal a lot of damage, so defeating an enemy using PAz’s ranged attacks only can take some time.

With perfect timing and frequent use of to finish off stunned enemies, however, you can quickly get into a decent rhythm of taking enemies out one-by-one.

The best level to do this on is, of course, the “Voke” Hell, as this contains the weakest enemies overall.

Complete the entire first (or any) Hell while only using Paz and never pressing with any other weapon equipped and the Pazifist trophy will unlock shortly after the Judge Aspect at the end dissipates.

The Sword is Sharper

Killed a Judge's Aspect with Terminus

Unlocking the “The Sword is Sharper” trophy is not exactly difficult, you just likely wouldn’t earn it naturally.

Essentially, you need to ensure that the final hit you land on any of the Judge Aspect final bosses is dealt using “Terminus,” your sword. You can switch to your sword at any time using , which is always equipped.

The best way to do this is to fight a boss as normal until their health is reduced to about 2-3%—or as low as you can get it. Then, switch to Terminus and make sure you deal the last few blows with the sword only.

If you successfully deal the killing blow with Terminus alone, you’ll receive the “The Sword is Sharper” trophy as the Judge Aspect dissipates.


Trophies Are a Girl's Best Friend

All Trophies obtained

After collecting every trophy in this Metal: Hellsinger Trophy Guide, the "Trophies Are a Girl's Best Friend " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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