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How long does it take to beat Twelve Minutes and unlock all trophies?

About 8 Hours if playing blind. As few as two hours by following our walkthrough.

How difficult is it to beat Twelve Minutes and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Twelve Minutes have online trophies?


Does Twelve Minutes have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Twelve Minutes have missable trophies?


Does Twelve Minutes have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Twelve Minutes?

One of the game's main features is its looping mechanic. You will be completing many short playthroughs on your road to the Platinum..

Does Twelve Minutes have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Twelve Minutes Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Welcome to our Twelve Minutes Trophy Guide. This thrilling game tells a story with many branching paths, across several timelines. You will have 12 minutes to reach the end of the game, and exploring your options is key to finding the perfect route through the story.

A story which, by the way, contains voice-work from Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy, and Willem DaFoe!

Twelve Minutes’ trophies encourage exploration of these routes and give you hints as to the next best way to proceed. However, due to this, our guide is going to contain a lot of spoilers.

If you don’t want the game’s story to be spoiled, then I would implore you to attempt these on your own volition before using our walkthrough below.

Twelve Minutes Trophy Walkthrough

Getting every trophy in the game is going to require many playthroughs.It is a little hard to give you directions per-trophy as a lot of them will rely on you having completed certain loops and gathered specific information.

The best way, then, is for me to provide a full text walkthrough for Twelve Minutes and instructions on how to complete all 15 loops.

This way, you’ll definitely be able to acquire all story-related trophies. There are a few missable trophies, however, which you should look out for as we play. I will be sure to clearly mark in bold the places where you should do things like looking at paintings and watering plants so that you don’t miss anything.

I’ve taken the time to include to-do lists for each loop you need to complete, in the order that you should complete them, and this guide is broken up by loop.

To jump to a specific loop, use the list below:

Loop 1Loop 9
Loop 2Loop 10
Loop 3Loop 11
Loop 4Loop 12
Loop 5Loop 13
Loop 6Loop 14
Loop 7Loop 15
Loop 8

Loop 1

You will earn one trophy in this Loop:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Let it be.


Listen is one of the easiest trophies you will earn in this game, and is part of the first loop you should complete.

To unlock the trophy, you will need to do absolutely nothing at all.

Start your playthrough in the hallway.

Press on the plant to get the fake rock, and then interact with it in your inventory to retrieve your key.

Use it on the apartment door to enter.

Once you’re in your apartment, put the controller down. Don’t do anything except stand there.

Note that your character will sometimes do things by himself without you directing him. This is all fine, let it happen.

Observe everything that goes on until the playthrough ends and the trophy unlocks.

If you have already made progress and can’t start from the hallway again, you will need to delete your save and start fresh.

press , go to “Options”, then “Advanced”, and select “Delete Progress”. Then, when you start the game you will be back in the hallway again.

Loop 2

In this playthrough, you will unlock one trophy, get valuable info for later, and make progress towards four other trophies.

In this loop you will:

  • Interact with painting 1/4 for Seasons
  • Interact with Painting 1/3 for Ouroboros
  • Interact with poster 1/3 for Faun
  • The plant will be in phase 1/3 for Gardener after this loop – You don’t need to do anything.

Get your key from the plant again and use it on the apartment door to get inside.

Go over to the sink and grab the mug next to it.

Interact with the painting above the couch to make progress towards the Seasons Trophy.

Interact with the Egg Painting above the oven to make progress towards the Ouroboros Trophy.

Go into the bedroom and interact with the Poster on the south wall to make progress towards the Faun Trophy.

Go back into the living room, interact with your wife, and select “Tell her it’s a good time for the dessert”.

When she walks away, open the fridge and select both desserts to add them to your inventory.

Close the fridge and drag both desserts from your inventory to the dining table. One on each placemat.

Take your wife’s mug, which should be by the sink by now but might be by the sofa.

Fill both mugs with water via the sink, and then place them both on the dining table, by each of the plates.

When you’re done, speak to your wife and choose “Tell her the table is ready”.

Interact with the chair to sit at the dining table, then interact with your plate to eat.

After a short while, your wife will surprise you with a gift, interact with it to see what’s inside.

She will ask you how you’re feeling, respond with “Tell her what you think…”, then choose “It’s going to be great”.

Respond however you like to the next dialogue option. She will eventually be interrupted by a Cop (Willem Dafoe) turning up to ziptie you both.

Don’t interfere, let it all play out until the loop ends and you find yourself standing by your apartment door at the start of Loop 3.

Loop 3

In this loop you will:

When the loop starts, grab your wife’s mug from the table next to the sofa, and then collect your mug from beside the sink.

Interact with the painting above the couch to make progress towards the Seasons Trophy.

Once your wife has left the bathroom, go in there and close the bathroom door.

Interact with the cabinet on your left and take the sleeping pills from inside.

