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Where to find Character Collectables, Nero Intel, Tourism Collectables, Historical Collectables and RIP Sermons in Days Gone.

Here you will find a Days Gone Collectibles Guide including Days Gone Collectible Maps showing more than enough collectables for the “The Broken Roadshow” trophy. I have chosen map out Herbology Plants as there isn’t a single specific location for any particular plant, rather just areas where they can be found. You will hopefully collect a lot of these through natural gameplay, but we can also afford not to collect any and still get the 75% we need for the trophy using the guide below.

Also not listed are Sarah’s Lab Notes and Radio Free Oregon Broadcasts as these will be collected naturally as you progress through the game.

Browse by map region using the page navigation, or use Ctrl + F to search for any particular collectable that you are looking for.

This guide is an offshoot of the main Days Gone Trophy Guide.

Days Gone Character Collectibles

This portion of the Days Gone Collectibles Guide will cover Character Collectibles. Most character collectibles are found within camps but there are a select few for which you may have to head further out. There are 33 in total.

#1 Leon “Crude Drawing of an Angel Statue” – Will unlock naturally during the story.

Copeland’s Camp

#2 Copeland “The Right to Bear Arms” & #3 Copeland “Hunting Season” are both found on the very top floor of the camp among Copeland’s belongings.

#4 Manny “Happy Birthday, Stud” & #5 Manny “Zen and the Art of Bike Repair” are both found in the mechanics shop near the camp’s entrance.

Hot Springs Camp

#6 Tucker “Trust No One”

#8 Alkai “A Portrait of Salome”

Belknap Region

#7 Tucker “I Can’t Go On”

#9 Lisa “Have a Good Day”

#10 Lisa“I Can’t Forget” is unlocked automatically here as part of the story and thus cannot be missed.

Lost Lake Camp

#11 Boozer “Our Only Guest”

#12 Boozer “My Beautiful Wife”

#13 Rikki “Rench in Hand”

#14 Rikki “Your Lamp in the Sky”

#15 Skizzo “The Shit List”

#16 Skizzo “With Honours”

#17 Iron Mike “I’ll Always Be With You”

#18 Iron Mike “Let There Be Peace”

#19 Addy “Straying From the Path of God”

#20 Addy “The Old Generator”

Wizard Island Camp

#21 Colonel “Sleepy Tea”

#22 Colonel “The Good Book”

#23 Kouri “To Have and to Hold” – This collectable is unmissable and will be given to you naturally during the main story campaign.

#25 Doc Jiminez “Doctor Arturo”

#26 Weaver “Look to the Stars” – This collectable is unmissable and will be given to you during the main story campaign.

#27 Weaver “Chemical Reactions” – This collectable is also unmissable as it is given to you during the main story campaign.

#28 Taylor “Flying High”

#29 Taylor “Delivery Boy”

Diamond Lake Camp

#24 Kouri “To Protect and Serve”

Iron Butte Region

#30 Sarah “My Old Lady”

#31 Jessie “Riding with the Mongrels” This collectable cannot be missed as you will earn it through story progress.

#32 Jessie “They Shall Be of One Mind” This collectable cannot be missed as it will be given to you through story progress.

#33 Jim “Advisory Warning”

Days Gone Nero Intel Collectibles

This portion of the Days Gone Collectibles Guide will cover Nero Intel. Most Nero Intel is found at Nero Checkpoints and Nero Research Sites but there are just a few pieces which can be found elsewhere. There are 52 in total.

Due to the random scattering of these pieces of intel in comparison to their order in the collectable tracker in-game, it’s difficult to keep them in order here, so i recommend using Ctrl + F to find the one you need. If you are using the guide as a walkthrough, this will hopefully be more ideal rather than having you bounce around the map getting them in order.

#1 Researcher Field Note – 2000, #2 Researcher Field Note – 2064, #3 Researcher Field Note – 2068, #4 Researcher Field Note – 2060, #11 Researcher Field Note – 2102 #41 Researcher Field Note – 2006, #42 Researcher Field Note – 2071, #43 Researcher Field Note – 2104, #44 Researcher Field Note – 2105, and #45 Researcher Field Note – 2106 are all given as part of the story and thus cannot be missed.

Northern Cascade Region Nero Intel

#12 Nero Evacuation Notice This one can be hard to find, but it’s on the road in the location marked. It’s simply a sheet of paper, use to help locate it.

#16 Field Recording – 1260

#17 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1111

#25 Researcher Field Note – 0701

#26 Researcher Field Note – 1677

#28 Black Box Recording – 1001

#47 Inspector Field Note – 1376

#48 Inspector Field Note – 1381

#49 Inspector Field Note – 1674 A little hard to find. Head to the very end of the train tracks up here and you should be able to find it with .

#52 Researcher Field Note – 2055 This one won’t be available right away. There’s a Nero story mission which takes you there, during and after which you will be able to access it.

