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How long does it take to beat Team Sonic Racing and unlock all trophies?

Around 25 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Team Sonic Racing and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

Does Team Sonic Racing have online trophies?


Does Team Sonic Racing have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Team Sonic Racing have missable trophies?


Does Team Sonic Racing have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Team Sonic Racing?


Does Team Sonic Racing have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide for Team Sonic Racing on PlayStation 4

Team Sonic Racing Miscellaneous Trophies

Like me, you’ll probably get many of these trophies through natural gameplay while working through this Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide. I’m listing below various strategies you might be able to employ for cheesing them if they prove difficult to acquire through normal gameplay, unless it would actually be easier to just get them in a normal race.

Team-Play Trophies

Trophy Image
Roadside Assistance

Perform a Skimboost on a Slow-Moving Teammate.

I will be surprised if you don’t get this one very quickly in normal gameplay. It was the first trophy I earned and if you’re struggling to get one then you really need to learn how to, as they’ll be extremely useful throughout your playthrough.

A slowed, stopped, or spun-out teammate will have a gold ring around them as you approach them, simply enter the vicinity of this ring, without hitting them, and you’ll perform a Skimboost.

Trophy Image
Fire the Catapult

Perform 10 Team Slingshots in a Single Race.

This sounds tougher than it actually is. In-fact during your first few races, like me, you’ll likely end up behind your other teammates quite a lot which is perfect for this trophy. 

To perform a Slingshot, enter the gold trail behind a team-mate who is ahead of you and stay inside it until sparks come off your car. At this point you can exit the trail to get a quick boost.

You shouldn’t need to actively attempt this, it was my second trophy so you should do fine.

Fire the Catapult Trophy
Trophy Image
Slingshot Pro

Perform 100 Team Slingshots. (Across all Game Modes).

No use trying to farm this one, just play the game normally and you’ll have earned it soon enough. It’s one of the earliest trophies I got – Just make sure you’re staying inside your teammates slipstream trails whenever you’re behind them.

Trophy Image
What's Mine is Yours

Send an Item Box to a Teammate 5 times during a Race.

If you read the tips in my Platinum Trophy Review, you should definitely be doing this a lot. Simply press to send an item box you don’t want to a teammate. 

As per my tips, you would want to be doing this much more than actually using items as it will charge your Team Ultimate which is a lot more valuable.

Trophy Image
There Is No I In Team

Perform Team Item Transfer, Skimboost, Team Slingshot and Team Ultimate in a single Race.

This might seem difficult, but once you start really getting into the game, and the best ways to win, you’ll absolutely have done this hundreds of times across many races. Just keep playing and keep doing Item Transfers and eventually the stars will align.

There is no “I” in Team Trophy
Trophy Image
Ad Ultimatum

Perform a Team Ultimate 3 times in a single Race.

This will be quite difficult until you get a bit later in the game where the laps are a lot longer. Sky Road, in my opinion, is the best place to do this.

During a Sky Road race, trade items with teammates constantly, as soon as you trade to a teammate with , request that they give it back with , and then trade again. This will fill up your Team Ultimate bar quite quickly and you should be able to do it once per lap, just trigger it within the sewer-like area at the end of the lap.

Racing Skill Trophies

Trophy Image
Quick Off the Mark

Perform a Maximum Start Line Boost.

Much like many Kart Racing games, you need to press the accelerator at certain times in the countdown to gain a boost. For Team Sonic Racing, you need to hit and hold just before each number appears on screen. Doing this perfectly for each number will trigger a huge boost, and net you the trophy.

It will take some practice, but you could always load up a solo local match and farm this one out, I doubt you’ll need to though.

Quick Off the Mark Trophy
Trophy Image
Whoa! I'm Getting Dizzy!

Perform a Triple Stunt.

This is super easy, all you need to do is go off a large ramp or drop and flick upwards (or any other direction) 3 times in quick succession. Upon landing you’ll get a large boost and the trophy.

