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How long does it take to beat Astro's Playroom and unlock all trophies?

Around 4 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Astro's Playroom and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Astro's Playroom have online trophies?


Does Astro's Playroom have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Astro's Playroom have missable trophies?


Does Astro's Playroom have glitched trophies?


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Trophy Guide

Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 5

Astro’s Playroom is a very fun and totally free PS5 launch title with its very own Platinum Trophy! Through this Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide, I hope to lead you with ease right to the Platinum!

Phase One – Complete the Game

Your first mission in our Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide is to simply work your way through the game. Enjoy your experience as you learn the new features of your PS5, especially the incredible new DualSense controller.

Do your best to find collectables on your way (or follow our Astro’s Playroom Collectable Guide for a walkthrough) for a quicker and smoother platinum process!

Unmissable Mission Completion Trophies

The following trophies in this Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide are all guaranteed, provided you reach the end of each stage!

Trophy Image
Do it!

Cleared Memory Meadow.

Trophy Image
Emotion Engine!

Cleared SSD Speedway.

Trophy Image
HD graphics!

Cleared Cooling Springs.

Trophy Image
Greatness Awaits!

Cleared GPU Jungle.

Phase Two – Find all Collectables

Artefact Collectable Trophies

The following trophies in this Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide are all tied to Artefact collectables; PlayStation Consoles and Peripherals from throughout PlayStation’s extensive history. They’re typically found in Golden Blocks or by pulling cables out of the ground, you can use our Astro’s Playroom Collectable Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough which will lead you to each collectable without unnecessary backtracking.

Note that some are found in the Labo Gatcha machine and will require you to collect and spend gold coins to earn all of them!

Trophy Image
In Mint Condition

Got your first artefact!

Trophy Image
Such a Big Fan!

Got all artefacts in Cooling Springs.

Trophy Image

Got all artefacts in GPU Jungle.

Trophy Image
Welcome to the Third Place

Got all artefacts in SSD Speedway.

Trophy Image
… And Conquered Worlds

Got all artefacts in Memory Meadow.

Trophy Image
Dude Raider!

Collected all artefacts in the 4 main stages and the PS Labo. Wow!

Puzzle Piece Collectable Trophies

Puzzle pieces are jigsaw piece collectables hidden throughout all stages. 28 of them can also be found in the Gatcha machine.

These collectables are used to complete a fantastic mural on the walls of the Labo stage. You can use our Astro’s Playroom Collectable Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough to each collectable in every stage.

Trophy Image
One Down, Lots More to Go!

Got your first puzzle piece.

Trophy Image
Cool Hoarder

Got all puzzle pieces in Cooling Springs.

Trophy Image
The Found Legacy

Got all puzzle pieces in GPU Jungle.

Trophy Image
Omega Booster!

Got all puzzle pieces in SSD Speedway.

Trophy Image

Got all puzzle pieces in Memory Meadow.

Trophy Image
A Grand Tour!

Got all puzzle pieces in the game. Way to go!

Gatcha Machine Trophies

At the back of the Labo level, there’s a large power button. Step on it and the wall will open up revealing the Gatcha machine. Here, you can spend money to unlock new objects to play around with in Labo, Puzzle Pieces for the mural, and Artefacts.

Trophy Image
Gatcha Beginner

Got your first Gatcha prize.

The first time you use the Gatcha machine, this trophy will be yours!

Trophy Image
For the Players!

Got a secret gatcha.

Continue using the gatcha until you get a figure of several bots carrying trophies and this trophy will pop!

You don’t have to do anything in particular, just keep using the Gatcha machine, as you’ll need to be doing for many other trophies anyway.

Trophy Image
Gatcha Maniac

Got half the gatcha prizes.

Trophy Image
Saru Gatcha!

Got all gatcha prizes.

