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How long does it take to beat The Division 2 and unlock all trophies?

Around 50 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat The Division 2 and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does The Division 2 have online trophies?

Does The Division 2 have difficulty-specific trophies?

Does The Division 2 have missable trophies?


Does The Division 2 have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in The Division 2?


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Trophy Guide

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Welcome to our The Division 2 Trophy Guide. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, developed by Ubisoft, is the sequel to the always-online RPGFPS The Division. Set in a post-modern post-apocalypse, the United States has been completely wiped out by a “Green Virus” spread through money.

The few groups of civilization who survived now band together to fight over resources in the streets all across America, but The Division 2 specifically takes place in Washington D.C. You’ll take up the role of a new recruit for The Division, a team who seeks to maintain some sort of governmental control and provide aid to those in need—unless they aligned themselves with people we don’t like, of course.

The trophy journey is a simple and straightforward one, tackling each of the game’s key areas of play one at a time for an ultimately smooth ride through and through. Be aware, however, that this game will require a constant internet connection and PSN access.

Phase One | Main Story

Your objective in this first phase is to simply complete the story. As part of this, you will also need to reach Level 30 in order to take on the Final Story Mission, which is one of the three Strongholds.

As you level up and get better gear, you’ll be able to access higher-level areas and the higher-level missions within. Simply work your way up through one mission at a time. Whenever you find yourself under-leveled, complete Side Missions or Side-Activities like Control Points to gain additional EXP.

When we played through the game, we took the time to complete every Side Mission and Control Point as and when they came available. By doing this, we naturally reached Level 30 by the time we completed the story.

While exploring the map, you should kill any named yellow-health enemies that you see. These enemies drop cards that you’ll need towards the end of your trophy journey, so it’s helpful to get as many as you can as you play.

Unmissable Story Trophies

Checking In

Rescue Eleanor Sawyer from the Hyenas in the Grand Washington Hotel.

What is this?



You will unavoidably receive the Checking In Trophy after completing the First Chapter of in-game story content.

Opening the Vault

Discover what the Hyenas stole from Air Force One.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Opening the Vault” trophy upon completion of the 4th Story Mission.

Bunker Buster

Recover essential SHD Network equipment from the Federal Emergency Bunker.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Bunker Buster” trophy upon completion of the 5th Story Mission.

Sick Note

Shut down Outcast activity at the DCD Headquarters.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Sick Note” trophy upon completion of the 6th Story Mission.


Recover interrogation data from the American History Museum.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Jailbreak” trophy upon completion of the 7th Story Mission.

Global Communications

Reestablish the SHD Satellite Network at the Space Administration HQ.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Global Communications” trophy upon completion of the 10th Story Mission.

Getting the Word Out

Seize control of the ViewPoint Museum from the True Sons.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Getting the Word Out” trophy upon completion of the 11th Story Mission.

Season Ticket

Eliminate the Hyena council in the District Union Arena.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Season Ticket” trophy upon completion of the 12th Story Mission, which takes place at the Hyenas Stronghold.

Strategic Extraction

Capture the Outcasts' Chief Strategist at the Potomac Event Center.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Strategic Extraction” trophy upon completion of the 13th Story Mission.

Into the Wilderness

Take down the Outcast stronghold on Roosevelt Island.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “Into the Wilderness” trophy upon completion of the 14th Story Mission, which takes place at the Outcast Stronghold.

Next Level Operative

Reach Level 30.

What is this?


The Next Level Operative trophy will unlock when you reach Level 30. You will earn EXP from everything. From Side-Activities to Collectibles, anything that you complete on the map will give you EXP.

As the final Stronghold Mission will require you to be Level 30, this trophy cannot be missed.

State of the Union

Drive the True Sons out of the Capitol building.

What is this?



You will unavoidably unlock the “State of the Union” trophy upon completion of the final Story Mission, which takes place at the True Sons Stronghold.

Phase Two | Rebuilding DC

There are two main Settlements in The Division 2; The Theater and The Campus. You should come across them during your time playing through the story and will no doubt inadvertently begin to upgrade them too.

At each settlement, you can receive Side Quests and Story Quests, but you should have handled all of the story content by now. Simply make your way around the map, completing any Side Quests you have left over in order to level up each settlement until both reach maximum level.

Trophies in this phase:

Settlement Trophies

Project Management

Complete a project for both the Theater and Campus settlements.

