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Recently, a rumour has spread across the internet like wildfire, claiming that the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Platinum Trophy is unobtainable because of a Priorite Shard which supposedly doesn’t spawn where it should.

Unfortunately, this is simply yet another case of misinformation, which tends to happen quite a lot around new AAA game launches as people rush to put their guides up first.

Well, after a bit of thinking, some head-scratching, and certainly some brain-twisting, we figured out how to get the Priorite Shard to spawn!

“Glitched” Priorite Shard

The “Glitched” Priorite Shard which has managed to evade players for so long is found inside the Stables at Rambler’s Reach on Koboh. The problem is that nobody actually uses the stables!

When you have a Nekko mount that you like—in a certain color for example—you can leave it at the Stables on Koboh so that you can find it again.

If you leave a Nekko in the pen on your right as you enter the Stables and leave it there for a long while, it will eventually… erm… Leave you a gift on the floor.

Upon approaching this “gift,” you can use Force Lift ( +) to extract a Priorite Shard from it.

There’s no telling how long you’ll need to wait, I returned to the stable after about an hour and saw nothing, but just 30 minutes later, my perfectly normal yellow Nekko had left some droppings for me to lift. That said, our other writer Ash gave this a go and had to wait several hours for his Priorite Shard.

But there you have it! With just a little effort and some patience, you can spawn and collect the supposedly “glitched” Priorite Shard, making it possible to purchase all of Doma’s stock and unlock the “Splurgle” trophy.

Update: There have been some claims that the Priorite Shard doesn’t spawn unless you have a fancy Nekko with vibrant colours etc. As you can see from my screenshots above, I used one of the least vibrant Nekko there is and still managed to get the Shard. That said, if you’re struggling to get the shard to spawn, it wouldn’t hurt to get a brightly-colored Nekko just to be sure.

I do suspect however, that you cannot get this Priorite to spawn without first finishing the story, so if you’re having trouble, try coming back in the post-game. I cannot confirm this 100%, but it seems to be the case from our experience.

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