While still looking at the cabinet, look for a ventilation grid at the bottom of the screen and interact with it.

Use your house key on it to open it up and then grab the “Object” from inside, on the right.

Leave the medicine cabinet and put the sleeping pills in one of the mugs of water.

Leave the bathroom, go into the bedroom and turn the bedroom light on and then off.

Give the mug of spiked water to your Wife and then wait for her to go to bed.

Open the bedroom door that she closed, then enter the closet in the living room.

Close the closet door.

Search the clothes via the option at the bottom-right of your screen.

Interact with the phone sticking out of the purse to add it to your inventory.

Now, wait for the cop to arrive again. Leave him until he lets himself in.

Keep waiting until you hear him switch on the light in the bedroom, causing him to be electrocuted by the faulty wiring.

Leave the closet and go interact with the cop.

Take only one of his ziptie “Handcuffs”, then use it on him.

Interact with the cop when he wakes up and and choose “Say you are innocent”, then “Okay, I’ll do as you say”.

When he asks where the watch is say “I know where it is.”

When he asks you to leave, do it and interact with the sofa.

When he asks for a phone, choose “Give him your phone.”

On the phone with the operator, choose “Tell them your wife commited suicide.”

He will eventually leave the apartment.

When he’s gone, enter the bedroom and the loop will end, unlocking Coward:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Not my problem.


Loop 4

As soon as this loop starts, interact with the closet in the living room, on your character’s left side.

Quickly go inside the closet before your wife sees you. If she leaves the bathroom before you get in and close the door you won’t be able to complete this loop.

Close the door and then put your controller down again. Let the whole loop play out until you hear the policeman leave and the elevator ding.

Leave the closet and then the apartment via the south door to end the loop and start Loop 5.

Writer’s Note: If I’m honest, you should really do this before Loop 3. This is where you learn where the watch is, so it doesn’t make sense to go and grab it before you learn about it.

Unfortunately, though, the Protagonist talks too long after his second death, making it impossible to get into the Closet before his Wife comes out of the bathroom. So, to save you some time, I’ve put them out of order.

Loop 5

In this loop, you will only gather intel. You won’t unlock any trophies or make any new trophy progress.

This loop will go pretty much the same as last time. Follow Loop 3 until the cop is electrocuted again. (You don’t need to get the watch this time).

Go into the bedroom and interact with him. Take his handcuff, his knife, and his phone this time.

Use the handcuffs on him to tie him up.

Use his phone from your inventory and go to “Messages”.

Read the message at the top, click the number under their name, then call the number.

When done, wait for him to wake up.

Once he’s awake, use the knife on him. Make sure you don’t use it on the handcuffs or you’ll free him.

Throughout the following conversation with the cop, select these dialogue options:

  • “Ask about the Murder Charges”
  • “Why would she possibly do something like that?”
  • “How was her father murdered?”
  • “How do you know it was her?”
  • “Why are you still after my Wife?”
  • “Ask about the tip.”
  • “Ask about the watch.”
  • “Ask about his relationship with her father.”
  • “Leave Conversation”

End the loop by leaving the apartment, starting Loop 6.

Loop 6

You won’t make any new trophy progress in this loop, but will need the story progress we make here.

At the start of this loop, wait for your wife to leave the bathroom.

Go inside and close the door. Interact with the medicine cabinet.

You can leave the sleeping pills this time, but interact with the Ventilation Grid at the bottom of the screen again.

Use the House Key to open the grid and grab the watch from inside.

Exit the bathroom and use the watch on her.

Chose “Choose what to prove with”.

When done, go into the bedroom, open the drawer, and interact with the present in the middle of the drawer.

The protagonist will then show the present to his wife, initiating a long conversation. There are no dialogue choices.

The loop will end automatically, spawning you at the start of Loop 7.

Loop 7

Loop 7 is about story progress too, no trophy progress will be made here.

Once you have control, go over and interact with the fridge door.

Grab the Polaroid in the middle and then interact with it from your inventory. Interact with it a second time while you’re viewing it to get more details.

Show the photo to your wife, this will start another conversation.

When the conversation ends, go and get the phone from the clothes in the closet.

Use the phone from your inventory and call “Bumblebee”. You will need to make sure you don’t do this in front of your Wife, or she gets really upset. You can call Bumblebee from within the closet without raising suspicion as long as you close the closet door.

Choose “Say her father wants to arrest your Wife”.

Then choose “Say your wife is innocent.”

When she hangs up on you, go back and speak to your Wife.

Choose “Talk about her past.”

Go through every dialogue option;

  • “Ask why she lied about her past.”
  • “Who killed your father?”
  • “Ask about her father’s affair.”
  • “Ask how her mother found out about the affair.”
  • “Ask about her nanny.”
  • “Ask about the nanny’s child.”
  • “Ask where her brother could be now.”
  • “Where did you get the watch?”
  • “Why did you try to sell the watch?”