You can do this at the end of a lap on Wisp Circuit. Just after the large section on the track carved out of a tree, as you’re approaching the finish line there is a large drop from the tree back onto the road. After leaping off the end of the tree, flick in your preferred direction thrice, quickly.

Trophy Image
Freezy Peasy

Finish Frozen Junkyard without hitting any hazards or respawning.

Basically, complete the Frozen Junkyard level without being spun out by the environment or falling off the map. It shouldn’t be too hard and you’ll more than likely get it naturally.

However, it goes without saying that you could just play this solo (use a second controller to add a non-existent gamer, allowing you to race alone) to grind out the trophy.

Trophy Image
On the Skids

Stay in a single Drift for over a minute.

This one is really tough, but there is one map which is perfect for it; Sky Road.

I know this because I actually got this trophy naturally by doing the Sky Road Ring Challenge (Stage 5-8) because one of the challenges on there is to collect 400 rings in a single drift. 

To do this, remember that you can quickly drift in the opposite direction by releasing and tapping quickly as you move in the opposite direction. Also note that you can keep drifting while in mid-air on this stage after a bounce-pad if you keep held down and keep pushing

You will probably get it while trying to complete that challenge, but if not then just load a time trial on that map and keep trying.

On the Skids Trophy

Item Pick-Up Trophies

The trophies in this section of our Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide all pertain to the various item and weapon pickups you can find throughout each race.

Trophy Image
You're Fired

Cause an Opponent to Spin-Out Using a Red Burst.

This should be simple enough, once you have a red birst pick-up item, get in-front of any rival team member and press to trigger it and spin them out. 

If you’re struggling with this, load up a game with only 2 local players and use a bonus box which gives you a red burst at the start. Position yourself in-front of the stationary player two and let ‘er rip. 

You may need to be moving for this to work so try moving forward to leave a trail and then quickly grab the other controller and drive into the burning trail. Or hold on both controllers simultaneously once both characters are positioned in the same direction.

You’re Fired Trophy
Trophy Image
Road Block

Block an incoming projectile with a Blue Cube.

The Cube pickup will drop a cube behind you. It’s a very common pickup, so just drop them whenever you have one until you get this trophy. It won’t take long, the AI is pretty stupid. To speed up the process you can drop them on boost pads in the track, as the AI get tunnel vision when it comes to boost pads and they’ll just drive straight into your Cube.

Trophy Image
Cutting Corners

Use the White Boost to avoid being slowed down by terrain.

This is pretty simple and you’ll probably be able to do it in normal gameplay. 

To get this trophy quickly, load up the Wisp Circuit map, and equip the bonus box which allows you to start with a White Boost Wisp. Around the first corner and straight ahead is a grassy area which will slow racers down (except technique racers Tails, Silver, Rouge and Eggman). Enter it and quickly boost back onto the track using the White Boost Wisp to get this trophy.

Trophy Image
Thorn in Their Sides

Cause 3 opponents to spin-out by shunting them with Pink Spikes active.

The best method for this if it doesn’t happen naturally, is to use the Bonus Box which allows you to start with Pink Spikes and then keep it with you until you’re in first place, or close enough. Then once you find a narrow bit of the track, activate it and come to a stop. The stupid AI will just careen straight into you and hopefully you’ll get 3 of them.

Thorn in Their Sides Trophy.
Trophy Image
Artful Dodging

Avoid every hazard created by a Gray Quake.

No cheese for this one, I’m afraid. Just wait for someone in a normal race to use the quake pick-up and then be very careful not to hit any of the large rocks that burst out of the ground, even if it means giving up your lead so you can drive slowly by them. 

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting this naturally. 

Also worth noting; if you manage to do it successfully but the trophy doesn’t pop, it was probably one of your teammates who fired the Quake and the rocks wouldn’t have hurt you anyway.

Trophy Image
Target Practice

Land a hit on enemy racers with each use of a x3 Orange Rocket.