What is this?

You can easily access all available projects from anywhere in DC by pressing and then navigating to the “Projects” tab with .

The projects you have access to will depend on the settlements you’ve discovered, as each Project has a Settlement at the helm.

Under each Project Card you will see whether they are for the Campus or the Theater Settlement. To unlock the “Project Management” trophy, you simply need to complete at least one Project from the Campus and one from the Theater.

You’ll be doing far more than just one per Settlement, so this trophy should come easily and naturally while you work on other tasks.

Rebuilding DC

Fully upgrade all settlements.

What is this?

As you progress the story, you’ll gain access to certain settlements on the map. To unlock the Rebuilding DC Trophy, you simply need to raise both the Theatre and Campus Settlements to level 4.

To gauge the level of a settlement, go and stand near the camp leader. There, you’ll notice a green circle with a number at its center.

As you make advancements toward the next upgrade level by completing Side Missions and Story Missions for that Settlement, the outer portion of the circle gradually fills up. When the outer circle is completely filled, and the number 4 is shown in both The Theater and Campus settlements, you’ll unlock the trophy.

Phase Three | Into the Dark Zone & Conflict

With the main story and side content pretty much tucked away for good now, it’s time for you to venture into the intimidating Dark Zone. There are a handful of trophies to earn here in this third phase of our The Division 2 Trophy Guide, some of which have incredibly straightforward requirements.

Go it alone or with a friend, but you’ll have a way easier time with allies! Most of the more difficult Online Trophies in this list can be boosted with a friend.

Dark Zone Trophies

Strength in Numbers

Create or join a clan.

What is this?


Once you have recruited the Settlement Staff called “Grace Larson,” you will then have access to the Clan system. Simply create or join a clan of any kind with any number of players and the Strength in Numbers trophy will unlock!

Dark Zone: Safe House

Access a Safe House in a Dark Zone.

What is this?


All you need to do to unlock the Dark Zone: Safe House trophy is enter any of the three Dark Zones, travel to the Safe Room icon (looks like a Safe House icon without a roof), and go inside.

The trophy will unlock as soon as you step into the Safe Room.

Dark Zone: Extraction

Extract an item from each dark zone.

What is this?


There are three Dark Zones in The Division 2. Accessing each one requires you to manually enter the gate, but once you’ve been through the gate once you can Fast Travel.

To unlock the Dark Zone: Extraction trophy, you need to successfully extract an item from all three Dark Zones.

To do so, first enter a Dark Zone and find some Contaminated Loot, either by killing enemies or looting containers. Once you have at least one piece of loot, go to any of the Extraction Points which are clearly marked on the map.

When you get there, if nobody is extracting already, hold to fire a flare and call an extraction Helicopter. Be warned that this will tell all other players your whereabouts, even the nefarious “Rogue” ones. To successfully complete an extraction, you must first wait for the Helicopter to arrive and lower a rope.

You then need to attach your loot to the rope by approaching it and holding . Then, just wait for the Helicopter to leave. Your decontaminated gear will then be delivered to your Mailbox.

Other players may spoil your plans more often than not. Honestly, the griefing in The Division 2 is really bad, so you will probably have a lot of your loot stolen while you do this. Try to figure out when off-peak hours are in your country and play while there are fewer people online to get harrassed less!

Dark Zone: Takedown

Eliminate a rogue agent in each Dark Zone.

What is this?



Similar to Dark Zone: Extraction, Dark Zone: Takedown requires you to perform an action in each of the three Dark Zones, though this time, you will need to take down Rogue Agents.

This is really really difficult to do. Especially now when the game’s been out for a considerable number of years and the Dark Zone is filled with horrifically over-levelled gatekeepers who spend their lives griefing people in the Dark Zone.

Getting this trophy is going to mean competing with and defeating at least one in each area. But there’s a better way, if you have a friend to play with.

Group up with a friend and enter the Dark Zone together. Once inside, leave your friend’s group and then ask them to go Rogue. Once they’re Rogue, shoot them until they die. Repeat for all three Dark Zones and the trophy is yours.

First Among Equals

Win a match of skirmish or domination.

What is this?

To unlock the “First Among Equals” trophy, you will need to start at least one match of Skirmish or Domination in Conflict and then win.

For this, Ash and I joined a game of Skirmish, which is a team-based game. The chances of winning as a low-level “noob” in The Division 2’s Multiplayer this late after launch is no easy task, but by playing the team mode’s you’re more likely to have a person or two join with good enough gear that your team can come out on top.

