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How long does it take to beat Fort Solis and unlock all trophies?

5 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Fort Solis and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Fort Solis have online trophies?


Does Fort Solis have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Fort Solis have missable trophies?

Does Fort Solis have glitched trophies?

What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Fort Solis?


Does Fort Solis have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide and Road Map for Fort Solis

Fort Solis is a Story-Driven Thriller game developed by Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games, and published by Dear Villagers. The game offers a third-person perspective and aims to immerse players in an enigmatic ambiance while delivering a captivating narrative. Players will have the opportunity to explore the Fort Solis station on Mars, as well as the Martian surface and eerie underground tunnels. The protagonist, Jack Leary, relies on a Multi-Tool for navigation and puzzle-solving. Fort Solis promises a rich narrative that explores character dynamics and challenges the protagonist’s expertise.

Phase One - Finish Story, Chapter-Specific Trophies & Collectibles

For Phase One of our Fort Solis Trophy Guide you can ignore everything and just focus on engaging with the story as the game is only a couple of hours long. Along the way you can unlock the Chapter-specific Trophies. Nothing is really missable as once you have finished the story you can select “Continue” from the Main Menu to be placed back at the end before the final confrontation so you can continue to explore the full Fort Solis facility and collect all collectibles. The only real missable thing is the 3-4 collectibles in Chapter 2 as you lose access to the room they’re in once you leave the area. However, you can select “New Game” from the Main Menu without losing any collectibles as the game tracks them separately to your story progress so there shouldn’t be much trouble.

If you’d like to get all collectibles in Phase One without having to using Continue/New Game, i.e. one playthrough, then you can follow along with our Fort Solis All Collectibles Guide.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Welcome to Fort Solis

Complete the Ridge Climb



Welcome to Fort Solis will unlock after using the climbing device outside of Fort Solis’ entrance to reach the top of the ridge.


Grant power to a door



Inside the Atrium of Fort Solis you can climb some stairs to another level overlooking the Sakura tree in the middle. Up there on a box is an “i5 device” which you can use to grant power to the door behind the white light door downstairs. Using the device on the door will unlock Relic.


Escape the Medical Bay



While exploring the Med Bay you will eventually be locked in and have to escape via a maintenance tunnel in the Cryo Storage/Furnace Room. Once you crawl through the passage and exit back into the B2 stairwell Outpatient will unlock.

Lights Out

Locate the Generator in the Maintenance Unit



Once you reach the Maintenance Unit and head downstairs you will see a console that you can press on. When you interact with it you will unlock Lights Out.

The Safety of Disbelief

Survive the Storm



At the start of Chapter 03 you will be out in the storm. After a brief moment where you have to press a combination of buttons, the title for Chapter 03 will appear and The Safety of Disbelief will unlock.

Once more into the Breach

Gain entry to the Ridge Tunnel



Shortly after reaching Fort Solis (again) you will have to cut open the main door and once inside you will unlock Once More into the Breach.

A Better Tomorrow

Enter the Greenhouse



After you collect A. Hoskins’ L5 security card you can head down the stairs to B2 and use the card to access the Greenhouse tunnel. As soon as you enter A Better Tomorrow will unlock.

Darkest Before the Dawn

Complete Fort Solis



Darkest Before the Dawn will unlock at the end of Chapter 04.

Chapter-specific Trophies

Drinking on the Job

Finish the bottle of beer



Upon reaching the Atrium of Fort Solis in Chapter 1 you will see a Sakura tree in the middle of the room and a door lit up with a white light and two with red lights. Approach the door with the white light and you will see a small bar area directly to the right of the door. Approach the bar area and you will see a dispenser that says “Cold Beverages”. Press on the dispenser and Jack will grab a beer and sit down on one of the chairs. Press to drink from the beer bottle until it is completely empty and Drinking on the Job will unlock.

Boxing Clever

Interact with the punch bag



On the Crew Levels, B1 you can find a glass wall with the word “Gym” written on it. Go inside and look to the right of the room to find a punch bag. Approach it and press to interact with it and take a swing. When you do Boxing Clever will unlock.

