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September 26th, 2019


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How to Synthesize All Items and Where to Find All Materials in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy for PS4/PS5

Welcome to our Atelier Ryza: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy Synthesis Guide. The goal of this guide is to provide information on where each of the Materials in the game can be found, as well as how to craft all other items.

Unlike the original Atelier Ryza game, there is no trophy for unlocking or synthesizing every item. You can comfortably collect the Platinum Trophy while never synthesizing some items. That being said, you will constantly find yourself looking for specific items for quests and other trophies, so you will still get a lot of value from this Atelier Ryza 2 Synthesis guide.

How to Synthesize in Atelier Ryza 2

Synthesis is the key feature of the Atelier Ryza games. Using alchemy, you can create gear, items, and tools with a near-infinite selection of traits and abilities. This complex system requires two things; Recipes and Materials.

You gather materials by exploring the world and using your various tools to extract resources from your surroundings. Recipes, on the other hand, are found in one of three ways; either by receiving them from NPCs, unlocking them via the Skill Tree in the menu, or unlocking them via “Recipe Morph”.

Regarding Recipe Morphs; when synthesizing, look out for any recipes with a small paper icon next to them. This indicates that a “Recipe Morph” is possible. Use your materials to purchase the “Recipe” node while synthesizing to morph the recipe.

Where to Find All Materials in Atelier Ryza 2

The table below displays all the items that you can gather in the wild. It contains information on at least one location where each item can be gathered. You may want to use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search for a specific item.

I have included the minimum Gathering Level required for each tool, too. To upgrade your tool-less gathering/staff gathering level, you need to buy specific Skills in the Skill tree.

For all other tools, you will need to Recipe Morph a more advanced version of each tool and then unlock all of the “Effect” nodes to reach max gathering level.

