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How long does it take to beat CrossKrush and unlock all trophies?

About 45 Minutes.

How difficult is it to beat CrossKrush and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does CrossKrush have online trophies?


Does CrossKrush have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does CrossKrush have missable trophies?


Does CrossKrush have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in CrossKrush?

One, plus Cleanup.

Does CrossKrush have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

CrossKrush Trophy Guide and Road Map

CrossKrush is a somewhat unique puzzle game in which you play disgruntled elderly people attempting to do something about noisy traffic, all while avoiding getting run down. By following a specific order of things detailed in this CrossKrush Trophy Guide, you can earn the platinum trophy in just under an hour!

Phase One – Last Will Mode Walkthrough

Now, this seems like a lot but with a few techniques, and by following a specific guide, this phase is a walk in the park. I recommend playing on “Last Will” difficulty (which means you will die instantly upon contact with a vehicle) because there are difficulty-specific trophies tied to this mode. But it is not too difficult, especially provided you follow the CrossKrush Trophy Guide walkthrough below.

Before You Begin – Passive Method

There’s a very useful trick here that you ought to understand before proceeding.

In order to earn the platinum, you only need to play a few very specific levels. There’s no way to skip to them, but it turns out that you don’t actually need to earn any score in order to progress in the game. As long as you don’t die, you can make it to the next level no problem.

Therefore, whenever you have a level that you don’t need to play, you can use this Passive Method to skip ahead.

All you need to do is walk into the bottom right corner and keep hold of so that your character keeps walking against that corner. Whilst there, nothing can hit you, and you can just ride out each level until you reach the ones we need for specific trophies as per the walkthrough below.

Level 1 Wave 1

You can see which wave you are on via white tabs at the bottom of the screen. There are 10 waves per level and so there are 10 tabs across the bottom of your screen. The number of tabs lit up is equal to the number of wave that is currently active.

In the first wave of level 1, you will want to get the three cane-related trophies out of the way. You can hit a car with your cane by pressing . You will need to hit a car multiple times with the cane to cause it to explode.

Two cars will spawn at the start of this wave, one on the left, one on the right. Firstly, take out the left one by using a Ground Cell.

To use a ground cell, press to place a trap on the cell you’re standing on. You’ll then see a huge green tile, indicating that a trap is in place. When a vehicle is over that cell, press again and you will blow up that vehicle.

Now, while there is only one car, follow it down the road, hitting it with while standing on the left side. Do not get in front of it, because it will obviously kill you. You will then unlock this trophy:

Trophy Image
Meet my cane

Destroy a car using your cane

Now, we’re going to farm this level until we have all cane-related trophies, so pause the game and Restart the Level. Restarting the wave won’t work because you’ll already be on wave 2.

Continue restarting the level and destroying the two cars in the way described above until you have both of the below trophies:

Trophy Image
Citizen Cane

Destroy 5 cars using your cane (accumulative)

Trophy Image
My cane is my best friend

Reach 1000 points in damage with cane hits (accumulative)

Level 1 Wave 5

There are a few things to do in Wave 5, feel free to use the Passive Method explained at the top of this walkthrough in order to skip ahead to it. Firstly, destroy the roller using a ground cell and you will earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
No more rolling

Destroy a roller

In the same turn, destroy an ambulance using a ground cell. Destroying an ambulance will cause all vehicles on the stage to ignore turns and just immediately drive at top speed to the bottom of the stage, usually killing you in the process. You want them to hit you so that the wave will restart. If you don’t get hit, try to restart the wave before it is too late, otherwise, just restart the level.

On your second attempt at this level, destroy the bus with a ground cell, and then stand in front of the roller, letting it hit you. You’ll then earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Rolled over

Get killed by a roller

The wave will obviously reset, and now you want to destroy two more ambulances, for a total of three. As before, just use ground cells to destroy an ambulance, let the cars hit you to reset the wave, and repeat.

Once you’ve destroyed a total of three Ambulances, this trophy is yours:

Trophy Image
No insurance

Destroy 3 ambulances (accumulative)

Now there’s just one more trophy we need from Wave 5, and it is a tricky one because if you don’t get the timing right you’ll need to reset quickly.

At the start of the wave, place a ground cell trap on the most bottom-left tile, we want to destroy the bus, but we need it to be a close call.

As soon as the bus enters the crosswalk area, and its back half is over the ground cell trap, hit to blow it up. If you manage it, you’ll unlock this trophy:

Trophy Image

Destroy a car at the last moment, right on top of the crosswalk

Level 2 Waves 7 & 8

Feel free to use passive mode to reach these waves.

