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How long does it take to beat Outriders and unlock all trophies?

30-40 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Outriders and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Outriders have online trophies?


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Does Outriders have missable trophies?


Does Outriders have glitched trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Outriders Trophy Guide and Road Map

Outriders is a lot like the “Games as a Service” titles we’ve seen in the past, such as Destiny and Anthem, however it peels away a lot of bad and keeps a lot of the good. A great game to play solo or with up to two friends, the Borderlands-esque shoot-and-loot experience proves to be somewhat-addictive. Using this Outriders Trophy Guide, you can easily find the right path to carve through the game so you can simply focus on enjoying yourself.

Outriders Trophy Guide: Before You Begin

The Demo

If you happened to play the Outriders demo pre-launch (or just out of curiosity before purchasing the game), any trophy progress you made during that time will automatically be applied once you start up the full game for the first time, and you’ll unlock any trophies you managed to fulfil the requirements for.

PS4/PS5 Trophy Stacking

Your progress in Outriders is stored server-side. This means it doesn’t matter whether you log in with your PSN Profile on the PS5 version or the PS4 version, your progress will be the same.

The exciting upside to this is that if you collect all the trophies on one of these two versions of the game, you can then load your profile on the other version and automatically unlock every trophy. Two Platinums in one!

This works both ways; PS5 -> PS4 and PS4 -> PS5.


The difficulty in Outriders is known as “World Tier.” As you make progress through the game, the “World Tier” bar at the top of the screen will fill up. When it is full, you will get a reward and access to the next World Tier.

The higher your world tier, the stronger the enemies. You’ll also receive better gear at higher world tiers and have the ability to equip gear which is a certain level above your own, allowing you to keep up with the increasing difficulty.

You can change this at any time from the menu and are free to play on any World tier you like without missing out on any trophies.

Honestly, there’s really no benefit to playing on a higher World Tier. The XP is the same across all tiers and the higher level gear you get from the higher tiers ends up being useless again when you level up moments later because the enemies stats are tied to your character level and not gear level.

It’s best to just stay on World Tier 01, where all of the gear you receive will be perfect for you and the enemies you face.

Post-game, when you’re working on Expeditions, this is called “Challenge Tier” instead and is tied specifically to Expeditions. Again, there’s no pressure to choose a more difficult tier unless you just want better gear drops.

Note that there are actually a few expeditions you can’t play until you reach a high enough Challenge Tier, but these aren’t required for the platinum in any way.

Phase One – Complete the Story

During this first phase of our Outriders Trophy Guide, we’re going to focus on just beating the story. Enjoy yourself, go at your own pace, bring a friend if you like, and use whatever World Tier you feel most comfortable with!

Do as many Side-Quests as you like along the way. The more you do now, the less you’ll need to clean up later, but just do whatever you prefer, nothing is missable!

You should also keep an eye out for Journal Entries. You’re eventually going to need 300 of these. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, as over 250 of them will be unlocked automatically by visiting new areas, defeating new enemies, and making story progress. That leaves just around 50 of them for you to find, which isn’t a lot by any means.

They’re easy to find, and not only for the fact that they’re found at very visible glowing blue pages floating in the air. Just check every main hub area and any open areas where quest objectives take place, you’ll find 50 in no time.

You should keep 15 Uncommon items from your time in story mode, because they won’t be as common in the end-game. You will want to upgrade them via the Crafting system at Zahedi to unlock the True Potential trophy. Either keep these in your stash or increase their rarity as you progress through this phase of the Outriders Trophy Guide.

Whenever you collect an item that you’re not going to use, you should either dismantle it or sell it. You will need to eventually sell 300 items, and dismantle a further 300 items.

Selling items will obviously give you currency that can be used at Vendors to purchase more items, whereas dismantling items will give you crafting supplies.

I recommend you sell every Common (White) and Uncommon (Green) item you do not want but keep every Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Yellow) item to dismantle. They will give you the rarest crafting supplies but also you’ll get some unique mods. You’re going to need 125 mods for the Inventor’s Almanac trophy, so it would just be a waste to sell them.