MaterialLocationGathering MethodGathering Lvl
Clean WaterCentral DistrictCollect from water gathering spot★☆☆
Plant EssenceSchirm MarshHit bushes with the Staff★★☆
Roteswasser TonicMemorial GardenBreak vases with the Staff★☆☆
Jade WaterFairystone Eater’s DomainBreak barrels with the Staff★☆☆
Ether AquaSubmerged Lower TownBreak vases with the Staff★☆☆
Foamy WaterForgotten RuinsBreak vases with the Staff★☆☆
Ancient Blue WaterCold Moon CavernBreak vases with the Staff★★★
Clover MilkHighwayBreak barrels with the Staff★☆☆
Black WaterGlass Flower ForestUse an Axe on the Rafflesia Flowers at the south side of the map★★☆
Nameless GrassHighwayGather Red Flowers★★☆
Dry GrassWindmuhle ValleyHit bushes with the Staff★☆☆
Poison GrassAbandoned Mine RailwayUse a Sickle on Purple Plants★☆☆
Wasser WheatFarm DistrictBreak crates with a Staff★☆☆
Sweet LeafHighwayUse a Sickle on the bushes in the farm area★☆☆
Rosen LeafFire People’s VillageGather Red Flowers★★☆
Ancient BranchWindmuhle ValleyUse a Sickle on Saplings★★☆
Lucky CloverFarm DistrictGather Yellow Flowers★★☆
Blue CloverHighwayGather Blue Flowers★★☆
Blue HerbHighwayGather Blue Flowers★★★
Torch GrassForest of BeginningsUse Sickle on Large Flowers★☆☆
RishikelpStar Guardian LakeDive underwater in the northeastern lake and collect seaweed from the lakebed★☆☆
Glowing DiatomStar Guardian LakeGather Coral★★★
UniHighwayHit trees with Staff or collect from ground★☆☆
Gold UniHighwayHit trees with Staff or collect from ground★★☆
Water UniSubmerged Lower TownDive underwater at the entrance to this map. There, collect the Uni down below.★☆☆
Ancient UniFlowerpatch CapeCollect Uni from the ground in the northwest★☆☆
Emperor UniHighwayCollect Uni from the ground★★★
Health FlowerHighwayGather Red Flowers★★☆
Northern Wind FlowerHighwayGather Blue Flowers★☆☆
Sunny Honey FlowerFarm DistrictGather Yellow Flowers★☆☆
Bubble GrassStar Guardian LakeUse Sickle on Large Flowers★☆☆
Spring PrincessSchirm MarshGather Blue Flowers★☆☆
Delphi RoseFire People’s VillageGather Red Flowers★☆☆
FragileGlass Flower ForestUse Sickle on Glass Flowers★☆☆
TimetellerCrystal Cave of OblivionUse Sickle on Large Flowers★★☆
Polar CactusSand Beast’s DenHit purple bushes with the Staff★★★
Dream FlowerPhantasm ForestUse a Sickle on the poison flowers★☆☆
Rose CrystalGlass Flower ForestUse Sickle on Glass Flowers★★☆
TaunHighwayGather Pink Flowers to the south★☆☆
Tall TaunHighwayGather Pink Flowers to the south★★☆
Sapling BranchWindmuhle ValleyUse a Staff on Saplings★★☆
Medicinal MossHighwayUse a Sickle on Mossy Rocks★☆☆
Fertile SoilForest of BeginningsCollect from Burlap Sacks near river★☆☆
Medium MedicineForgotten RuinsCollect from skeletons★★★
Bitter RootHighwayCollect plants★★☆
Crimson GrassHighwayCollect Lillypads from the lake surface★☆☆
Ancient SolutionPhantasm ForestBreak vases with the Staff★★☆
Sage GrassThirsty WastelandGather Flowers★☆☆
Life LeafMemorial GardenHit bushes with the Staff★☆☆
Refueling ExtractCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Yugdore WaterGlass Flower ForestBreak barrels with the Staff★★★
Resentful ScreamSchirm MarshGather plants in the northeast★★★
Mushroom PowderForest of BeginningsGather orange mushrooms★★☆
Stinky TrashArtisan DistrictBreak Crates with the Staff★☆☆
Burnt AshHighwayUse Bomb Rod on Berry Bushes★☆☆
Dragon FlowerGlass Flower ForestHit bushes with the Staff★☆☆
Demon BloodMagical Hidden Village/Den of the WiseUse Bomb Rod on dark-colored Crystals/Drops from Shadow Commander monster★★★
Forest SageMemorial GardenHit bushes with the Staff★★★
DunkelheitSpirit Tree’s Resting PlaceSickle Tall Flowers on the east bank of the lake★★★
Dream PowderPhantasm ForestHit poison flowers with the Staff★☆☆
Divine LiquidMagical Hidden VillageBreak vases with the Staff★★★
SolflowerCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Soft SandHighwayGather from small rock piles★★☆
Burning SandHighwayUse Bomb Rod on trees★★☆
Ashen SandHighwayHit rocks with red ore using the Staff★★☆
Polluted HumusGrenze HillCollect from Soil Patches★★★
Emerald GlassMemorial GardenBreak pink crystals with the Staff★☆☆
Seafloor SoilStar Guardian LakeCollect from Soil Patches underwater on the lakebed★☆☆
Black MuckStar Guardian LakeCollect from Soil Patches underwater on the lakebed★★☆
Vortex SandThirsty WastelandCollect from Soil Patches★★☆
Nectar RockHighwayHit boulders with an Axe★☆☆
Eroded StoneHighwayHit Stone Block stacks with an Axe★☆☆
RiverstoneAncient Mana WorkshopBreak purple crystals with an Axe★☆☆
Blue Flame RiverstoneGlass Flower ForestBreak yellow and blue crystals with an Axe★☆☆
Waterside Moss StoneHighwayBreak Mossy Rocks with the Staff★☆☆
Ethereal StoneForest of BeginningsBreak stone pillars with an Axe★★☆
Ancient PillarForest of BeginningsBreak stone pillars with the Staff★☆☆
Coral StoneStar Guardian LakeGather Coral★☆☆
ArkniteCrystal Cave of OblivionBreak Silver Crystals with an Axe★★☆
Crimson OreHighwayHit rocks with red ore using the Staff★☆☆
Aqua OreForest of BeginningsHit rocks with blue ore using the Staff★☆☆
Lightning OreWindmuhle ValleyHit yellow rocks using the Staff★☆☆
Wind OreForgotten RuinsHit rocks with blue ore using the Staff★☆☆
Amatite OreForgotten RuinsHit rocks with black ore using the Staff★☆☆
PentaniteSchirm MarshBreak Crystals with an Axe★☆☆
MordeniteForest of BeginningsUse a Bomb Rod on Stone Pillars★☆☆
GoldiniteSand Beast’s DenBreak southwestern rainbow-colored crystals with an Axe★★☆
Degenesis StoneAncient Mana WorkshopBreak purple crystals with an Axe★★☆
SeptrinSand Beast’s Den
Central District
Break southwestern rainbow-colored crystals with an Axe★★★
Eternal CrystalCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Small CrystalsHighwayHit rocks with red ore using the Staff★★★
Unknown GemstoneWindmuhle ValleyBreak Amber deposits with the Staff★★☆
Shell PearlStar Guardian LakeCollect clams underwater on the lakebed★☆☆
Amber CrystalWindmuhle ValleyBreak Amber deposits with the Axe★☆☆
MagnemarmorAncient Mana WorkshopUse a Bomb Rod on Magma Rocks★☆☆
Holy Arbor CrystalWater Spirit’s Sanctuary
Central District
Use Sickle on logs with blue gems jutting out of them★★☆
Rainbow GemstoneSand Beast’s Den
Crystal Cave of Oblivion
Break southwestern rainbow-colored crystals with a Bomb Rod★★★
Amber FragmentWindmuhle ValleyBreak Amber deposits with the Staff★☆☆
Glowing CoralStar Guardian LakeGather Coral★★☆
Star FragmentSubmerged Lower TownBreak yellow and blue crystals with an Axe★☆☆
Underworld CrystalEthereal Dragon’s CoffinDrops from any enemyN/A
Dried LumberHighwayUse a Sickle on trees★★☆
Flaming Black SandHighwayUse a Bomb Rod on logs★★☆
Magma PowderAncient Mana WorkshopBreak Magma Rocks with an Axe★☆☆
Scrap PaperForgotten RuinsCollect paper from the floor★☆☆
Flammable BarkHighwayUse a Sickle on trees★☆☆
Palma BarkSubmerged Lower TownUse a Sickle on palm trees★★☆
Natural OilSchirm MarshUse a Sickle on trees★☆☆
Smokey CharcoalHighwayUse a Bomb Rod on trees★☆☆
Palma CharcoalSubmerged Lower TownUse a Bomb Rod on palm trees★★★
Fuel CoconutSchirm MarshGather coconuts★☆☆
Eternal FireCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Amber OilWindmuhle ValleyBreak Amber deposits with an Axe★★★
Beast MeatMemorial GardenBreak Crates with the Staff★★★
Fresh MeatHighwayDrops from the Giant Weasel Formidable EnemyN/A
Unknown EggHighwayCollect from Birds Nests★☆☆
Oil Tree FruitSchirm MarshHit trees with Staff★★☆
Nectar FruitHighwayHit trees with Staff★☆☆
Wild PotatoHighwayGather plants★☆☆
PortpeaMemorial GardenBreak vases with the Staff★★☆
