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How long does it take to beat Stranded Deep and unlock all trophies?

Around 35 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Stranded Deep and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

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Does Stranded Deep have missable trophies?

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Trophy Guide

Stranded Deep Trophy Guide and Road Map for PlayStation 4

Stranded Deep is a Desert Island Survival Game in which you must craft resources, defeat bosses, and escape to safety. This Stranded Deep Trophy Guide lays out the various trophies in a structured and sensible order that you can use to acquire the Platinum relatively painlessly.

Stranded Deep Trophy Guide – Before You Begin


There are no difficulty-specific trophies in Stranded Deep, so feel free to play on any difficulty you like. There are also some additional settings such as permadeath (which you are free to activate if you wish) and the aggressiveness of animals. You can make the animals passive so that you’re less likely to be attacked by Sharks and Snakes.

The Compass

There’s a trophy, called “Magnets, how do they work?” for which you must never use a compass. To be extra careful, you should never even pick one up. If you see a compass in-game, just avoid it entirely.

Do not ride the Gyrocopter once you’ve constructed it, as this can void the “Magnets, how do they work?” trophy. You should also avoid picking up any containers which contain the Compass. Doing so will count as the compass being in your inventory and can void the whole trophy. You may want to save frequently so you can just quit to the main menu if you accidentally pick one up.

If you pay attention to the map that you generate at the start of the game, you’ll be able to determine your bearing based on the islands around you and shouldn’t need the compass anyway. This is because you can always see the next island over on the horizon. Take note of which is where, and maybe even make a physical map with which you can track your location and journey, and you’ll have no trouble navigating.


Before starting the game, you should access the “Cartographer” option and, in order to make things easier for yourself, continue to randomize your map until the red square titled “A Way Out” is within the central group and not on any of the edge tiles.

This way, you’ll be able to see the Cruise Ship from the start of the game. Additionally, its distinctive shape will make it easy to recognize in the distance and give you a good idea of where you are without needing a compass.

The seed for the map I used is #17631089.

Take note of what and where the other red squares are. Most of these are bosses that we will eventually need to fight. You may like to make yourself a hand-drawn map or something just for reference.

One of Each

There’s a trophy in Stranded Deep called “Gotta Craft Them All” for which you will need to craft every craftable object in the game at least once.

As such, you should try to keep track of everything you have and haven’t crafted. This includes quest item, consumables, building parts, farming plots… everything in the crafting menu across all tabs.

To make things easier, it helps to know that once you have crafted something and do not need it anymore, you can destroy it by hitting it with an axe or similar tool to break it down into it’s components. You won’t get all of your resources back, but you’ll typically get about half of the resources you used back.

This information will be helpful for many other trophies too, so just keep this in mind.

Phase One – Tutorial Island

At the main menu, make sure you visit the Cartographer option to set up the map before starting.

Whenever you start the game, you’ll spawn near an island with plenty of resources ideal for learning the ins and outs of the game. Via some informational pop-ups and to-do lists, the game will walk you through its first moments and teach you the basics of crafting and survival.

During this phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide, you’ll collect a handful of trophies just for doing what the game tells you to, and then there’s a couple of misc trophies that I advise grabbing while you’re here.

Once you have all of the trophies below, you should gather all coconuts on the island and any cloth you can find on it’s shores. Take them with you onto your raft and then sail to one of the neighboring islands.

Tutorial Island Trophies

The following trophies will all be unlocked as part of the game’s tutorial; following the instructions in the top-left of your screen will unlock them.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Back to the stone age

Craft a stone tool

You will do this as part of the tutorial. With a rock in your inventory, press to open the crafting menu and then make a Stone Tool from the Tools section of the “Crafting” tab.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
One day when the boss get hungry

Skin a crab

The tutorial will tell you to do this. Just hit a crab with a weapon or sharp tool until it dies (crouching with will help) and then hold on it to skin it.

If you accidentally tap to pick it up, just hold to drop it on the ground again where you can skin it. The trophy will then unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Guess who’s gon’ be on the plate?

Cook crab meat

You’ll also need to do this as part of the tutorial. Take your freshly-skinned crab meat to the campfire that the tutorial made you build and then press to “attach” it to the fire.

