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Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons Guide

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Where to Find all 46 Unique Weapons in Far Cry 6 for the Armed to the Teeth Trophy/Achievement

Welcome to our Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons Guide. There are 46 Weapons spread across Yara in Far Cry 6, and they can be fairly difficult to find. Unlike other collectibles, extra explanation is required for many of the Unique Weapons and so a full guide was necessary rather than just a simple map.

Unique Weapons are typically hidden in some very snazzy-looking crocodile skin briefcases, but they can also appear in large treasure chests too.

If you would prefer to try and find all of the weapon yourself, you can find small clues on each weapon by inspecting them in your arsenal while they are locked. These clues will help you to locate the weapons fairly easily in most cases.

Note that only the Unique Weapons are required for this trophy. Normal weapons which can be found from standard caches or bought in shops do not count towards this trophy. You can easily differentiate by going to your Arsenal in the menu and looking for the “Unique” section in each weapon tab, i.e. “Unique Rifles”, “Unique Sniper Rifles”, “Unique Launchers”, etc.

The guide below is broken up by weapon type, and screenshots have been provided where necessary.

Unique Rifles

Death Rites

In a small village on the southeast coast called “Maldito”, you can find this rifle inside the house with the burnt-down roof.

F*** Anton

Before you can acquire F*** Anton, you will need to complete Chorizo’s “Fetch Quest” Yaran Story in Montero Farm, Costa Del Mar. You will receive a “Mysterious Key” from Chorizo during this quest which is required to attain this gun.

Once you have the key, return to Isla Santuario and go to the small island at the center of Casas Cove. You’ll find a locked weapon chest there which the key can open.

Viva Libertad!

On the north coast of Isla Santuario, on the western tip of the crescent shape, you will find Punto Norte Lighthouse. Inside the house next to the Lighthouse, you can find the weapon chest containing Viva Libertad.

Camo Quinceanera

Go to a small fishing village called Yarabi, on the southern coast of El Este, and look for a note in a red box to begin the treasure hunt called “A Rising Tide”.

You will need to find 5 boats in the surrounding area which all have names on them, and a note under the house which states the order you should enter those names in.

Or you can ignore all that and just follow this guide which will tell you how to do it. Inside the hut, there are 5 switches that have signs next to them with names matching the names on the boats you can find outside.

Press the 5 buttons in this specific order:

  • El Tigre Del Mar
  • Papi Chulo
  • El Lucky
  • Clarita
  • Roja Victoria

A locked room will then open, within which you will find the Camo Quinceanera unique rifle.


Conquer the “Roco Pequena Sat Station” FND base in Fernando Valley to acquire the key to the office there. Use the key to get inside and open the chest containing the Sharkbite unique rifle.

Noblesse Oblige

Along the south coast of El Este, in Isabelle Steppes, there’s a museum building called the “Museum of the False Revolution”.

Head inside and look for the Noblesse Oblige in a display case.

One Ping Only

Unmissably acquired via the main story. Just complete the “The Lion’s Den” mission.

Vaya Con Dios

On the East Coast of El Este, in Mirador Cape, La Joya, there is an airport, Gabriel Castillo Airport. Look for the Vaya Con Dios rifle in the control room of the Air Traffic Control Tower there.

Surf & Turf

Start with the Treasure Hunt note on the reception counter at the Crocodile Farm in western Aguas Lindas.

Afterwards, head inside the pen at the center of the farm and look for a small shed with a large puddle of blood outside it. There’s a large croc inside who you will need to kill in order to retrieve the key to a nearby house.

Once you have the key, make your way back up onto the wooden platforms and stand under the windmill. It has a grapple point on it, which you can use to swing across the gap to the house with the orange door.

Open the orange door with your key and head inside. The Surf & Turf gun is inside a large treasure chest at the back of the room.


In El Rancho Bicho, a ranch in Cielo Gardens near the center of Noventarmas, Valle De Oro. Inside one of the houses there, the gun is in a chest at the foot of a bed.


At the docks of the Shipping Yard in Esperanza, you can find this weapon under the canopy of a building by the water.


Within Esperanza’s Old Pueblo district, there’s an FND base called “La Divindad Cathedral”. Complete the FND Base and then look for this weapon behind a locked blue gate on the roof. The key card should be on the Lieutenant if you don’t have it yet.

Unique Submachine Guns

Iron Curtain

Underwater at El Tigre Dormido Hotel on the west coast of Cruz Del Salvador, Valle De Oro.

Turn of the Century

On the eastern side of Lozania, Madrugada, you will find this weapon in “Resplandor Agriculture” in Palma Forest, near the Supply Drop there.

Carriage Carnage

On the border of Madrugada and Valle de Oro, there’s a broken railway bridge over Ancha Lake, near Castillo National Zoo.