Lastly, there’s a trophy called Outrider, First Class, which will require you to eventually complete every accolade for one of the four available classes. These accolades involve using each of your 8 available class abilities an incredible number of times.

If you manage to fully max out an Accolade for a particular class skill at any point during this phase, immediately switch to a different skill and work on the accolade for that one instead. Trust me; you will save yourself a lot of time.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Awoken to a Nightmare

Awake to the new, dark era of Enoch’s history.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
In Rode A Hero

Kill Gauss at the Solar Tower.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Wavelengths and Wishes

Uncover the direction of the signal’s source.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One Way Ride

Prepare your truck to enter the Forest.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Put an end to Scurlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Breaking the Seal

Open the Gate leading out of the Forest.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fatherhood Ain’t Easy, Boss

Defeat Yagak in Utargak.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Descent to Fury

Unravel the Ferals’ origins.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One Last Chance

Bring down the Drop Pods.

Phase Two – Complete all Side Quests

For this phase of our Outriders Trophy Guide, you should take the time to complete any outstanding Side Quests. If you completed a lot of them during the first phase, then there won’t be much left for you to do.

Naturally, you should continue looking for journal entries, selling/dismantling loot, and working on your Class-specific accolades throughout this phase.

You should also reach the Level 30 cap by the time you are done.

Outriders Side Quest Trophies

There are 55 Side Quests in total, and some of them are Historian, Wanted, or Hunter side-quests, but if you just focus on completing all 55, you’ll get every trophy in this section of our Outriders Trophy Guide no problem.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Urgent Task

Complete a side quest.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete 25 side quests.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete all side quests.

Every time a new side-quest is available, you’ll be able to see it from the Convoy Travel Map. There will be a tilted “!” icon above the name of a place if something new has become accessible. You can hover over a place on the Convoy Map to see if there’s any quests available, and they will be greyed out if you have completed them before.

Then once you’ve fast travelled there, you can use the Quest Map in the menu to check which part of the local map you need to go to.

There’s just one quest where this is not the case. It is called “Forgotten Chapel” and takes place in the “Canyon of the Grand Obelisk” area. There’s a secret door with three symbols on it.

These symbols light up when you find and activate 3 switches hidden throughout the local area. Once you activate them all, a switch will appear next to the door. Activate it and head inside for a Legendary item chest and the side-quest completion.

One of the three switches.
Door and Switch locations for the Forgotten Chapel Side Quest.

25 of the quests are normal side quests, the other 30 are Historian, Hunter, and Wanted side quests.

Complete all 55 side quests, and the trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Patron of the Past

Complete the Historian questline.

10 of the side quests are “Historian” side quests. These are off-shoot areas you can explore in select regions which will have a book symbol on them. Inside you’ll find some relic of Earth that you can bring back to Madame Beauvoir in Rift Town for a reward.

Once you’ve handed in 10 relics, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hand of Death

Complete the Wanted questline.

Another 10 side quests are “Wanted” side quests, these are found and accepted at Bounty Hunter posters found throughout select regions. You can find these posters in areas marked with a crosshair symbol. You’ll then need to hand them in at an NPC in a bar in Trench Town. You will get a weapon for each bounty you turn in.

Hand in all 10 bounties, and this trophy is yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Big Game Hunter

Complete the Hunter questline.

10 of the best side quests are “Hunter” side quests. You must find some half-eaten carrion in the local area to accept a “Hunter” quest where available.

The starting point is found in areas on the Quest Map marked with a paw-print symbol. Once you’ve beat the creature, you’ll need to bring its head to an NPC in the bar in Trench Town, who will hang it on his wall and then award you with some armor.

Complete all 10 hunts to earn this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The Burdens We Bear

Complete “The Outrider’s Legacy”.

You can start the “Outrider’s Legacy” Side-Quest from Trench Town when you eventually reach it through story progress. Near to the Convoy Trucks in the main area of this hub, you’ll find a hanging corpse with a note stuck to its chest.

To the left of it, on the ground, there’s an object you can interact with to start the Side-Quest.