Leave it there until the trophy unlocks!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Horrific Pacific

Complete the tutorial

Just follow the instructions in the top-left of your screen. Eventually, once all the tutorial tasks are complete, you’ll unlock this trophy.

Phase One Misc Trophies

You should complete this miscellaneous trophy during this phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide, before moving on at the end of the tutorial.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Have you ever seen so many seagulls

Find yourself surrounded by a flock of seagulls

The description for this trophy is a little misleading because it makes it seem more complicated than it really is. It’s particularly easy to earn at the start of the game. Look overhead and you’ll see a flock of seagulls, flying back and forth along the island.

All you need to do is get close to this flock and stand under it as it flies by overhead. The game will recognise this as being “surrounded” by seagulls, and the trophy will unlock! Easy as that!

Phase Two – 10-Day Survival

Stranded Deep has a lot of trophies which ask you to do things (or not do things) for 10 straight days. This can be a little difficult to do when playing the game because, of course, sometimes nature gets the better of you and you kick it before your time, meaning a reset or, at the very least, setback on progress towards those 10-day trophies.

For that reason, I’m dedicating this entire phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide to getting them all on one island, in one stint:

10 Days of Trophies

The first trophy you’ll earn during this phase is for simply making your way over to the next island. If you set your map up via the Cartographer at the start of the game, you should go to an island next to the Cruise Ship, so that you can still see it and find your bearings.

As soon as you land on the beach you should unlock this trophy:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Island Hopper

Visited an island other than the first

Now, find a nice place to make camp, build a campfire and a shelter, then start hoarding supplies. Gather all the sticks, coconuts, fibrous leaves, and rocks that you can and place them in piles at your camp.

Don’t cut down any of the Palm Trees, though, or you won’t get any new coconuts.

Craft a few things, like a Crude Axe (very useful) until your crafting skill reaches level two and you’ll then be able to make a Water Still. Craft two of these and place them next to your camp. This will be your main source of water for the next 10 days, as well as the Coconuts.

Now that your camp is set up, you will need to do the following for the next 10 in-game days:

  • Do not eat Meat or Fish of any kind. You will need to survive off Coconut Flesh and fruit/berries (if there are any on your island). Do not eat more than two coconut halves within a 6-hour period or you will become sick with diarrhea. This means your hydration will deplete rapidly and your hunger will be worsened.
  • Stay Alive. Be sure not to starve, and be careful not to step on poisonous starfish or anything like that.
  • Drink Water. Keep an eye on your hydration levels and drink from the Water Stills whenever you get thirsty (hold on the top part of the Still). Keep the bottom part of the Still fully stocked with Fibrous Leaves to ensure it keeps producing water.
  • Stay Awake. You can use your shelter to save (which I recommend doing once per day) but never to sleep. After about 3 days you’ll be too exhausted to run, but that will be the extent of your punishment for not sleeping.
  • Do not leave the island. You must stay on this same island for the entire 10 days.
  • Stay out of the sun. Sunburn and Sunstroke are real problems. If you want to survive, find some shade and stay in there except to forage and eat.
  • Gather resources every 2-3 days. Once the Coconuts, Young Palm Trees, Yukka Plants and other recurring resources have replenished you’ll want to go out to gather them and then add them to your pile.
  • Find something else to do. Seriously. 10 in-game days will take a long time so you will need to find a good amount of additional entertainment to keep your mind occupied through the wait. I personally chose to binge It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix while waiting.
  • Press to bring up your digital watch and use it to track your hunger, thirst, health, and how long you have survived.

At the end of the 10-day stint, you should have the trophies below. If you don’t have them all yet, keep surviving until the whole set has unlocked:

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Island Hermit

Spent 10 consecutive days on one island

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fish Are Friends

Went 10 consecutive days without eating a fish

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gone green

Spent 10 consecutive days without eating meat

Trophy Image
Trophy Image

Haven’t slept on land for 10 consecutive days

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Day 10

Survived for 10 days

Once you have all 5 of the above trophies, it’s safe to move on to phase three of our Trophy Guide, where you’ll now be free to eat whatever you like and travel wherever you want, making the rest of the game a little easier to survive.

