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Dead Island 2: All Missing Person Quests

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Missing Person Quests

Dead Island 2 has 9 Missing Persons Quests that all can be started by visiting the notice board in the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Each entry in this Missing Person Quests guide will have a map with pinned objectives and locations of all the missing people.

Missing: Jamal

Jamal went missing in the Halperin Hotel area. To find him you must first visit Objective #1 & #2 (marker icons) which are guard huts. At each hut you will have to destroy magnetic locks to open the door before you can search for clues inside. Once you have both clues you must then travel back to the beginning of the area where you will find Jamal (skull icon) by a huge crater in the road. Once you have found Jamal and defeated all the zombies in the immediate area you can use Jamal’s Key to open the chest in the back of his Red Pickup Truck.

Missing: Steve

Head to Monarch Studios and find your way to Sound Stage #3. Once there you can see a Kitchen Set with three items to investigate.

  • Soap on the Kitchen Counter by the Sink
  • Box of Food by the waste bin to the right of the Sink
  • Answering Machine on some stairs behind the Kitchen Set (near a painter’s table)

After collecting the three items above you will complete Part 1 of the search for Steven and should now head to Beverly Hills.

Once you reach Beverly Hills you should head immediately for the Missing Person icon to find and talk to Steve. You will discover that he is not ready to be saved and instead wants you to head to Markers #1, #2, and #3 to find unique Zombies and lure them back to him.

At Marker #1 you will find the a Butcher which Steve wants as his Villain. Marker #2 will have a Fireman Zombie which is Steve’s Hero, and finally at Marker #3 you will find an Inferno Crusher which is Steve’s Hunk. Make sure to lure these 3 zombies back to Steve before you kill them. Once you have done this task for Steve he will be rescued and show up at the nearby Safe House.

Missing: Laura

Head to Venice Beach and go straight to Marker #1/Missing Person icon and search the Police Station for information on where Laura could be. Specifically you need to collect 2 Journals in the Office adjacent to the Holding Cells. Once you have these you will need to head to Marker #2 to find the Zombie Officer who has the key to Laura’s Cell. Head back to the police station and open the cell to find Laura.

Missing: Shane

Go the Venice Beach and head to Marker #1 where you’ll find a Lifeguard Tower. Go inside and you will find a Journal on the blue table. From there you should head to Marker #2 to another Lifeguard Tower surrounded by Zombies. Defeat them all and search the ground around them for a dropped Journal. Now you can exit to Santa Monica.

Once you arrive you should head to the Lifeguard HQ and search around outside for an Inferno Crusher called TJ the Lifeguard. Defeat him and you will discover what happened to Shane.

Missing: Davis

Head to Marker #1 to find a bunch of evacuation buses–you might remember this place as this is where you first entered Venice Beach–that you can search. Look on the floor on the steps of each bus you can enter and you will find a Journal which leads you to Santa Monica.

Exit the Lifeguard HQ and head North to find some buses in a fenced area (you can crouch to enter through one of the broken fences). Inside you can find Davis in the very middle. Defeat him and pick up the phone he drops to complete the quest.

Missing: Rainer

Travel to Marker #1 which is the underground Lab where you met your first Mutator. Inside you will find and fight a Firestorm Slobber who will drop a Journal when you defeat him. Pick it up and you will discover that Rainer was taken to Hollywood Boulevard.

Enter the underground Metro and opposite the ticket office is a locked door to a Supply Closet that you won’t be able to open yet. Kill all the zombies and then go further into the Metro to find the zombie that locked Rainer in the Supply Closet. Once you have the key you can open the Supply Closet and free Rainer.

Missing: Nadia

Fast Travel to the Metro and head to the Missing Person icon to find a locked door. You will have to find the code which is split up into 4 digits. Go to Markers #1, #2, #3, and #4 to find the code and then return to the locked door to get to Nadia. The codes are more specifically found here:

  • #1 is on the wall in the corridor (0)
  • #2 is on the roof inside the train carriage (8)
  • #3 is on a wall with some graffiti (2)
  • #4 is on the wall under a vent (6)

Missing: Greg

Head to the Missing Person icon and look for a garage shutter that is half closed due to the front of a vehicle blocking it from fully closing. Crouch under and look for a double stack of breakable wooden crates that are blocking a door. Break the crates and enter the next room to find some elevators you can enter to get to the underground parking lot. In the dark underground parking lot you will have to find a Circuit Breaker to get power back to the shutter that Greg is trapped behind. Once you do this you can follow Greg into the next room where you will be attacked by a wave of zombies. After defeating the zombies you can safely get to Greg to complete the quest.

Missing: Pablo

Travel to Venice Beach and go to Marker #1 to find a Tattoo Parlour. Inside is a Journal which will tell you where to go next to pick up Pablo’s trail. Head to Marker #2 to find a gym nutrition shop called Muscle Beach Nutrition. To get inside you must grab a Circuit breaker from the auto shop found at Marker #3. Throw the circuit breaker over the fence behind Muscle Beach Nutrition and slot it into the panel on the wall. You can now go behind Muscle Beach Nutrition and open the shutters to get inside to find another Journal which points you to Gang Green. Head to the Missing Person icon and look outside Gang Green for a zombie called Doc Marin who will have the key to let you inside Gang Green. Once you get inside–look out for shotgun tripwires–you will find Pablo and a Journal.

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