Provided your team wins the match, you will unlock the trophy at the end, before the results.

Clan War

With your clan, face off against another clan in conflict.

What is this?


Misleading Description

All you need to do for the “Clan War” trophy is to firstly be in a Clan, and then secondly play in any PvP Conflict Game Mode against another player who is also in a clan.

You do not need any clan members (that’s weird to say, isn’t it?) in your group and the opponent can be alone too. As long as you both are in a clan, the trophy will pop the second the match starts.

Dark Zone: Occupied Hijack

Hijack an extraction in any occupied dark zone.

What is this?



The first thing you need to know for the Dark Zone: Occcupied Hijack trophy is what an Occupied Dark Zone is.

On a regular cycle, the “Occupied Dark Zone” changes. Whichever Dark Zone is currently occupied will have a red knife icon over it and Black Tusk enemies will be inside.

While in an Occupied Dark Zone, you can steal any active extraction by approaching it and holding to cut the rope.

Even extractions that are being made by your own friends, provided you leave their group. You don’t even need to go Rogue before doing it, although it will force you to be Rogue for about 20 seconds.


Phase Four | Bounties & Hard Difficulty

In this Phase of our The Division 2 Trophy Guide, you will need to complete every Main Mission that you have previously completed, this time on Hard Mode. Essentially, a whole extra playthrough on Hard Mode.

To make matters even worse, because The Black Tusk have invaded, some Story Missions are “Invaded Main Missions,” with a red icon and full Black Tusk presence. To access the Hard Difficulty Main Mission, you will first have to complete the Invaded Main Mission. It’s so stupid.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to then start prioritizing a specific set of Bounties which are kind of a pain in themselves.

Trophies in this phase:

Story Missions on Hard Difficulty

Hard as Nails

Complete a Bounty for Every Safe House

Big Game Hunter

Story Missions on Hard Difficulty

Hard as Nails

Finish all missions on hard difficulty or above.

What is this?



To unlock the “Hard as Nails” trophy, you will need to replay every main Story Mission on “Hard” or “Challenging” difficulty. To do so, you will first need to complete the story. As you know, when the story ends and Black Tusk invades DC, there are suddenly a lot of “Invaded” activities. This makes things a lot worse.

Every Invaded Mission will need to be completed so that you can access the non-invaded version of the mission. You will then be able to play that mission on Hard Difficulty. Story Missions that fortunately do not get invaded, however, can be replayed on Hard Difficulty immediately.

Use the list below to keep track of Missions you have and haven’t completed again on Hard Difficulty:

  1. Grand Washington Hotel
  2. Jefferson Trade Center
  3. American History Museum
  4. ViewPoint Museum
  5. Air & Space Museum
  6. Space Administration HQ
  7. Jefferson Plaza
  8. Bank Headquarters
  9. DCD Headquarters
  10. Lincoln Memorial
  11. Potomac Event Center
  12. Federal Emergency Bunker
  13. District Union Arena (Stronghold)
  14. Roosevelt Island (Stronghold)
  15. Capitol Building (Stronghold)

Note that after completing the Capitol Building Stronghold for the first time, you should have received some parts that can be used to craft an exotic weapon called Kendra’s Liberty. If you then complete these three missions in this specific order, you will get the rest of the parts you need: American History Museum > Viewpoint Museum > Space Administration HQ.

Complete a Bounty for Every Safe House

Big Game Hunter

Complete a bounty from each safe house.

What is this?

Misleading Description

The “Big Game Hunter” trophy can be a big source of confusion thanks to its misleading description. This trophy would be very easy if you could indeed just complete a bounty at each safe house. It’s not the case, though.

First, you will need to find and unlock each Safe House on the map, which is simple enough. Next, you need to check the projects at each settlement. For each new Safe House, you will have a new Project with “Liberate” in the title. Completing the list of objectives for one of these Projects will result in you receiving a special Bounty. These special Bounties are the ones you actually need to complete to unlock this trophy.

The Bounty will begin immediately when you hand in a Project and then you will have 15 minutes to go to the marked location and kill the target. If you fail the Bounty, you can replay it from the associated Safe House’s Bounty Board.

