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How long does it take to beat Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and unlock all trophies?

20 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have online trophies?


Does Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have missable trophies?


Does Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?


Does Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Mass Effect Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our Mass Effect Trophy Guide for PS4. In this guide, you will find strategies and tips for unlocking every trophy on your way to the platinum. We have broken the journey up into easily digestible phases with expert information packed into each one. With this, anyone should be able to conquer this game and its challenges.

Mass Effect Trophy Guide: Before You Begin


It’s pretty easy to get all trophies in a single playthrough, though if you want to do a blind playthrough first, that’s fine. If anything, it’s recommended as it will give you a head start on unlocking the Mastery trophies, and you’ll be more powerful.

Phase One – Epilogue & Becoming a Spectre

During this phase of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide, you will be focusing on completing the Prologue and the first visit to the Citadel while triggering your squad mates’ abilities to progress towards the Mastery trophies.

Prologue: Eden Prime

Before you land on Eden Prime, you will meet with Captain Anderson and Nihlus on the Normandy. While talking to them, make sure to explore all dialogue entries relating to the Protheans for a codex entry (needed for Archivist).

When you land on Eden Prime, you will have Kaiden Alenko in your squad with Ashley Williams joining a bit later. When you meet the latter, make sure to talk to her and use the “Investigate” option to talk about the Geth for a Codex entry. Eden Prime is pretty straightforward; make your way to the beacon and fight off the Geth as you go. Kaiden’s default abilities are Throw, Barrier, and Sabotage, both of which you need to use 25 times each, so make sure you command him to use them as you fight your way through this planet.

Make sure to level up Kaiden to unlock his other abilities when you can. Ensure you focus on leveling up Shepard’s Charm or Intimidate skill—depending on whether you’re doing a good or evil playthrough—before anything else.

It’s important that, as Shepard, you use Medi-Gel at every possible chance, even if you or your squadmates only have minor damage. You need to use Medi-Gel 50 times for First Aid Specialist.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Distinguished Service Medal

Complete Eden Prime

Will unlock after using the beacon on Eden Prime.

Citadel, 1st Visit

After meeting with Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina, head out to where the Avina VI is. Nearby is a Transit Terminal. You can use Kaiden’s abilities on this terminal, and they will count towards the Mastery trophies. The fastest way to do this is to make a save in front of the terminal, use your abilities on it, and then load your save. Rinse and repeat. (This method doesn’t work for AI Hacking and Neural Shock abilities)

Using an ability on the Transit Terminal
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Throw Mastery

Use biotic Throw 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Barrier Mastery

Use biotic Barrier 25 times

After meeting the council, travel around the Citadel, completing all available Assignments after recruiting Garrus and Wrex. Regardless of whoever you recruit last, it will mark the 5th mission with Ashley and Kaiden in your squad, so make sure to swap them out for Garrus and Wrex when Soldier Ally & Sentinel Ally pop. After a few Assignments, you will have to recruit Tali and become a Sprectre to unlock the remainder of the Assignments.

Also during your first visit to the Citadel, you can collect Codex entries on the various races within Mass Effect for Archivist.

Citadel: Assignments

AssignmentLocationAssignment Giver
Citadel: Asari ConsortPresidium, Consort ChambersNelyna
Citadel: Jahleed’s FearsC-SecJahleed
Citadel: Scan the KeepersCitadel Tower or Lower MarketsChorban
Citadel: Presidium ProphetPresidium (near Wards access)C-Sec Officer/Hanar
Citadel: Reporter’s RequestUpper WardsEmily Wong
Citadel: Rita’s SisterFluxRita
Citadel: Schells the GamblerFluxSchells
Citadel: Signal TrackingFluxExamine Quasar machine
Citadel: The FanUpper MarketsConrad Verner
Citadel: Xeltan’s ComplaintChora’s DenSeptimus
Citadel: Doctor MichelMed ClinicDoctor Michel
Citadel: HomecomingEmbassies (after Tali joins)Samesh Bhatia
UNC: Privateers (completed off-world)Citadel TowerGaroth
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Sentinel Ally

Complete 5 missions with the Alliance sentinel squad member

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Soldier Ally

Complete 5 missions with the Alliance soldier squad member

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries

Below are the missable Alien Codex entries.