Then go back to the start of the dialogue tree and choose “Tell her about the cop.”

Choose “Explain the cop’s connection to her father.” and “Let’s wait for him to arrive.”

You may not have time to go through all of the dialogue options above before the Cop turns up again. That’s okay. If that happens, just end the loop and then do the same thing again to go through the remaining dialogue options.

If you let the loop end naturally, the story will progress. You’ll want as much intel as you can get before that happens so I do advise restarting the loop.

You can grab the knife from the kitchen counter and use it on yourself to end the loop. The character will hesitate the first time you do this but use the knife on him again and he’ll go through with it.

Don’t forget to call Bumblebee after showing your wife the Polaroid, or the cop won’t be willing to listen when he arrives.

When you’ve gone through all the dialogue options listed above, let the cop come in, and let your wife talk it out with him. Eventually, the loop will end on its own.

Loop 8

In this loop you will:

  • Unlock Groundhog
  • Interact with painting 3/4 for Seasons
  • Interact with poster 2/3 for Faun
  • The plant will be in phase 2/3 for Gardener after this loop – You still don’t need to do anything.

At the start of the loop, inspect the painting above the couch for progress towards Seasons.

Go into the bedroom and Inspect the poster on the south wall to make progress towards Faun.

Once done, go into the closet and get the phone.

Call Bumblebee again and choose “Tell her why her father is really doing this.”

When done, go talk to your wife.

Select “Other Topics.”

Choose “It’s a good time for dessert”.

Help her out by setting the table again; turn on the radio, turn off the lights, place the desserts on the table, place two mugs of water on the table.

Go through the usual dessert-eating path until you have the present.

Choose “Tell her how you’re feeling” and then “It’s going to be great.”

She will ask you to dance with her, choose “With pleasure”.

Wait until she asks you why you seem different and then choose “Tell her how much you love her.”

Follow her into the bedroom, interact with the bed, and then wait for the loop to end, unlocking Groundhog:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

The perfect day.


Loop 9

This is another intel loop, so no new trophy progress.

Start the loop by calling Bumblebee again and choosing “Say your wife is innocent.”

This way the cop will still turn up, but won’t be as aggressive.

Interact with your wife and choose “Talk about her past.”

Choose “Tell her you know what she is hiding in the vent” and there will be a long conversation, most of which you have heard before.

She’ll sit down on the couch. Speak to her again and choose “Talk about her past” again.

Choose this new option: “Find more about the brother being the killer.”

When you’re done, choose “Previous Topic”, “Talk about the cop,” and then “Let’s wait for him to arrive.”

When he gets here, watch everything play out on its own, don’t interfere.

The loop will end eventually, starting Loop 10.

Loop 10

No new trophy progress here, just more intel!

At the start of this loop, call Bumblebee and select “Say your wife is innocent.”

Interact with your wife, choose “prove that the day is restarting,” and then “Tell her what happened the night she ran away.”

Go into the bedroom to get the present from the drawers, then open the gift from your inventory.

Talk to your wife, choose “Talk about the cop,” and then “Let’s wait for him to arrive.”

Wait for the doorbell and then open the door for the cop.

He and your wife will have the same conversation they had in Loop 9. Wait for your wife to enter the bathroom.

While she’s in there, use the Baby Onesie from your inventory on the cop.

Wait for the loop to end.

There will be a new cutscene in a library where you’re being interrogated.

Choose whatever dialogue options you want and then wait for the cutscene to end, putting you at the start of Loop 11.

Loop 11

In this loop you will:

  • Unlock Confessed
  • Interact with painting 4/4 and unlock Seasons
  • Interact with painting 2/3 for Ouroboros
  • Interact with poster 3/3 and unlock Faun
  • The plant will be in phase 3/3 for Gardener after this loop – You still don’t need to do anything.

At the start of the loop, interact with the painting above the sofa to unlock Seasons:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

The Seasons.



Seasons unlocks here if you interacted with the painting above the couch during Loop 1, Loop 4, Loop 8, and Loop 11 (this loop).

Interact with the framed painting above the stove to make progress towards Ouroboros.

Go into the bedroom and Interact with the Poster on the south wall of the bedroom to unlock Faun:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

The Poster.



Faun will unlock here if you interact with the poster in the bedroom during Loop 2, Loop 8, and Loop 11 (this loop).

Once done, go into the closet to call Bumblebee again, and choose to “Say your wife is innocent.”

Leave the closet and talk to your Wife, who is now just called “HER”.

Choose “Talk about her past” and then “Tell her what really happened.”

Choose any dialogue option at the next choice, and then wait for an opportunity to “Say it’s your fault.”

Choose “Say you will confess to the Cop.”