If you choose to, you can try to survive another 10 days on this island and go for the Day 20 trophy, but to avoid further boredom we’ll try to put another 10 days on the clock while completing the next few trophies.

Phase Three – Farming Island

To make this phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide a lot easier, we’re going to use the world editor to add the ultimate farming island to our map, replacing the barren island you started next to.

Save your game at your shelter and return to the main menu. From there, visit the “Cartographer” option and then select “New Island.”

In the terrain tab, make the island as big as you can. This gives us plenty of space for farming but also makes the island easier to spot.

In the Items tab, set everything to max (more resources could never hurt). In the Trees tab, be sure to add a lot of Yucca and Young Palm trees as they will both give Fibrous Leaves, a valuable resource which you should always gather whenever you can. You’ll also want to add at least one of each fruit/vegetable plant so you can create farming plots with them for “Who needs the sea anyway?”

Add some clay deposits and plenty of animals, too. I also recommend adding a Cargo Ship Wreck. I found a lot of vehicle parts and useful resources inside Cargo Ships so you’ll want to add one you can loot with each island reset.

Now, be sure to apply your changes, then back out . At the prompt, press to save and name your island something along the lines of “Farm.”

You’ll then be taken back to the main Cartographer menu. From there, select “World Editor” and then select the central island, where we started the game. Replace it with the new “Farm” island we just made. Now, when you load the game, your fully-stocked farming island will be where the first island was. You can sail over and get to work earning the trophies in this section of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide.

If you run out of resources on the island and wish to top them up, simply sail to a different island, save, quit to the main menu, go to the Cartographer, and replace your fully-pillaged farm island with a new freshly-stocked one.

To do so, highlight the central island and “remove” it. Then highlight it again and “replace” it with the Farm Island you set up. If you don’t “remove” it first, the game will threaten to delete your save data on this map.

Press to edit the island, go to the “Items” tab and press “Apply” to restock the island. Even make some changes if you wish. Do the same for any plants or animals you need restocking. Then back out, save, and then place the new island at the center of the map again.

Due to the fact that you will be deleting and replacing your Farm Island frequently, I don’t recommend building anything there that you wish to keep. Instead make trips back-and-forth via your raft to gather whatever resources you need for each of the below trophies.

There is no trophy for creating a raft, but you will want to do that during this phase, using resources from your farming island. Here’s a few tips for building your raft:

  • Use at least 3 base pieces with a “raft floor” piece on each one.
  • Put a sail on the middle piece. Wherever this sail is facing will be the “front” of your raft.
  • Place an anchor on the front of the middle piece.
  • Place a rudder on the back of the middle piece.
Here’s the raft I used for the whole game.

With your raft, you won’t need to paddle back and forth to your farming island, it will make things a lot easier so try to build this early on in this phase.

When not using your raft, anchor it a short distance from shore (don’t get too close or it will get stuck) and make sure you put the sail down or it will sail away.

If your raft does get stuck, hold while looking at it to pull it out to sea. This obviously won’t work if your anchor is deployed though.

Farming Island Trophies

The following trophies in this portion of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide should all be collected using the resources you now have access to thanks to your Farm Island. Work on one or two trophies at a time until you have them all, resetting the Farm Island as needed throughout the process.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Thread carefully

Make some cloth using the loom

To start with, you’ll need 6 sticks and 4 Lashings (from 16 Fibrous Leaves), with which you can craft a Loom. Place the Loom somewhere at your main encampment.

With the Loom built, stand next to it with 4 Fibrous Leaves in your inventory and open your crafting menu . While next to the Loom, you can use the Fibrous Leaves to create cloth. Do this for the first time, and the trophy will unlock!

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Where I lay my head is home

Craft a sleeping bag

To craft a sleeping bag, you’ll first need to be able to make Leather. Start by creating a Tanning Rack using 4 Lashings (16x Fibrous Leaves) and 4 Sticks. Next, go to your Farming Island and kill any Hogs and Boars you placed on there for up to 8 Rawhide. You’ll need a Stone Tool or Knife to skin the pigs.

Use the rawhide on the tanning rack to make leather strips. You’ll need three of those. Combine them with 3 sticks and 3 cloth (either find the cloth or make it on the loom we built for Thread Carefully).

