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Daymare: 1998 Trophy Guide

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Daymare:1998 PlayStation 4 Trophy Guide and Road Map

Needless to say, there will be spoilers littered throughout so read carefully and use the Table of Contents to jump directly to sections you’re looking for.

Bug Notes

Some bugs can corrupt your save file causing you to restart!

Daymare: 1998 was developed by a small indie team with a small budget and, as a result, there are numerous bugs and glitches that may break the game. It is recommended that you backup your save files between chapters and make sure you’re always playing on the latest patch.

DO NOT suspend the game as this causes some crazy game-breaking glitches like the map disappearing and then upon reloading, reappearing in the wrong places thus cutting you off. Another glitch took my weapons away.

Stage 1 – Beat the game on “Daymare” difficulty, find all collectibles and shoot all Deer ornaments

It’s possible to beat Daymare: 1998 in one single playthrough, however, I would recommend at least 2 playthroughs. There is a trophy for finishing the game in under 4 hours which is quite difficult if you’re playing on “Daymare” difficulty and trying to find all collectibles.

“Daymare” difficulty itself isn’t so hard once you understand the game’s nuances, but the game has a pretty generous checkpoint system so even if you are struggling, you won’t have to start from scratch because you died. Please note that if you are trying to go for the No Death Run during your “Daymare” difficulty playthrough, then you can reload checkpoints when you’ve taken damage and, should you die, you can exit to the Main Menu and select Continue Game. Do not select Load Checkpoint from the Game Over screen or select Load Game from the Main Menu after you die as this will log the death and void the trophy.

During this playthrough, it is recommended that you focus on finding the hidden easter eggs in each chapter as inspecting each of them will net you a miscellaneous trophy.

You may also naturally get the combat related trophies such as Butcher, Bullseye and Boxer but don’t worry as these are easily farmable after you finish the game.

You can also get Trader and Addicted after you finish the game.

One trophy you should actively make sure you get is Chemist. For this trophy you must craft every type of rapid use fluid. This is easier than it sounds and if you mark off each fluid as you make then you should have no problem getting this trophy.

At the very least you should have the following trophies at the end of this stage:


There are a few things you should keep in mind during this and your 2nd playthrough.

You can trade a stack of 30 regular pistol rounds for 15 Hollow Point rounds. These rounds do more damage and it’s recommended that you trade in your full stack of regular rounds whenever you can since on “Daymare” they’re pretty useless.

During chapter 2, you will fight a boss in the Hospital Garage. There is a trophy for meleeing this boss, however, doing so will damage you. Make sure you have full health before you attempt it otherwise you will die. Reload the checkpoint once you have the trophy or if you died from meleeing this boss, then Exit to Main Menu at the death screen and select Continue Game. Do not Load Game or Reload Checkpoint from the Game Over screen as this will log your death and void the Immortal trophy.

During chapter 2, you will occasionally be attacked by “fake” enemies. You must shoot 5 of these for Daymare Syndrome. Make sure to shoot them with a pistol if you’re on “Daymare” difficulty as shotgun rounds are highly valuable.

Whenever you come across an easter egg, you must press to inspect it for the trophy to pop.

There are 2 trophies tied to finding the Magnum and Desert Eagle. These guns are pretty easy to find, but—just in case—it’s worth keeping an eye out for them in Chapter 2 and 3, respectively.

There is a trophy for finding all hidden doors which you will likely get while in pursuit of the collectibles, but it’s worth keeping track of regardless.

Chemist Guide:

There are 3 different fluid types in this game.

Health Fluid, Stamina Fluid and Mental Fluid.

To make a Health Fluid, you can combine H Additive + Energy Drink

To make a Stamina Fluid, you can combine H Additive + Epinephrine

To make a Mental Fluid, you can combine H Additive + Mental Drops

There are 6 unique combinations you must make from these 3 fluid types. They are:

Health Fluid + Health Fluid

Health Fluid + Stamina Fluid

Health Fluid + Mental Fluid

Stamina Fluid + Stamina Fluid

Stamina Fluid + Stealth Fluid

Mental Fluid + Mental Fluid

Write each combination down as you make them. You only need to make one of each for it to count.

Chapter 1 Collectibles/Deer/Easter Eggs Guide:

There are 13 Files, 1 Audio Log and 3 Deer in this chapter.

