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What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Helldivers 2?

One (At least 100 Missions)..

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Trophy Guide

Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide and Road Map for PS5

Welcome to our Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide. The original Helldivers was a top-down twin-stick shooter with a small playerbase, whereas the incredibly fun Helldivers 2 has quickly skyrocketed in popularity, leading to some early difficulties with servers but an overall one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.

Inspired by sci-fi staples such as Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Mass Effect, and more, Helldivers is an instantly familiar environment. It immediately hooks into the various nostalgia ports those franchises have burrowed into our brains and does not let go. The game contains brutal gameplay features where you’re constantly weighing a weapon’s utility against the likelihood of it killing you and all of your teammates. Worry not, that brutal disregard for human life is all a key feature of the Helldivers 2 experience and how un-seriously the series takes itself.

Prepare for a thoroughly enjoyable yet often challenging trophy journey. This is one Platinum you should be ever proud of earning!

Phase One | Work up to Hard Difficulty while doing 50 Missions

After some lengthy discussion, we decided that the Patrior trophy would be the ideal trophy to start with. While working on completing 50 missions, there are various trophies you’ll unlock naturally—such as Bug Stomper for completing your first Terminid mission—and you’ll also be familiarising yourself with the core gameplay mechanics and collecting useful resources.

While working through this phase, feel completely free to dip in and out of the Miscellaneous Trophies list. We’ve reserved Miscellaneous cleanup for phase three of this guide, but there’s no reason why you can’t start knocking a few out along the way! Many of them may even unlock naturally with zero additional effort on your part.

First 50 Missions

The Real Deal

Complete Basic Training.


You will be forced to complete basic training the first time you play Helldivers 2, thus earning the”The Real Deal” trophy unavoidably at the start of your trophy journey.

They don't call it Tacticool for nothin'

Complete 10 tactical objectives.



Tactical Objectives are specific kinds of optional objectives that can appear when you’re playing through a Mission. Most missions will have at least one optional objective to complete. The actual number of objectives can increase with the difficulty. So usually Medium Difficulty Missions will contain 2 blue Optional Objectives.

Tactical objectives are those which give you a tactical advantage in the field. This includes things like activating Radar Towers, arming SEAF Artillery Cannons, and much more. Here’s the full list:

  • SEAF Artillery: Load ammunition into the artillery gun, enabling the use of the SEAF Artillery stratagem for firing shells in the sequence they were loaded.
  • Upload Escape Pod Data: Use the “Upload Data” stratagem and then survive until upload completes.
  • Radar Station: Activate the radar station, which will then reveal locations on the map.
  • Stalker Lair: Destroy the Stalker Lair to prevent Stalkers from spawning.
  • Spore Spewer: Destroy the large spore-generating mushroom, thereby eliminating the spore clouds that affect the surrounding area.
  • Destroy Rogue Research Station: Obliterate the rogue research station. You can use the “Call Hellbomb” Stratagem for this.
  • Mortar Emplacement: Engage and destroy enemy mortars to halt enemy artillery fire, making the area safer for operations.
  • SEAF SAM Site: Activate the SEAF SAM site, which will shoot down enemy reinforcements from the air.
  • Anti-Air Emplacement Jamming: Destroy the enemy’s anti-air capabilities to stop enemy anti-air jamming, ensuring air support is unimpeded.
  • Stratagem Jammer: Focus on destroying the jammer to prevent the disruption of stratagem deployment, maintaining tactical flexibility.
  • Detector Tower: Destroy the detector tower to avoid being spotted from afar and having reinforcements called in against you, like its the Tower of Sauron.

There’s an extremely high chance you’ll earn this trophy naturally as long as you don’t ignore Optional Objectives the majority of the time.

Bot Scrapper

Play 1 Bot Mission.


In Helldivers 2 there are two enemy types; the “Bots” (Automatons) and “Bugs” (Terminids). The original Helldivers had a third race of enemies, so there’s a good chance more will be added in future updates to the game.

The Automatons’ territory on the galaxy map is red, so select a sector inside that territory and then complete any objective against Bots for the first time to unlock the Bot Scrapper trophy!

Bug Stomper

Play 1 Bug Mission.