Simply complete the various objectives as you would with any other Side-Quest and this trophy will unlock once the Side-Quest is 100% complete.

It can take a while to finish because it makes you visit several locations throughout the world map, and even takes you back to the same bunker three times.

Reach Level 30

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fortune Favors the Bold

Reach character level 10.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Leave Humanity Behind

Reach character level 30.

You should automatically reach Level 30 from completing the story and all 55 Side Quests, regardless of the World Tier (difficulty) you decide to play on.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A Gathering Storm

Unlock a class tree node.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Surpassing the Tempest

Master a branch of the class tree for any class.

For these two trophies you need to use the Class Points you get for levelling up in the Class Tree, which is found under the “Class” tab of the menu. Once you are Level 30, you will have unlocked all of the available Class Points.

If you randomly distribute your Class Points, you won’t have enough to reach the end of any of the three branches, which is what you will need to do for the “Surpassing the Tempest” trophy. Worry not, though, as you can hold to retrieve all of your placed Class Points and then redistribute them.

You’ll need to apply them all in the same branch so as to reach one of the three skill nodes on the furthest-right side of the Class Tree.

Phase Three – Expeditions, Class Accolades, and Miscellaneous Trophies

During this third phase of our Outriders Trophy Guide, you will be playing the end-game content; “Expeditions.”

These are like miniature raids, akin to “Strikes” in Destiny. Your main goal will be to get the 1,000 Expedition kills needed for the Hitting the Jackpot trophy, but along the way, you’ll contribute to most of your remaining trophies.

While working through Expeditions, you’ll want to be watching your Class Accolades closely. Continue to work on reaching Tier 5 for all 8 skills, switching skills out once you do so.

You’ll also be getting a lot of decent gear from the Expeditions which will help a lot if you still need to dismantle/sell gear. If you don’t have it by now, you should get Inventor’s Almanac pretty easily from all the Rare and Epic gear drops.

There’s really nothing else to do in the game past Expeditions, so even once you have the Expedition, Accolades, and Gear trophies, you’ll want to keep using the Expeditions as a place to grind out any remaining miscellaneous trophies, which you’ll also find listed in this section of our Outriders Trophy Guide.

Outriders Combat Trophies

Working on your 1,000 Expedition kills is the perfect time to cross off any other Combat-specific trophies you still need to collect.

The majority of the trophies in this portion of our Outriders Trophy Guide will have unlocked naturally throughout the game while you were working on the Story and Side Quests, but there’s nothing left to do now but kill, kill, and kill some more using the massive waves of enemies in the Expedition mode.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hitting the Jackpot

Kill 1000 enemies in Expeditions.

This is pretty easy to do, especially if you look for expeditions which involve beast-like enemies rather than humanoid enemies. This is because many of the creatures in Outriders are very weak, going down in just a few hits. They make up for this by swarming together in large groups.

On low Challenge/World Tiers, these groups can easily be taken out with a single ability, helping you to blast through this trophy with ease.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Overtime at the Morgue

Kill 3500 enemies.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gravedigger’s BFF

Kill 7500 enemies.

“Overtime at the Morgue” will most likely unlock towards the end of the story, but you may swill have a long way to go for “Gravedigger’s BFF,” especially if you played the story with a friend who took up some of the kills you could have been adding to your stats.

If you end up in that situation, chances are you still won’t have it even after unlocking the Hitting the Jackpot trophy. In that case, just keep using the same method; look for Expeditions with a large presence of bestial enemies and go to town on the swarms of Perforo enemies.

On PS5 you can track this stat via the trophy list, but if you’re on PS4 you’ll unfortunately need to just keep killing enemies until the damn thing unlocks.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Snap of the Fingers

Deal a total of 1,000,000 damage.

This is another trophy which you’ll most likely unlock during your Story playthrough. You’ll eventually reach a point in the game where some weapons and skills do over 1,000 damage per use, so you’ll definitely be picking this trophy up during this phase if you didn’t have it already.