Palma FruitSubmerged Lower TownHit palm trees with the Staff★★☆
Fresh BerryMemorial GardenBreak vases with the Staff★☆☆
Werder NutWindmuhle ValleyHit bushes with the Staff★☆☆
Fortune FruitHighwayHit berry bushes with the Staff★☆☆
BeehiveHighwayGather Beehives★☆☆
Silver BeehiveHighwayGather Beehives★★☆
Gold BeehiveHighwayGather Beehives★★★
Ancient BeehiveWindmuhle ValleyGather Beehives★★☆
Honey BallWindmuhle ValleyGather Beehives★★★
EicheloaForest of BeginningsGather Yellow Mushrooms★☆☆
Mushroom ColonyCentral DistrictBreak barrels with the Staff★☆☆
UtopiechampignonSchirm MarshCut down large mushrooms with an Axe★☆☆
Golden CrownForest of BeginningsGather Yellow Mushrooms★★★
Jellyfish MushroomStar Guardian LakeGather from logs underwater on the lakebed★★☆
Dusk MushroomForest of BeginningsGather Yellow Mushrooms★★☆
Danger MushroomSlumbering River ValleyGather Purple Mushrooms★☆☆
SardineCentral DistrictBreak barrels with the Staff★☆☆
ExofishStar Guardian LakeGather from bushes underwater on the lakebed★☆☆
SerioleHighwayBreak barrels with the Staff★★★
PourpremouleCentral DistrictBreak barrels with the Staff★★☆
Mace FishFlowerpatch CapeFishing★★☆
Myria FishStar Guardian LakeGather from bushes underwater on the lakebed★★★
Lake MasterWater Spirit’s SanctuaryFishing★★☆
Pretty ShellsCentral DistrictBreak barrels with the Staff★★★
SpikeyWater Spirit’s SanctuaryFishing★☆☆
Uni StarfishFlowerpatch CapeFishing★☆☆
Demon CrabStar Guardian LakeGather from junk piles underwater on the lakebed★★★
Dragonpalace NautilusRed CliffGather from skeletons underwater on the lakebed★★★
Crown ShellfishHighwayYou can purchase this item once you’ve sold Romy a “Super Pure Water”N/A
Imperial FishWater Spirit’s SanctuaryFishing★★★
Seven StarsForgotten RuinsBreak Crates with the Staff★☆☆
Honey AntSchirm MarshBreak barrels with the Staff★☆☆
Lantern FlyForest of BeginningsUse a Bug Net on tall flowers★★★
Rose BeeMemorial GardenBreak armor with the Staff★★☆
Giant BeetleAbandoned Mine RailwayUse a Bug Net on Purple Plants★★☆
Bomb DragoonGrenze HillUse a Bug Net on Bushes★☆☆
Expiation WormMemorial GardenBreak armor with the Staff★☆☆
Amber FlyForgotten RuinsGather spider webs★★★
Lapis PapillionSpirit Tree’s Resting PlaceUse a Bug Net on tall flowers★☆☆
Baby WyrmGlass Flower ForestUse a Bug Net on Bushes★☆☆
TrihornWater Spirit’s Sanctuary
Spirit’s Tomb
Use a Bug Net on Logs with Blue Gems jutting out of them★★★
Ancient BugMemorial GardenGather Blue Flowers★★★
Spirit IsopodMemorial GardenGather Blue Flowers★★☆
Restraint SilkForgotten RuinsGather spider webs★☆☆
Tough VineHighwayGather from small bushes★★☆
Arbor IvyWater Spirit’s SanctuaryUse a Sickle on Logs with Blue Gems jutting out of them★☆☆
Cotton GrassForgotten RuinsGather spider webs★★☆
Queen Spider WebAbandoned Mine RailwayGather spider webs★★★
Angel SilkPhantasm ForestGather spider webs★★☆
EicheForest of BeginningsBreak Crates with the Staff★☆☆
Tough LogHighwayHit trees with an Axe★★☆
Mossy DriftwoodHighwayChop logs with an Axe★★★
Holy Arbor BranchWater Spirit’s Sanctuary
Central District
Use an Axe on Logs with Blue Gems jutting out of them★★★
PalmaSubmerged Lower TownChop down palm trees with an Axe★★★
Fossil TreeSubmerged Lower TownChop logs with an Axe★☆☆
Mana-Eater BranchFire People’s VillageUse an Axe on Logs with Blue Gems jutting out of them★☆☆
Ancient LogWindmuhle ValleyChop saplings with an Axe★★★
Wooden CogMemorial GardenGather from Junk Piles★★☆
Millennial TreeCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Wing PlantMemorial GardenUse a Sickle on bushes★☆☆
Sky BubbleStar Guardian LakeUse a net on large blue flowers★☆☆
Crispy MushroomSchirm MarshUse a Bomb Rod on big Mushrooms★☆☆
Rotwood MiasmaGlass Flower ForestUse Bomb Rod on Rafflesia Flowers★☆☆