Helldivers 2 contains two enemy types; the Terminid “Bugs” and Automaton “Bots”. The previous game had three types of enemies, so it’s likely that more will be added when the game is updated in the future.

The Terminids’ territory on the galaxy map is orange, so select a sector inside that territory and then complete any objective against Bugs for the first time to unlock the Bug Stomper trophy!

Extractinating the Countryside

Play a planet defense mission.


The Galaxy Map in Hellldivers 2 is a living, breathing map in which the terminids and automatons fight against the forces of Super Earth for control over sectors of the galaxy. When the game first launched, the Terminids and Automatons had full control of their territories so there were no defense missions to take part in.

Now that things have evolved, the galaxy map will ebb and flow each day with new Defense and Offense Missions to reflect the player base’s global efforts. Defense missions only appear in sectors where Super Earth has gained majority control and is trying to maintain it against enemy forces.

Play (and not necessarily succeed in) a defense mission for the very first time to unlock the “Extracting the Countryside” trophy.


Play at least 50 missions.



The Patriot trophy is simple—albeit a little bit of a grind. All you need to do is complete a cumulative total of 50 missions. A Mission can be anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes long, so you can expect this trophy to take around 12 to 34 hours…

And you’ll have to do it all again to reach 100 missions completed for the Doing your part trophy.

Phase Two | Difficulty Trophies

50 Missions into the game you should not only understand the mechanics but also have a decent arsenal of weapons and stratagems at your disposal for future missions. This is especially important moving into Phase 2 of our Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide, and you’ll likely want a good team of mates to help you with what’s in store.

The issue, you see, is that you’ll now be tackling some fairly infamous difficulty trophies. To summarise briefly, you will need to achieve the following intimidating accomplishments:

  • Complete a Hard Difficulty Mission with your whole squad using only Sidearms for Hold my primary, I’m going in!
  • Extract from a Hard Difficulty Mission with a full squad of 4 Helldivers for Extractamundo!
  • Complete an Extreme Difficulty Mission without any squad members dying for Hell Dive.
  • Extract from a complete “Blitz” mission on Extreme Difficulty within 6 minutes for Gone in 360 seconds!

They are undeniably the four hardest trophies in the game, and they’ll take some real solid effort to achieve. Once you’re over this hurdle, though, it’s a straight shot to the Helldivers 2 Platinum Trophy!

Feel free to continue working on Miscellaneous Trophies throughout this phase of your trophy journey, too!

Trophies in this phase:

Extreme Difficulty Trophies

Hell Dive
Gone in 360 seconds!

Hard Difficulty Trophies

Hold my primary, I'm going in!

Complete a full Hard difficulty mission or higher without anyone firing their primary or support weapon.



“Hold my primary, I’m going in!” is one of the most daunting challenges offered up by Helldivers 2’s trophy list, that’s for sure. To unlock it, you and all of your squadmates (if you choose to bring any) will need to complete an entire mission on at least Hard Difficulty without once firing a primary or support weapon. Support weapons are heavy weapons like the Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, or Railgun which need to be called in via Stratagem. Essentially, that leaves you with just a small selection of pistol and machine pistol sidearms to defend yourself with, except for the array of destructive Stratagems at your disposal. You’ll need to make effective use of Eagle Air Strikes, Orbital Barrages, and Sentry turrets to defend yourself throughout the course of your chosen objective.

Naturally, I strongly recommend attempting this on an “Eradication” mission. These are particularly short and provided you bring with you enough defensive turrets and Stratagems to survive until extraction, you’re golden.

You can die and be reinforced back into the field, that won’t affect your ability to earn the trophy, but you just need to make sure you finish the mission with the objective complete and don’t fire a Primary or Support weapon even once throughout the course of the mission.


Extract with a full squad on a Hard difficulty or more mission.



Online Co-op

To unlock the “Extractamundo!” trophy, first you will need to put together a team of 4. This is most easily achieved if you can simply invite three friends who each have their own copy of the game and a system to enjoy it on. However, if you don’t have that many people at hand to help you out, you’ll need to find a group online on a community website like PSNProfiles or use the in-game public matchmaking.