Boston Heyday

Take a shot at the pool table



On the Crew Levels, B1 is a Rec Room with a pool table inside. Approach it and press once the dialogue ends to take a shot and unlock Boston Heyday.

Congratulations, you're an engineer

Gain access to Nick Tout's broken Multi Tool



During Chapter 03 you will have to make your way to the Communications Hub via the Surface. Once inside you can find N. Tout’s Multi Tool on a workbench to your left as soon as you enter. Pick it up and press the corresponding buttons during the hacking mini-game to gain access to it. Once you gain access Congratulations, You’re an Engineer will unlock.

Mi Casa Su Casa

Gain access to Officer Taylor’s room



During Chapter 03 you will find an L5 security card on the corpse of A. Hoskins in the Canteen. Once you have this card you can backtrack to the Living Quarters area and enter W. Taylor’s room. As soon as you enter you will unlock Mi Casa Su Casa.

Everything is Dust

Find compound 26


During Chapter 04 you can access the Greenhouse. This is where H. Dunpart’s Office is located, specifically on the 2nd floor. Inside H. Dunpart’s Office is a locked safe that requires a pass code. The pass code itself (0721) was revealed in one of H. Dunpart’s audio logs in her Living Quarters. Enter the code into the safe and pick up the vial of Compound 26 to unlock Everything is Dust.

Collectible Trophies


Visit all locations at Fort Solis



It’s unclear what the game means in reference to “locations” as Cartographer unlocked for me despite never visiting the Security Hub on the surface. However, just in case this means visiting every room then it could be semi-missable and considered as a collectible trophy. Either way, if you follow along with our Fort Solis All Collectibles Guide you will unlock this trophy at the very end of Chapter 04.

Skeleton Crew

Locate all crew members



There are 5 Crew Members to find in Fort Solis and all are covered in our Fort Solis All Collectibles Guide. All of them except N. Tout are unmissable as they show up as part of the story.

The 5 Crew Members and their brief locations are:

  1. O. Richardson – In the Med Bay
  2. H. Dunpart – Atrium (when trying to exit)
  3. N. Tout – In a Storage Container on the Surface next to the Maintenance Unit
  4. A. Naderi – Server Room
  5. A. Hoskins – Canteen (L5 Security Card needed)

W. Taylor may also be required for this trophy, however, since it’s impossible not to run into him his location isn’t needed.

Terra Tour Guide

Collect all audio logs, posters, emails and banners



All Audio Logs, Posters, Emails, and Banners are covered in our Fort Solis All Collectibles Guide.

Tragedy Documented

View all Video Logs



Glitched/ Bugged

All Video Logs are covered in our Fort Solis All Collectibles Guide.

POTENTIAL BUG WARNING: It appears that Tragedy Documented is bugged at the moment with a 50% of it not unlocking. Some people have had no issues but others are reporting that it doesn’t unlock despite having 100% of the collectibles. The only thing you can do to try “un-bug” this trophy is to delete your save data and collect everything from scratch making sure to watch every video log in their entirety.

Phase Two - Optional Clean-Up

Trophies in this phase:

Miscellaneous Trophies

Dust Dancing

Miscellaneous Trophies

Dust Dancing

Take 3000 steps on the surface of Mars



Any time you’re on the surface of Mars in Fort Solis the game will track how many steps you take. To unlock Dust Dancing you need to walk a total of 3,000 steps. This should take you anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to unlock so it’s recommended to load up a YouTube/Spotify playlist or watch something on Netflix while you attempt this trophy.


Experience the alternate ending



At the end of Chapter 04 you will have your final encounter with W. Taylor during which you will have to run on the surface of Mars to reach a hangar. To unlock the alternate ending you simply need to fail the QTEs while running to the hangar so that W. Taylor catches up with you and a struggle ensues.


Fort Solis

Obtain all trophies

After collecting every trophy in this Fort Solis Trophy Guide, the "Fort Solis" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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