Very early in Chapter 1, you will come across a room with an elevator in the middle and some corpses scattered around—the door to the elevator itself is blocked by one of these corpses. In this room you will find File #1 on a table and inside the elevator, hiding in the front left corner is Deer #1.

Immediately after leaving this room, you will come across a room that kind of looks like a server/maintenance room. There will be a blood trail leading from the door to a corpse. On the ground next to this corpse is File #2. To the left are some stairs that will lead to the 1st puzzle of this chapter. Before you solve this puzzle, however, make sure to pick up File #3 sitting on a chair.

Eventually you will find yourself inside a room with some temperature controlled storage units and a single zombie wandering around. In the right corner is an opened refrigerator with Deer #2  sitting inside. In the opposite corner of this room you will find File #4 sitting on a desk.

There is a door in the far right corner that is locked. Luckily there are 2 hack cables next to it that you can use to unlock the door. In the now unlocked room, up the stairs and to the right of all the consoles lining the glass is a small coffee table. Pick up File #5 there.

In the next room, you will find 2 more zombies and File #6 and File #7. One is to the left, next to a spare magazine for your submachine gun and the other is on the far right behind some tanks.

After you kill the mini-boss and collect the Pollux sample, look down and to the left inside the temperature controlled storage unit and you will see a can of shaving foam. Shoot it for the Jurassic Theft trophy.

A bit later you will find the body of one of your comrades. Next to his body is Audio Log #1. Down the hall is the main entrance to the facility—there are metal detectors and a desk in the middle. To the left are some stairs and a door opposite them. Inside and to the right is File #8.

Continue following the stairs and you will arrive at an office with a big statue in the corner. Right outside this office is a sort of waiting area. File #9 is sitting on the desk.

Back inside the office you will find File #10 and File #11. One is on the corner of the desk and the other is behind it and to the right. You will also notice a statue in the left corner. Sitting on top of this statue is Deer #3.

In the Security Room where you retrieve the Pollux sample, is File #12.

File #13 is sitting right next to the terminal you use to initiate the self destruct sequence.

Below is a video guide for this Chapter.

Chapter 2 Collectibles/Deer/Easter Eggs Guide:

There are 12 Files, 3 Audio Logs, 5 Deer, 3 Hidden Rooms and 2 ID Tags in this chapter.

You will start this chapter standing on a pier. Progress forward until the camera focuses on the nearby building, Blair Fish & Co. Immediately to your left is another pier. Walk down it and at the end is Deer #1.

Just past this pier is a tent with a wooden desk underneath. On this desk is File #1.

After leaving the 1st house, you will arrive at a road with 2 “Road Closed” signs. To the right of these signs, on the ground, is Deer #2.

A little bit after this Deer, you will enter another house with a zombie inside. On the table in the middle is File #2.

Leave this house and continue along the path until you come to a road with a huge hole in the middle. To the right of this hole, next to a white fence, is a red balloon. Shoot it for the What is IT? trophy.

There are no more collectibles for Liev.

Once you have control of Sam and have left the lookout, proceed down the path until you spot a tree with some arrows sticking out. There will be a campfire to the left of the tree and an electrical box to the tight, on the opposite side of the path. Press on the tree with the arrows for the Wrong Turn trophy. You won’t be prompted to press but press it anyway.

Eventually you will find a shotgun inside a stable. Leave the stable and behind the tractor on the right, is a barrel with a knife sticking out of the top and the word “Peacock” etched into the lit. Press on the barrel for the File Still Open trophy.

Keep going until you end up on a dark trail with several zombies in your way. At the end of this trail is a cable car station. Before you enter this station, you will see some dumpsters and several garbage bags littered around. On the left of this dumpster, amongst the garbage, is Deer #3.

Inside the hospital, there will be some stairs you have to descend in order to progress the story, but before you do. Check the office to the left. File #3 is sitting on a desk.

At the bottom of the stairs, you will have to turn right and enter a room with an H. Additive at the back right corner. To the left is another room. Inside this room, immediately to the right, is a stool with File #4 sitting on top.

A little further into the chapter, you will be standing inside a Quarantine Area after a small cutscene. Grab the hack cable and go back through the door you used to enter this area. On the left is a locked door that you will need to hack. Inside this room, to the right, is File #5 sitting on top of a small cardboard box.

Inside this same room, at the back left corner, is a poster for a movie called “Shout”. Press on the poster for the Stabbed trophy.