Load up any mission once you have a full squad of 4, ensuring it is on at least “Hard” difficulty or higher. With your allies, complete the mission objective (and any optional objectives you want) and then head to the extraction objective. Complete the objectives there to activate the terminal and call down Pelican-1 for extraction. Ensure that you and all three of your allies survive and board the shuttle safely. If done, you will unlock the Extractamundo trophy!

Naturally, you and your allies can die throughout the course of the mission, but they must be on the shuttle at the end when you depart. If one person gets on the shuttle, it will leave without the others after a short grace period. Try to ensure nobody gets on the shuttle until everyone is ready.

Extreme Difficulty Trophies

Hell Dive

Complete an Extreme difficulty mission or higher without anyone dying.




The “Hell Dive” trophy requires you to load up a mission on the 6th difficulty tier; known as “Extreme.” In this difficulty, enemy forces are more resistant, more plentiful, and harder-hitting. Even just completing a primary objective in an Extreme difficulty mission can require top-tier teamwork, strategy, and the very best Stratagems and gear. As if that’s not bad enough, the trophy also asks that you do so without anyone on your team dying. Depending on how skilled you are, you might be better off attempting this solo, so you only need to keep one person alive; yourself.

Your best chance at achieving this incredibly daunting trophy is to load up a “Blitz” or “Eradication” mission. These missions are very short and just ask that you defeat several waves of enemies. As long as you can survive those waves, it’s certainly preferable to completing a 40-minute open mission without dying.

You’ll definitely need backup. Not in the form of allies, however, you will need Sentries. Sentries are a special type of stratagem you can call down which places a turret in the field. This turret will then track, shoot at, and kill enemies for you. There are several types of sentries available, and you can technically carry up to 4 when attempting this trophy. I’d recommend taking three along with a support weapon like the Machine Gun or the Grenade Launcher. That way, you have something heavy-hitting to fend yourself with between Sentry drops.

As for the sentries, bring the Mortar Sentry, the Missile Sentry, and a Gatling or Machine Gun Sentry. As you likely know by now, though, you need to be very careful using sentries. Try to place them in a smart way so that you’re less likely to end up with them shooting in your direction. You’ll also want to keep your distance from the enemies at all times. Not just because you don’t want the bugs to hit you, but because if you get too close to them your Mortar will probably hit you too!

Power through and succeed in completing an Extreme Difficulty Objective without dying and you will unlock the Hell Dive trophy for your troubles.

Gone in 360 seconds!

Complete a full Extreme difficulty Blitz mission and extract in under 6 minutes.




This incredibly difficult trophy is made much easier with the help of friends, so if you’re able to put together a squad I strongly recommend that you do so.

To unlock the “Gone in 360 seconds!” trophy, you must load up a Blitz Mission on at least Extreme Difficulty (6) and successfully extract in less than 6 minutes. Note that you need 2 minutes to call down the extraction, so you really only have 4 minutes for objectives. As a result, the very best way to achieve this is for you and your squad to split up. Each of you should head to an objective and complete it. Whoever is finished with their objective first should head to the extraction point and prepare to call in the shuttle as soon as the main objective is complete.

None of you should be wasting time with optional objectives. Literally just load in, call in whatever equipment you need, and then go start completing objectives. Reach the extraction point with over 2 minutes left and successfully enter the Pelican-1 shuttle before 6 minutes (or 360 seconds) have elapsed to secure one of the game’s most difficult trophies.

Phase Three | Mop Up and Grind

With the biggest challenges now well out of your way, you can focus on continuing to enjoy your time in Helldivers 2 while mopping up any miscellaneous trophies you haven’t yet acquired. There’s a wide range of trophies listed below, from those that ask you to gather resources to those that ask you to kill powerful enemies.

There will still be some challenges, with Caught them by Surprise! and That which does not kill you…—for example—proving particularly troubling, but the majority of these trophies don’t expect you to step too far outside your comfort zone!

Miscellaneous Trophies

Caught them by Supplies!

Kill a Charger with a resupply pod.




Chargers are a huge armored type of Terminid found only in either “Destroy the Chargers” objectives or on Challenging Difficulty and higher Terminid Objectives. I recommend going for a “Destroy the Chargers” mission as you can do these on lower difficulties than Challenging.

