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Marvel’s Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC Trophy Guide

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How long does it take to beat Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC and unlock all trophies?

About 3 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC have online trophies?


Does Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC have missable trophies?


Does Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC?


Does Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS: The Heist DLC have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Marvel’s Spider-Man City That Never Sleeps: The Heist DLC PlayStation 5 Remaster and PlayStation 4 Trophy Guide and Road Map

This guide pertains only to the CTNS: The Heist DLC Trophy Pack. For the full base game trophy guide, including New Game Plus Trophies and Remastered Edition trophies, check out this Marvel’s Spider-Man Trophy Guide.

We also have a full trophy guide for the CTNS: Turf Wars DLC, and a full trophy guide for the CTNS: Silver Lining DLC.

Note that in the PS5 Remastered version of this title, it is possible to sync your save for the PS4 version of the game, and unlock all previously-unlocked trophies immediately.

Phase One – Complete the Story

To begin with, you just want to complete the game’s main story campaign by going to yellow waypoints and completing the objectives there. By doing so, you will unlock the following trophies naturally, with zero additional effort.

Trophy Image
The Cat Came Back

Complete “The Maria” mission

Trophy Image
Here Kitty Kitty

Complete the Black Cat chase

Trophy Image
Bye Felicia

Complete the “Follow the Money” mission

Phase Two – Cleanup

During this phase, you’re going to work your way around the map and collect collectables/complete events until all markers on the map are marked as complete. You may well have done a good deal of this during the first phase but now’s the time to mop up!

Trophy Image
Seduced by the City

100% complete CTNS: The Heist

For this trophy, you will need to bring the completion of each district up to 100%, which can be tracked via the map. To do so, you will need to collect all Stolen Paintings as well as completing all Maggia Crime events, Screwball Challenges, Side-missions and main missions.

This won’t take too long as the DLC is pretty small and as the DLC takes place in just a few districts, many districts won’t have any side-content to complete. Once every district’s side-content and all main missions in this DLC have been completed, this trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image

Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges

About halfway into the DLC’s story campaign, you’ll get a phone call from Screwball, who’ll give you your next main mission. After completing said mission, Screwball challenges will appear all over Manhattan at screwball icons on the map, and you’ll need to complete all five of them for this trophy.

Simply completing them won’t be enough though, as you’ll need to achieve at least “Spectacular” ratings on all of them, which is the equivalent of a silver rating.

You’ll need to complete each challenge whilst meeting the spectacular conditions (displayed on the left) to unlock the trophy. You can use the map to keep track of what rating you have in each challenge.

Trophy Image
The Long Con

Complete the “Like a Fiddle” mission

Your second main objective in the DLC is to meet up with a Detective Mackey, who will get you looking for some stolen art from an old case.

After you’ve found the first piece, nine more will show up on the map in the form of white framed painting icons. Head to each location and use the radar on the left of the screen to locate the painting’s hiding place and press + to acquire it.

Once you have all 10 stolen paintings, youll have a conversation with Mackey which results in a Side Mission appearing at his precinct. Head over to it for a short cutscene, after which the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
Disorganised Crime

Complete all Crimes in a district

After completing the first mission in this DLC, you will unlock Maggia Crime events. These events, as with other Crime events in the game, will occur at random.

In order to unlock this trophy, you just need to do every Maggia Crime event in one district of manhattan; trackable via the map. The trophy will unlock once the Maggia Crimes tracker on the map reaches 5/5 in a single district.

You will unlock this trophy naturally as a part of Seduced by the City.

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