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How long does it take to beat Concrete Genie and unlock all trophies?

8 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Concrete Genie and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Does Concrete Genie have missable trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Concrete Genie Trophy Guide & Road Map for PlayStation 4

Concrete Genie is a fantastic and wholesome adventure as you take control of Ash, a creative young boy with excellent artistic abilities and some magical powers. By request of your new friend; the ghost in the lighthouse, you’ll explore the gloomy city of Denska, looking for ways to use your newfound powers to bring life and colour back to the darkness-infested streets.

The game will take you about 6 to 8 hours to complete depending on how much cleanup you need to do afterwards and there are no missable trophies. Any which aren’t earned as part of the story can be collected in the post-game or free-paint mode.

Phase One – Play Concrete Genie!

Unmissable Trophies

There are plenty of trophies in this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide which you will earn simply by completing the game’s main objectives. By the time you finish the story campaign you will have the following trophies, no question about it:

Trophy Image
Luna’s Apprentice

Finish your first painting in the Lighthouse.

Trophy Image
Let the Light Shine

Turn on the Lighthouse beacon.

Trophy Image
Just Like Old Times

Finish the Masterpiece at the Fishing Port.

Trophy Image
Power’s Back!

Finish the Masterpiece at the Hydroelectric Plant.

Trophy Image
Water’s Clear!

Finish the Masterpiece in the Waterways.

Trophy Image
Forced to Fight

Defeat all the Minions in the Lighthouse.

Trophy Image
“The name’s Ash”

Save Zack and the Dark Fire Genie at the Fishing Port.

Trophy Image
Doing the Right Thing

Save Chuck, Janie and the Dark Electric Genies at the Hydroelectric Plant.

Trophy Image
“I made a promise…”

Save Beatrice and the Dark Wind Genies in the Waterways.

Trophy Image
The Curse is Lifted

Save the Dark Alpha Genie in the Cave.

Trophy Image
Fresh Start

Break the cycle of bullying and make new friends.

Before you begin, it might be good to just give the misc trophy list of this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide a once-over, giving you an idea of the kind of things you’ll be needing to do to earn them. The list is long and many of them will occur naturally, but some may not think to paint a double rainbow or 10 moons in a row without first consulting the misc trophies.

As you play through the game, keep your eye out for any collectables you might find along the way. Pages, Moments, Newspapers and more can be found throughout the streets of Denska, and while some will require you to return later, it’s better that you collect everything you can as soon as you can, to reduce the cleanup phase of your journey.

Phase Two – Collectable Trophies

There are a few different types of collectables in Concrete Genie, many of which will show up on the map. They’re not difficult to find and you can track how many you have and how many you are missing via the pause menu.


Newspapers are the easiest collectable to find, they’re very much out in the open and all you have to do is walk up to one and press . There are a mere 6 to find and finding them all will earn you this trophy:

Trophy Image
Stories of Denska

Read all the newspapers.


There are three types of pages to look out for. Yellow scenery pages, Blue Genie pages and Green Feature pages. Yellow pages are very important for the story and the chances are you will have them all by the end of the game, otherwise, you might struggle with a few things you find along the way. To make these a little easier, they’re marked on the map for you from the start!

Blue and Green pages are rarer and harder to find and aren’t marked on the map. They’re usually in rooftops, behind objects or inside containers, boxes, mailboxes, newspaper stands, trash cans, even a radiator! If you hear a lot of noise coming from an object and see it wriggling around, press on it to open the object and release the page!

When looking for pages it helps to check every rooftop you can access, walk up to every wall you see, and check every corner too, there’s likely something there which has a page in it.

Finding all pages will result in you having all of the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Something New!

Collect your first flying Landscape page.

Trophy Image
Choices, Choices

Collect 5 flying Genie Body or Feature pages.

Trophy Image
Stunning Landscape

Collect all the Landscape pages in a level.

Trophy Image
Every Possible Look

Collect all the Genie Body and Feature pages in a level.

Trophy Image
Perfectly Restored

Collect all the pages in the Sketchbook.


There are just 5 billboards found throughout Denska and they’re easily located thanks to their icons on the map! All you need to do is reach the rooftop they are on, and then replicate the painting on it using your scenery items. You’ll know if you’re using the right one and painting in the right place because small white circles will flash up at certain points in your brush-stroke.

There are two in the Fishing Port, two in the Hydroelectric plant and the last one is in the Waterways.

Complete all 5 and you’ll have the following two trophies:

Trophy Image
Faded Memories

Find and finish your first Billboard.

Trophy Image
Memories Restored

Find and finish all the Billboards.


Moments are small white butterfly-emitting illustrations found tucked away in the corners of various walls throughout Denska, if you bring a Genie over to that spot they will tell you what they want you to paint by showing you an orange version of the painting.

A Genie showing me what to paint!

What I had not realised during my playthrough was that the “Moments” were actually accounting for all of what I was calling “Misc Genie Interaction Trophies”. Therefore, by getting the interaction trophies first I was actually wasting my own time as I would have to trigger the majority of these interactions anyway for the “Moments”.