As the description suggests, this is a cumulative total counted across your entire playthrough, so don’t worry about trying to deal this unholy amount of damage in a single attack.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Misfortune Loves Company

Kill 10 enemies with no more than 2 seconds between each kill.

This is likely to happen by accident, but it could depend on what class you’re using to do it. I personally went with the Devastator class, which has a lot of AoE abilities such as Earthquake and Tremor, perfect for taking out large groups of enemies in one attack.

For example, if you come to an area with a lot of Perforo, run around the arena waiting for them to group up as they chase you in circle, then once the group is big enough you can just turn around and hit them with an Earthquake ability to instantly wipe them out. Obviously this is much easier to do on lower Challenge/World tiers.

This strategy should work for any class, even by just using a gun. If you have a quick-firing weapon with a large clip like an Assault Rifle or LMG, you can just herd the Perforo together and them mow them down with lead instead of Anomaly abilities.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Coup de Grâce

Kill an enemy afflicted with at least 4 different status effects.

This is easier to do with a friend, as you can just apply two effects, have your friend apply two effects, and then finish the enemy off. If that isn’t an option for you, then I’d recommend visiting Zahedi to apply some mods. Apply some mods to your weapons which can inflict bleed, burning, ash, toxic, etc. And then do the same for your armor to equip your abilities with effects too.

Then all you have to do is make good use of those mods so that all four afflictions are applied to the same enemy, then make sure they’re still affected once you finish them off. This might be easier to do on a tougher enemy like an Alpha Perforo, rather than anything which might die before you’re done stacking them with ailments.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Clash of the Altered

Kill 5 Elites using skills only.

Here’s another trophy which is much easier to do on a low Challenge/World tier. You can also make this go a lot smoother if you kit your armor out with some damage-boosting ability mods you’ll be able to take enemies out much faster with them.

Elite enemies can be identified by the red skull icon on the radar in the top-left of your HUD. They have a lot more health than your average enemy and can utilise a fair few abilities too. You’ll run into a lot of them throughout the game.

To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to defeat 5 of these special enemies without using weapons at all. If you hit them with a single bullet from your gun, your attempt will be void and you’ll need to try again on the next Elite enemy.

Using only abilities, deal enough damage to take out 5 Elites and this trophy is all yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Ace in the Hole

Use a skill enhanced by 4 different mods.

This is much easier than it sounds. Take a visit to Zahedi and modify 4 of your armor pieces to apply buffs for the same ability. Note that you cannot apply the same mod to more than one piece of equipment, that won’t count for this trophy.

You’ll need to apply 4 separate mods which all affect the same ability. Once you’ve successfully done this, head out into the field and simply activate your super-powered ability one time. You don’t need to kill or even hit anyone with that ability, just use it.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Kill a total of 50 enemies with any Melee skill.

This is one you’re very likely to have unlocked early in the game, unless you keep your distance and avoid meleeing.

You can melee with , and the difficult part of this trophy is that you actually need to kill enemies with your melee attack for it to count.

The best way to farm this, as with most combat trophies, is to just lower the Challenge/World Tier to 1 and then find a group of Perforo enemies. They’ll be easy to kill in just one or two punches, so just chase them around for a while giving them knuckle sandwiches until your trophy unlocks.

If you’re playing on PS5, you can track the trophy progress in the trophy list. However, on PS4, you will just need to keep punching fools until the trophy unlocks.

Outriders Character Accolade Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Complete the highest tier of 4 class-related Accolades for any class.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Outrider, First Class

Complete all class-related Accolades for any class.

The above two trophies will require you to work on the Accolades for your chosen Class. In the Accolades tab of the menu, press to move over to the right-most Accolades and then select your chosen Class to view your progress.

They will all require you to use your skills a certain number of times and you can easily track your progress via the Accolades menu at any time. I recommend sticking with the same ability until you have reached Tier V mastery for it and then switch it out. You can work on up to three at one time, by mapping them to the , , and + inputs via the Skills tab in the menu.

You’ll unlock “Classy” automatically whilst working towards “Outrider, First Class,” which will require you to reach the Tier V mastery Accolade with all 8 of the available abilities.