To unlock the very very annoying “Caught them by Supplies” trophy, you need to not only hit one of these chargers with a resupply pod ( +, , , ) but that pod has to kill the Charger.

First things first, weaken the Charger as much as you can without killing it. A single shot from a Recoilless Rifle tends to do the trick. Once its health is low, you need to throw down your Resupply beacon and then try and get the Charger to be standing over it when the pod lands, piercing the Charger and killing it.

There are a few ways to do this;

  • Use EMP Stratagems like the Orbital EMS Strike to stun the Charger, holding it in place for a short time.
  • Have a friend bait the Charger into the beacon, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.
  • Use yourself as bait, and sacrifice yourself.
  • Place the beacon near a cliff, then bait the Charger into charging at you. Once it does, get it to hit the cliff, where it will become stunned—hopefully long enough for the pod to blast right through the Charger’s carapace.
  • Get on top of a tall cliff or ledge like in the screenshot below. The Charger will just stare at you, unsure of what to do. This gives you plenty of time to place a Supply Drop Beacon and even wait for one to cool down if your first attempt misses.

However you manage it, you’ll receive the Caught Them by Supplies trophy only once you successfully call down a supply drop on top of a Charger and kill it. Though your friends can help you achieve this, if they call down the pod then you will not receive the trophy.

Samples are a diver's best friend

Extract with at least 15 rare samples from a mission as a team.


Online Co-op


You will have noticed “Common Samples” throughout your time playing Helldivers 2. These resources can be used to upgrade your ship. As you improve your ship, you’ll eventually need “Rare Samples” as well as Common ones to purchase the higher-tier ship upgrades.

These rare samples have a square orange icon and are only found on “Challenging” difficulty or higher. To unlock the “Samples are a diver’s best friend” trophy, collect at least 15 of these in total as a team and then successfully extract with them.

You’ll want to try this on larger, longer, more open missions like ICBM Launch objectives. These larger maps tend to have more minor points of interest, which is where you’ll find the most Rare Supplies. Completing an optional Radar Tower objective in a mission will mark all minor POIs on your map.

Note that you won’t be able to collect 15 in just any mission, as some don’t have that many on the map. You can see how many are available on the HUD in the top-right, just press to bring it up with the map.

Doing your part

Complete at least 100 missions.



As with the Patriot trophy, you simply need to complete a cumulative total of missions to unlock the “Doing Your Part” trophy. In this case, the total you need to reach is 100.

A Mission can be anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes long, so you can expect this trophy to take around 25 to 68 hours.

It's the only way to be sure...

Have 6 orbital barrage stratagems in the same place at the same time.


Online Co-op


To unlock the “It’s the only way to be sure…” trophy, you will need at least one other friend by your side. You will both need to enter a mission together with at least 6 Orbital Barrage Stratagems equipped between you.

The stratagems which count for this trophy are as follows:

  • Orbital Gatling Barrage
  • Orbital 120MM HE Barrage
  • Orbital 380MM HE Barrage
  • Orbital Walking Barrage

I recommend you do this on an easy difficulty mission so you don’t need to rely on your stratagems as much. When you’re both loaded in, find a quiet part of the map and then place all of your Orbital Barrage beacons in the same spot. There’s a good chance they’ll hit you so throw them as far away as you can as fast as you can, but still try to aim them in the same general direction as your friend.

Once all six barrages are firing at the same time, you will unlock the trophy. If you don’t the barrages were not close enough together. Retry and place them closer together.

For the greater good!

Kill 5,000 enemies.


The “For the Greater Good” trophy is one that you are very likely to earn naturally while working on other trophies in our Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide. If you don’t have it by the time you unlock Patriot, you’ll surely own it by the time you have Doing Your Part.

Kill it with fire!

Kill 100 enemies using fire damage during the same mission.



“Mate, fire on these bugs is actually pretty good!” — MrZhangetsu, 2024

To unlock the “Kill it with Fire” trophy, you need to kill a total of 100 enemies within a single mission with fire damage. There are several stratagems that can help with this, such as the Flamethrower, Incendiary Minefield, Napalm Eagle Strikes, and many more. Anything that does Fire Damage, essentially. You can even get Incendiary versions of many weapons and grenades too!