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Plant it and it will grow

Plant your first farm lot

Before you can start farming, you need to craft a Hoe tool. A “Crude Hoe” will require one Stone Tool (1x Rock), one Stick, and one Lashing (4x Fibrous Leaves).

With it, you will gain access to the farming recipes on the Farming tab in your crafting menu . From there, you can make wooden farming plots with just four Sticks and one Lashing (x4 Fibrous Leaves).

Place down your first farming lot and then hold on it with a plant or fruit in your hand to begin growing it and unlock this trophy.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Who needs the sea anyway?

Have one of each farm crop planted on the same island

To unlock this trophy you’ll need 8 farm plots on the same island. Once you’ve created those eight, you’ll need to plant the following plants/fruit/vegetables, all of which you can gather from your Farm Island:

  • Aloe
  • Ajuga
  • Kura
  • Pipi
  • Potato
  • Quwawa
  • Wavulavula
  • Yucca

Once you have planted all 8 of those items, the trophy should unlock.

This trophy is very buggy. There’s a chance it will not unlock and nobody is quite sure what makes it work. It’s been said that using Plank farming plots will work, and that building on a different island to the one you sleep on will work too.

I’d recommend just doing all of this on your Farm island and not your main base. Keep the plots close together, too.

When it eventually worked for me, I made the plots on the Farming Island with the resources there. I had 4 wooden plots, 2 corrugated metal plots, and 2 plank plots. They were all next to each other in the center of the island and had one of each plant in them. The trophy unlocked as soon as I planted the 8th plant.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Working with my hands

Craft 20 tools

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Lean, mean, crafting machine

Craft 40 tools

The above two trophies require you to build 20 and then 40 tools. These are pretty easy requirements considering you can just build the “stone tool” repeatedly. The Stone Tool only requires a single rock, so, find forty of those and the trophies are yours!

Additionally, the crude spear and fishing spear which both only require a single stick will also count towards these trophies.

Just keep building low-cost tools until you have both trophies. The Farm Island will help with this.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
I hear “industrial” is in fashion

Craft 10 pieces of furniture using corrugated scrap

There are two furniture items you can make from corrugated scrap; A Shelf (2x Corrugated Scrap Metal) or a Table (4x Corrugated Scrap Metal). Making a Shelf will require you to have some sort of wall on which you can place it, and to build a wall you’ll need a foundation.

A better way to do it is to use the same shelf repeatedly, on the same wall. Each time you build the shelf, destroy it and you’ll get one of the two sheets of scrap metal back.

By doing this, you will only need a total of 13 sheets of corrugated scrap metal. As you can spawn up to 6 sheets on your Farm island, you will just need to make 3 trips. Only 2 if you have some scrap on your home base already.

Also, if you happen to have a metal container on your island, you can use the walls of the container to place the shelf and don’t need to build new walls.

Once you’ve made all 10 furniture items, the trophy should unlock immediately.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Really moving up in life

Craft the hobo stove

A Hobo Stove will require you to first find a metal oil drum. The game says “Barrel” but a wooden barrel obviously won’t do.

The metal Barrel is not something you can spawn on your Farm island, which makes this a bit of a difficult item to find, but if you spawn plenty of shipwrecks around the island you may be able to get one to appear.

It’s not uncommon to find three metal Barrels bundled together in the cargo bay of a Cargo Ship Wreck. You’ll need to hit them a few times to break the chains holding them together, then you’ll be able to drag the barrel out of the wreck by holding on it.

Take it to shore and then craft the hobo stove by using the barrel with a Fire Pit in your crafting menu. A Fire Pit requires four stones and one campfire. A campfire requires 4 sticks.

If your Cargo Ship Wreck doesn’t contain barrels, just restock your Farm Island and then check again. Repeat until you get the barrel you need.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Clay must feel happy in a good potter’s hand

Make a clay flask

This trophy is why I suggested adding Clay Deposits to the Farm Island, and you’re going to want to craft a pickaxe so that you can gather some.

Clay deposits spawn underwater, so you’ll need to look along the shore of your island to find some. Be careful, though, even though the game’s animals are set to be passive, there’s an awful lot of things in the water that will poison you if you touch them.

