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Life Is Strange: True Colors Collectibles Guide

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Life Is Strange: True Colors Collectible Guide for PS4 & PS5

Welcome to our Life Is Strange: True Colors Collectibles Guide for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of the location of all Memories, and Side Quests. Check out our Life Is Strange: True Colors Trophy Guide for help unlocking the rest of the trophies.

Life Is Strange: True Colors Collectibles & Side Quests

Chapter 1 – A-Side

Memory #1 Crack. Scene: I’m Okay. On a wall, in the hallway to the right of the bed, is a crack near the floor by a bike pump.

Memory #2 Riley Letter. Scene: I’m Okay. Opposite the bed is a desk against a wall. On the right side of this desk is a letter from Riley.

Memory #3 Business Card. Scene: First Day on the Job. Behind the bar next to the cash register is a business card from Officer Pike.

Memory #4 Helmet. Scene: Searching for Ethan. At the old mine is a bonfire with a rubber zombie on a lawn chair. Nearby this bonfire is Gabe and Ryan who are trying to figure out how to open a gate. To their left is a large yellow pipe with a helmet directly underneath.

Memory #5 Phone. Scene: Searching for Ethan. Once Alex and Ryan make it inside the building in an attempt to get to Ethan, turn around immediately and look at the entrance. On the wall to the left is a phone.

Chapter 2 – Lanterns

Memory #6 Button. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. After thoroughly kicking Steph’s butt at Foosball, head up to the roof where Alex and Gabe sat in Chapter 1. In a flower planter at the end of the roof is a button.

Memory #7 Rent Check. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. Behind the counter in the bar downstairs is a piece of paper with Gabe’s rent.

Memory #8 Umbrella. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. Near the exit door in the bar, is an umbrella.

Side Quest #1 Bird Spotting. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. Once you head outside the bar, cross the street and head into the park. Use Alex’s power on the birdwatching woman. She will reveal that she’s looking for a bird for a competition.

Head behind the Brown Bear Diner to the left of the park and look up at a tree to find the bird. Return to the birdwatching woman and inform her of its location.

Side Quest #2 Found Dog! Scene: Tracking Down Mac. Inside Steph’s record shop you will find a man in a hoody. Use Alex’s ability to reveal he’s upset about someone called Chrissy.

Turn around and inspect the notice board on the opposite wall, and then inform the man of where Chrissy is.

Memory #9 Gummies. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. Inside Charlotte’s dispensary in a room in the back is a jar of edible gummies.

Memory #10 T-Shirt. Scene: Tracking Down Mac. After the small cutscene inside the flower shop, check the red T-Shirt in the blue cabinet to the left of the counter.

Chapter 3 – Monster or Mortal

Memory #11 Bomber Jacket. Scene: It’s a Simple Plan. In the exact same place as the umbrella from Chapter 2, Tracking Down Mac.

Side Quest #3 Earworm Squasher. Scene: It’s a Simple Plan. Opposite the bar from Steph and Ryan is a student sitting in a booth. Use Alex’s power to hear her singing a song.

Turn around and ask Steph and Ryan about the song and if they know where to find it. They will mention that Jed probably hid it.

Jed is sitting by the front door. Ask him about the song.

Now that you know where the song is, go pick it up and put it in the jukebox.

Memory #12 Dollar. Scene: Thaynor, Monster Slayer. After being attack by the wolf and defeating it, check the ground in front of the bench to the left of Ryan.

Memory #13 Appointment Slip. Scene: Thaynor, Monster Slayer. Leave the park and head to the bar. On the floor outside is a small note.

Memory #14 Old Paper. Scene: Thaynor, Monster Slayer. The old paper is inside the bar on a table in the back where the pool table is.

Memory #15 Valkyrie’s Dish. Scene: Thaynor, Monster Slayer. Inside the record store that Steph owns. Valkyrie’s dish is to the right of the counter next to a glowing blue guitar stand.

Chapter 4 – Flicker

Memory #16 Pressed Rose. Scene: Party Time. Inside Alex’s apartment, on a wall near the couch.

Memory #17 Drum Kit. Scene: The Spring Festival. On the main stage at the festival.

Memory #18 Microphone. Scene: The Spring Festival. Behind the main stage at the festival.

Side Quest #4 Exactly 732. Scene: The Spring Festival. Near the stage is the same man from the record store whose dog you found. This time he’s struggling to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. Use Alex’s power on him and then the stall owner.

Talk to the man and make a guess of “800” and then use Alex’s power to see what the stall owner is feeling. Talk to the man again, but this time make a guess of “700”. Again, use Alex’s power to see what the stall owner feels and she will reveal the exact number. 731.

Memory #19 Polaroid. Scene: The Spring Festival. Before meeting back up with Ryan and Steph, take a trip to the bar. Inside on a wall is a polaroid near the exit at the back.

Memory #20 CIT Sticker. Scene: The Spring Festival. Before meeting up with Ryan and Steph, go all the way to the flower shop where Riley works. On a window behind the shop is a CIT Sticker.

Chapter 5 – B-Side

Memory #21 Mom’s Keys. Scene: The Hospital Room. Upon entering the hospital room where Alex’s mom is staying, check the counter on the right for her mom’s keys.

Memory #22 Business Card. Scene: Home Sweet Home. Inside Alex and Gabe’s old family home. Do not go out the front door to confront Gabe and Mr. Chen. Instead, go into the kitchen and look at the business card in the corner.

Memory #23 Guitar Strings. Scene: Nobody Picked You. At one of Alex’s old orphanages. Once you have control of Alex, look at the bunkbed to her left to see the guitar case.

Memory #24 Pendant. Scene: Nothing Stays Buried Forever. Automatic pickup.

Memory #25 Bomber Jacket. Scene: A Knock at the Door. After Alex climbs off her bed at the end of the chapter, head towards the dining table at the opposite end of her apartment. On the chair is a bomber jacket.

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