Water Holy BranchStar Guardian LakeGather from bushes underwater on the lakebed★★☆
Blue PuniballHighwayDrops from Blue Puni enemiesN/A
Green PuniballForest of BeginningsDrops from Green Puni enemiesN/A
Red PuniballMemorial GardenDrops from Red Puni enemiesN/A
Black PuniballSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Black Puni enemiesN/A
Silver PuniballFire People’s VillageDrops from Silver Puni enemiesN/A
Gold PuniballAbandoned Mine RailwayDrops from Gold Puni enemiesN/A
Pink PuniballGlass Flower ForestDrops from Pink Puni enemiesN/A
Animal HideHighwayCollect from Birds Nests★★☆
Mythical HideWindmuhle ValleyUse a Sickle on skeletons★★★
Large BoneForgotten RuinsCollect from Skeletons★☆☆
Beast FossilWindmuhle ValleyHit Skeletons with an Axe★★☆
Blessed FeatherWindmuhle ValleyUse a Sickle on Skeletons★★☆
Water Beast FossilSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Hide Shark enemiesN/A
Water Beast ScaleSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Hide Shark enemiesN/A
Cave Bat WingAbandoned Eanesta MinesCollect from Birds Nests★★☆
Goat HornCentral DistrictPurchase using Silver CoinsN/A
Fairystone FragmentForgotten RuinsBreak crystals with the Staff★☆☆
Dark Crystal FragmentMemorial GardenBreak pink crystals with the Staff★★★
Holy Stone FragmentHighwayBreak crystals with the Staff★☆☆
Magic Tome PieceForgotten RuinsCollect paper from the floor★★☆
Old Magic TomeMemorial GardenCollect from stacks of books★★★
Holy Tree LeafWater Spirit’s SanctuaryUse a Bomb Rod on Logs with Blue Gems jutting out of them★★★
Abyss BoltWindmuhle ValleyGather from Junk Piles★★☆
Round TabletFire People’s VillageBreak boulders with an Axe★★★
Ancient FossilCrystal Cave of OblivionGather from skeletons★☆☆
Tempting SapGlass Flower Forest
Spirit’s Tomb
Use a Sickle on the Rafflesia Flowers★★★
White Moon FrostCold Moon CavernBreak vases with the Staff★☆☆
Virgo Requiem FlowerMemorial GardenGather Blue Flowers★☆☆
Ember StoneWindmuhle ValleyBreak Amber deposits with an Axe★★☆
Shining SandCentral DistrictPurchase from Romy with Gold CoinsN/A
Rusted SwordMemorial GardenBreak armor with the Staff★★★
Broken ToolsWindmuhle ValleyGather from Junk Piles★☆☆
Ancient SwordWindmuhle ValleyGather from Junk Piles★★★
Mysterious Metal ShardGarden of ReincarnationDig while riding Spirit BeastN/A
Beast FinSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Hide Shark enemiesN/A
Beast ShellLonely ResidenceDrops from any Beetle enemyN/A
Beast ScalesDen of the WiseDrops from Pile Bunker enemyN/A
Giant PuniballHighwayDrops from Big Puni enemyN/A
Golem CoreCrystal Cave of OblivionDrops from Colossus Golem enemyN/A
Heroic SpiritFairystone Eater’s DomainDrops from Great Guardian enemyN/A
Giant ClawsSchirm MarshDrops from Mother Weasel enemyN/A
Inverted ScaleFlowerpatch CapeDrops from Cloud Liner enemyN/A
Fairy Horn AdornmentForest of BeginningsDrops from Elder Fairy enemyN/A
Fluffy WoolHighwayDrops from Horned Sheep enemyN/A
Demon ClawsPhantasm ForestDrops from Savage Assassin enemyN/A
Giant Bird FeatherHighwayCollect from birds Nests★★★
Giant Bird EggRed CliffDrops from Wild Crest enemyN/A
Ether CoreCrystal Cave of OblivionDrops from Boulder Soldier enemyN/A
Guardian ArmorFairystone Eater’s DomainDrops from Great Guardian enemyN/A
Dragon MeatSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Stout Drake enemyN/A
Dragon WingSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Stout Drake enemyN/A
Dragon EggSubmerged Lower TownDrops from Stout Drake enemyN/A
Dragon EyeFlowerpatch CapeDrops from Cloud Liner enemyN/A
Dragon BoneFlowerpatch CapeDrops from Cloud Liner enemyN/A
ChestnutStar Guardian LakeGather Uni underwater from Lakebed★☆☆
SamastenCentral DistrictCentral District: purchaseN/A
LuceauxCentral DistrictCentral District: purchaseN/A