Once you get to the point of needing to grind this trophy, I recommend you do the following:

  • Respec () all of your Class Skills and put the Class Points into ability cooldown and ability damage skills to increase how often you can use the abilities as well as how effective they are.
  • Switch to World/Challenge Tier 1 to make the enemies less of a challenge/easier to defeat with yoru abilities
  • Visit Zahedi’s crafting menu to apply mods to all of your armor pieces which improve the skill you’re using. For example, the “Impale” Devastator ability can only hit one enemy per use, and doesn’t do a lot of damage. However, with mods, you can use it twice in a row, hit two enemies simultaneously (4 kills total) and increase its damage output.
  • If you don’t want to use Expeditions, the “Endless Dark” side-quest is a great place to farm groups of Perforo.
Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Been There, Done That…

Reach Accolade level 10.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Been Everywhere, Done It All

Reach Accolade level 20.

You’ll complete a lot of Accolades by doing many of the things you’ll already be doing for this game’s platinum. For example; finding journal entries, completing story objectives, finishing side quests, and more.

Additionally, a huge chunk of your Accolade Level progress will come from the work you’ll be doing on your Class-related Accolades for Outrider, First Class.

You can find the Accolades in the Accolades tab of the menu. In there, you’ll be able to view your overall Accolade Level progress, as well as progress towards specific Accolades, which are divided up into convenient categories.

You can also earn Accolades for things like getting a certain number of kills with each type of weapon, reaching new World Tiers and getting melee kills.

If you find yourself still needing some more Accolade exp after completing the story, side quests, and class-related Accolades then you should have a quick browse of the available Accolades and decide which ones you’d like to complete. Though you shouldn’t need to do many more by that point.

Outriders Gear Trophies

The following trophies in this section of our Outriders Trophy Guide are all related to the loot you’ll be collecting throughout your journey. You should be actively working on these throughout the game to avoid any unfortunate grinding post-game.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hard Bargainer

Sell 300 items.

You can sell items at any vendor in the various settlements throughout the game, and will eventually get a vendor at your camp who you can sell to.

To sell items, mark the ones you want to sell by pressing with your cursor over them (or use the quick-mark boxes in the bottom-right corner of your inventory) and then hold whilst in the “Sell” tab of any vendor shop.

You’ll need to sell 300 items for this trophy, but I recommend only selling white common items and green uncommon items because you’ll want to dismantle blue rare, purple epic, and yellow legendary items for the One Man’s Junk… and Inventor’s Almanac trophies.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One Man’s Junk…

Dismantle 300 items.

To dismantle items, you can either hold while looking at them on the ground, or hold to dismantle all marked items in your inventory page.

You can mark items with while your cursor is over them, or via the quick-mark boxes in the bottom-right corner.

Dismantling items will give you crafting resources and weapon/armor mods. You will want as many mods as you can get for the Inventor’s Almanac trophy, so be sure to dismantle any and all blue rare, purple epic, and yellow legendary items which you do not want until you have both this trophy and that one.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
True Potential

Use crafting to improve the rarity of 15 items.

When using Zahedi’s crafting menu, you can improve the rarity of an item by using your resources (i.e. Leather, Iron, etc.) to take them from Uncommon to Rare, or Rare to Epic. You cannot make a Rare item Legendary in this way.

I recommend that you do this using the green uncommon items because they require more common resources to upgrade. Keep 15 uncommon items on you until you can access the crafting menu, and then upgrade them all using resources you get for defeating enemies, mining ore, and dismantling weapons to make them all into blue rare items.

After doing that to 15 items, this trophy is all yours.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Extreme Engineering

Use crafting to replace 10 item mods.

Another thing you can do in Zahedi’s crafting menu is replace mods on weapons by selecting the “Mod Gear” option with your gear of choice selected.

This will give you access to every Mod you’ve acquired through dismantling gear via a menu to the right. You can replace the mods on your selected gear with any of these collected mods by selecting it and then the slot you’d like it to occupy. Make sure you commit the changes via the “MOD SLOT” button on the left, instead of just backing out.

