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How long does it take to beat Endling Extinction is Forever and unlock all trophies?

6 hours.

How difficult is it to beat Endling Extinction is Forever and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Endling Extinction is Forever have online trophies?


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Does Endling Extinction is Forever have missable trophies?

Does Endling Extinction is Forever have glitched trophies?


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Does Endling Extinction is Forever have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide and Road Map for Endling Extinction is Forever

Endling: Extinction is Forever is a cute little indie game about a mother fox trying to feed and protect her cubs as the world around her slowly devolves into a cold wasteland. The humans responsible for the current state of the planet are very much present and still pose a threat to the mother fox so players will have to be smart and ready to defend herself and her cubs from attacks. However, not all the humans are bad as some of them will offer whatever food they have on hand should you be brave enough to approach them. Endling: Extinction is Forever is available on PlaySation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Phase One - Blind Playthrough

For the first phase in our Endling Extinction is Forever Trophy Guide you should play the game without any guidance so you can experience the full game for yourself. Endling is quite short having only 30 Nights for you to play through with the gameplay loop being simple and easy. Each night you will venture out into the world in search of food to feed your cubs. Some nights will feature purple scents for you to follow to reveal the location of your cub which goes missing within the first three nights. There are a few missable trophies along the way which aren’t too complicated, however, we have you covered with our All Scents & Missable Trophies guide.

If you don’t want to do a Blind Playthrough and just want to get all the trophies out of the way, jump ahead to our second phase or follow our All Scents & Missable Trophies guide while you play!

Trophies in this phase:

Unmissable Story Trophies

Home Sweet Home

Reach the first lair



You will find the 1st Lair on Night 1 in the River Area.


Reach the second lair



You will find the 2nd Lair on Night 12 in the Forest Area.

Hard Fox Life

Reach the third lair



You will find the third Lair on Night 21 in the Dumping Area.

Family Reunion

Rescue the missing cub



Every 3 Nights, more or less, there will be three Scent Traces—shown as purple trails when you exit your lair—for you to follow which will reveal clues about what happened to your missing cub. Follow the purple trail while periodically pressing so you don’t lose the scent and if you find all traces in each of the three areas you will be reunited with your missing cub on Night 28. This trophy is marked as Semi-Missable because although the game is pretty clear that there are Scent Traces to find and following them is as simple as pressing and following the purple trail you can ignore them and you may not be reuinited with your cub.

Extinction is Forever

Finish the game



Extinction is Forever will unlock on Night 30.

Phase Two -Missable Trophies & Clean-Up

Phase Two of our Endling: Extinction is Forever guide is all about replaying through all 30 nights but this time you will be unlocking all the missable trophies, collecting all 33 Scent Traces, as well as eating all 17 food types. Scent Traces appear every 3 in-game nights and are very easy to find as a purple trail will appear the very moment you leave your lair and pressing every few feet will refresh the trail and lead you directly to the traces. However, eating all food types can be a bit tricky as some of them disappear from the game at various points and others require certain cub skills to reach. All of this is covered in our All Scent Traces & Missable Trophies Guide.

Missable Trophies

Barking in the Rain

Bark three times in a row when it's raining


This can be done on the very first night of the game—just press three times to bark as soon as you gain control of the fox again after falling off the cliff. If you miss this opportunity on Night 1 then you can attempt it on Nights 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

Mother Love

Pet your cubs at least once for five days straight


After a few days whenever you go out your cubs will join you. Once this happens you can press to pet one of your cubs. You need to do this for five days in a row to unlock Mother Love.

Peaceful Instinct

Do not kill any animal (fish, mouse, rabbit, pigeon, chicken) for five days


To unlock Peaceful Instinct you absolutely cannot kill and feed your cubs any animal meat for 5 days in a row. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t feed them meat at all. The deer that fell off the cliff at the start of the game is already dead so taking its meat and feeding it to your cubs doesn’t void this trophy. This meat fills the hunger meter quite a bit so it’s a really good idea to grab it immediately and feed your cubs so they can survive off berries for the next 4 days.


Enter your lair with a full stomach


During the first area, the River area, it’s not impossible but quite difficult to get a full stomach. However, later in the game there will be a bunch of pigeons and other foods that you can feed to your cubs to give them a full stomach. It’s best to do this close to your den so you can enter with a full stomach.

A Barking Fox Doesn't Bite

Bark at the Roamer


The earliest chance you can get to bark at the Roamer is Night 9. Head to the East of the River map where the bridge to the Forest is and once you get there you can see a man off in the distance. Press to bark and A Barking Fox Doesn’t Bite will unlock.

Your next chance to unlock this trophy will be on Night 19 near the fence to the Chicken Factory. Approach him and bark to unlock the trophy.

Detox diet

Don't feed your cubs trash for six days in a row


This is quite easy during the first area as there is very little trash and quite a few regenerative food sources like berry bushes. Only feed your cubs berries and/or apples for six days in a row and Detox Diet will unlock.