This could be tricky to set up if you’re not able to get it naturally, but you could try doing the following if you have 3 controllers:

Set up a local match with 3 players, put yourself and one other player on the same team, with the other player on a different team. Head around the map until you reach a bonus box and pick it up. 

Now, press to offer it to the other player on your team and use the other controller to press and accept it. Do this repeatedly until you finally have a x3 Orange Rocket on your character. 

Now, drive the third racer in front of you and hit them with the rocket. Wait a moment or two for things to settle and their invincibility frames to wear off and then do it again, repeat a third time for the trophy.

If you don’t have 3 controllers but do have two, you could use the Bonus Box which makes Orange Rockets more likely to be x3 items. Then go around the map until you get a x3 Orange Rocket from an item box.

Target Practice Trophy
Trophy Image

Avoid the effect of being hit by an Ivory Lightning.

This would be very hard to farm, so hopefully you will also get this naturally. Ivory Lightning is a very rare item drop and will happen in 1 out of around 10 races. When an enemy uses Ivory Lightning you will see sparks begin to appear all around your vehicle. 

When you see this, you will want to activate either a Jade Ghost or a Team Ultimate, both things will make you immune. 

Grinding this would just be a matter of taking a Jade Ghost from a Bonus Box into a race with you and then repeating that race until it happens.

Trophy Image
Wisp You Were Here

Gain 6 positions by using a single Yellow Drill.

This one is really tricky because a Yellow Drill is a rare drop and will only drop when you’re really far behind. So when you do get one, you then have to hope it takes you far enough ahead to gain 6 positions.

I’m glad I earned this one naturally, but I guess the best way to grind this one would be to play a lot of races and keep yourself purposefully at the back of the pack, collecting and trading items in the hopes of getting one. Then, ensuring you’re close to a good cluster of racers, activate the Wisp to be automatically brought a few (hopefully 6) places ahead.

Trophy Image
Threat Neutralized

Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile.

Boosting with a White Boost Wisp will destroy any projectiles which would have otherwise hurt you. This can be very difficult to time correctly and so will hopefully happen naturally for you too.

If you wanted to grind the trophy, you could use a Bonus Box to give yourself a White Boost and then use a second controller to use another character to find a projectile and then try white boost through said projectile. This would probably be easier with another human to help you with the timing, rather than trying to control 2 characters.

Threat Neutralised Trophy
Trophy Image
Cyan of the Times

Spin out 2 racers with Cyan Laser.

The Cyan Laser needs to be directed at an opponent for a couple of seconds to cause them to spin out, making this tricky. If going for this trophy naturally, don’t fire the laser until you’re on a long straight (preferably flat) part of the track.

You can very easily grind this out by selecting the Cyan Laser Bonus Box and then using it at the start of the race while everyone is grouped up.

Trophy Image
Violent Void

Use the Violet Void to absorb a projectile and hit the racer who fired it.

This is one which I did actually need to grind out.

Go into a local multiplayer match with only yourself and another player using a second controller. Use the Bonus Box for Violet Void to give one to all players.

Now, using the second controller, drive through the map (waste the void pickup they started with) until you get an Orange Rocket or Red Eagle Wisp. Now, circle back around to player 1, or switch controllers and have Player 1 drive to Player 2, whichever is easier. 

Position Player 1 in front of Player 2 and activate the Violet Void Wisp. While it is active, fire Player 2’s projectile at Player 1, who will then absorb it and acquire that projectile.

Drive Player 2 in front of Player 1 and then fire Player 1’s projectile at Player 2, popping the trophy.

Violent Void Trophy
Trophy Image
So Far So Jaded

Travel 200 meters over slow-down surfaces with a single use of a Jade Ghost.

To get this one, I loaded up the “Hidden Volcano” map with a Bonus Box which gave me a Jade Ghost Wisp. I then drove to the part of the map which is quite windy and has meteors which fall into the center between two ramps. 

I activated the Jade Ghost Wisp and then drove to the very right-most side of the map, over the lava, and then followed the right wall right to the end. This was far enough for the trophy to pop.