ElcorOffice next to Udina’s in the Embassies. Talk to the big quadrupedal alien.
VolusOffice next to Udina’s in the Embassies. Talk to the small, suited alien.
HanarFinancial District, Emporium. Talk to the floating jellyfish-like alien.
RachniFinancial District. Talk to the Avina Terminal near the Krogan statue.
KeepersCitadel Tower Access. Talk to the Avina Terminal next to the Keeper.
BatarianNormandy Dock. Talk to Captain Anderson about his history before you leave the Citadel.
Asari, Salarian, Turian, Krogan, and Quarian entries are automatic unlocks. Geth and Promethean entries are unlocked in the prologue.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Spectre Inductee

Become a Spectre

Earned after finishing the investigation into Saren on the Citadel.

Phase Two – Atermis Tau: Find Liara T’soni & Explore 8 Uncharted Worlds

During this phase of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide, Garrus and Wrex should be in your squad. Head to Artemis Tau to find and recruit Liara. Again, make sure to use Garrus’ and Wrex’s abilities as much as you can as you fight your way to Liara and while exploring Uncharted Worlds. While traveling between clusters, you will often be contacted by Admiral Hackett—and others—and give you various Assignments. Some of these Assignments count towards the Ally trophies for completing 5 missions with each ally, though some will not.

Make sure Shepard’s Charm/Intimidate skill is maxed out as much as you can.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Search and Rescue

Locate Dr T’soni in the Artemis Tau cluster

Liara is on Therum in the Knossus system within the Artemis Tau cluster. You’ll be dropped in the Mako and will have to drive and shoot your way to a dig site. Inside, Liara will be trapped in an ancient Prothean energy field and must be freed by shooting a mining laser to open a passage to her.

The code for the mining laser code is , [Square], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square].

Travel to the same planets below and you should have Turian Ally & Krogan Ally pop before the 8th Uncharted World.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Medal of Exploration I

Land on an Uncharted world

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Medal of Exploration II

Land on 4 uncharted worlds

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Medal of Exploration III

Land on 8 uncharted worlds

Below are the recommended 8 planets to explore. You will likely end up visiting way more than 8 planets during your playthrough.

Artemis TauMacedonSharjila (UNC: Asari Diplomacy*)
Artemis TauSpartaEdolus (UNC: Missing Marines*)
VoyagerAmazonAgebinium (UNC: Espionage Probe*)
Hades GammaAntaeusTrebin (UNC: Missing Survey Team*)
Argos RhoHydraMetgos (UNC: Distress Call*)
Hawking EtaCenturyPresrop (UNC: Major Kyle*)
Kepler VergeNewtonOntarom (UNC: Dead Scientists*)
Armstrong NebulaVamshiMaji (UNC: Geth Incursions*)
*Planet specific Assignments
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Turian Ally

Complete 5 missions with the turian squad member

Completing the above UNC Assignments should earn you this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Krogan Ally

Complete 5 missions with the krogan squad member

Completing the above UNC Assignments should earn you this trophy.

Phase Three – Citadel, 2nd Visit & Bring Down the Sky

Like the first phase of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide, you will be heading to the Citadel to complete some Assignments and to use Liara’s and Tali’s abilities on the Rapid Transit Terminal. Tali’s AI Hacking will not work on this Terminal.

Check your Journal for any Assignments that need turning in while you’re at The Citadel. Once you’ve exhausted the Citadel of its new Assignments, head back to the Normandy and clean up any open Assignments before moving onto the Bring Down the Sky mission (Bring Down the Sky has 2 Assignments, X57: Avoid the Blasting Caps, and X57: Missing Engineers).

Citadel: Assignments, 2nd Visit

AssignmentLocationAssignment Giver
Citadel: Family MatterFinancial District (Outside Barla Von’s office)Rebekah Petrovsky
Citadel: Planting a BugCitadel TowerEmily Wong
Citadel: Snap Inspection (Automatic)Normandy DockAdmiral Mikhailovich
Citadel: Citadel The Fourth EstateC-SecKhalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Damping Specialist

Use Damping Field 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Electronics Specialist

Use Shield Overload 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lift Mastery

Use biotic Lift 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Sabotage Specialist

Use Sabotage 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Stasis Mastery

Use biotic Stasis 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Warp Mastery

Use biotic Warp 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Singularity Mastery

Use biotic Singularity 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Colonial Savior

Complete the Bring Down the Sky mission

Earned after finishing the missions on X57.

Phase Four – Noveria & Feros

We will be completing two of the core worlds in this Phase of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide. I would recommend tackling Noveria first as there is a little glitch you can take advantage of to easily earn Principled. There are also a few Assignments you can complete at each of these worlds.