You Can Pet The Fox

Let Molly pet you


Molly is a little girl in Endling that is closely tied to in-game events. You can meet her on Night 15 when you learn the Climb cub skill, however, you can’t get her to pet you until the next night. Return to the spot where you learned the skill and she will approach you. When the prompt appears press it and you will let her pet you.

Chicken Dinner

Hunt a chicken for the first time


During the last area of the game, the Dumping Ground, you can enter the Chicken Factory from the North. Once you reach the factory with an overhead conveyor belt lined with chickens you can chase and kill one that falls from the belt. If one doesn’t appear you can try bark with to force one to appear.


Pet a scared cub


The easiest way to make one of your cubs scared is to find an owl—the appear mostly during the River Area at the start—and walk under them, startling them. They will attempt to attack your cub and you can scare them off. Once the owl has gone you can approach the scared cub and press [d=up] to soothe it, thus unlocking Lullaby.

Easter Egg

Have your cubs eat the Easter Egg


After learning the Dangle cub skill you can use it to get your cub to retrieve eggs from ledges. One particular egg will unlock the Easter Egg trophy which can be found at the end of the road to the South of where the deer landed at the very start of the game.

A Friend in Need

Release the Badger from the trap


During the River Area of the game you can find a Badger guarding a fish. When you approach it will chase you off. A few nights later, on Night 8, you can find the same Badger stuck in a man-made trap near the entrance to the factory to the East of the River Area. Approach the trap and tap to release the Badger.


Reunite the Badger's cub with their mother


On Night 17 you can meet the same Badger you freed on Night 8 only this time their cub is stuck on a ledge and the Mother Badger can’t get to them. You must reach the ledge by sneaking past the Scavenger to the right or take the safer and longer route to the left to reach the ledge. Once there you can pick the Badger cub up by pressing and then bring it back to the Mother Badger to reunite them.

Beyond Words

Let the Scavenger pet you


On Night 28 when following the final Scent Trace you can come across the Scavenger who stole your cub and after retrieving the fox you can let the Scavenger pet you when the prompt appears.

Collectible Trophies

Never Give Up

Find all traces of the missing cub in the river area



During the River Area there are 12 Scent Traces to find. We have covered all the Scent Traces and more in our Collectibles & Trophies Guide.

Never Let Down

Find all traces of the missing cub in the forest



During the Forest Area there are 9 Scent Traces to find. We have covered all the Scent Traces and more in our Collectibles & Trophies Guide.

Never Run Around

Find all traces of the missing cub near the dumping ground



During the Dumping Ground Area there are 9 Scent Traces to find. We have covered all the Scent Traces and more in our Collectibles & Trophies Guide.

For a Better Tomorrow

Learn all cub skills



There are 8 Cub Skills to learn. We have covered all the Cub Skills and more in our Collectibles & Trophies Guide.

  • High Jump (all cubs will learn automatically)
  • Jump (all cubs will learn automatically)
  • Squeeze Through
  • Dig
  • Climb (all cubs will learn automatically)
  • Dangle
  • Hunt
  • Disable Traps

Let your cubs eat every kind of food in the game



There are 17 food items to eat and you must feed at least one of each to your cubs in order to unlock Omniverse (see map below).

The Food items are:

  1. Deer – Found at the start near the cliff you fell from
  2. Mushroom – Found at the entrance of the factory in the River Area (squeeze skill needed)
  3. Egg – Found in trees in Forest area mainly (climb skill needed)
  4. Berries – Found all over in bushes
  5. Apple – Found in trees that you can shake to drop the apple
  6. Worm – Found mainly in River area (dig skill needed)
  7. Rabbit – Found in River and Forest area
  8. Pigeon – Found in Factory and Dumping Ground areas
  9. Rat – Found underground in Factory area
  10. Candy Bar – Found in Dumping Ground area
  11. Potato Chips – Can only find one in the Dumping Ground camp area
  12. Garbage – Found all over map
  13. Lunch Box – Only one can be found on a ledge at the bottom of the Chicken Factory
  14. Canned Food – Can be found in the Factory and Dumping Ground areas
  15. Chicken – One is guaranteed to spawn in the Chicken Factory
  16. Fish – Found in any place you can enter the water in the River area
  17. Mouse – Found all over the map in small trash piles


Ending Trophies

All For One

Finish the game with at least one cub alive


Two Peas in a Pod

Finish the game with at least two cubs alive


Three Little Foxes

Finish the game with at least three cubs alive


We Are a Family

Finish the game with all cubs alive


Keeping all fox cubs alive is relatively easy as long as you keep them fed and protect them from any predators. However, the fourth cub relies upon whether or not you found all 33 Scent Traces and retrieved the cub from the Scavenger. We have covered all the Scent Traces and more in our Collectibles & Trophies Guide.



Unlock every other trophy in the game

After collecting every trophy in this Endling Extinction is Forever Trophy Guide, the "Endling" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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