How to Synthesize All Items in Atelier Ryza

The table below displays every item that you can synthesize. Within, you’ll find every item alongside the requirements to unlock the recipe. You may want to use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search for a specific item.

Some items can only be created using “Evolution Link.” You first need to purchase the ability from the Skill Tree, then check the list below for the items that need to be combined.

ItemRecipe Unlock Method
Explosive UniSkill Tree
CraftRecipe Morph from Explosive Uni
BombSkill Tree
Ice BombSkill Tree
PlajigSkill Tree
LuftSkill Tree
Omega CraftRecipe Morph from Craft
Rose BombRecipe Morph from Bomb
Kleid Ice BombRecipe Morph from Ice Bomb
Strahl PlajigRecipe Morph from Plajig
Ratsel LuftRecipe Morph from Luft
Bubble BulletSkill Tree
Genesis HammerSkill Tree
Lunar LampSkill Tree
Philosopher’s BookSkill Tree
Grand BombEvolution Link Bomb + Rose Bomb
Crystal Ice BombEvolution Link Ice Bomb + Kleid Ice Bomb
Laute PlajigEvolution Link Plajig + Strahl Plajig
Wirbel LuftEvolution Link Luft + Ratsel Luft
N/AEvolution Link Omega Craft + Grand Bomb
ApocalypseEvolution Link Philosopher’s Book + Lunar Lamp
Mortal BulletEvolution Link Bubble Bullet + Omega Craft
Grass BeansSkill Tree
Dry BiscuitRecipe Morph from Grass Beans
NectarSkill Tree
Ashra MilkRecipe Morph from Honey
Ashra DonutRecipe Morph from Flour
Cocktail LebSkill Tree
Goddess CupSkill Tree
ElixirRecipe Morph from Nectar
NexfueliaRecipe Morph from Nectar
Heraus OintmentPart of a Side-Quest
Holy BeansEvolution Link Grass Beans + Goddess Cup
Mythic NectarEvolution Link Nectar + Elixir
Innocent LebEvolution Link Cocktail Leb + Nectar
Forbidden ElixirEvolution Link Elixir + Miracle Ebonyal
Curative MilkEvolution Link Ashra Milk + Nexfuelia
Fish OilRecipe Morph from Grass Beans
War PowderRecipe Morph from Eltz Sugar
EnergianicaSkill Tree
Mystic RobeSkill Tree
Miracle EbonyalRecipe Morph from War Powder
Astronomical ClockRecipe Morph from Creaminea
Red War PowderEvolution Link War Powder + War Powder
Blue Star RobeEvolution Link Mystic Robe + Energianica
Lunatic DebonyalEvolution Link Miracle Ebonyal + Witch’s Potion
Reverse ClockEvolution Link Astronomical Clock + Lunatic Debonyal
Order BreakerEvolution Link Fish Oil + Ashra Donut
Thorny EmbraceRecipe Morph from Alchemy Fibers
Poison SmokeRecipe Morph from Thorny Embrace
Witch’s PotionRecipe Morph from Poison Powder
Heroic GeistRecipe Morph from Poison Smoke
Poison Thorn PrisonEvolution Link Thorny Embrace + Poison Smoke
Bottle of PoisonEvolution Link Poison Smoke + Miracle Ebonyal
Demonic PotionEvolution Link Witch’s Potion + Goddess Cup
Master SpiritEvolution Link Heroic Geist + Red War Powder
Grass SickleSkill Tree
Woodcutter’s AxeSkill Tree
Bomb RodSkill Tree
Bug NetSkill Tree
Fishing RodSkill Tree
Wind ShoesSkill Tree
Emerald BandPart of a Story Mission
Spirit Beast WhistlePart of a Story Mission
Mana LanternPart of a Story Mission