For the above two trophies you will need to use the Gatcha Machine until you have half, and then all possible items from the Gatcha. This will require quite a lot of gold coins, so it’s best to leave this until you’ve done everything else in the game and you’ll then know if you need to replay any levels to farm coins.

There’s no set amount of money you’ll need, as you can also get cans from the Gatcha machine, which are worth nothing and just a waste of 100 coins.

Phase Three – Miscellaneous Trophy Cleanup

With everything else out of the way, it’s time to clean up the miscellaneous trophies. These mostly consist of interacting with objects in Labo, but can often be earned in other stages too. The Astro’s Playroom Trophy Guide info below will help you with any you’re stuck on!

Miscellaneous Trophies

Trophy Image
The Last Guy

Walked around with at least 20 bots following you in CPU Plaza.

In CPU Plaza, if you go underground you’ll find that there are many bots just hanging out. The number of bots in CPU Plaza also grows over time, with more of them showing up on the top floor too once you’ve made more progress.

To get a bot to follow you, simply hit it with . Continue doing this until you have an entourage of 20 bots following you around. Once you’ve got your 20th follower, the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
Project Neo

Sent 10 bots flying with a single spin attack.

The easiest way to do this is by getting 10 bots to follow you around. See The Last Guy for instructions on how to get an entourage of bots following you in CPU Plaza.

Once you have plenty of them surrounding you, hold to charge up a spin attack and then release. While spinning, use to move yourself around, ensuring you hit as many of them as possible.

Once your spin attack has hit the 10th bot, the trophy is all yours!

Trophy Image
This Way Up

Punched the PS Logo on the PS2 in PlayStation Labo.

Once you’ve unlocked the PlayStation 2 console in the Labo stage by completing SSD Speedway, go up to it in Labo and hit the PS logo, causing it to rotate. The trophy will then pop!

Trophy Image
You Got a Trophy!

Picked up a trophy in PlayStation Labo.

For this one, you’ll need to unlock the trophies from the Gatcha machine in Labo, once you’ve done that you can find them on a table on the outside edge of the Labo room.

All you need to do is jump on the table and run at one of the trophies, Astro will triumphantly grab one as the trophy pops.

Trophy Image
I Recognise You…

Punched and looked into the lens of PS VR in PlayStation Labo.

Once you have unlocked the PS VR Headset Artefact from Mt. Motherboard in GPU Jungle, go to Labo and find it.

Head around to the back of it so you can see the eyelenses, and then look inside. You’ll see that the headset is currently running a copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the VR title where Astro originated!

As soon as you’ve seen this and held it on-screen for around a second, the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
The Very Far Point…

Stood on the tip of the Aim Controller in PlayStation Labo.

For this one, you’ll need quite a few of the Labo Artefacts unlocked so it’s best to leave this until you’re relatively close to done with the game.

Head over to the PlayStation 2 console and use the stepladder to reach the top of it. From there, jump to the move controller gun attachment hanging from the roof. From there, work your way across the next two gun attachments and stand on the orb at the tip of the third.

Trophy Image
Honey, I’m Home!

Walked under the PlayStation Home icon in PlayStation Labo.

Once you’ve unlocked the PlayStation Home Icon from the Gatcha Machine, find it in Labo and simply stand inside it. The trophy will pop immediately.

Trophy Image
Disc Swap!

Opened the lid of the PlayStation console in PlayStation Labo.

Once you’ve unlocked the PlayStation by beating Memory Meadows, find it in Labo and jump and then hover over the “OPEN” button, causing the disc tray to open, launching the bots who were just minding their own business whilst sitting on it.

The trophy will immediately pop.

Trophy Image
Keepy Uppies

Juggled a ball 5 times with the Frog Suit.

In the “Hotel Hopalot” stage of Cooling Springs, progress until you reach an indoor beach area where there are bots playing beach volleyball in the background.

Here, you’ll find several Beach Balls. To earn the trophy, you’ll need to knock one into the air by landing on it, and then avoid letting it touch the ground by positioning yourself under it and jumping up to hit it 5 times in a row.

