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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Map Upgrade Locations

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Jedi Survivor Map Upgrades

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are five Map Upgrades you can find and collect, three of which will be extremely useful for your Trophy Journey. These three specific upgrades will mark required collectibles on your map, expediting the collectible cleanup process dramatically. You should first complete the story before attempting to unlock any of these Upgrades as they will all require late-game abilities to access.

Jedi Survivor Treasures Map Upgrade

The Treasure Upgrade for your Map can be found on Jedah. Before you can access it, though, you need to complete three puzzles hidden across the Narkis Desert.

Using the gallery below, head to each Puzzle Location and—using the Force to manipulate some ball-on-rail switches—solve them:

Each puzzle will require you to manipulate the rails until you can move one of the orbs to the top of the temple. Once up there, it will sit on a singular rail on the roof. Simply push the ball along this rail to complete the puzzle and then move on to the next one.

Once all three temple puzzles are complete, the terminal atop a final, central temple will open. Head to this temple called “Wayfinder’s Tomb” in the Arid Flats region.

Activate the Terminal to receive your Map Upgrade, which marks all Priorite Shards, Data Discs, and Jedha Scrolls.

Jedi Survivor Chest Map Upgrade

The Chest Upgrade for your Map is the easiest to find. In fact, you’re rather likely to stumble across it by accident as you explore, depending on how much you tend to go off-piste and explore.

Simply put, the map upgrade is inside the “Phon’qi” caverns on Koboh.

Make your way through the caverns and defeat the Bedlam Raider Bosses at the end. On your way out, you’ll also see a terminal that BD-1 can Slice. Interact with it to receive the upgrade.

Jedi Survivor Upgrades Map Upgrade

The Upgrades Map Upgrade is by far the most difficult to acquire simply because of how long it takes. You will need to find and complete the puzzles in all 7 Jedi Meditation Chambers on Jedah. You will know when you’ve completed a Meditation Chamber because there’ll be one of those glowing blue Cairn-like structures waiting for you at the end of each one.

The first Meditation Chamber you complete, the one in Rambler’s Reach, is one you’ll complete unavoidably as part of the story, but the other 6 will need to be located manually.

Use the map screenshots in the gallery below to find the other 6 Meditation Chambers:

After you have completed all 7 Meditation Chambers, fast-travel to the “Alignment Control Center” Meditation Point on Koboh:

There, you will see 7 monitors. If you have successfully completed every Meditation Chamber, all of these screens will be green. If any of them are red, you still have a Chamber to complete.

If they are all green, turn around and interact with the terminal behind you to unlock the Upgrades Map Upgrade.

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