Southern Cascade Region Nero Intel

#10 Flight Data Recording – 2097

#29 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 0820

Belknap Region Nero Intel

#9 Flight Data Recording – 2041

#15 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 0980

#21 Field Recording – 1577

#22 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1788

#23 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 0817

#31 Researcher Field Note – 1735

#46 Inspector Field Note – 1375

Lost Lake Region Nero Intel

#18 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1231

#19 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1301

#24 Researcher Field Note – 0988

#32 Researcher Field Note – 2073

#33 Researcher Field Note – 1960

Iron Butte Region Nero Intel

#13 Nero Site Order – TS-03-900SQM

#14 Mobile Medical Site Order – TS-27-760GDQ

Northern Crater Lake Region Nero Intel

#27 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1682

#35 Researcher Field Note – 1833

#36 Researcher Field Note – 2072

#50 Inspector Field Note – 1680

Southern Crater Lake Region Nero Intel

#7 Flight Data Recording – 1787

#30 Researcher Field Note – 2069

#34 Researcher Field Note – 1463

#37 Researcher Field Note – 2043

#51 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1683

Northern Highway 97 Region Nero Intel

#6 Field Recording – 2011

#39 Researcher Field Note – 2020

Southern Highway 97 Region Nero Intel

#8 Flight Data Recording – 1377

#20 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 0805

#38 Mobile Medical Unit Recording – 1685

#40 Researcher Field Note – 1005

Days Gone R.I.P Sermon Collectibles

This portion of the Days Gone Collectibles Guide will cover R.I.P Sermons. R.I.P Sermons are pre-recorded Sermons made by the Ripper leader, Carlos. These are being broadcast loudly from underneath wooden structures around Ripper territory. To collect them, you must approach them and switch off the small black generators found there by holding .

Cascade Region

#3 Pain is a Gift

Belknap Region

#2 Don’t Run

#7 One Mind

Iron Butte Region

#1 Fear the Rising

#4 Set You Free

#5 Destroy Your Ego

#6 Sacrifice for Freedom

#8 Founder’s Tale

#9 The Ultimate Goal

#10 Rest in Peace

#11 The Free

#12 The Rising is Coming

#13 Join or Die

Days Gone Tourism Collectibles

This portion of the Days Gone Collectibles Guide will cover Tourism Collectibles, which usually come in the form of a sign, postcard or pamphlet which will relates to the surrounding area of where it is found. These are the hardest and most inconvenience to find in my opinion and so if you are looking for collectables to not collect, I recommend skipping these.

Regardless, you’ll find their locations listed below, organised by region.

Northern Cascade Region

#1 Old Pioneer Cemetery Brochure

Belknap Region

#2 Hungry Jim’s Menu

#3 Marion Forks Bumper Stickers

#4 Marion Forks Postcards

#5 The Benefits of Bear Creek Hot Springs

#6 Salome Hot Springs Guestbook

#7 Bears? Where?! Black Bear Awareness Poster

#8 Belknap Fire Season Warning Sign

#9 Seeking Gorgeous Man

#10 Frontier Motel Brochures

Lost Lake Region

#11 Sherman’s Camp Brochure This is an unmissable collectable as it will be given to you during a story mission.

#12 Meet the Campfire Cadets

#13 Sherman’s Camp Farmer’s Market Poster

#14 Rogue Camp Whiskey Menu

#26 Adam Finch Stout Label

Iron Butte Region

#25 Iron Butte Ranch Masters Tournament

#27 Snowbrush Ranch Alpaca Farm

#28 Classified Virus Research

Diamond Lake Camp

#17 Fishing at Diamond Lake

Southern Crater Lake Region

#15 Preserving the Beauty of Crater Lake Poster

#16 Crater Lake Postcards

Northern Highway 97 Region

#18 Chemult Suds-Fest

#19 Balloons Over Chemult

#20 Take-Out & Tunes

#21 Pet Parade

#23 Chemult Ski Resort Brochure

Southern Highway 97 Region

#22 Chemult Community College Green Week Poster

#24 Klamath Marsh Wetlands Preservation Flyer

Days Gone Historical Marker Collectibles

I was going to create Days Gone Collectible Maps for the historical markers, but for you to collect them via some maps I put on my site would actually be more difficult than actually using the fact that the game will literally tell you where they are. So, rather than you trying to find them all by referring to maps on here, use your in-game map to track their locations!

Historical Markers will show up on your map whenever you clear the local Ambush Camp and then read the map found in the bunker there. Once you have cleared all 12 Ambush Camps, every single Historical Marker will be displayed on your in-game map and you can simply place a waypoint for each one and collect them that way.

To find all of the Ambush Camps you can use our handy Key Locations Guide which will show you where to find them.

Days Gone Colonel Garrett Speech Collectibles

There are only 6 Speeches to collect from Colonel Garrett, but they are all found in the same place in Wizard Island and will show up as you reach different points of the story. This does mean, however, that if you progress too far you will miss one of his speeches.

Not to worry, though, as you can find them all once you finish the game by visiting his tent at the top of Wizard Island (Where Character Collectables #21 and #22 are found) and you’ll be able to collect recordings for each of the speeches you missed!

Days Gone Camp Guitarist Collectibles

This portion of the Days Gone Collectible Guide will cover The Camp Guitarists which can all be found at the Lost Lake camp. Sometimes, when you visit, you’ll see a flashing blue “?” icon on your minimap where the Gazebo is, behind the bounty kiosk near the front gate.

If you head to this location, you’ll see someone playing an instrument such as a harmonica. When you approach this person, they will stop playing and someone with a guitar will get up and begin to play/sing a song. Triggering the song is all you need to do for the collectable.

Anarchist Cairns

Please see the “Go Kick Rocks” Trophy in our Trophy Guide for information on finding Cairns as well as a location which contains 10 Cairns.

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