Load up your arsenal with as many fire weapons and stratagems as you can and then enter a mission with lots of enemies, like a Blitz, Defense Mission, ICBM, or more. Focus on doing damage with your fire equipment until you defeat at least 100 enemies in that mission and you’ll unlock the trophy!

Get some!

Fire at least 150 rounds in one burst, killing at least 10 enemies.



The “Get some!” trophy is most easily achieved when using the “Machine Gun” Support Weapon, which can be called down via a Stratagem. Load into a mission, preferably one with a lot of bugs, like an Eradicate or Purge Hatcheries objective.

Call down and equip your machine gun and then, as soon as you find a group of at least 10 or more Terminid Bugs, begin firing your machine gun at them. Do not let go of , keep it held down until you empty the magazine, guaranteeing that you have fired at least 150 rounds.

If, while doing this, you also successfully kill at least 10 of the bugs you’re firing at, you’ll receive the trophy!

That which does not kill you...

Be injured in all limbs at the same time.



The “That which does not kill you” trophy is a rather tricky one, as it involves quite a bit of RNG. Essentially, you need to take so much damage that your arms, legs, and chest all break, but not so much damage that you die. There’s a very fine line there, and it’s hard not to cross it.

The best way to make this trophy easier for yourself is by using a very specific type of armor. Each armor set in Helldivers 2 has its own perks, they can do things like increase your resistance to explosives or increase the number of grenades you can carry.

One such perk you can get from an armor set is the “50% chance not to die when taking lethal damage” perk. This is present on the “DP-40 Hero of the Federation” armor available in the very first Warbond set in the Acquisition menu. There are other armoirs with this perk too, such as the “DP-53” Super Citizen armor.

With this perk, there’s a chance you won’t die from something that would otherwise kill you. This way, you can take the full brunt of an explosion so strong that it turns your appendages to dust and not die in the process, perfect for earning this trophy!

With the armor equipped, cause a large explosion in your vicinity however you like (I recommend an Eagle Air Strike). Have it blow your limbs to pieces, and then cross your fingers and hope you survive. If you do, the trophy is yours!

Make sure you don’t have the “Vitality Enhancement” Booster active, as this will increase your resistance to injuries such as broken limbs.

The power of Democracy

Kill 25 enemies with one stratagem.



“The Power of Democracy” is a trophy which becomes easier and easier to unlock the more you progress and unlock new stratagems. Some of the higher-tier stratagems such as the Orbital Laser or the Eagle 500KG Bomb have a very high capacity to kill multiple enemies at once. The trophy asks that you kill at least 25 in a single usage of a Stratagem. Honestly, this is likely to unlock naturally as you play. If it doesn’t, try loading up Eradication missions and bring plenty of high-tier explosives with you.

The bugs are the best for this, as you’ll often find large swarms of small-sized and easy to kill bugs. If you get enough of these in one area, you can wipe them out in one fell swoop no problem.

Fully operational

Reach max rank on one ship module.


When on board your ship between missions, go to the Ship management console and open the “Ship Module” tab.

There, you’ll see the various upgrade modules that you can purchase in order to upgrade and improve your Stratagems. There are 6 different modules you can upgrade and each one has three possible upgrades.

The cheapest module to fully upgrade is the one named “Patriotic Administration Center.” In total, unlocking all 3 upgrades for this module costs 220 Common Samples, 100 Rare Samples, and 5 Super Samples.

The best place to farm samples is in Hard (5) Difficulty missions as there’s a good concentration of samples available without too much of a difficulty spike. Remember that you will actually need to extract with the samples, though, so remember to recover them from your corpse anytime that you die.

Super Samples are another matter, as they only appear on “Suicide Mission” (7) Difficulty and higher. Fortunately, you only need 5 though.

Gather the required samples and use them to upgrade at least one Ship Module to Level 3 and you will receive the “Fully operational” trophy.

Ship it!

Upgrade all ship modules at least 1 level.



On your ship between missions, you can go to the Ship management console to view the “Ship Module” tab. There, you’ll see the various upgrade modules that you can purchase to improve your Stratagems. There are 6 modules to upgrade and each has three upgrades.