Once you’ve found all 20 moments, you will have the following two trophies:

Trophy Image
A Secret Moment

Complete your first Genie Moments sketch.

Trophy Image
Capture the Moments

Complete all the Genie Moments sketches.

Luna’s Secret

There are a whole hell of a lot of pages and Moments at the Lighthouse which you can’t get until the post-game, meaning you would be unable to earn a lot of the trophies above until then too.

When you arrive at the Lighthouse and enter through the doors, you should see Luna on one of the walls asking you to paint three things for her. Do so, and she will create some new handholds and then move to a new location. The handholds lead to multiple pages as well as a Moment.

Continue following Luna around and she will either want you to paint something for her or create a new Genie. Three Genies later, you’ll be teleported to the basement of the Lighthouse where this trophy will pop:

Trophy Image
Luna’s Secret

Find Luna’s secret under the Lighthouse.

Phase Three – Miscellaneous Trophies

There are a few types of miscellaneous trophies in Concrete Genie and while many of the will pop naturally while you play, it’s best to leave farming these until the end so that you know you have everything you could possibly need. Luckily this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide has them organised in a convenient way below, just as a little extra helping hand:

Paint Mode Trophies

The below trophies in this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide involve simply using the tools available in paint mode but many are specific to a certain piece of scenery.

Trophy Image
In the Zone

Paint for 3 minutes without leaving paint mode.

If you do all of the below trophies in one sitting you’ll likely earn this one along the way if you didn’t already earn it during your story playthrough. Otherwise, just do exactly as it says, press to enter paint mode and start painting something. You can’t just idle for three minutes… it knows…

Trophy Image
I’m back!

Continue painting after the game is finished.

When you’ve concluded the story and find yourself at the main menu after the credits, just select “Continue” and then paint anything anywhere to earn this trophy!

The rest of these involve painting certain items.

Paint no. of items in Total:

The below trophies in this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide require you to paint a certain number of items in total rather than in a single sitting, so just try and use these whenever you can or you can indeed just do them in a single sitting:

Trophy Image

Paint a total of 20 streams of Stars.

Trophy Image
Festival Time!

Paint a total of 30 Mushroom Vines.

There are several types of vine in the game, Mushroom Vines are the purple ones with baubles on, from the green tab.

Trophy Image
Snow Season

Paint a total of 20 Blackbirches.

Blackbirch trees are the ones in the Purple snowflake tab on the far right. When painted, they have snowballs on their branches.

Paint no. of items at once:

The below trophies require you to paint a certain number of items all at once so, don’t leave paint mode until the trophies pop!

Trophy Image

Paint more than 10 Campfires in a row.

Trophy Image

Paint more than 10 Moons in a row.

Genie Creation Trophies

You can create a genie by pressing from any Genie Doodle spot in the game which will allow you to earn many of these trophies if you have the right parts for it. However, you can also edit existing genies by calling them over and pressing when the “Edit Genie Features” prompt appears on screen.

The edit feature is kind of finicky and the prompt doesn’t always appear but just keep trying and you’ll get it soon enough. They can’t be edited if they are not happy, however.

A happy Genie has small heart shapes emanating from it. You make genies happy by painting the things they ask for, feeding them apples (by painting one) or simply giving them a wave with

The following trophies in this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide are all earned while creating or editing Genies!

Trophy Image
Colorful Companion

Bring your first biped Genie to life.

To create a Biped Genie, draw in a vertical line when painting it’s body.

Trophy Image
Dog? Cat? Draaaaagon?

Bring your first quadruped Genie to life.

To create a Quadruped Genie, draw in a horizontal line when painting it’s body.

Trophy Image
All Ears

Attach Ears to a Genie.

Simply attach some ear features to your genie. If you don’t have any yet, collect more green pages until you do.

Trophy Image

Attach more than 5 different Features to a Genie.

If you’re an all-or-nothing kind of person, you’ll already have this trophy I’m sure. However, if “Less is more” is more your philosophy then it’s time to leave that in the dust. You need to attach at least 6 different features to your Genie. 6 whiskers won’t cut it, they need to be 6 completely different features.

This is also where I earned my Quadruped Trophy.

Genie Interaction Trophies

What makes this game so excellent for trophy hunters is the long list of really intuitive and fun trophies you need to earn by interacting with your Genies. You may have unlocked some of these naturally, and you’ll have a majority of these already if you’ve collected all of the moments.

Below are all of the Genie Interaction Trophies and the best way to set them up. If you want to increase your chances of the interaction taking place, make sure to have 2 or 3 genies nearby.

Trophy Image

Wave to your Genie more than 3 times.

You can wave to a Genie by simply pressing . There’s no limit to how often you can do this so just do it three times right off the bat and the trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
High Five!

High-five your Genie after scoring a basket.