You can only do this with blue Rare, purple Epic, and yellow Legendary gear.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Inventor’s Almanac

Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods for crafting.

Everytime you dismantle a weapon or armor piece, you’ll get some resources as well as blueprints for the weapon’s special abilities (known in-game as “Mods”).

This exciting feature of Outriders means that you can collect abilities from gear which is no longer up to scratch, and then apply them via Zahedi’s crafting menu to another piece of gear, giving you a great range of customisation.

Only blue Rare, purple Epic, and yellow Legendary gear items will have mods that you can acquire, which means you’ll want to dismantle any that you don’t use anymore to ensure you start building up a nice collection of mods. Once you have a cumulative total of 125 unique mods (across all Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III weapon and armor mods), this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Spoils of War

Equip a legendary item.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Legacy of Enoch

Equip a character with epic or legendary items only.

Legendary items are identified by their yellow/orange icon when collected. They typically have rare mods that you won’t find anywhere else. Equipping one for the first time will unlock you the “Spoils of War” trophy, which should happen during your playthrough of the Story as there are several points in the story where you’ll be awarded one.

You can also get three pieces of Legendary gear for each of the Hunter, Wanted, and Historian questlines. Once you complete each one, you’ll be given a Legendary weapon or armor piece.

Epic gear is one rarity level below Legendary and is much more common. You can identify Epic gear by the purple coloration of their icons.

To unlock the “Legacy of Enoch” trophy, you will need to simultaneously equip your character with two weapons, one sidearm, a helmet, chest-piece, leg armor, gloves, and boots which are all either Epic or Legendary rarity.

This is something you should be able to accomplish easily by the end of the Story. You can also upgrade blue “Rare” items into purple “Epic” items via Zahedi’s crafting menu if you feel that is necessary.

If you somehow still need this trophy once you’re done with all Story and Side Quests, then expeditions should give you a few purple “Epic” items each time you reach the pod at the end.

Outriders Miscellaneous Combat Trophies

Outriders Miscellaneous Exploration and Discovery Trophies

The majority of the trophies in this portion of our Outriders Trophy Guide will have unlocked naturally throughout the game. While working your way through the story, side-quests, and expeditions, it’s unlikely for you to not naturally unlock a heaping handful of these, but look through them anyway and see if there’s anything else you need to cross off the list.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Mine ore from a deposit 30 times.

Keep your eye out for ore deposits while playing through the story and side missions. They are large blueish rocks which stand out against the surfaces you’ll find them on. They can be found everywhere, from the metal interior walls of bunkers to the bark-coated roots of Jungle trees.

If you’re vigilant about collecting them whenever you see them, you should have this trophy within the first few story missions. If you forgot to check for iron and find yourself needing this trophy by the end of the game, just revisit story locations via the Convoy Travel and Fast Travel menus and explore.

When you find an ore deposit, hold on it and your character will bring out a large drill with which to mine the ore.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Knowledge is Power

Fill in 150 journal pages.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One for the Books

Fill in 300 journal pages.

As mentioned a few times in this Outriders Trophy Guide, these collectibles are not hard to come by. You’ll earn well over 250 of them for simply completing the Story and Side Quests and the rest can be found by defeating new enemy types and collecting stray pages found throughout the game’s many locales.

Every time you come to a new Camp spot in each location, you should investigate the immediate area as there’s usually one or two hidden in the camp. Large settlements like Rift Town, Trench Town, and the Forest Enclave are also great places to explore as they will often have more than a few for you to collect.

I really don’t see anyone having any real difficulty with this trophy, as long as you actually take the time to collect any entries when you see them. They’re quite hard to miss, too, thanks to the particle effects and blue glow which indicate their location.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
“The Vanguard of Humanity”

Obtain all Trophies.

You beat the story, completed every side quest, made the enemies your collective b*tch in Expeditions mode, and earned your stripes as an outrider. It’s time your efforts were officially commemorated with this glowing new Platinum. Congrats!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet as your source for this Outriders Trophy Guide, consider checking out our reviews and other guides!

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