The total sample cost for the first upgrade in all 6 modules is 420 Common Samples, and 30 Rare Samples. Gather the required samples and use them to upgrade all 6 Ship Modules to Level 1 and you will receive the “Ship It!” trophy.

Common Samples are as common as they sound, cropping up in even Easy Difficulty Missions., You’ll need to dip your toe into the Challenging Difficulty Level to start finding Rare Samples, though.

Nothing is bigger than Freedom

Defeat a Hulk.


To unlock the “Nothing is bigger than Freedom” trophy, you need to find and defeat a “Hulk” enemy. These large armored mecha are incredibly powerful and quite difficult to take down.


As you may have guessed, they only appear in “Automaton” (Bot) missions, but unless you pick a mission with an “Eliminate Automaton Hulk” objective, you will only find them in Hard (5) Difficulty Missions or higher.


The taller they are...

Defeat a Bile Titan.


To unlock the “The taller they are…” trophy, you need to find and defeat a “Bile Titan” enemy.

These titanic Terminids are incredibly powerful and quite difficult to take down. As you may have guessed, they only appear in “Terminid” (Bug) missions, but unless you pick a mission with an “Eliminate Bile Titan” objective, you will only find them in Hard (5) Difficulty Missions or higher.

Let's call it a draw

Shoot off both arms on a Hulk and then extract while it's alive.


Let’s Call it a Draw, much like the Nothing is Bigger Than Freedom Trophy, requires you to find a “Hulk” automaton. These huge tank-like mecha are only found on missions with “Eliminate Hulk” objectives, or on Hard (5) Difficulty Automaton Missions and higher.

I would not recommend going onto an Eliminate Hulk mission, though, because you technically can’t complete that objective and earn this trophy unless there are plenty of Hulks in the mission you select, which isn’t guaranteed.

Though these enemies are incredibly intimidating, they’re quite harmless once they’re armless. Use the Railgun, Autocannon, or Recoilless Rifle to shoot the Hulk in both of its arms until they have been removed. We used the Railgun, and it took two shots per limb to shoot its arms off.

From that point on, the Hulk cannot harm you. Complete the objectives of the mission and then head to extraction to leave! If you successfully extract with the Hulk still being alive, you will unlock the “Let’s Call it a Draw” trophy.

If you are trying to earn this trophy on an “Eliminate Hulk” mission, it’s still possible. You’ll have to remove the Hulk’s arms and then wait for the full 40-minute timer to expire. At that point, the extraction shuttle will appear. Both you and the Hulk would have to survive the full 40 minutes though. Sure would suck if you did all that work and then the extraction shuttle killed it in the end anyway, too, huh?

Cool guys don't loo- AAAAH!

Fly at least 25 meters from the shockwave of an explosion.


You can technically unlock the “Cool guys don’t loo- AAAAH!” trophy using any explosion, however, the bigger the shockwave; the better.

Essentially, you need to stand relatively close to an explosion, though not so close that it kills you. Consider standing at the outer radius of a Hellbomb explosion, for example.

When the explosion goes off, you want to be in the air or on a nearby rooftop, so either find your way to higher ground or double-tap to dive when the explosion happens.

With some luck, you’ll be launched into the air. If, when you land, you’ve traveled at least 25 meters through the air due to the explosion’s shockwave, you’ll receive the trophy.

On some planets, you might find holes in the ground that look a bit like Bug Holes, but smaller and with a lighter color of light coming out from within. These are natural gas deposits, and if you drop a grenade into one, the whole ground will explode.

Both myself and MrZhangetsu got this trophy by standing next to one of these holes after throwing a grenade inside and being launched by the resulting explosion.

Hot Potato!

Throw back a live grenade.


The “Hot Potato!” trophy can only be earned in missions against the Automaton (Bot) enemies. Many of these enemies attack by launching glowing red grenades in your direction. If you’re fast enough, you can press on one of these grenades to throw it back before it explodes.

Doing this for the very first time will unlock the trophy.

Hold My Liber-tea!

While using a jump pack, knock yourself into a ragdoll state.


At Level 8, you will unlock access to the “Jump Pack” Stratagem in the Ship Management console on your ship. After you have purchased it, head into a mission with it equipped as a Stratagem.