Bounty Safe House Location
Meatwagon Downtown West
12th street Federal Triangle
Wolf pack Judiciary Square
Jefferson’s legacy East Mall
Lafayette’s regulars Southwest
Kindled Front West End
Peace Movement Foggy Bottom
Bully Buzzards Potomac Park
Embers Movement Constitution Hall

Phase Five | Mopping Up

With every major objective now out of the way, all that’s left is for you to mop up an eclectic mix of miscellaneous trophies. Many of them will have been completed or progressed naturally so, hopefully, you won’t have too much ahead of you.

The longest grind—by far—will be the Suits You, Sir! trophy, especially if you haven’t been killing any named enemies in the streets of DC.

Misc Online Play Trophies

Group Therapy

Take over a control point in a group without anyone being downed.

What is this?

Online Co-op

The “Group Therapy” trophy is rather simple and very likely to unlock naturally if you play the game with a friend.

While playing in a group of 2 or more players in The Division 2, you simply need to complete any Control Point activity together without anybody in the group taking so much damage that their health is depleted and they enter a “downed” state.

If this happens during a Control Point event, the trophy will become void and you will need to find a different Control Point activity. Control Point activities will regenerate over time in the post-game, so don’t worry about completing them all solo early on.

Help Me!

Put out a call for backup.

What is this?


While playing online on The Division 2, you can open your menu with , navigate to the Social menu, and then press to put out a call for backup.

The “Help Me!” trophy will immediately unlock and then you can press again to cancel the call if you don’t actually want anyone to join you.

A Friend in Need

Respond to a call for help and revive the agent.

What is this?


Online Multiplayer

To unlock the “A Friend in Need” trophy, open your Megamap with and then switch to the Matchmaking tab with . Once there, choose “Answer the call” to be brought into the game of another player who has called for backup.

If that player is downed when you arrive, revive them and the trophy will unlock! Simple!

If they are not downed, you will need to wait until they do get downed and then revive them, which will still work.

For Posterity

Photo mode: take a photo of a group of 4 agents.

What is this?



Online Multiplayer

To unlock the “For Posterity” trophy, you will first need to be in a group of four players. The trophy won’t unlock in a Safehouse or another communal area nor in Conflict or the Dark Zone.

If you have three other friends with copies of the Division 2, you could simply form a group of friends and take a photo of you all together. However, in the more likely event that you are a friend or two short, you could either use built-in matchmaking on a mission to form a group, or use the “Call for Backup” option in the Social menu until you have a full group.

Whenever you have four live players in the same group, press and then open Photo Mode with . There, gather all four players in-frame and then take a photo. The “For Posterity” trophy will unlock as the flash fires.

Misc Gameplay Trophies

TV Cop

Perform a slide across the hood of a car.

What is this?

While running towards the hood of a car, you can hold to quickly glide over the hood, action movie style. Doing this for the first time will unlock the TV Cop trophy.

Crafty Collector

Collect 20 blueprints.



What is this?


To unlock the “Crafty Collector” trophy, you simply need to find and unlock a cumulative total of 20 Blueprints. Not only are there far more than 20 blueprints in the game, but they are handed out quite liberally at the end of most Side Quests and some Side Activities.

All in all, you’d have a real hard time completing many of your main objectives throughout this Trophy Journey without picking up the Crafty Collector trophy naturally along the way.

Command and Control

Discover 20 control points in DC.



What is this?


To unlock the “Command and Control” trophy, you simply need to discover just 20 of the Control Points in DC. Not only are there far more than 20, but you will stumble across the majority of them naturally throughout the game, probably even enough to unlock this trophy naturally.

If you do find yourself lacking a few by the end of your journey, though, just head to any question marks you still have on your map until you reveal enough of them.

The trophy doesn’t require you to actually capture these Control Points, but I would recommend it in the early hours of the game at least.


Equip your first specialization.

What is this?

After completing the story and reaching Level 30, you can return to the White House where you’ll be offered a Specialization option.

To unlock the “Specialized” trophy, simply choose any specialization to equip it.

Dress to Impress

Equip high-end gear (or above) in each slot.

What is this?

High-End Gear has a yellow color to it, helping you to clearly identify it as such. High-end gear will be extremely rare for a while when you first start playing, but will gradually become more and more common. By the time you’re done with the story and have reached level 30, gathering enough High-end gear to equip some in every slot will be a piece of cake. You should check stores at settlements and camps for high-end gear if you need to fill a few more slots.