You will need 2 clay for the clay flask but you’ll also want another 6 clay in order to craft a furnace with which to make the clay flask. Once you have your furnace, approach it and open the crafting menu with 2 clay and 1 lashing (4 fibrous leaves) in your inventory.

You will find the clay flask near the bottom of the “Consumables” tab, just above “Shark Repellant.”

Craft one Clay Flask and the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Fishing season is open!

Catch your first fish with the fishing rod

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
The sea’s harvest

Catch 10 fish with the fishing rod

Next, we’re going to do some fishing!

Gather up 3 sticks and 3 lashings (12 Fibrous Leaves) and use them to craft the Fishing Rod found in the tools tab of the crafting menu.

You will also want a Fishing Bobber. To craft a Fishing Bobber you’ll need one Buoy Ball. Buoy Balls can be found on Cargo Ship Wrecks, usually in bundles of 5, so you can use the Farm Island to keep spawning cargo Ship Wrecks until you find some.

Once you have your fishing rod and your bobber, sail out on your new raft to go fishing! Catch just 10 fish in total using the fishing rod and both of the above trophies will be yours!

To fish, equip the fishing rod with a bobber in your inventory, hold and then hit to cast the line. Once you have a fish on the line, the bobber will start to dip in and out of the water. Reel it in by holding .

If your rod starts to bend and creak release until it returns to normal and then hold again. Continue this until you’ve pulled the fish over to you and collected it.

Repeat this 10 times to get the “The Sea’s Harvest” trophy to unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Put the engine in engineering

Craft a motor boat

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Oceanic DaVinci

Craft the gyrocopter

The last thing we’re going to do in this phase is to earn the two trophies above by crafting a Motor Engine and then a Gyrocopter.

All the parts you need for this can be found in Ship Wrecks, inside Lockers, Consoles, and Crates. I recommend continuing to use your farming island to spawn Cargo Ship Wrecks repeatedly. You can then loot those wrecks over and over until you have all the supplies you are going to need.

In order to build both machines, you will need the following items:

PartUsed for
1x Duct TapeBoat Motor
1x Vehicle Engine PartBoat Motor, Gyrocopter Motor
1x Vehicle Fuel PartBoat Motor, Gyrocopter Motor
1x Vehicle Filter PartBoat Motor, Gyrocopter Motor
2x Vehicle Electrical PartsBoat Motor, Gyrocopter Cockpit, Gyrocopter Rotors
3x Gyrocopter Vehicle PartGyrocopter Frame, Gyrocopter Seat, Gyrocopter Rotors

You will also need to be Crafting Level 6 to build the Gyrocopter parts, so maybe craft a few things to achieve that first. If you’re looking for things to craft, you could make a head-start on this trophy, there’s a list of all the items in the game there, you’ll need to craft them all at least once at some point so this is a good opportunity to make a start.

Start by building the Boat Motor. Once you have it, place it on the back of your raft (break the rudder off if you need to) and then “Put the Engine in Engineering” will unlock.

Break down the Boat Motor (make sure you’re above semi-shallow waters in-case some parts fall in the water) once you have the trophy to retrieve most of the parts used. You can then use those parts to build the five Gyrocopter parts; Cockpit, Frame, Motor, Rotors, and seat.

Bug Warning: Be careful not to actually use the Gyrocopter. Tempting, I know, but there’s a compass on this Gyrocopter which has been known to void the “Magnets, how do they work?” trophy.

Once you’ve placed all the Gyrocopter parts on the frame, the trophy will unlock.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Two of each

Collected two of each land animal on your raft, and sailed into a storm

This here’s another trophy which the farming island is great for. There’s 5 animals you need to carry on your raft into a storm (Some people have done this with less than 5, which you’re welcome to try). Here’s how I did it:

AnimalHow to Catch
2x HogsYou can spawn only one Boar at a time on Farm Island, so you’ll need to make the trip a couple of times to get the two carcasses you need. USe to drag the two bodies onto your raft.
2x Large CrabThese can be found in a lot of places, but you can also spawn one on your Farm Island so just do that if you wish. You’ll need to use to drag the carcasses onto your raft.
2x Wild BoarThese are the smaller boars. You can spawn up to two Wild Boars on the Farm Island, so just do that, kill them with a spear, and then drag their carcasses onto your raft.
2x CrabThese are found all over every island, but you can also just spawn some on your Farm Island. Just stick a couple with a spear or fishing spear and then pocket their carcasses.
2x Night SnakeYou can spawn up to two Night Snakes on the Farm Island. They do actually appear during the day, too, so don’t think you need to grab them at night. You’ll need to drag their corpses onto your raft once you’ve killed them with a spear.