Go back into the Quarantine Area. At the end there will be 2 doors. Go through the one with the “Maternity” sign next to it. Immediately after going through this door, enter the double doors on the right. Inside this room, at the back, is a couch. Behind it is File #6.

There is a door to the right of the last file which leads to a reception desk. Inside this reception area, and immediately behind the door, is File #7 on a file cabinet.

Carry on a bit and you will find yourself in a hallway with a garden area (the other door in the Quarantine Area) in the middle. There will be 2 doors on the left that you can enter. Go into the 2nd door (the one furthest away from you) and press on the playing cards on the table for the Maverick trophy.

Head past the Garden Area in the middle and take a right. At the end of this corridor is a door on the left that you can enter. Inside this room, on a table, is Audio Log #1.

At the opposite end of this corridor is another room. Inside this room, at the back left corner, is Hidden Room #1 (you need to go here for the story anyway). You need to press on the wall to open the room.

Inside Hidden Room #1, you will find File #8 sitting on a desk. You will need to retrieve ID Tag #1 from the corpse sitting in the chair (this is needed for the story).

Back at the Quarantine Area, the Doctor will give you an Elevator Key. Take the elevator down to the Garage where you can find File #9 on the floor by a corpse.

Enter the door at the back left of this Garage and head down the corridor until you see an elevator. You should notice a section of the wall on the left that has a sort of cut-out section. You will find Hidden Room #2 here (you need to go here for the story anyway).

Inside Hidden Room #2, you will see File #10 on some cabinets to the left of the computer desk.

Return to the Garage to fight a boss. Melee this boss for the Wrong Melee trophy. if you died from meleeing this boss, then Exit to Main Menu at the death screen and select Continue Game. Do not Load Game or Reload Checkpoint from the Game Over screen as this will log your death and void the Immortal trophy.

Back at the Quarantine Area, you will receive the Closet Key. Backtrack up the stairs to where we found File #3. There will be a door to the left of this office that you can open with the Closet Key (part of the story). Inside this room is File #11 sitting on a desk.

After grabbing the Bolt Cutters (or Pincers, as this game calls them) head towards the stairs. Instead of going down, take a right and you will see a room with some Mental Drops and a locked locker. Use your hack cable on this locker for the Hijacker trophy. If you fail to hack this “Very Hard” lock then reload the checkpoint and try again.

At the Garden Area (part of the story), there will be Deer #4 sitting in a hedge to the left as you enter the area. Inside this area, you can also find the Magnum on a corpse which will unlock the Gunslinger trophy. (There is a file in this area but it is not required for the trophy)

In the room with the valve puzzle (in the corridor with Hidden Room #2), you can find Audio Log #2 next to a corpse on the ground.

In the Maternity Suite, you will enter a very dark corridor and start to hallucinate. Some birds will crash through the windows and in the next room you will see crib lit up in the middle. Do not approach it. Look to your right and you should see a wheelchair with Deer #5 sitting in it.

Proceed further until you enter a dark room with some beds and a locker with a padlock. In the corner with the TV suspended from the ceiling you will find Hidden Room #3. Inside Hidden Room #3, you will find File #12 sitting on a desk (you need this file for the story).

Back inside the Quarantine Area, the door where the Doctor was hiding should now be open. Head inside and immediately to your right, you will find ID Tag #2 on a corpse.

In the Morgue, you will enter a room and hear Sam’s wife talking to him. After she stops, you can leave the room and immediately in front of you, on some cardboard boxes is Audio Log #3.

Below is a video guide for this Chapter.

Chapter 3 Collectibles/Deer/Easter Eggs Guide:

There are 16 Files, 5 Audio Logs, 7 Deer, 2 Hidden Rooms and 6 ID Tags in this chapter.

At the start of Chapter 3, you will enter a room with a dead guy sitting at a desk. Press on him for the Invader Studios Hires trophy. Right next to this guy is Deer #1 next to the blacked out computer monitor.

In the smoky hallway, go down one flight of stairs and there will be Audio Log #1 on the ground next to a corpse.

Keep going through the chapter until you enter a Bar. File #1 is sitting on a table to the right by the pool table.

Outside the Bar, head left towards a bus. In front of this bus is a table with File #2. Head through the bus and enter the garage with a blue and white vehicle. Next to the white vehicle is Audio Log #2 on the ground next to a corpse.