At the center of this broken bridge, there’s a large red container with the Carriage Carnage weapon inside.

Streamline Moderne

In Palma Forest, on the east side of Lozania, Madrugada, you will find an FND base called “2nd Armored Division”. Inside, in an underground bunker accessed via a small yellow building at the base, you can find the Streamline Moderne Unique SMG.

The key for the bunker is in the same building as the door to it.

DIY Death

For this weapon, you will want to go to a small coastal town called “Concepcion” on the eastern coast of El Este. Between two busted vehicles in a mechanic shop at the north-east side of town, you’ll find the chest containing this weapon.


Found in plain sight at La Raja Bar in Fuego Valley, Lozania, Madrugada. It’s on some pallets near the cliff wall.

The Heroic End

Along the northeast coast of Dorado Cove in El Este, look for “The People’s Pride Clinic” and enter the long medical tent behind the Clinic’s main building. Inside, you’ll find one enemy and a chest containing The Heroic End Unique SMG.

Unique Light Machine Guns

Sink or Swim

At the north-east corner of Sierra Perdida in El Este, you will find Cauto De Paso Lagoon. Dive underwater in the southern wing of this lagoon to find Sink or Swim in one of the Shipwrecks.

High Caliber Beats

Ubisoft Connect Reward. Not Required for Armed to the Teeth trophy.

Impact Driver

In Muerte Point on the east coast of Barrial, Valle de Oro, you can find a large resort called “Chancletas Resort”. In a fenced-off yard there, you will find Impact Driver on a shelf. Climb the nearby rooftops to get in.

Crackle & Pop

In the West Lado district of Esperanza, you can find this weapon on the roof of El Rayo Cinema.

Start by climbing the grapple point on the side of the building near the blue eye that is spray-painted on the wall.

Unique Sniper Rifles

El Depredador

Build the “Hunting Lodge” facility in one of your Guerrilla Camps and then use resources to upgrade it to Level 3. That will unlock the El Depredador weapon.


Ubisoft Connect Reward. Not Required for Armed to the Teeth trophy.

Sobek Special

On the east side of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada, you can find a building with a small security shack outside. Interact with the note on the shack to begin this Treasure Hunt.

Climb on the roof of the building and then look for Bunker 2 from up there. You’ll notice that there’s a switch on the roof that opens Bunker 2’s door, but it doesn’t stay open long enough to get inside.

Instead, press the switch to open the door, and then shoot any gun through the door to set off the explosives kept in the bunker. This will blow open a hatch above the bunker, which you can drop into, gaining access to the bunker.

Inside, look for a key in a storage room which opens a small office.

Enter the office and press the switch hidden under the desk. It will open a nearby bookshelf, revealing the chest containing the Sobek Special.

Double Clutch

Complete any Gan Premio Race to unlock Double Clutch.

El Tirano

Use a grappling hook to reach the top of the lighthouse in Escila Fort. The fort is found on the northern tip of Valle De Oro, in Ventosa Peninsula.

You’ll find El Tirano in a chest up there.

The Transubstantiator

Look for a bridge at the True Yaran Academy in Cielo Gardens, Noventarmas, Valle De Oro. Next to it, you’ll see a fairly obvious sewer access opening in the wall.

Go through it and follow the linear path to find The Transubstantiator against some bars.

Unique Shotguns


Use the grappling hook to reach the top of a tower at the Punto Este Lighthouse on the Southeast coast of Sagrado, Quito, Isla Santuario. The shotgun is in a chest up there.

El Rubi

If you zoom in really close on the Torre Del Leone on the map, you’ll see some dashed blue lines leading south to two black eye icons.

Start at either of those two icons to get into the sewer system and then head through the sewers all the way to a manhole cover which brings you topside just south of Torre Del Leone.

Head to the north side of the building and then walk in through the front door. The alarm will sound the second you walk in, but just ignore it and quickly run to the opposite side of the lobby, you’ll find El Rubi in a chest there.

Ciervo Macho

Build the “Hunting Lodge” facility in one of your Guerrilla Camps and then use resources to upgrade it to Level 2. That will unlock the Ciervo Macho weapon.

The True Loyalist

Head to the Gran Finca Power Station in Cielo Gardens, Noventarmas, Valle De Oro. You’ll find a Treasure Hunt note on the door, which you should grab to begin the Treasure Hunt.

Find your way into the station itself and then look for the clogged pipes. You’ll see sludge blocking them, shoot it with your gun to clean it and reduce the flooding in the lower levels.

Repeat this a few times to completely drain the facility. Once done, head back up to the locked door into her office, and use the switch in the control room to open the door.

Inside, you’ll find a large treasure chest containing the weapon.

Excavation Execution

Go to Catalina Ridge in La Joya, El Este. There, look for the Santos Espinosa Dam and read the note in the red box there to begin the Treasure Hunt.