Note that you do not need Seagulls, Sharks, Any Fish, or Bats. The animals can be dead when you put them on the boat–I’m not sure how you’d manage it any other way–but do not skin any of them because it won’t count, the body can despawn, and some animals will fall through the raft if skinned.

Once you have all the animals you need, wait for a storm. When the storm starts, and you’re sure it is a fully-fledged storm (thunder & lightning) then place all your gathered animal carcasses on your Raft and head out into the storm. The trophy should pop once you’re out in open water.

You should save before heading out in-case one of the carcasses falls in the ocean. This happens frequently because the physics are very janky. The bodies will likely jitter a lot while you’re sailing and can even shoot off into the air for no apparent reason.

Phase Four – Sea Monsters & Finishing the Game

It’s finally time to finish the game. In this phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide, you’ll need to find and defeat all three bosses. With each boss you defeat, you’ll get a Trophy part and an Airplane part. They won’t go into your inventory, but you can craft them for free from the “Story” tab of the crafting menu.

Craft the trophies as soon as you can, but save the aircraft parts until you’re ready to finish the game.

Sea Monster Trophies

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Hunter of the High Seas

Collect one sea monster trophy

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Call me Ahab

Collect all sea monster trophies

Take a look at your map in the Cartographer menu and take note of where each of the three bosses are so that you can easily head straight there.

Taking a Sleeping Bag with you is a good idea so that you can save before each fight, you’ll also want to bring bandages as all bosses can inflict bleeding.

As you make your way to each boss, you’ll likely pass a few islands. I’d recommend stopping and placing a campfire on each one you pass, just to get a head start on this trophy. Also look out for Survivor Remnants for this trophy, and the Wollie Football for this trophy.

The first boss is the Megalodon, which has 500 Health Points. This massive shark spawns near a shipwreck with a whale carcass nearby. You’ll want to stay on your raft for this fight.

Just throw Crude Spears from the raft, it should take about 25 Crude Spears or 13 Refined Spears to defeat the Megalodon. Collect your trophy and plane part, then head back to base.

At your base, recover your health by filling your hydration and hunger bars, craft the first trophy (You’ll unlock “Hunter of the High Seas”), save the game, and then head out to the next boss.

Next up you’ll want to face The Great Abaia. This creature has 750 health and is found at a Battleship Wreck. Use the boat as a place to save before the fight. Use spears and/or preferably a speargun to deal damage until it is defeated.

Your best bet is to stay on your raft and look down over the edge. The Eel will swim back and forth under there while you fill it full of spears. Unfortunately you’ll have a very hard time seeing the Eel unless it’s bright daylight out so set up camp on a nearby island and wait until morning to set off on the hunt.

The Eel is insanely fast so you’ll have a hard time trying to fight it underwater.

Again, return to base once it is defeated, heal, craft the trophy, save the game, and head back out for the final boss.

The last boss is “Lusca the Great” which can be found wrapped around the chain of a yellow buoy.

Prepare for a long battle against Lusca’s huge 1000 HP Health Bar. Use spears and/or the speargun to defeat this monstrosity.

There’s actually a really good cheese method for this. Once you have hit Lusca, activating the fight, swim back up to the surface and press your back against the buoy. Lusca won’t be able to reach you to attack you, so you can just float there, throwing spears/firing the speargun until Lusca eventually dies. It’s stupidly easy this way.

Here’s a video of me doing this:

Return to home base for the final time, heal, craft the trophy (you should get “Call me Ahab” for having all three trophies) and save the game again.

Complete the Game

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Out of the frying pan

Completed the game

With all three bosses defeated, you should now have all the airplane parts you need to finish the game.

Before you can finish the game, you’ll need a Jerry Can filled with fuel, to get that you’ll need to craft a Fuel Still, and you’ll need 8 Potatoes. You can get Potatoes from your farm island, but they’re very hard to see and you can only spawn a maximum of three.

