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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Sujimon Substories Guide

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Being the Very Best: Conquering the Discreet Four and Beyond

Welcome to our comprehensive Sujimon Substory Guide, where we delve into the Sujimon battling and capturing portion of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, a minigame which mirrors Pokemon and Pokemon Go in a lot of fun and engaging ways.

Travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each Sujimon to understand; the power that’s inside. Becoming the Sujimon Champion is as simple as completing 6 Substories, one of which is unmissable.

Through this guide, I’ll direct you to and through each of the Substories standing between you and being the very best, like no one ever was.

Choosing Your Starter (Automatic Story-Related, Chapter 4)

Your Sujimon quest kicks off in Chapter 4, marking the start of your Sujimon battling and capturing saga. This pivotal and unavoidable moment unlocks the entirety of the Sujimon storyline, though we recommend returning long after the story’s done with, as you’ll get a free Sujimon that’s pretty OP at the end of the main campaign.

The CEO of Suji (Trainer Rank 10)

Upon achieving Sujimon Trainer Rank 10, you’ll be summoned to challenge Jack, one of the Discreet Four. Prepare to venture to the designated location just east of Aloha Bridge, where you’ll encounter two trainers guarding the way to Jack.

Jack’s arsenal consists predominantly of Light-type Sujimon, so utilize Dark types for effective damage, but remain vigilant, as Light types are also strong against Dark.

Ensure your full team’s been strengthened to level 10 to secure victory in this first key battle.

The Queen’s Subilee (Trainer Rank 20)

Reaching Trainer Rank 20 heralds your next challenge against Queen, another member of the Discreet Four.

Located at the far west end of Aloha Beach, Queen awaits with her Frost-type Sujimon. Nature types will be your best friends in this battle, providing a strategic advantage against Queen’s frosty forces.

A True Gym Battle (Trainer Rank 30)

Ascend to Trainer Rank 30 to face Ace, the third of the Discreet Four, near the expansive grass area off Makani Ave.

Ace’s balanced use of Blaze, Nature, and Light-type Sujimon calls for a diverse strategy. Equip your team with at least one Darkness, Blaze, and Frost type to navigate this multifaceted battle.

Sodachi’s Revenge (Trainer Rank 35)

After reaching Trainer Rank 35, a mysterious message beckons you back to Ace’s gym, marking the next chapter in the main Sujimon storyline.

Though Trainer Rank 40 is required to officially challenge Ace again, this detour rewards you with Super Sodachi, a formidable addition to your team.

Your ultimate test awaits at the pier, pitting you against Joker’s gym in a grueling series of battles against three trainers, without healing breaks. Any Sujimon with a healing MP ability will prove invaluable, ensuring your team’s survival through these harsh consecutive fights.

Despite the recommended level being 35, the actual levels of opponent Sujimon hover around 20 and 30, making a well-prepared level 40 team capable of blowing right through them.

Joker’s preference for Darkness-type Sujimon suggests employing Light types for offense or Darkness to mitigate increased damage.

Following Joker’s defeat, engage in a standard battle against him and his allies, who, at level 11, pose minimal threat.

Atop the Plateau (Completing Substory #41)

With the Discreet Four behind you, the Sujigami PC Shop in the mall serves as your gateway to the ultimate challenge: the Champion battle.

Prioritize leveling your primary Sujimon set (all 6) to 50, leveraging Platinum rank trainer battles and Ultimate Sujimunch to speed things up Make sure you don’t just spar at a Suji Spot and you go out to face real trainers as you need to also be Trainer Level 50.

When you’re ready, ask the PC Shop Owner to Go to the Stadium, and you’ll be able to face King via the counter there.

The Champion, King, showcases a diverse team, necessitating a versatile strategy. An additional Frost Sujimon could tip the scales in your favor.

Overcoming King’s eclectic team concludes the Sujimon storyline, crowning you a true Sujimon Champion as Kasuga raises the trophy high above his head.

It’s not over yet, though, as you’ll need to complete a few regular non-sujimon battles to cap the substory off, but the enemies are only level 31!

The Suji League Champion Trophy

Once you have completed all 6 of the above Sujimon-related Substories, you’ll receive the Suji League Champion trophy for all your efforts, a permanent record of your achievement!

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