When you’ve landed, spawn in the Jump Pack and equip it. You can then jump by pressing , great for getting over obstacles, creating shortcuts, and avoiding enemies.

To unlock the “Hold My Liber-tea!” trophy, activate the Jump Pack with to launch yourself into the air, and then knock yourself into a ragdoll state before touching the ground.

The easiest way to do this is to activate the jump pack near a wall, and then shoot that wall with an explosive weapon like the Autocannon or Expendable Anti-Tank. If done correctly, the shockwave should knock you back, activating ragdoll as you crash back down to the ground.

Eat This!

Kill a bug warrior with a shotgun within 1 meter.


To unlock the “Eat This!” trophy, you simply need to kill a Warrior Terminid from a meter away or less using a Shotgun weapon. There’s a few different shotguns available in the game and there’s likely to be many more added in the future. For now, though, you can find the SG-8 Punisher Shotgun on the very first page of the default Warbond selection. It’s quite cheap too at just 4 Warbond Medals.

With one equipped, get right up into a Terminid Warrior’s face and pull the trigger to receive the “Eat This!” trophy.

Democracy ain't done with you yet

Heal another player using stims.


Online Co-op

When an allied player’s health gets down to half or less, you will be able to use one of the stims from your own supply to recover their HP for them.

To do so, approach them while their health is low enough and then press when the prompt appears!

Promote Synergy

Provide assisted reload for a teammate.


Online Co-op

There are a few different weapons in Helldivers 2 that require you to carry a backpack of ammo, such as the Recoilless Rifle and the Autocannon. These weapons are incredibly powerful, but the downside to using them is that reloading takes way too long. The animations all involve getting down onto a knee and then pulling ammo from the backpack to reload the gun. This is not ideal in high-pressure situations!

Fortunately, if you have at least one other player with you, you can give them the ammo backpack, giving them the responsibility of reloading your weapon for you, and vice versa.

To unlock the “Promote Synergy” trophy, you need to be the player with the ammo backpack, not the player with the gun. Go up to a player who is aiming the Recoilless Rifle or Autocannon while wearing the ammo backpack for that gun and you will see a prompt appear on their shoulder.

Press to attach yourself to that player, automatically reloading the weapon for them each time new ammunition is required. This is much faster than handling the gun solo and increasing fire rate significantly, especially for the Recoilless Rifle which is a whole new beast when fired in tandem.

The trophy unlocks when you provide this reload support for another player for the first time.

Strapping young lad

Customize your Helldiver with new cape, armor, and helmet.


Throughout your time in Helldivers 2, you’ll get various armor pieces. Most of them are acquired via the “Acquisitions” menu on your ship. There, you can spend Warbond Medals to purchase a plethora of different customization options, boosters, and weapons to enhance your experience.

Others can be found in the “Superstore” tab, where you can purchase from a rotating selection of cosmetic items using Super Credits. Lastly, you might have acquired some via free downloads, DLC packs, pre-order bonuses, and more.

However you acquire them, once you have your first helmet, armor set, and cloak unlocked, access the Armory console on your ship to equip them. Doing this for the first time will unlock the “Strapping young lad” trophy.

In the nick of time

Extract after the timer reaches zero.



Every mission in Helldivers 2 has a mission timer. The idea is to complete the objectives and then extract before this timer reaches 00:00:00, otherwise the dropship will no longer be able to provide support and you’ll lose access to stratagems, including reinforcements (lives).

Additionally, when the timer drops to 00:00:00, the extraction shuttle will be called in immediately and will arrive two minutes later, ready to extract you.

The “In the nick of time” trophy asks that you do exactly that; let the timer run out. When the clock hits zero, survive for two minutes without Stratagems, resupplies, or reinforcements, and then successfully extract on the ship.

There’s a decent chance you’ll earn this naturally, though, given that a lot of expeditions don’t go to plan!

Stalking is illegal

Complete a Stalker Hive tactical objective.



In Helldivers 2, on Challenging (4) Difficulty or higher, you will begin seeing “Stalkers” in Terminid (Bug) Missions. These guys are no joke; they can go invisible and will silently sneak up and flank you when you least expect it. It is absolutely worth your time and effort to remove their lairs so that they can no longer spawn and harass you throughout a mission.