From there, cross to the other side of the Dam and break into the white building there (aim through a window and shoot the lock on the main door).

Once inside, do the following in this exact order:

Activate the Sluice Control – Big red button on a yellow control panel at the back of the room.

Press the button on the Hydraulic Monitoring Machine.

Turn the Pressure Valve on the pipe against the wall.

Push the button on the large blue control console by the window.

After all that, the dam will open, revealing a Dam Worker’s corpse. Use your grapple to rappel down to him, acquire his key card, then grapple back up and use the key card on the door next to the note you used to start the treasure hunt.

Inside, you’ll find a chest containing the Excavation Execution Unique Weapon.


On the GDP Oil Platform FND Base in the top-left corner of the map (Philly sends you here for a quest at some point in the story).

On the south-east platform of the Oil Rig there are some blue containers, one of which is being held by a large crane.

Go into the control room on the opposite platform (south-west corner) and you’ll find a big red button. Push it and the crane will move.

Return to the blue containers and you’ll see that you can now get inside them and collect the Supercharger weapon from the chest inside.


At the Taino Peak Relay Station in Bandido Escarpment, Valle de Oro. Head inside the tower there and climb the ladder to reach the top where you’ll find this weapon.

Unique Bows


In the jungles on the west side of El Este, near to Lapida Magote, you can find a cage just sitting there.

Shoot the orange cage door to bust it open and collect the Bullseye weapon in the chest inside.

El Capirote

Build the “Hunting Lodge” facility in one of your Guerrilla Camps and then use resources to upgrade it to Level 1. That will unlock the El Capirote weapon.

Unique Launchers

La Guaracha

On the stage at the bar in Segunda, a settlement on the west side of Cruz Del Salvador, in Valle de Oro.

El Caballero

Conquer the FND camp “F.I. Escudo Steel Plant” on the west side of Aguas Lindas in Madrugada. You’ll receive a key from one of the guards which opens a storage room on the side of the building. Head inside to find El Caballero in a chest on the shelves.

La Petite Mort

At Tormentoso Bay in Barrial, Valle de Oro, you can find a Treasure Hunt Note next to a boarded-up doorway.

Collect the note to begin the Treasure Hunt and then make your way through the Pirate Cave here until you reach the treasure chest at the end.

Inside, you will find La Petite Mort.

Into Orbit

Look for the “Liquid Courage” Treasure Hunt note inside a red box on the table in a building at Star Rocket Brewery at the northern coast of Noventarmas, Valle de Oro.

After you acquire it, head through the nearby door, further into the brewery. Inside, look for 4 red valves. Note that the fourth valve, on the boiler, cannot be activated until all three lights above it are green. You make them green by turning the other three valves.

When the boiler explodes, look for a grapple point above the boiler and use it to get into the vents which lead into the office.

Inside the office, you’ll find a weapon chest containing the “Into Orbit” rocket launcher.

Unique Pistols

Blood Drunk

In Jose’s Villa on the North Point of the small island at Serpentino Park, Costa Del Mar, Madrugada.

The Autocrat

Inside Fort Quito on Isla Santuario. In the fort, find a ladder leading underground and climb down it to find the weapon inside a fenced-off enclosure. You can break a wooden panel on the side of the enclosure to get inside.

Lethal Dose

Start “The Mongoose and the Man” Treasure Hunt by collecting the note on the wooden post at Siniestra on the west coast of Costa Del Mar, Madrugada.

Hop the nearby fence and use the key near the shed to enter it, releasing a mongoose!

Shoot and kill the mongoose to recover the keys and then use them to open the main building, inside which you will find a large chest containing this weapon.

El Florecer

At Fontana Fort, on the island just off Vacia Coast at the south of El Este, you’ll find this weapon in a chest under some metal stairs on the roof where the cannons are.

You cannot enter the Fort until during the “Harpoon” Main Story Operation. After which, you can return and enter the fort any time.

El Regalo De Clara

Complete the Main Story Operation “Against the Wall” in Esperanza.

Pistola Sportiva

In Esperanza, between West Lado and Almendras Hills, look for El Maraton Field, a baseball stadium.

Enter the commentator’s booth high up in the stadium to find this weapon in a chest inside.

Unique Auto-Pistols

Rococo Loco

Complete your first Los Bandidos Operation. You can find a Los Bandidos Operations board in every main Guerrilla Camp.

You will need to send a Bandidos Leader out on the mission and then wait a set period of time for them to arrive at their target location, at which point they will stand by for orders from you.

Visit the Los Bandidos Operations board again to give them orders and complete the operation.

El General

At the FND Munitions Storage facility in Vencejo on the west side of Isla Santuarino. Climb down into the bunker from the hatch on top to find the weapon inside.


At the top of the tower at Golfo Vasto Lighthouse on the western point of Balaceras in Valle de Oro.

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