At the end of the conversation, go into the bathroom, close the door, and use your House Key on the Ventilation Grid to retrieve the watch from inside.

When you’re looking at the watch it will be acting strangely. Ignore it and press to put it away. If you wait too long, you’ll get the Loop 12 ending instead, we don’t want that yet.

Go into the kitchen to grab the knife from the counter, go into the bedroom and use the knife on the plant to smash it.

We do this to reset the plant. It will keep any buds it has grown from the loops we’ve completed, but it prevents wilting or overgrowth from impeding Gardener later.

Wait for the Cop to arrive.

He will have a short chat with your wife and then it’s your turn.

Talk to the Cop and choose to “Tell him that you killed her father”.

At the next dialogue choice, choose “Say it’s your fault”.

When he asks you about the watch, choose “Tell him about the watch”.

When the cop leaves, do as “HER” says, and leave too.

You will unlock the Confessed trophy, and the loop will end.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

I’ll do it.


Loop 12

In this loop you will:

At the start of this loop, grab a mug and fill it with water.

Take it into the bedroom and water the plant. This will give us progress towards Gardener but also unlock Fluidity immediately:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Water the plant once.

The next thing to do is to just go into the bathroom and grab the pocket watch from the ventilation grid using your House Key.

With the watch in your hand, keep looking at it, don’t put it away. The minute hand will travel anti-clockwise until the 58th minute and then the loop will end.

See you in Loop 13.

Loop 13

In this loop you will:

The loop will start and you won’t be in the usual apartment.

From the dialogue options, choose “Maybe it’s better that we aren’t together.”

Watch the events unfold until you unlock Alone:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

All alone.


The credits will play.

You can skip them with if you want and then select “Continue”.

The loop will restart, putting you in the hallway outside the apartment, but it looks different.

Use the House Key from your inventory to open the apartment door and head inside the apartment.

Get the watch from the ventilation grid in the bathroom using your House Key.

Hold with your cursor over the watch’s minute hand and move it to the 58th minute.

Wait for the second hand to reach 12 and then wait for the loop to end.

Loop 14

In this loop you will:

We’re actually going to repeat this loop a few times to get one trophy, but follow along all the same…

When the loop starts and you get a dialogue choice, choose “I want to be with her” and then any dialogue option.

In the apartment again, look at the framed picture above the stove to unlock Ouroboros:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image



Ouroboros will only unlock if you look at the framed picture above the stove in the kitchen during Loop 2, Loop 11, and Loop 14 (this loop).

Grab the mug from the kitchen counter.

Fill the mug with water and then go into the bedroom. Water the plant to progress Gardener.

Then go into the living room and interact with the red book that your wife is always reading. She’ll tell you a bit about it.

Leave the apartment to reset the loop.

When the loop resets, grab the mug, fill the mug with water, water the flowers, interact with the red book, then leave the apartment.

Repeat this over and over until Gardener unlocks (it is important that you interact with the book on each loop too).

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Watch them bloom.


The Gardener trophy will only unlock if you have completed Loop 2, Loop 8, and Loop 11 to get all three buds on the plant.

Once you’ve got three buds, you will need to water the plant across several loops until all three buds flower.

You may need to water the flower again once all three flowers have already bloomed to get the trophy to unlock properly.

Read the next few steps very carefully as you won’t be able to pause in the Library.

Once you have the trophy, go into the bathroom to get the watch and then stare at it until you are in the Library again.

In the library, place your cursor over the red book on the shelf behind you, but do not select anything.

Wait until the Dad insists that you “Say something!”

At that point, press on the book, this will cause the protagonist to initiate a long conversation with the Dad.

If this doesn’t happen, you need to interact with your wife’s red book a few more times and then try again. If he says “Never doubt my reading skills again,” to her, you have interacted with it enough.

Eventually, the Dad will say “But what if… you could?”

Choose “I’ve changed my mind…”If you miss this, the Dad will actually reset your progress, making the Mindfulness trophy quite missable.

Ignore the dialogue options and press on the clock at the top of the screen.

Keep watching the minute hand as the Dad’s voice fades out. When the minute hand reaches 12, the Mindfulness trophy will unlock:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Present moment.



Wait until the end of the credits. After the credits, you will be stuck at the main menu.

Loop 15

In this final loop you will:

At the main menu, after the credits, you will only be able to select “Options”.

Instead, grab the minute hand of the clock by holding when your cursor is over it.

Drag it to the 58th minute and the “Continue” option will appear.

Select it and you’ll be in the Library again.

While the Dad is speaking, interact with the red book and then do nothing. Wait for the scene to end.

When the Dad finishes his monologue, you will unlock Continue:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Blissful ignorance.


Plat Get!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
All Done

Unlock all trophies

Once you have acquired every other trophy in this Twelve Minutes Trophy Guide, the “All Done” platinum trophy will unlock.

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