Keep playing Challenge Difficulty Terminid missions until you find a Stalker, indicating a lair is nearby. A Stalker Lair is not too dissimilar from a normal Bug Hole, but it’ll have a few Stalkers in its vicinity. You can destroy it just like any other; drop a grenade in the hole.

Completing one of these optional Tactical Objectives for the first time will unlock the “Stalking is illegal” trophy.

The long arm of Justice

Kill a target at a distance of over 100m.


To measure how far away an enemy is, aim at it with and then press , this will place a tag over the enemy which also displays its distance from you.

Once you have an enemy that is at least 100 meters away from you, use whatever weapons you have available to kill it, unlocking “The long arm of Justice.” This is, of course, easily achieved with the Anti-Materiel Rifle support weapon, as it’s basically a Sniper Rifle.

Another great way to earn this trophy, which actually happens unintentionally to a lot of people, is to just place a Sentry Turret down somewhere, and then leave the area. Eventually, if a patrol of enemies comes along and runs into the turret while you’re 100 meters or more away from said enemies, you’ll unlock the trophy!

Job's done!

Complete a mission but fail to extract.


Completing your objectives is just one small part of completing a mission in Helldivers 2. If you want to keep the Samples you’ve collected and maximize your EXP gains from the mission, you’ll also need to extract successfully.

At the end of each mission, you’ll call in the Pelican-1 dropship to come and collect you and shuttle you back upon to your main ship. To unlock the “Job’s done!” trophy, however, you would need to fail to extract despite having completed the objectives.

This kind of thing happens all the time; Helldivers 2 is an enjoyably brutal experience in which you’re frequently blown to smithereens at a moment’s notice, so you never know when you might legitimately fail to extract after a successful mission.

That said, the easiest way to fail on purpose is to let your team leave without you. Once one person enters the dropship, another timer starts. When that short timer ends, the shuttle will leave with or without you.

Alternatively, you could just complete a mission and then repeatedly kill yourself until you run out of lives and cannot extract anymore.

Science is done by quantity

Extract with at least 15 common samples.



Common Samples can be found in most missions. The higher the difficulty, the more frequently you’ll find them, but you’ll find them nonetheless. I recommend attempting the “Science is done by quantity” trophy on at least Medium (3) difficulty. This is because you’ll need to find a mission with at least 15 Common Samples available.

You can see how many samples are in a mission via the tracker in the upper-right corner of the HUD when you press in the field.

When you find one with at least 15 Samples or more, take your time to check every Minor Point of Interest on the map for samples to collect. Overall, you will need to have 15 samples on you when you extract. If you do that, you’ll receive the trophy.

Note that unlike the Samples are a diver’s best friend trophy, you cannot share this objective with your allies. You personally must have 15 samples or more on your person when you extract. If your allies are willing, you could ask them to drop their samples for you to bolster your supplies ahead of extraction.

Remember that you drop samples upon death, so make sure you grab them from your corpse anytime that you meet an untimely end!

They mostly come at night...

Extract from a mission during nighttime.


Night time in Helldivers 2 is between 18:00 to 06:00. When you’re selecting where to drop into the mission on the world map before a mission, you can actually see the time. It’ll say it at the top of the drop map; “SEST 00:00:00.”

Find and start a mission that takes place during or just before nighttime, and then make sure you extract before sunrise at 06:00 to unlock the “They mostly come at night…” trophy.

You’ll most likely get this naturally, though. Your chances of completing 100 missions without ever extracting at night are pretty slim!

Spread Managed Democracy

Kill 150 enemies during the same mission.


To unlock the “Spread Managed Democracy” trophy, you merely need to defeat a cumulative total of 150 enemies within a single mission. This is very likely to occur naturally, especially as you move up the various difficulty levels. Some Eradication missions require more than 150 kills, so doing one solo is a good way to ensure you receive this trophy.


The Epitome of Super Earth

Obtain all trophies of HELLDIVERS™ 2.

After collecting every trophy in this Helldivers 2 Trophy Guide, the "The Epitome of Super Earth " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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