In Wave 7, look out for a vehicle with a floating cube above its roof. This cube is a laser pickup, and by destroy that vehicle, your cane attack is replaced with a powerful laserbeam.

Once you have the pickup (you’ll know if you have it because you’ll be glowing green), enter into Wave 8 and then fire the laser with while facing the cars on the right-hand side of the road, thus blowing up all five and unlocking this trophy:

Trophy Image
Laser number 5

Destroy 5 cars with 1 laser shot

Level 3 Wave 8

There isn’t another trophy for another 10 wave, so feel free to use passive mode to reach this wave.

During this wave, you’ll see another floating pickup, this time it is on top of an Ambulance. These pickups are health pickups (pretty useless in Last Will mode, obviously).

In order to earn this trophy, you don’t just need to collect this pickup, but you need to collect it without blowing up the Ambulance.

Set a ground cell trap on the left-most lane and then trigger it on the second red TNT car to blow up the two vehicles in-front of the Ambulance.

The Ambulance will then speed off towards the bottom of the screen, so you need to be quick. Run up to the side of the Ambulance and hit it with as quick as you can. The health pickup will fall off and you will earn this trophy:

Trophy Image
Essential worker

Pick a health powerup without destroying the ambulance that carries it

Level 3 Wave 10

Feel free to use the passive method to skip over Wave 9, entering into Wave 10.

In this wave, you will need to complete the stage in less than 9 moves to get the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Perfect Will

Get “+250” or “+500” bonus score on the last wave of Level 3, playing in “Last Will” mode

Here’s a video on how to do this in just 5 moves:

Level 6 Wave 8

There’s a huge gap now of three whole levels since your last trophy, so feel free to skip by all that with the Passive Method. Note that this still takes a while so you might want a short YouTube vid to watch in the meantime, or just some music to listen to.

During this wave, you’ll see your first “Big Size” powerup, floating above a car.

It’s the one on the left, with the four arrow icons.

To collect this pickup, blow up the red TNT car and then immediately press to activate the ground cell traps left behind by the white cars.

You’ll now be a supersized old person and your attacks are super destructive. As soon as you collect the powerup, start mashing like crazy, because the ambulances you destroyed are going to cause all the vehicles to zoom to the bottom of the screen.

The next wave will start (Level 6 Wave 9) and you should still have the powerup for a short time, so keep hitting on as many vehicles as you can. You should get this trophy:

Trophy Image
Big destruction

Destroy 10 cars in BIG size (accumulative)

If not, don’t worry. The total is cumulative, so just restart Level 6 and try again until you have enough kills. As you can see from the screenshot above, I had to do that too.

Level 7 Wave 2

Feel free to skip the few waves between your last trophy and this one using the Passive method.

This wave is the perfect place to earn two trophies, for destroying 10 and 20 vehicles in a single move. To do this, all you need to do is destroy the bottom-right TNT car with a ground cell.

Doing so will cause a huge chain reaction, and will unlock both of the below trophies:

Trophy Image
Give me 10

Make a x10 combo

Trophy Image
Give me 20

Make a x20 combo

Level 8 Wave 10

This is the last stage we will need to play for this phase of the journey. Feel free to skip the waves between your last trophy and this one using the Passive method.

In order to unlock the two trophies we need here, you’re going to need to obtain a bonus score of +500. Doing this means completing the stage in less than 7 moves, but this stage is super easy to complete in as little as five moves. Here’s a video showing how:

Once you’ve successfully completed the stage in 6 moves or less, you will earn the following two trophies. (Note that you may have Incredible Wave already, I know I earned it much sooner than this).

Trophy Image
Incredible Wave

Get “+500” bonus score anywhere

Trophy Image
Incredible Will

Get “+500” bonus score on the last wave of Level 8, playing in “Last Will” mode

Phase One – Complete a Level Perfectly

There’s just one trophy left now, and it’ll come with the Platinum. You need to complete an entire level perfectly, which means completing all 10 waves in a level within the suggested number of moves (or less).

I recommend starting Level 1 up on Easy difficulty.

Level 1 Perfect Run

Level 1 is very easy and I doubt you will need it, but there is a video guide here if you happen to want a visual guide on how to achieve a perfect run in Level 1:

If you are successful in doing this, the last trophy will unlock:

Trophy Image
Perfect level

Get “+250” or “+500” bonus score in ALL waves in a single level

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Platinum Disc

Get all other trophies

After a short stint as a grumpy grand-person, with all other trophies in hand, this Platinum is a given. Congrats!

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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