Carry on until you get to the Basketball Court. Opposite the stairs that you took to get to this area, is a corpse sat at a small table. On this table is Audio Log #3. Above this area is the Gun Shop where you get the Shotgun. On the counter, to your immediate left, is File #3. Shut the electricity off and head outside and down the stairs.

To the left of the Basketball Court are some metal stairs. Underneath these stairs and to the left is Hidden Room #4. Inside, above some monitors and on a shelf, is Deer #2.

Head up the metal stairs and follow the path until you see the “Kuato Lives” graffiti. On an air conditioning unit to the left is File #4. Keep following this alleyway and you’ll walk past a pharmacy. Ignore it for now and keep going towards the metal shutter with “No Fate” written on it. Take a right and keep going until you see a table with File #5 on it. Opposite this file is some graffiti on a wall and a train drawn in chalk on the ground (exactly like the one in Resident Evil 3). Press on the chemical formulas graffiti for the Green Thumb trophy.

Head back to the pharmacy and grab ID Tag #1 off the corpse next to the reception. Behind the reception desk is File #6.

In the Fountain Puzzle area, there is a bench on the right with File #7. Before you enter the Fountain, check the corpse sitting nearby for ID Tag #2.

Inside the sewer (immediately after entering the fountain), go down the stairs and enter the room on the right. File #8 is sitting on a bench.

Keeping going until you walk up a large spiral staircase and into a corridor. Go into the first room on the right and press on the body in the barrel for the Problem Solving trophy.

Eventually you will come across some metal bars that you need to get past. Head to the right of these bars and into a room with a pinball machine. Press on this machine for the Rat Sterminator trophy. At the back of this room is a door that leads to some bunk beds. On an end table next to some lockers is Audio Log #4.

In the same room as you find the Sewer Key, pick up File #9 off the chair.

After using the battery on the lift and taking it down a level, there will be a room on the left with a locker. This locker has a “Very Hard” lock and is another chance to get the Hijacker trophy if you missed it in Chapter 2.

In the room with the 3 wire puzzles, there is a corpse sitting in a chair by the entrance with ID Tag #3.

Once you lower the water level, backtrack through the big metal door you unlocked earlier. Once you’re back in the room with the giant spiral staircase, walk down the tunnel a bit and there will be some stairs on the right which was previously flooded with water. Go down the stairs, take a right and enter the room at the end. At the far end of the room is a photocopier machine, on the floor to the left of it is Deer #3. On the table in the middle is File #10.

Once you take the elevator down, enter the room on the right. File #11 is sitting in a briefcase.

After the chase sequence through the pipes is over, backtrack through the pipes 4 and 3 and head towards the 2nd pipe. You will notice a giant metal grate which is propped up above the pipe opening. On top of this metal grate is Deer #4.

When you get to the part with the H.A.D.E.S member impaled on the transformer at the power station, head to the back left of the fenced area and look up at the rocks. You should see Deer #5. Go check out the dead H.A.D.E.S member and collect ID Tag #4 from his body. File #12 will be in a briefcase directly under the body.

Leave the fenced area and turn left. Head down the stairs and press on the wall at the bottom to reveal Hidden Room #5. The Hound trophy should pop here. Inside, on a corpse, is ID Tag #5.

Head back down to the Junkyard and head right to the Gas Station. Inside the gas station, to the right, is a workbench with File #13. Opposite this file is the DeLorean, to the right of the car is the Flux Capacitor. Press on the flux capacitor for the Back In Time trophy. Underneath the car is a dead body with the Desert Eagle, pick it up for the Hand Cannon trophy. Leave the power station and head to the Red Car in front of the RV, a corpse is on the ground with ID Tag #6.

Next to the Gas Station are some dead bodies in white body bags. On a table in front of them is File #14. To the left of this file is a small metal table with File #15.

Outside the dam there is a Humvee, next to the vehicle is File #16.

A little past the Humvee is a keypad. Input the wrong number a few times (anything other than 91455), press and then inspect the keypad once more, input another wrong number and wait for a few seconds. The Déjà Vu trophy should pop. This could take 30+ seconds.

Progress through the tunnel into the dam and go through the door at the end. Immediately take a left in the next tunnel and keep going until you see a locker at the back of a room. Inside this locker is Deer #6. The code to the locker is 514.

