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Where to Find All Five Stages of Grief in Gris for the Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance Trophies.

Within Gris, there are quite a few hidden collectibles but none are as difficult to pin down as the “Stages of Grief”, each of which has a trophy attached to it. 

In light of that, I decided to put together a guide which may help people to track them down!

Denial – First Stage

This one is both the easiest to find and also the easiest to mess up!

Once the game starts you’ll slowly walk to the right, until Gris wipes her tears and pulls herself together. At this point, you’ll be able to jump by hitting

Now, walk back the way you came towards the left, jumping over the small piece of rubble blocking your path and you will eventually come to a statue. Once you approach it, Gris will drop to her knees in-front of it. Do not touch your controller. 

If you push any buttons or move the joystick in any way, she will get up. But the idea here is to let her get up on her own. Be patient and wait for her to have a little moment with herself.

Once she’s back on her feet the trophy will pop.

Anger – Second Stage

I found this one to be the hardest to figure out.

In the second level (Desert) you’ll come to a large bell with a cracked floor below it, which you need to break by jumping and hitting a few times until Gris falls through. You’ll then need to repeat this on the next floor, until you reach a white room and paper-like butterflies burst out of the floor when you land.

In this room, if you hit the floor three times you’ll be shot out of the ceiling and won’t be able to return, which doesn’t leave much room for experimentation. 

Here’s what you need to do; head all the way to the left and you’ll find a statue you can actually climb on. Climb up on top of it and then jump and hit to smash it. 

Then, head to the complete opposite end of the room to find two more statues which you can climb on. Do the same thing to these two and the trophy will pop.

Bargaining – Third Stage

Eventually as you move through stage 3 (forest) you’ll find yourself climbing a tall temple using your new double-jump ability and the red birds found within. At the top of this temple is a statue holding her face in her hands (there’s another statue on the floor above who is in a sort of stepping pose, make sure you’re at the right one).

You’ll come across this statue naturally in your journey so don’t worry about missing it, just make sure you don’t walk right past!

When you find her, stand at her feet and press , which will be an ability later in the game, which she doesn’t have yet (it all makes sense later). The trophy will then pop.

Depression – Fourth Stage

While Anger was the hardest to figure out, this one is by far the hardest to find.

Shortly after your run-in with a pretty terrifying Eel, you’ll find yourself navigating barely-lit and narrow tunnels. This statue is found in a secret and completely invisible entrance to the left of one of these tunnels.

The best direction I can give you is this;

You’ll be swimming upwards through a part of the tunnel and it will then turn right, with several small yellow lights at the turning. At this point, you want to swim against the left wall rather than going right and you’ll actually go through it.

Just make sure you check the left wall everytime the tunnel bends rightwards from below, should be simple enough!

Acceptance – Fifth Stage

A nice easy one to finish things off!

Once you’ve completed the constellation at the main temple after the final level (this one is not inthe level), you’ll find yourself swimming up through inky darkness. Once you surface, you’ll be at the base of a temple, with a statue laid atop a tomb in the first room.

Approach the statue and hold until the trophy pops!

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