Noveria: Assignments

AssignmentLocationAssignment Giver
Noveria: Smuggling*Port Hanshan PlazaOpold
Noveria: EspionagePort Hanshan MezzanineMallene Calis
*don’t give the smuggled goods to Administrator Anoleis

Principled Paragon/Renegade Glitch

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Accumulate 75% of total possible Paragon or Renegade points

Talk to Lorik Qui’in in Port Hanshan Mezzanine and agree to raid his office to retrieve his evidence. Once you have it, head back to the Mezzanine and talk to Gianna Parasini at the bar. She will ask you to convince Lorik to testify against Administrator Anoleis. Use your Charm or Intimidate option to persuade him. Speak to him again, ask about Matriarch Benezia, and then use the Investigate option to convince him to testify again, giving extra Paragon or Renegade points. Repeat this process until the trophy pops. Once you have 75% of your Paragon or Renegade bar filled, you will unlock the whole Charm/Intimidate skill and can max it out.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Honorarium of Corporate Service

Complete Noveria

Earned after finishing the missions on Noveria.

At Feros, you will be facing a lot of Geth so make sure Tali is in your squad and use her AI Hacking ability on as many Geth as you can. You can make a save before a combat encounter, use AI Hacking on one, and then reload to farm the Mastery trophy.

Feros: Assignments

AssignmentLocationAssignment Giver
Feros: Geth in the TunnelsZhu’s HopeFai Dan
Feros: Power CellsZhu’s HopeFai Dan/May
Feros: Varren MeatZhu’s HopeDavin Reynolds
Feros: Water RestorationZhu’s HopeMacha
Feros: Data RecoveryZhu’s Hope (2nd survivor group)Gavin Hossle
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
AI Hacking Specialist

Use AI Hacking 25 times

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Medal of Heroism

Complete Feros

Earned after finishing the missions on Feros.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Asari Ally

Complete 5 missions with the asari squad member

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Quarian Ally

Complete 5 missions with the quarian squad member

Phase Five – More Assignments & Misc Trophies Before Virmire

At this point of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide, you should focus on completing enough Assignments so that Completionist pops once Virmire is completed.

It’s also worth putting Kaiden back into your Squad so you can use Nerual Shock. With Kaiden, land on an Uncharted Planet and exit the Mako. Make a save and use Neural Shock on the Mako, reload your save and use the ability again. Repeat until the related Mastery trophy pops.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Neural Shock Specialist

Use Nerual Shock 25 times

Misc Assignments

There are a few more assignments that can be completed, however, finishing the ones below as well as the ones listed so far will be enough to “complete the majority of the game”.

AssignmentLocationAssignment Giver
UNC: CerberusGalaxy MapAdmiral Kahoku
UNC: Hades’ DogsVoyager Cluster, Columbia, NepheronAutomatic after UNC: Cerberus
UNC: Lost FreighterMing SystemAutomatic upon entering the system
UNC: Rogue VILocal Cluster, LunaAdmiral Hackett
UNC: HostageHades Gamma ClusterAdmiral Hackett
UNC: Besieged BaseHades Gamma ClusterAdmiral Hackett (After reaching 80% Paragon)
UNC: Colony of the Dead*Maroon Sea ClusterGeth Terminal on Feros (after severing the Geth Ship’s claw)

Phase Six – Virmire & Ilos

This is the last phase of our Mass Effect Trophy Guide. Head to Virmire and progress through the mission until you meet Captain Kirrahe. Wrex will become irate over the news that Saren has been developing a cure for the Genophase and Shepard wants to destroy it.

Before carrying on with the mission, talk to Wrex. You will have to talk him down using either Charm or Intimidate options. At this point in the journey, you should have either Charm or Intimidate maxed out, otherwise you won’t be able to talk him down and lock yourself out of Charismatic.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation

Must have 12 points in Charm or Intimidate to successfully talk Wrex down on Vimire otherwise this trophy will be unattainable until your next playthrough.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Council Legion of Merit

Complete Virmire

Earned after finishing the missions on Virmire.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete the majority of the game

This will unlock after completing around 50-70 Missions and Assignments. If you’ve been following this guide closely, this trophy will pop around the time of completing Virmire.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Meritorious Service Medal

Complete Ilos

Earned after finishing the missions on Ilos.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
First Aid Specialist

Use medi-gel 50 times

This can be earned naturally or farmed using the same method outline in Phase One.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Medal of Honor

Complete the game on any difficulty


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
N7 Elite

Acquire all trophies

The platinum will unlock once you have acquired every other trophy in Mass Effect

A well earned Platinum Trophy

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