Carry on until you reach the lift to the Lair Dam Research Facility entrance. On the red carpet in front of the entrance is Audio Log #5.

Inside the Hexacore Lair Dam is a Reception Area. Behind the reception desk you can find Deer #7.

Below is a video guide for this Chapter.

Chapter 4 Collectibles/Deer/Easter Eggs Guide:

There are 7 Files, 1 Audio Logs and 3 Deer in this chapter.

Head through the door in the Laundromat and enter the office to the left. File #1 is on the desk.

Head past the Pharmacy from Chapter 3 and head up the stairs to the blown up building. On the floor is the Warehouse Key that you need for the story, however pressing on the key will first inspect the debris which gives you the Blown Away trophy. Look immediately to the left of where the key was lying and you will see Deer #1 on a file cabinet.

Inside the Warehouse, is a corpse by a set of shelves and red barrels. File #2 is lying on the ground nearby. Use the left to the left of the last file and head to the end of the underground corridor to find File #3 next to a corpse.

Head all the way back to the area near the beginning of Chapter (the bit just before the bar). You’ll need to go here for the Valve anyway, but before you leave, look next to the DeLorean for Deer #2.

Inside the hotel (the building the man ran into near the beginning of Chapter 3) and on a counter near the stairs is File #4. Go up the first set of stairs and enter the 1st room. There will be a corpse sitting in a chair next to a TV. Press on the corpse for the Where’s The Fog? Trophy. Go up the next set of stairs and into the 1st room. File #5 is on a bed with a corpse.

After riding the Cable Car, take the stairs to the left up to a fenced area. Take a left and next to some red barrels is Deer #3 on the other side of the fence. Carry on and you’ll come across a Helipad. There is a small control room to the left. Inside this room, on a shelf, is a Science magazine. Press on the magazine for the Primitive Experiments trophy.

In the room where you have to put the password into the computer to get the cable car working, there is Audio Log #1 on a bed to the left. File #6 is lying next to a corpse and File #7 is on a desk opposite the bed.

Below is a video guide for this Chapter.

Chapter 5 Collectibles/Deer/Easter Eggs Guide:

There are 3 Files, 2 Audio Logs and 2 Deer in this chapter.

As soon as the chapter starts, turn around and look at the monitors above the terminals. On the far right is a monitor with Noughts and Crosses on it. Press on the monitor for the Games of War trophy.

Leave the Control Room and enter a room on the right side of the corridor (there will be a female zombie inside). Inside this room is File #1 sitting on a desk. Go into the room opposite and pick up File #2 from the table. Leave this room and go left down the corridor.

Inside a room on the right is Deer #1 on the floor next to a chair. Go into the room opposite and go through the door at the back (you need to go here to turn off the security system anyway). On the desk is File #3.

After you pick up the ID Keycard, head back to the large corridor where you were attacked by an acid zombie and several regular zombies. There is a room with a save terminal inside. To the right of the terminal is an armory with a corpse at the back of the room. Audio Log #1 is on the ground nearby. To the left of this audio log, on top of the lockers, is Deer #2.

After the 1st stage of the boss fight for this chapter, head up to the room overlooking the arena you just fought in. After the cutscene, look left. There is a corpse on the ground with Audio Log #2. Before you leave this room, press on the body pinned to the wall for the 4th of July trophy.

During the 2nd stage of the boss fight, you will have to lower 3 doors and take a right. In this corridor is a plaque on the right which reads “H.A.F Division”. Press on the plaque for the Codename Broken Arrow trophy.

Below is a video guide for this Chapter.

Stage 2 – Beat the game on “Easy” difficulty in under 4 hours

After beating the game on “Daymare” difficulty, finding all collectibles, shooting all deer ornaments and getting all the easter egg trophies, you should only have Runner and Immortal trophies left.

You should be more than familiar with the game and the layout of each chapter by this point so these two trophies shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Easy mode gives you plenty of ammo, the enemies take less bullets to put down and they do much less damage when they attack you. Should you accidentally die, Exit to Menu and select Continue Game. Again, do not select Load Checkpoint from a Game Over screen or Load Game from the Main Menu after a death as this will log your death and void the trophy.

At the very least you should have earned the following trophies at the end of this stage:

Stage 3 – Mop up any Miscellaneous trophies

If you still need to get both 100 reloads trophies or any of the combat trophies, now would be the best time since you should know the game like the back of your hand at this point.