Mod Pod/Car Part Trophies

Trophy Image
This Time It's Personal

Modify a vehicle in the Garage.

Easy Peasy, unlock any car part from the Mod Pods machine in the main menu and then equip it in the garage.

This Time it’s Personal Trophy
Trophy Image
Performance Enhancing Mods

Unlock all of the Performance Mods (Except Legendary Mods).

If you’re like me and the learning curve hits you hard, you’ll be getting a lot of credits from failed attempts at races and challenge events. Make sure you visit the Mod Pods option in the main menu frequently to spend these on Gachapon balls which will give you Bonus Boxes and Performance Mods. Once you have every non-golden customisation item for all racers you’ll get this trophy.

Check out my review for tips on the best performance mods to use for each racer type.

Trophy Image
The Customizer is Always Right

Achieve 1st place in a race with a fully customized Vehicle.

This trophy will definitely occur naturally unless you’re a masochist who insists on not upgrading their car for the entire game. All you’ve got to do is place a custom part of each type on your car and then place in first with that car to get the trophy!

My review has tips near the bottom on the best performance mods to use for each type of racer.

Trophy Image
A Prize Every Time

Spend 5,000 Credits.

You’ll be wanting to do this for bonus boxes and Performance mods anyway. I must have had around 10,000 credits if not more throughout my whole playthrough of the game, so I have no doubt you’ll be able to get this trophy easily by just playing the game. Just remember to spend the credits on Mod Pods of course!

Trophy Image
Speed Painter

Unlock all of the Vehicle Paint Kits.

This is going to be a long process but nothing you’ll need to try very arduously for. You’ll get 1 paint kit for every character you unlock, 5 of them will come from the Mod Pods machine, 1 will come from finishing Team Adventure Mode and the other 7 will come from beating every Race, Elimination Event and Showdown Event on Expert difficulty.

In my opinion, Expert Difficulty is actually easier than Hard Difficulty as the aggressive enemies mean they take each other out more frequently and the higher speeds mean you can boost away from the pack pretty easily.

There’s no way to track this and so you’ll regret losing track, so to make sure you don’t; do what I did. Which is to play through every track on Expert once you’ve done it on Hard. You don’t need to complete any challenges or even finish in First Place as an individual, just have your team win overall and that will count.

I highly recommend using a Power character with the Performance mods seen at the bottom of my review.

Speed Painter Trophy

Stage 1 – Team Adventure Mode

I won’t needlessly list out all of the trophies here in our Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide, but there are a few trophies you will earn for Team Adventure mode, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Complete every race, elimination, grand prix and showdown in every chapter
  • Complete every race, elimination, grand prix and showdown in every chapter on hard (stacks with the above)
  • Complete every race, elimination, grand prix and showdown in every chapter on expert (for the Speed Painter trophy mentioned above. Expert unlocks on a race once it has been beaten on Hard)
  • Complete every Star challenge on every race, elimination, grand prix, showdown and challenge event (challenge events don’t have difficulties and will only have 2 stars)
  • Complete every Key challenge on every race, elimination, grand prix, showdown and challenge event.

In total, you’ll get 18 trophies for doing all of the above. 

Can You Feel the Sunshine? Trophy

I recommend you approach the story with this process:

Start each race, elimination, grand prix or showdown on hard using a Speed character and repeat it until your team places in first. Then, start that event again on Expert using a Power character and repeat until your team places first. Lastly, if there are any challenge stars or keys you’re missing in that event, repeat the stage on Normal until you have them all. Then move on to the next event and repeat the process.

