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How to Craft Frey’s Original Equipment in Forspoken

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One of the more puzzling trophies in Square Enix’s Forspoken is the “Craftsperson” trophy, which requires you to craft a healing item as well as two unique Frey-designed items of gear.

This can be quite difficult to figure out, especially since crafting your gear requires a well-hidden and expensive item.

Old Coins

The first thing you’ll need to do is collect a total of 64 Old Coins. Old Coins can be found everywhere, sometimes they’re even just on the ground, but you’ll find the majority of them by opening Chests. Chests are marked on the map as small purple dots, making it easy to find any nearby.

The Curiosity Shop

Once you have at least 64 Old Coins in total, you need to travel into Inner Visoria and look for this Curiosity Shop:

Inside the Curiosity Shop, you’ll find a curious-looking Curio Collector who is eager to part you with your Athian Coins. Purchase the Sewing Kit using the 64 Coins you’ve collected to gain access to Frey’s Original Gear.

Crafting the Gear

Now that you have the Sewing Kit, visit any Crafting Table and open the “Craft” option. There, you will find an “Unbroken” Cloak and a “Home Sweet Hell” necklace that you can now craft thanks to the Sewing Kit.

Create them both and the Craftsperson trophy will unlock. If not, make sure you’ve crafted a Healing Draught at least once as well.

Lucid Garlands

Both pieces of original gear require “Lucid Garland” resources. These can seem extremely rare, but they actually have a very high drop rate from gold-coloured Nightmares.

Nightmares are the blue wire-like enemies that appear during Break Storms. Amid their ranks, you will typically find at least one with a gold color as shown above.

They will instantly drop a Garland when killed. They can drop Garlands of any kind, but around 75% of the time, you will get a Lucid Garland.

You can actually stay in a storm as long as you like and continue farming these guys as they spawn infinitely, but eventually, the game catches on to what you’re doing and stops dropping loot.

When this happens, you can just fast-travel elsewhere and then look for another Storm to farm in. There’s one area that I found was particularly stormy. The actual initiation point of the storm seems to vary each time, but it does seem to be impossible to pass all the way through this canyon in Farcoast Terrace without a storm starting:

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