Combat, 100 Reloads and other Misc Trophies Guide:

Daymare: 1998 tracks your progress towards these trophies across saves which means you can abuse the checkpoints to farm these trophies.

Butcher will likely come naturally during Chapter 2 as the shotgun is very good at shooting off enemy limbs, however if you haven’t got it by this stage simply load up a save where you have the shotgun. Find an enemy, shoot their limbs off and reload the checkpoint. Rinse and repeat until you have the trophy.

Bullseye may also come naturally, but again, if you haven’t got it by this point then reload a save (shotgun is best) and shoot an enemy in the head to kill them and repeat until the trophy pops.

Boxer may or may not come naturally depending on how well you’ve been avoiding enemies. The farming method is the same as the last two. Load a save, let an enemy grab you, break free and repeat until you have the trophy.

Quick Hands and Take Your Time will likely not unlock naturally during your first or even 2nd playthrough if you avoided most conflicts. Luckily, you can just load up a save where you have some pistol magazines in your inventory. Load the pistol and magazines with ammo, fire 1 shot and tap to quick reload and then to pick up the magazine. Fire another shot from your new magazine, quick reload and pick up the dropped magazine. The idea is to have at least 1 bullet missing from all magazines so that you can tap followed by over and over again until Quick Hands pops.

Do the same for Take Your Time only this time you only need to hold to perform a slow reload. Repeat until the trophy pops.

You should have Trader, but if you don’t, reload a save where you have access to a terminal and some items to trade—like a box of 30 regular pistol rounds—and trade them in. Reload the checkpoint until you get the trophy.

Puzzle Guide:


Restore power to facility – Switch on: Cargo Room, Submarine Shaft, Lab Area, Control Room, Reception/Hall, Server Room and Security Room.

N2 Tank Puzzle – Fill chamber 01 so that it reads -15c, empty chamber 02 so it reads 20c, empty chamber 03 so it reads 5c and put 2 bars into chamber 04 so it reads 0c.

Founder’s Office Puzzle – Type the following 3 passwords into the computer:

  • X A Σ T Ο P
  • Π Ο Λ Λ Υ Ξ
  • Γ O Λ Δ E Ν Φ Λ E E X E


Cable Car Puzzle – Pull lever 4, then 2, then 5, then 3, then 1

Cable Car Puzzle part 2 – Turn 3, turn 5, turn 5, turn 5, turn 5, turn 3

Hospital Hidden Room Computer Puzzle – press on row 2 and  3. Then press on row 1 and 3. Finally, press on row 3 and 4

Valves in Basement Puzzle – Turn middle valve four times and then turn the right valve 5 times


Gun Shop Lights Puzzle – Press middle button, top left button and then bottom right button

Sewer Fountain Puzzle – Turn the 4 dials to match the following:

  • The Bear River / Shipping
  • The Deer / Gold Digging
  • Fort Vermillion / Hunting
  • Colonel S Crackhorn / Apple Harvesting

Water Pumps Wire Puzzle – This is the simplest puzzle in the game. Simply connect the wiring up so that there is a complete path between both terminals

Dam Code – To get into the dam type 91455 into the keypad


Restaurant Puzzle – The solution to this puzzle is above the valves themselves. Make sure the white metal parts of the valves match the diagram.

Cable Car Password – The password to get the cable cars working is OXCART

Boss Guide:

Most of the bosses in this game are fairly easy and can be killed with regular ammo. However on “Daymare” difficulty, you’ll probably want to utilise Hollow Point rounds and the Magnum and Desert Eagle when necessary.

Chapter 1 Large Zombie Boss – This boss can feel tough at first, but the trick is to use the Submachine Gun and press to melee him when he gets close to you, then jog towards him as he stumbles and melee him a 2nd time . This will cause him to collapse to the floor long enough for you to put enough rounds (about 15 rounds) into his head to kill him. You can use this method for all difficulties.

Chapter 2 Acid Zombie Boss – Use your Hollow Point rounds, hide behind a pillar and shoot him. Avoid his ranged acid attacks and tap to quick reload when you’re out of bullets (you can pick up the dropped mags after the fight). When he gets too close, run to the opposite side of the room, hide behind a pillar and manually reload your pistol and/or mags if you need to. Keep shooting him as he walks towards you and sprint away when he’s too close and he should go down fairly easy. This method is best for “Daymare” difficulty.

