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General Info


How long does it take to beat Bird Game + and unlock all trophies?

Around 45 minutes.

How difficult is it to beat Bird Game + and unlock all trophies?

Very Easy (1/10).

Does Bird Game + have online trophies?


Does Bird Game + have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Bird Game + have missable trophies?


Does Bird Game + have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Bird Game +?

One playthrough each on Normal, Endless, and Dark modes.

Does Bird Game + have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Bird Game + Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our Bird Game + Trophy Guide. Bird Game + is a minimalistic black and white game in which you play a very low-poly bird and avoid obstacles and insects while fighting against wind to reach and fight bosses. The game’s platinum trophy can be earned in less than an hour.

I honestly find the depth perception to be a bit tricky in this game thanks to the minimalistic art style, and the game would definitely be better suited to being played on a small screen as opposed to any TV larger than 28″.

Phase One – Reach the Second Boss

Start up the game and progress until the boss fight at the end of Level 2. You do not need to beat the second boss, only reach it.

While making your way there, make sure you fly through at least one ring, catch a fish, and use collectables to recover health.

Unmissable Trophies

The following trophies are guaranteed by simply progressing to level 2’s boss fight.

Trophy Image
The Battle

Reach the first boss fight

Trophy Image
Mach 10

Defeat the Bug Bros

Trophy Image
It’s a Trap

Reach to the second boss fight

Collection Trophies

These trophies are earned by collecting specific items for the first time, which you should do during this phase.

Trophy Image
High Speeds

Get a speed boost

To unlock this trophy, fly through a ring for the first time and get a speed boost. The rings are placed quite sparingly through each level but there should be enough of them within the 2 stages you need to play for you to fly through at least one.

Trophy Image

Catch a fish

To unlock this trophy you need to catch a fish.

During the second stage, you’ll be introduced to the ability to grab things by holding . Eventually you’ll begin to see fish jumping out of the water in about three areas throughout the second level, hold while flying into them to grab one and unlock the trophy.

Trophy Image

Recover some health with the collectables

For this trophy, you will need to recover your health by flying into the small black dots floating in the air throughout each stage.

The trophy will not unlock if you collect one of these dots while your health is full. The black bar along the bottom of your screen indicates your health, which can be reduced by flying into obstacles or insects.

Phase Two – Endless Mode

Having completed as much of the main game as is necessary, return to the main menu and load Endless Mode. Here, your goal will be to achieve a score of 200, doing so will guarantee the following trophies:

Endless Mode Trophies

Trophy Image
Learning How to Fly

Reach a score of 50 on endless mode

Trophy Image
Practicing Flying

Reach a score of 100 on endless mode

Trophy Image
Flying Exam

Reach a score of 150 on endless mode

Trophy Image
Mastering the Wings

Reach a score of 200 on endless mode

These trophies will not unlock upon the moment your score reaches 50, 100, 150, or 200. Instead, you must play until you die, either by running out of health, hitting a dead-end, or diving underwater. At which point, your score will be registered.

Therefore, if you have a score of 200 when you die, all 4 trophies will unlock at the same time.

Phase Three – Bird Game + Dark Mode Trophy

All that remains now is to complete a single level in Dark Mode. Return to the main menu and enter the options menu. activate Dark Mode in the “Video” section. This will reverse the colours.

Now just load Normal mode and beat the first stage to unlock the below trophy.

Alternatively, you could defeat the second boss in the “B2” stage. I found this to be the quickest way to earn the trophy, as the second boss fight is much easier and quicker than the first.

Endless Mode Trophies

Trophy Image
In the Dark

Complete a level in Dark Mode

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Platinum Bird

Get all the trophies

With normal, endless and dark modes mastered, this platinum is all yours.

Full Disclosure: You won’t find this platinum trophy on my PSN Profile, I used my alt account PlatGet_DblTap, so look there if you’re hoping to verify!

If you enjoy collecting quick and easy Platinum Trophies like this one, check out our full list of Quick and Easy Platinum Trophies, all of which can be earned in an hour or less!

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