This proves quite simple as the ball falls very slowly, just keep at it and you’ll pull it off soon enough.

Trophy Image
Hell Diver

Dived into the water from the diving board.

For this trophy, go to the “Bot Beach” stage of Cooling Springs and proceed past the fans stirring up a sandstorm on the beach. Once you proceed past them, you’ll find yourself at an indoor pool with some diving boards at the back-left side of the room. Head on over and use one of the lower diving boards to reach the larger one.

From the tip of the largest diving board, simply pres while pushing to perform a dive into the water and earn yourself the trophy.

Trophy Image
Jumping Splash!

Jumped in the fountain near the final goal in Cooling Springs.

The trophy description says it all for this one! Simply reach the end of the Hotel Hopalot stage in Cooling Springs and then jump into one of the fountain’s nearby water spouts.

Astro will begin riding on the water with his rubber dinghy and the trophy will pop!

Trophy Image
Twisting Metal

Jumped 3 times during a spin attack on ice.

For this one, go to any stage with ice – such as “Frigid Floes” in Cooling Springs.

While standing on an ice platform, hold to charge up a spin attack and then release. While spinning, press to jump three times consecutively. Upon the third jump, the trophy will pop!

Trophy Image

Sheltered from the heavy rain in Memory Meadow.

In the “Gusty Gateway” stage of Memory Meadows, towards the end of the level it will start raining. Progress a little further and you’ll see a grey bus-shelter-like structure.

Stand under this for just a second or so and the trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image

Got hit by flying rubbish in Memory Meadow.

The easiest place to get this trophy is in the Gusty Gateway stage of Memory Meadows. Not long into the level you’ll find a Cloud blowing a stream of wind at you. Stand in this windstream for long enough, and a can will fly at your head, unlocking the trophy.

Trophy Image

Got a strike in Memory Meadow.

In the “Fastlane Fields” stage of Memory Meadows, on the pink grassy plane near the start, you’ll find a bowling lane on the right-hand side with 10 skittles set up, ripe for the bowling.

Just use the touchpad to push yourself down the lane and knock over all the skittles in one motion to earn yourself this trophy.

Trophy Image
Ready for the Proving

Deflected a Spitter’s attack with an arrow.

In the “Raytrace Ruins” stage of GPU Jungle, you get a bow about halfway through the stage. Once you’ve got it, use it to drop the drawbridge nearby.

At the other side of the drawbridge, you’ll find there’s a Spitter just to the left. Keep your distance and draw your bow in preparation. When the Spitter spits at you, try to shoot its attack out of the air. If you’re successful, the trophy will pop immediately.

Trophy Image
Little Rolling Star…

Made a huge snowball.

Near the start of the Frigid Floes stage in Cooling Springs, take the left path across some frozen symbols and you’ll find a bot building a snowman.

walk into his snowman to begin pushing it, and walk it back and forth across the snowy platform to make it grow in size. Eventually, when the snowball is large enough, the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
No No No Noooooo!

Fell 30 meters and caught yourself in the monkey suit in GPU Jungle.

During any climbing stage in GPU Jungle, climb up one of the longer climbing sections and then let go near the top. Let yourself fall for a second or two and then hit or to catch yourself on a handhold, causing the trophy to pop.

Chances are, you’ll do this by accident like I did.

Trophy Image
Adequate, Boy…

Hit all rabbits with arrows at the mountain peak of GPU Jungle.

At the end of the Mt. Motherboard stage in GPU Jungle, you’ll be in a snowy area. Go to the left and pull the cables out of the collapsed igloo to spawn a chest containing a bow.

Equip the bow and use it to shoot the rabbits which spawn among the cuboid cliffs at the back of the area, either side of the ice ramp.

Once you’ve shot the last one, the trophy will pop!

Trophy Image
Wild Arms

Performed a spin while shooting the machine gun.