You will need to equip High-end Gear in all three weapon slots and all six gear slots. Mods, Skill Mods, and Cosmetic “Apparel” do not count and so do not need to be high-end.

Once you have high-end gear in all 9 gear slots, the Dress to Impress trophy will unlock!


Get 10 patches from commendations.



What is this?


In the pause menu, select the “Progression” option and then press to cycle to the “Commendations” tab. In here, you can find various small challenge objectives.

Completing them will result in you receiving various rewards. In some cases, that reward will be a patch.

You can equip patches from the “Apparel” screen, where you can choose from the selection of patches you’ve unlocked.

To unlock the “Patchwork” trophy, you just need to collect 10 of these Patches. You should end up completing more than enough challenges naturally throughout your trophy journey that you don’t need to worry about actually seeking them out.

Note, however, that you do need to visit the “Commendations” screen and claim your rewards by holding on completed Commendations!

Resourceful Agent

Help friendlies in resource gathering.

What is this?

Occasionally, you will see groups of allies roaming the map in “Resource Convoys,” which look like small green treasure chests on the map.

When you see one of these convoys, follow them to their destination, which will be a resource-gathering location. Wait a moment and then the convoy will disperse as the individual members go and root around for resources. To unlock the “Resourceful Agent” trophy, you need to approach one of these NPCs while they’re gathering resources and hold to offer them some from your own inventory.

Taste of the Exotic

Craft an exotic weapon or item.

What is this?

There are four craftable Exotic Weapons that can be made at the Crafting Station in the White House. Of those four, only two are particularly easy to unlock so I’ll focus on those. Craft either of these exotics to unlock the “Taste of the Exotic” trophy.

If you have a High-end (gold) D50 Pistol, Kendra’s Liberty will be the easiest one to craft.

To be able to craft it, do the following things in this order:

  • Beat the Capitol Building Stronghold – You’ll do this naturally as you complete the story, you just need to make sure you collect the Pistol Trigger & Mechanism from one of the bosses.
  • Beat the American History Museum Mission – Make sure you collect the Receiver & Paint Job from one of the bosses.
  • Beat the ViewPoint Museum Mission – Make sure you collect the Pistol Sight & Rail from one of the bosses.
  • Beat the Space Administration HQ – Make sure you collect the Pistol Grip & Tags and the Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint from one of the bosses.

If you did your Hard Mode story playthrough in the right order, you will already have everything you need at the end of your second playthrough (except the D50) and can go craft the gun right away!

Now, if you don’t manage to get a D50 of high-enough quality, you will struggle to craft this exotic, in which case the easiest one to earn will be the “Chatterbox.” To craft that, you will need to do these things in this order:

  • Search Hyena Caches in Downtown West – Do this until you find the Loaded Canister item.
  • Search Hyena Caches in Federal Triangle – Do this until you find the Creative Mag item.
  • Search Hyena Caches in Judiciary Square – Do this until you find the Modified Mods item.

Once you have those items, you will need to replay the Bank Headquarters Mission and proceed until you reach a room filled with computers and a large intricate glass/metal wall. On the left in this room, there’s a white panel which you can open if you get close enough. Press yourself against it and hold to open it.

Inside is a card key. Take it and proceed further through the mission until you enter the large vault door. Immediately on your left, there’s a cage door that you can open with the card key. Inside there (if the mission isn’t invaded) you will find a Hyena Cache containing the Chatterbox Blueprint.

Head back to the White House and craft your new exotic at the bench.

Best of the Best

Invest in each type of upgrade available for a specialization.

What is this?

To unlock the “Best of the Best” trophy, you will need to spend 165 Specialization Points in any of the three main specializations. Once you unlock specializations, you will have begun earning specialization points from various activities and each time you level up.

You’ll likely need to farm a few more points at the end of your trophy journey to cap this one off. The best way to farm points is by completing invaded missions (5 points per mission) and completing bounties (3 points per bounty).

Misc Combat Trophies

Negative Ramos!

Shock enemy medics by shooting their defibrillator.

What is this?

Throughout the campaign and post-game content, you’ll frequently come across Medic enemy types who carry a large defibrillator on their back. Simply shoot their backpack to cause an electrical explosion which stuns them for a moment, unlocking the Negative Ramos trophy.

King of the Skill

Equip and use each skill.



What is this?