Chapter 3 Sword Arm Zombie Boss x2 – Use the Desert Eagle for this boss fight. Shoot both bosses twice in the chest and they will go down on their knees for a few seconds. Get behind them and shoot their glowing backs. Rinse and repeat this until they die. If they get too close, sprint away and gather yourself. This method works for all difficulties.

Chapter 4 boss Sword Arm Zombie – The method is the exact same as the one above, except you’ll be playing as Samuel now so you’ll have the Magnum instead of the Desert Eagle. You will also be attacked by regular zombies and fake hallucination zombies.

Chapter 5 Mutated Zombie Boss Stage 1 – The aim of this fight is to get the boss into the middle of the room and to press the nearby button to electrocute him. You must do this twice. The problem is that his AI is very uncooperative and he gets stuck on objects a lot. There are explosive canisters around the arena that you can use to hurt him and slow him down, although they don’t seem to actually work too well. You can also shoot him enough times to make him go down on one knee, but on “Daymare” difficulty this can be tough considering how little ammo you likely have. I haven’t found any trick to make this boss fight go any smoother, but he’s only got a ranged acid attack, a melee and a charge attack which are all easily telegraphed and effortless to avoid.

Chapter 5 Mutated Zombie Boss Stage 2 – You’ll now be chased by the Mutated Zombie through a tunnel of sorts, but you’ll first need to complete 3 QTE’s to lower some doors. If the boss gets within a few feet of you he will perform an instakill that you cannot counter in any way. Once you lower the 3rd door, kill the regular zombie on the other side by shooting the explosive canister that it so helpfully stood next to. Quickly turn and shoot another canister as the boss charges at you. Turn back around and run all the way to the lift at the end while killing any regular zombies that get in your way. Activate the lift and head back to the opening of the tunnel. Once the gets close to a canister, shoot it and sprint all the way back to the beginning of this chase. Wait until the boss catches up and get him with another canister (you might need to get him twice on “Daymare” difficulty) and run back to the lift and get in.

Chapter 5 Mutated Zombie Boss Stage 3 – As soon as the fight starts, head left and stand behind a Jeep. As the boss gets close to you, sprint around the vehicle and head to the opposite side of the area behind a container. Stay here and wait for the regular zombies to come to you. Kill them as they get close (the boss should be stuck behind the jeep or at the very least unable to find you). Once the regular zombies have stopped spawning, empty your inventory of all ammo and head to the left of the container and fill your pockets with Desert Eagle magazines. There is a jeep nearby that we can get the boss stuck on so go get his attention and quickly sprint away and put the jeep between you and the boss. He will now constantly run at the jeep leaving you to completely unload all your .50 rounds into his face. Use quick reload when needed. He will often fall to one knee and stay stunned for a few seconds; this is a perfect time to restock your ammo from the boxes next to the container. This boss fight can take a very long time on “Daymare” difficulty as he’s the epitome of a bullet sponge. Use this method for all difficulties since he can take an absolute beating.

Daymare 1998 Difficulty Tips:

  • Just like Resident Evil, the key to surviving on the hardest difficulty is to avoid as many conflicts as possible. The regular zombies in Daymare: 1998 can be pretty dumb and slow so it’s often best just to jog right passed them.
  • You can also use to melee most enemies which will cause them to stumble, letting you run by unharmed.
  • If you receive damage, the best course of action is typically just to pause and reload a checkpoint since this game is very generous with autosaves.
  • Ammo is pretty scarce on “Daymare” difficulty and regular pistol rounds are pretty useless so save them up where you can and trade them in for Hollow Point rounds.
  • The shotgun is amazing and will knock down almost every zombie you shoot which is great for a quick getaway.
  • The Magnum and Desert Eagle should be saved for boss fights.
  • Stamina is valuable, try not to sprint around too much just in case you need to melee a large zombie twice.
  • Whenever you’re in an elevator or waiting for someone to stop talking, manage your inventory and reload your weapons and mags.
  • The game absolutely loves to hide enemies behind corners so as Captain Price says in CoD4- ahem… “Check. Those. Corners!”. Nailed it.

“Daymare” difficulty isn’t as hard as you might think and with a bit of perseverance, you should be able to finish the game without much issue.

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