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Dead Island 2: All Lost & Found Weapons

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Lost & Found Weapons

Dead Island 2 has 6 Lost & Found Weapon Quests that all can be started by coming across journals or unique locked chests in the open world. These quests usually include a bit of detective work to figure out where to go next to unlock the chest the weapon is contained in. Note: It’s best to leave these Lost & Found Quests until you have at least finished the main story as some of them don’t seem to trigger until you have seen the credits.

The Clean and Snatch

To start The Clean and Snatch you need to head to the safehouse in Beverly Hills where you can find a chest half-submerged in water in the pool next to the house. Turn off the electricity via the panel on the wall at the edge of the pool and then jump in the water to pick up a Journal. You then need to visit markers #1, #2, and #3 to find more journals which will reveal which pool belongs to Obi’s (the pool guy) crush.

Travel to Bel Air and head to the Goat Pen mansion where you can find Obi as a zombie in the pool area. Kill him and you will be able to get the key to unlock his chest back at the safehouse in Beverly Hills.

My Mailman Was a Zombie!

To start this quest you will need to head to the flag icon which is just up the road from the Goat Pen mansion. Here you will find a black case that has been locked. To unlock it you will need to travel to each of the three numbered markers to find packages the Mailman delivered. Upon reaching the final numbered marker you can kill the zombified Mailman (the mailman will always appear at the last marker you visit regardless of order) and grab the key to his case back at his mail truck.

Fool’s Gold

To start this quest you should head to the flag icon to find a named Crusher called Dante. Defeating him will start the quest. You should then travel to both numbered markers to find a burner phone at each location which will then finally lead you to the sandy path down the side of the Lifeguard HQ where you will find a buried safe at the weapon icon.

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash

To start this quest head to the flag icon and enter Jo’s Rentals to find a Journal on the counter. Then you can head to marker #1 where you can enter another Jo’s Rentals shop to find another Journal on the counter. Now head to marker #2 to find Jo who is now a zombie and defeat him to get one last journal before heading to the weapon icon to find a black case with a weapon inside (you will have to climb to the roof of the store called Marla’s Tapas & Tacos).


This quest is fairly simple to start and complete. First head to the flag icon and find a named zombie called Lt. Ford and defeat him so you can pick up his journal. Then immediately head to the weapon icon to find a shipping container with some breakable boxes inside and a locked case behind them with the weapon inside.

Drunk and Disorderly

To start this quest you should head to the ground floor of the mall and to the right of the stairs that lead up to the 2nd floor is a door with a “1” on the wall next to it. Go inside and search the restroom for a Journal. The weapon location is also marked on this map but you can’t get it just yet as you will need to travel to Venice Beach and Santa Monica to collect some journals before you can unlock the car with the weapon inside.

Travel to Venice Beach and head to marker #1 to find a Tattoo Parlour with a zombie inside called Grant who drops a journal upon defeating him. Then head to marker #2 to find a zombie called Cole–nearby a store called Lenny’s–who again will drop a Journal upon defeating him.

Head to marker #1 to find a restaurant called Pier Grill. Search the tables outside to find a Journal on one of them and then head to marker #2 to find a named Firestorm Slobber called Jordan. Defeat him and pick up his Car Keys. Now you can go back to Ocean View and unlock the car in the underground parking lot below the Mall.

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