In the Fishing Port area you can find a Basketball Hoop on the wall, near where one of the first Red Genie doodles is. Call a Genie over to this hoop and they’ll start saying they want to play. Go over to the basketball and press to throw it in the hoop (don’t worry, it’s automatic you don’t need to actually throw it in).

Your Genie will then cheer in excitement at your success, and put their hand out for a high-five, go over to them and press to reciprocate and collect your trophy!

Trophy Image
Karaoke Night!

Hear your Genie sing.

In the Fishing Port area, over the wall in zone 2, you will find two construction floodlights standing in the center of an open area near the wall you had to get over. If you call a Genie over to the wall in-front of them they will ask to play. Head behind the floodlights and press to turn them on. The Genie will begin to sing as though in a spotlight on stage!

Trophy Image

Play Peekaboo with your Genie and get Peekabooed.

This will actually happen naturally and requires no input from you. During Chapter 4, as you’re making your way through the waterways, one of your Genies will hide itself behind a Blue Container and then jump out to scare you as you come around the corner.

Trophy Image
Om Nom Nom Nom

Watch a Genie throw an Apple to another Genie.

This one’s pretty simple to set up but they don’t seem to want to do it very often. Gather as many of your Genies as you can into a single spot and then paint several apples nearby. Eventually one of the Genies should grab an apple and throw it to another Genie, earning you the trophy.

Trophy Image
My Happy Place

Sit by the Campfire with your Genie.

Place a campfire and then call some genies over to it. Now, press to sit on the ground near the campfire then wait for one of the Genies to join you. Once they do, the trophy will pop!

One of my favourite trophy screenshots!
Trophy Image

Watch your Genie run away with a Kite or a Pinwheel.

Paint a pinwheel plant or leaf on the wall and then call your Genie over with , they’ll come running over and interact with the plant, earning this trophy. If they don’t, then you can try adding wind to the painting but it wasn’t required when I did it.

Trophy Image
Feel the Thunder

Scare or delight your Genie with a Lightning strike.

This took me a while because they just don’t seem to care about lightning for the most part, but all you really need to do is paint lightning bolts over and over near a genie until they react to it.

Trophy Image
Is It Raining?

Watch your Genie hide under an Umbrella Plant.

Paint some of the lily-pad-like Umbrella Plants from the grey tab and then paint some rain clouds above. Call over your Genie(s) with and watch as they grab an Umbrella Plant to shelter themselves from the rain.

Trophy Image
Anyone There?

Watch your Genie talk into a Storm Lily.

Just paint a Storm Lily (grey tab) near a Genie or group of Genies and eventually one of them will try talking to it, earning you the trophy.

Trophy Image
Don’t Eat Me!

Watch your Genie get scared by a Venus Fly Trap.

Paint a Venus Fly Trap plant (green tab) near a Genie or group of Genies and one of them should try sticking their head in there… Wait for him to recoil in regret and the trophy should be all yours!

Trophy Image
Carried Away

Watch your Genie fly up with a Balloon.

Paint one of the round yellow balloon-like plants (green tab) near a Genie or group of Genies and watch as one reveals them to actually be balloons, which will then carry the poor Genie away.

Trophy Image
Sugar Rush

Watch your Genie run around after eating a Storm Vine Fruit or a Mushroom Vine Fruit.

Paint either a Storm Vine (grey tab) or Mushroom Vine (green tab) near a Genie or group of Genies and then wait for one of their fruits to fall, it shouldn’t take long. A Genie should then spot the fruit and decide to eat it, sending them into a short burst of hyperactivity and earning you the trophy!

Trophy Image

Watch your Genie sit on top of an Iceberg.

Just paint an iceberg near a Genie or group of Genies. They’re usually pretty eager to sit on one so you should get this trophy in no time at all.

Trophy Image
Frozen Treat

Watch your Genie try to eat snowflakes.

Just paint some snow over a genie or group of genies and enjoy the show as they try to eat it! Enjoy the trophy you earn afterwards, too!

Game Feature Trophies

The last two trophies in this Concrete Genie Trophy Guide just don’t fit into the other categories I made up, so I’m dropping them here.

Trophy Image
Living Photo

Use the replay feature in the Photo Mode.

This can be pretty much done at any time at all. Simply click in both and to open photo mode and then press to activate the very nifty Replay feature which will show your paintings fading in one by one, allowing you to take interesting time-lapse videos of your work… If you want to!

Trophy Image
Free Style

Paint in all the Free Paint levels.

After you have finished the story you will want to access “Free Play” from the main menu, which will allow you to revisit the four areas of the game. I can confirm that you do actually need to paint something in each area for the trophy to pop, you can’t just jump in and then quit.

Once you’ve painted something – literally anything – you can leave via the “Quit Game” option in the pause menu to select the next Free Play area and so on and so forth until the trophy pops!

And with that, you should then finally have earned yourself the Concrete Genie Platinum Trophy!

Trophy Image
The Artist of Denska

Known as “the street artist who brought Denska back to life”.

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