Air DropPart of a Story Mission
Silent SickleRecipe Morph from Grass Sickle
Golden AxeRecipe Morph from Woodcutter’s Axe
Blue Bomb RodRecipe Morph from Bomb Rod
Master Bug NetRecipe Morph from Bug Net
Divine Fishing RodRecipe Morph from Fishing Rod
Red NeutralizerSkill Tree
Blue NeutralizerSkill Tree
Yellow NeutralizerSkill Tree
Green NeutralizerSkill Tree
Polishing PowderSkill Tree
ZettelSkill Tree
Reinforced ZettelRecipe Morph from Zettel
Alchemy PaintRecipe Morph from Mixing Oil
Delphi Rose IncenseRecipe Morph from Traveler’s Water Orb
IngotSkill Tree
StartiumRecipe Morph from Ingot
CreamineaRecipe Morph from Startium
GoldoterionRecipe Morph from Creaminea
Grand OrgenRecipe Morph from Goldoterion
ClothSkill Tree
Bestial AirRecipe Morph from Cloth
Sorcery RoseRecipe Morph from Bestial Air
EldrocodeRecipe Morph from Sorcery Rose
Weise ClothRecipe Morph from Eldrocode
Pearl CrystalRecipe Morph from Polishing Powder
AmberliteRecipe Morph from Pearl Crystal
SpiriniteRecipe Morph from Amberlite
Saint’s DiamondRecipe Morph from Spirinite
Arc en CielRecipe Morph from Saint’s Diamond
Waking EmeraldRecipe Morph from Spirinite
HoneySkill Tree
Eltz SugarRecipe Morph from Honey
Berry SyrupRecipe Morph from Eltz Sugar
Traveler’s Water OrbRecipe Morph from Zettel
Super Pure WaterSkill Tree
Port LiquidRecipe Morph from Super Pure Water
Healing ChipsSkill Tree
Holy DropRecipe Morph from Taboo Drop
Medicinal CocktailRecipe Morph from Holy Drop
Poison CubeRecipe Morph from Flour
Taboo DropRecipe Morph from Poison Cube
Poison PowderRecipe Morph from Poison Cube
Lightning SandRecipe Morph from Plajig
Polishing SandRecipe Morph from Lightning Sand
MarblestoneSkill Tree
Gunpowder BaseSkill Tree
Blue Flame EmberRecipe Morph from Gunpowder Base
Cool GunpowderRecipe Morph from Port Liquid
Mixing OilSkill Tree
Golden OilRecipe Morph from Mixing Oil
MeltstoneRecipe Morph from Marblestone
Ether EngineRecipe Morph from Cross Cartridge
FlourSkill Tree
Gelatin PowderSkill Tree
Alchemy FibersSkill Tree
Heavenly StringRecipe Morph from Alchemy Fibers
Stahl FiberRecipe Morph from Heavenly String
Holynut LumberSkill Tree
Dry PowderRecipe Morph from Healing Chips
Mist LiquidRecipe Morph from Traveler’s Water Orb
Feather DraftSkill Tree
Puni LeatherRecipe Morph from Bestial Air
Master LeatherRecipe Morph from Puni Leather
Dread LeatherRecipe Morph from Master Leather
Glass FlowerRecipe Morph from Ice Bomb
Spirit BottleRecipe Morph from Alchemy Paint
Cross CartridgeRecipe Morph from Lightning Sand
Crystal ElementRecipe Morph from Spirit Bottle
Philosopher’s StoneRecipe Morph from Crystal Element
Olden/Ancient Philosopher’s Stone (depending on game version)Recipe Morph from Philosopher’s Stone
Plant SeedsSkill Tree
Stone SeedsRecipe Morph from Plant Seeds
Fire SeedsRecipe Morph from Stone Seeds
Water SeedsRecipe Morph from Plant Seeds
Mystic SeedsRecipe Morph from Water Seeds
Poison SeedsRecipe Morph from Mysic Seeds
Golden SeedsRecipe Morph from Fire Seeds
