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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectible Locations Guide

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Where to find all collectibles in Kena: Bridge of Spirits – With Maps

Welcome to our Kena: Bridge of Spirits Collectible Locations Guide. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is full to the brim with over 200 collectibles for you to find and, hopefully, using the maps we’ve put together in this guide, you can easily locate and collect them all.

Through Doing so, you will be able to acquire all of the game’s collectible trophies. For a full guide to acquiring every trophy, check out our Kena: Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide.

Ruins Collectibles

The Ruins area in Kena: Bridge of Spirits acts as the tutorial stage, helping you to understand the game and its mechanics. Throughout it, you can collect up to 9 Rot friends.

Note that the first Rot you collect, Hero Rot, does not count towards the 100 total Rot collected and is unmissable.

Village Collectibles

Despite being the second area you visit, the Village area in Kena: Bridge of Spirits has the most collectibles by far but many of them are unreachable at first. I would suggest leaving the Village until last, especially until you have all of the Spirit Mail collectibles from other areas.

Having all Spirit Mail will mean you can begin delivering them at the appropriate mailboxes throughout the village. These will be marked on your map when you have the corresponding Spirit Mail.

Delivering Spirit Mail unlocks additional areas for you to explore, so by having all Spirit Mail, you will have access to the entirety of the Village.

Here, you will find 24 Rot, 21 Rot Hats, 3 Spirit Mail, 3 Meditation Spots, 8 Flower Shrines, and 6 Cursed Chests.

Taro’s Tree Collectibles

The Taro’s Tree area is the first proper area you will be able to fully explore and the story will lead you straight here from the village. The southwestern-most Rot is under a Leaf Pile in the Taro’s Tree area. To destroy a Leaf Pile, you will need to use a Forest Tear to power up your Rot friends, bring them to the pile of leaves and then press to have them slam it.

Here, you will find; 7 Rot, 4 Rot Hats, 1 Meditation Spot, and 2 Flower Shrines.

Rusu Mountain Collectibles

After visiting Taro’s Tree, you will need to pass through Rusu Mountain to progress the story.

Here, you will find; 13 Rot, 6 Rot Hats, 1 Spirit Mail, 1 Meditation Spot, 3 Flower Shrines, and 1 Cursed Chest.

Forgotten Forest Collectibles

The Forgotten Forest is the final area in Taro’s arc of the story and is where you’ll finally face off against him. You will find many Leaf Piles in the Forgotten Forest area. To destroy them and uncover the goods underneath (often a Rot), you will need to use a Forest Tear to power up your Rot friends, bring them to the pile of leaves and then press to have them slam it.

You should also remember to look up a lot here. Check above you for flowers or gems you can shoot to see what happens. The western-most spirit mail in particular gave me a hard time because I wasn’t looking up to see the three flowers you need to jump between.

Here, you will find 14 Rot, 6 Rot Hats, 2 Spirit Mail, 2 Meditation Spots, 3 Flower Shrines, and 2 Cursed Chests.

Storehouse Collectibles

The Storehouse is a small indoor area that you must pass through in order to reach the Fields area as part of the story. You’ll need to use the Bomb ability to activate platforms with which you can explore the area fully.

Inside, you will find 3 Rot, 1 Rot Hat, and 1 Spirit Mail.

Fields Collectibles

The Fields are where the second main story arc occurs. It’s also the second-biggest area, containing plenty of collectibles to fill your pockets with. Here, you’ll need to remember that by using a Forest Tear on your Rot and then moving it over a crop field, you can make plants grow. Some Rot and Hats can only be found this way.

Here, you will find 25 Rot, 10 Rot Hats, 1 Spirit Mail, 4 Meditation Spots, 7 Flower Shrines, and 2 Cursed Chests.

Village Heart Collectibles

The Village Heart area is a small underground cave network at the north end of the Fields. You’ll pass through here as part of the story when locating the Village Heart Relic.

Inside, you will find 6 Rot, 3 Rot Hats, 2 Spirit Mail, 1 Flower Shrine, and 2 Cursed Chests.

Mountain Shrine Collectibles

For posterity, I have included the Mountain Shrine map, even though there’s just one collectible to find here; a Meditation Spot. The Meditation Spot is the final thing you must interact with to end the story, so it is very difficult to miss.

If you’re holding off on completing the game until you’ve found all the collectibles, though, you may be frustrated in your struggles to locate the final Meditation Spot, so it will help you to know that you must finish the game to find this one.

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