For this trophy, you will need the Machine Gun which you’ll get from the Deep Dataspace stage in SSD Speedway.

You can earn the trophy during that level, or within CPU Plaza once you’ve completed that stage. You can find the Machine Gun near the PlayStation in CPU Plaza, on the left side when you’re facing the PlayStation. Just pull the cables which are sticking out of the small grassy mound there and this will reveal a chest containing the Machine Gun.

With the Machine Gun equipped, hold to begin firing and then hold to charge up a spin. Keep pressed and release to begin spinning while firing wildly and the trophy will pop.

Trophy Image
It’s All in the Mind

Beat 3 enemies quickly by punching them.

A good place to practice this is in the Labo. Once you have the PS2 Multitap artefact from the SSD Speedway stage “Caching Caves”, look for it and Labo and hit it with .

Four enemies will jump out of the peripheral and begin tottering towards you. Corral them by running in a circle around them and then try to hit 3 at once with a single attack.

If you don’t succeed, no worries, just hit the Multitap again and give it another shot. Once you’re successful, the trophy is yours!

Trophy Image
Super Computer

Revealed former logo in PlayStation Labo.

In PlayStation Labo, once you have unlocked the Sony Logo model from the Gatcha Machine, find it in the room, against the wall just underneath the entrance and then hit it a few times until the sign falls down, revealing the original Sony Computer Entertainment logo.

When you do this, the nearby bot will hurriedly try to put the newer logo back up, and the trophy will pop.

Plat Get!

Trophy Image
You’ve Only Done Everything

Found all trophies in ASTRO’s PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure!

And last but not least, once you have every single trophy, this shiny new platinum is all yours to enjoy!

Extra: DLC Trophy Pack 1

Yep, there’s more! For some reason there’s a little set of three more trophies up for grabs if you want that full 100% completion rating…

Trophy Image
Play Has No Limits!

Cleared the game and got the New Generation artefacts.

Once you beat the game, you’ll be told about an extra secret underneath CPU Plaza. If you go down there to see what’s going on, you’ll get to do a bonus level with a boss fight against a very unlikely but extremely welcome character from PlayStation history.

Once you beat this boss and get past the credits, you’ll be able to collect some “New Generation” Artefacts, the PS5 and peripherals. Collecting all 4 from this very linear bonus stage will result in you earning this trophy!

Trophy Image
Run Astro Run!

Got a total Speed Run time of 7 minutes or under.

As you progress through the game, various speed-run stages will become available from the location at the back of CPU Plaza called “Network Speed Run”.

In here, you can choose from 8 levels to play against the clock. For this trophy, you’ll need to complete all 8 stages once, and have a total completion time of less than 7 minutes. Frankly, 7 minutes is more than enough time and I don’t think you’ll struggle with this.

On average, you’ll need to complete each stage in around 50 seconds. Obviously, doing better in some stages will afford you some extra time to waste on others.

As soon as you have all 8 stages completed with a total time of 7 minutes or less, the trophy will pop!

Trophy Image
Gravity Daze!

Made the CPU Chip punch the glass sphere, sending at least 10 Bots flying.

For this trophy, you will need to have progressed far enough in the game that you have used the bow found in GPU Jungle.

Once you’ve used it at least once, it will show up in CPU Plaza, which is great, because we need it for this trophy. You can get the bow near the PlayStation console at the back of CPU Plaza, to your right if you’re facing the PlayStation. Pull the cables on this grassy mound and then hit the chest that pops out to equip the bow.

With the bow equipped, head underground and start hitting bots to get them to follow you. You’re going to want at least 10 in your entourage, but more is better.

Once your posse is big enough, head back topside and stand on the glass dome in the center, making your entourage crowd around you. Now, hold to aim the bow, and shoot it at the dome underfoot, causing the CPU to get a little bad, and hit the glass.

When he does this, you and your crew will all get launched into the air, and the trophy will pop!

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