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General Info


How long does it take to beat Himno and unlock all trophies?

Around 20 minutes.

How difficult is it to beat Himno and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Himno have online trophies?


Does Himno have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Himno have missable trophies?


Does Himno have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Himno?

One Partial Playthrough.

Does Himno have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Himno Trophy Guide and Road Map

Himno is a simple platforming title which uses randomly-generated maps that the player will need to jump, slide, and dash through to reach the end goal, use our Himno Trophy Guide to simplify the journey to the platinum.

Phase One – Reach District 6

Your main goal in this phase is to reach District 6. However, along the way, you will want to achieve the following things to earn more trophies:

  • Light 10 torches
  • Climb 600 meters
  • Die by falling into the water, after reaching District 6.

During this phase, it is also possible to reach Level 10 for the trophy Level Up, and release a wisp for the trophy Hello Little Friend, so look out for opportunities to do so and maybe hold off on the watery death until you do, if you feel confident in surviving a little longer.

District 6 Trophy

Trophy Image
Moving Forward

Reach district 6.

Upon reaching district 6, you’ll earn this trophy.

Light 10 Torches

Along your way to District 6, you’ll find many small medieval-looking torches hidden in the game’s background. They can be difficult to see so make sure you keep your eye out for them.

All you’ll need to do is walk in front of one to light it, there’s no need to interact with it in any way.

Trophy Image
New Hope

Light 10 torches in one playthrough.

Upon lighting your 10th torch, you’ll earn this trophy.

Climb 600 Meters

While working your way to District 6, see how high you can climb in each level, as you’re going to need to reach 600m for this trophy, but there’s a chance that the Random Level Generator won’t be your friend and you will need to keep playing the game until you find a stage tall enough.

Saying that, I achieved it in the first District I played.

Trophy Image
We Ascend?

Explore new terrain above 600 meters.

Once you reach 600m from water level, you’ll earn this trophy.

Die by Falling in Water

Chances are, when you earn this trophy, it won’t be on purpose. Sometimes, the luck of the draw screws you and you get a pretty badly generated level.

However, if you just so happen to have a good run all the way to District 6, feel free to take a dive into the deep blue, you’ll get a trophy for it.

Trophy Image
It’s Not Over Yet

Fall into the water for the first time.

Once you meet a watery demise, whether intentional or not, you’ll get this trophy.

Phase Two – Cleanup

With the main objectives out of the way, the remaining trophies can be earned without you needing to make any significant amount of progress. Many of them may have already been earned during your first phase of this journey.

Misc Movement Trophies

Trophy Image
The Middle Step

Do 250 dashes.

Trophy Image
The Next Step

Do 500 dashes.

For the above two trophies, you will want to dash 250 and then 500 times. The total is cumulative and you can die as many times as you like without the counter resetting. You can dash by pressing or .

If you wish, you can just find a long enough platform and then dash back and forth until the trophies unlock.

Trophy Image
Getting In Shape

Do 500 jumps.

Trophy Image
Still In Shape

Do 1000 jumps.

For the above two trophies, you will want to jump 500 and then 1000 times. The total is cumulative and you can die as many times as you like without the counter resetting. You can jump by pressing , but if you didn’t know that there isn’t much hope for you having earned any other trophy.

If you wish, you can simply jump repeatedly on the spot until the trophies unlock.

Visit Thirty Districts

For this trophy, you’ll need to go to 30 districts. Unlike the “Moving Forward” trophy for completing 6 districts, you do not need to complete 30 districts for this one. Therefore, you can simply stand in front of the door at the start of district 2/end of district 1 and repeatedly interact with it, generating a new district each time you do, until you have visited – but not completed – 30 districts.

Trophy Image
Exploring The Past

Visit 30 districts.

This trophy will unlock once you visit your 30th new district.

Release a Wisp

Releasing a wisp is as simple as approaching it and pressing to interact with it. Wisps will give you power-ups such as a higher jump and can be found randomly-placed within each district. There’s a high chance you already found one during Phase One of your journey, but if not you can just explore the first district until you find one.

A Wisp will have text underneath it indicating what level you need to be to collect it. For example “Level 2”. You can see your current level and experience in the bottom left corner.

Trophy Image
Hello Little Friend

Release your first Wisp.

This trophy will unlock once use to interact with a Wisp for the first time.

Reach Level 10

Again, you will likely earn this trophy while working through Phase One, but if not you will need to grind it out. Because you earn experience from jumping and dashing, you may earn this trophy during your attempts at the Still in Shape and The Next Step trophies.

Trophy Image
Level Up

Reach level 10.

Earn enough experience from jumping, dashing, and climbing to reach level 10 and this trophy will unlock.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Platinum Himno

Get all other trophies.

With every other trophy earned, this Platinum is all yours.

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

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