Before you can unlock the “King of the Skill” trophy, you will need to unlock all Skills at the White House. This is easy to do as all Skill Points will come naturally via Story and Side Quest completion.

There are 8 Skills to unlock in total, and once you have them unlocked you can switch them out via the Inventory Screen (hold ) to choose which skills are mapped to which shoulder buttons. The skill selection is as follows:

  • Pulse
  • Turret
  • Hive
  • Chem Launcher
  • Firefly
  • Seeker Mine
  • Drone
  • Shield

Once you have all 8, switch to each one and activate it at least once. When you’ve successfully activated all 8 skills at least one time each, the trophy will unlock immediately.

Undressed to Kill

Destroy every piece of a tank's armor, then eliminate the tank.

What is this?

One enemy type which becomes a lot more common in the post-game is the armored “tank” enemy types, like this guy:

These guys have armor on their head, both arms, both legs, and their chest. To unlock the “Undressed to Kill” trophy, you need to first break off all five pieces of armor by precisely firing at each armor piece until it is fully removed.

There’s only one piece of functional armor per limb/bodypart, so while you can still see kneepads, for example, as long as the thigh armor came off, that limb counts as undressed.

Once all six main pieces of armor (helmet, 2x upper-arm guards, 2x thigh guards, and chest) have been removed, you can safely deplete the enemy’s HP to defeat them and receive the trophy.

Autograph Hunter

Kill one enemy with each of the signature weapons (crossbow, sniper rifle & grenade launcher).

What is this?

Once you are done with the main story campaign, you will be able to go and select a Specialization at the main desk at the White House entrance.

There are quite a few Specializations to choose from now, but you’ll need to focus on the three original Specializations, which will equip you with either a Sniper Rifle, a Crossbow, or a Grenade Launcher.

You can switch specialization at this desk at any time, so earning the “Autograph Hunter” trophy is simple.

First, equip one of the three specializations, then go out and kill some enemies until you have ammunition for your chosen specialist weapon. Once you do, hold to equip it and then use it to kill at least one enemy.

When done, return to the White House, switch Specialization, and then repeat. Do this for all three weapons and the Autograph Hunter trophy is yours as soon as you land a kill with the third specialist weapon.

Arrow to the Knee

Shoot 10 enemies in the leg with a crossbow.



What is this?


As well as being a reference to an incredibly outdated meme (classic Ubisoft), the “Arrow to the Knee” trophy pertains to the Crossbow Specialist Weapon.

While you have it equipped, you simply need to shoot 10 separate opponents in the knee, leg, or foot. All 10 opponents will need to die from the attack (which should be easy considering the bolts explode) and your bolt needs to directly hit their leg. Just shooting the ground near their feet to catch their legs in the explosion won’t count.

Suits You, Sir!

Collect any suit of cards in the open world.



What is this?



To unlock the “Suits You, Sir!” trophy, you will need to find and kill Named Enemies to collect the cards that they drop. Each faction has a pool of 13 possible bosses that can spawn and each of those bosses has their own unique card.

You can track how many of these cards you’ve collected by going to “Progression” in the pause menu. Switch to “Collectibles” with , open “Database,” and look for “Snitch Cards” near the bottom. Spades are dropped by Hyenas, Hearts are dropped by True Sons, Clubs are dropped by Outcasts, and Diamonds are dropped by Black Tusk.

Since you only need to complete one of these collections, check to see which one you’ve made the most progress on throughout the story (for me, it was Spades), and then begin farming the remaining cards.

The best way to farm cards is by going South from the White House until you reach a circular pond.

From there, pull out a sniper and look directly South. You will see a group of enemies who spawn there. This group contains a guaranteed Named Enemy spawn. If the group is of the faction you need; kill them! If not; fast travel back to the White House and repeat.

The method in this madness is that you only get to spawn one named enemy every 30 minutes. After fighting a Named Enemy from any Faction (even if you die or flee the fight) no more of these Named Enemies can spawn for 30 full minutes.

If you get too close to a Named Enemy, its spawn will be locked-in and you’ll have to wait 30 minutes again, so by scouting out the faction of this group beforehand, you can avoid collecting cards from factions that you don’t need.

Make sure you do not pass the round pond, otherwise, you’ll be too close to the Named Enemy spawn and the 30-minute timer will begin.


Platinum Agent

Unlock every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division®2.

After collecting every trophy in this The Division 2 Trophy Guide, the "Platinum Agent" Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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