For challenge events, here are a few tips from my review:

  • On Ring Challenge events, you will want to use a technique character. They’re not very fast so you will want to be making good use of drift-boosts to get from one row of rings to the next. It’s important to note that you can pump to regain control if you start to lose control of a drift, as often pumping will make things worse.
  • On the dreaded Daredevil events, don’t try and drift through the whole stage, you’ll just make it harder for yourself. Instead, use a Speed character and precision driving to get as close as possible to the pole on its red side (red sides will give you a score multiplier) and then quickly tap as you pass through. You’ll still get the drift bonus and can continue to drive normally with more accuracy.
  • Eggpawn Assault events are by far the easiest, and if you don’t agree then you don’t know about the cheese/exploit for them. I’ve put a video just below here for you. Essentially, just find the nearest item box span and then stop there. The Eggpawns will respawn in front of you, and you can drive back and forth through the item boxes for infinite missiles and fire them towards the enemy. Make sure you’re doing it near a corner, though, on a road with edges – sometimes this means driving further through the stage to find the perfect item spawn.

Stage 2 – Online Trophies

How to Earn the Online Trophies in Team Sonic Racing

For the trophies in this portion of our Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide, you’re going to need a friend. Luckily, I run this site with my buddy MrZhangetsu who agreed to help with these trophies.

Trophy Image
Let Me Introduce Myself

Finish an online race.

Trophy Image
But There Is A Me...

Come first in an online race.

You can get both of these at the same time. Start a race online with your friend in a private lobby, set the AI to normal and join your friend’s team. Then just race with them, and place first overall as an individual, your friend can help with this by keeping opponents at bay and sending you helpful items.

After that, you’ll earn both trophies.

But There is a Me… Trophy
Trophy Image
A Friend In Speed Is A Friend Indeed

Beat a friend's leaderboard time in Time Trial mode on any track.

I think the best way to explain how to do this trophy is to explain how we did it.

We both raced on Wisp Circuit and tried to get times which were close to each other. After many attempts to get similar times, I got 41:500 and MrZhangetsu got 41:032. This put us on the leaderboard around 1,000 places apart (which was better than the 8,000, 5,000 and 3,000 we were dealing with before).

MrZhangetsu then went to the leaderboard and pressed to jump to his position in the leaderboard and told me what it was. 

I was then able to go to the leaderboard and press to jump to my position, from there I had to move one-by-one up the list until I found MrZhangetsu and could select him to choose to race his ghost.

Found him!

This took way too long and it’s stupid that SEGA decided not to have a Friends leaderboard to make it easier if they were going to make it a trophy.

Stage 3 – Additional Trophies

Local Multiplayer and Collection Trophies

Trophy Image
Sonic Heroes

Complete a Team Race with 2 additional local players on your Team.

Basically, you’re going to need 3 controllers, or a couple of friends who can bring theirs over to your house for this phase of our Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide. Bit of a d*ck move on SEGA’s part, but luckily I have about 9 controllers (and only ever use 2, go figure).

You’ll need to join the game with the other two controllers and then start a local race. With Player 1, finish the race and your trophy will pop. The race doesn’t even need to end!

Note: You can also use a PS Vita in lieu of a controller.

Sonic Heroes Trophy
Trophy Image
Villainy 101

While playing as Eggman, spin out Sonic 3 times in the same Race.

Just use 2 controllers to load up a local race, with player 1 being Eggman and player 2 being Sonic. I actually did this at the same time as the above trophy by having 2 Sonics (just in case I guess?).

I used a bonus box which would give me an increased chance of 3x Orange Rockets and then did a single lap in the hopes of getting exactly that. Somehow, I instead got 3x Bombs, but that would do the trick.

I then parked up in-front of Sonic and held back on while hitting to drop a bomb right on his face. I waited a moment for him to settle and did it again. One final repeat of this out-right bullying and I had the trophy!

Trophy Image

Collect 20,000 Rings.

This trophy asks that you collect 20,000 rings in total, and all it means is picking them up off the road.

If you get hit and drop all your rings, it doesn’t matter, they count towards the cumulative total the second they are picked up. 

I had this trophy less-than halfway through my journey and I’m positive that you will too, just play the game and it’ll come naturally!


Once you’ve earned everytrophy in this Team Sonic Racing Trophy Guide, you’ll obviously net this trophy:

Trophy Image
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Collect all Trophies.

Check out my review of this game for more of my personal experiences with it, and enjoy!

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