Glorious OilPart of a Story Mission
Great Tree SeedlingPart of a Story Mission
Demolition BombPart of a Story Mission
Mana LiquidPart of a Story Mission
Ryza’s (Fake) MedicinePart of a Side-Quest
Plant FoodPart of a Side-Quest
Sunlight SoilPart of a Side-Quest
Crafter’s DrillPart of a Side-Quest
Ancient ScrollPart of a Side-Quest
SardingPart of a Side-Quest
True Handmade StaffSkill Tree
Mystical WonderRecipe Morph from True Handmade Staff
InversionRecipe Morph from Mystical Wonder
Azure TearRecipe Morph from Inversion
Sparkling ReverieRecipe Morph from Azure Tear
KurzbogenSkill Tree
Ermine TailRecipe Morph from Kurzbogen
Wind BlasterRecipe Morph from Ermine Tail
Lapis FlugelRecipe Morph from Wind Blaster
AstrumnoxRecipe Morph from Lapis Flugel
Training SwordSkill Tree
Heavy BulwarkRecipe Morph from Training Sword
HexbringerRecipe Morph from Heavy Bulwark
RagnarokRecipe Morph from Hexbringer
Demon EnderRecipe Morph from Ragnarok
Cross DaggersSkill Tree
Twin EdgeRecipe Morph from Cross Daggers
HalfmoonsRecipe Morph from Twin Edge
Tiger Wolf FangsRecipe Morph from Halfmoons
AmphisbaenaRecipe Morph from Tiger Wolf Fangs
IndexSkill Tree
Piercing BladeRecipe Morph from Index
Lowen ArgerRecipe Morph from Piercing Blade
Null CircleRecipe Morph from Lowen Arger
Edel SchwertRecipe Morph from Nill Circle
Antique FeatherSkill Tree
Forest HunterRecipe Morph from Antique Feather
EspiralRecipe Morph from Forest Hunter
Nimble HawkRecipe Morph from Espiral
Immortal ChaserRecipe Morph from Nimble Hawk
Nature’s BandSkill Tree
GiesskanneRecipe Morph from Nature’s Band
Guidance BangleRecipe Morph from Giesskanne
Excelsior BraceRecipe Morph from Guidance Bangle
Grand FloracionRecipe Morph from Exelsior Brace
Traveler’s CoatRecipe Morph from Cloth
Soldier’s CuirassRecipe Morph from Leather Protector
Mimicry RobeRecipe Morph from Radiant Plate
Draconic HeartRecipe Morph from Fortress Armor
Layered VelvetRecipe Morph from Fairy Cloak
Noble TunicRecipe Morph from Traveler’s Coat
Leather ProtectorRecipe Morph from Noble Tunic
Radiant PlateRecipe Morph from Soldier’s Cuirass
Fairy CloakRecipe Morph from Mimicry Robe
Fortress ArmorRecipe Morph from Radiant Plate
Uni CharmRecipe Morph from Ingot
Fluffy TailRecipe Morph from Startium
Locket of DevotionRecipe Morph from Uni Charm
Sage CircletRecipe Morph from Waking Emerald
Kaiser CapeRecipe Morph from Weise Cloth
Four Spirits AmuletRecipe Morph from Crystal Element
Focus GlassRecipe Morph from Waking Emerald
Hot-Blooded BandanaRecipe Morph from Sorcery Rose
Glory BeltRecipe Morph from Grand Orgen
Energy PendantRecipe Morph from Polishing Powder
Gnade RingRecipe Morph from Pearl Crystal
Quartz NecklaceRecipe Morph from Amberlite
Migratory CharmRecipe Morph from Locket of Devotion
Baron’s CrownRecipe Morph from Goldoterion
Elixir RingRecipe Morph from Arc en Ciel
Memoria BraceletPart of a Side-Quest
Samasten NecklacePart of a Side-Quest

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