I recommend removing everything except the potatoes from your Farm Island, this will make them slightly easier to find. You’ll then need three trips and three Farm Island resets just to get the 8 potatoes needed. You’ll also need a Jerry Can to put the fuel in, which can usually be found in containers on the Cargo Ship Wreck, so spawn that in too if you need one. If you happen to find two spare Jerry Cans, that’s even better.

With the Jerry Can(s) you need, use the potatoes on the Fuel Still to make Fuel, and then fill the Jerry Can(s). Then, gather as much food as you can and fill a few containers with water.

Then go to the Cruise Ship at the “A Way Out” tile, which should be next to your home base if you set up your map the way I instructed in the Cartographer section.

You will find an Airplane on that Cruise Ship and a to-do list will come up, asking you to fill the plane with fuel, water, and food. You’ll also need to craft and add the three aircraft parts.

Use the Jerry Can to refuel the plane, you’ll need to do two trips, or carry two Jerry Cans to fully refuel the plane. You’ll need 4 Leather Water Skins or 2 Clay Flasks full of water to fill the plane’s water supply. As for food, you’ll need quite a lot. I added 2 tins of rations, 4 cans of beans, and 2 Kura Fruit.

Note that spoiled food can be used to fill the plane’s food supply for some reason.

Make sure to save at home base before heading out to fix the plane, so you have a good save to come back to for phase five of this Stranded Deep Trophy Guide.

Once you have filled the fuel, water, and food supplies, craft the three airplane parts from the Story tab of your crafting menu and then place them in the appropriate slots on the plane. Your character will say “I think it’s done” and the new objective will be “Go Home!”

Get in the plane, switch on the engine, close the cockpit, engage the rail, throttle the engine, and enjoy the cutscene. You’ll get this trophy at the end of the cutscene, when the logo is on-screen.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Magnets, How Do They Work?

Finish a play through without ever using a compass

If you have successfully avoided picking up a compass throughout the entire game, as instructed in the Before You Begin section, you will also unlock this trophy when the game ends.

This trophy is extremely buggy and you can void it by picking up a container with a compass in it (like I did) or using the Gyrocopter (reportedly).

Phase Five – Cleanup

In this fifth and final phase of our Stranded Deep Trophy Guide you’re going to collect the last few trophies you need to complete your platinum journey. You will be visiting pretty much every island on your map and building a hell of a lot of tools, items, and structures. You’re in the endgame now, though, and with just another final push you can finally be done with this game.

Visit other islands

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Another day, another shore

Build a camp fire on 5 distinct islands

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Is this Ithaca?

Build a camp fire on 10 distinct islands

There are at most 21 islands to visit in each 5×5 world map if you consider the spaces occupied by the bosses and the Cruise Ship. To unlock the above two trophies you will need to visit a total of 10 islands (just under half) and place a campfire on each one.

You do not need to light or otherwise use the campfire, simply build one on 10 different islands to get both of these trophies. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to do this while you’re visiting every available island in search of Survivor Remnants and the Wollie ball.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Another one bites the dust

Scavenge all survivor remnants on the islands

Survivor remnants are man-made shelters on other islands in the game. Typically, they will have the skeleton of their former resident inside which will confirm that the structure is a Survivor Remnant.

The shelter could be a small canopy, overturned boat, or a humble lean-to. You will know it when you see it, and they always contain plenty of resources. There will be a tool on the ground, a crate with some resources, and a few other resources scattered here and there. You need to make sure you pick up all of the resources so that the game registers the remnant as properly plundered.

One example of a Survivor Remnant Shelter.

The number of remnants in each map varies wildly. You might have five, or you could get lucky and have only one to find. I had just three to find during my playthrough.

I’d recommend keeping track of which islands have Remnants on them so that if the trophy doesn’t unlock (and you’re positive you searched every island thoroughly) you will know where to find them again to double-check them for resources.

Another type of Survivor Shelter.

Note that you don’t actually need to gather every possible item in each remnant, but as there’s no way to track if it registered towards the trophy, this is the best way to be sure that the game has picked up on you visiting each one.

The reason I say that is that if you find a compass do not collect it. It’s safe to leave them behind without voiding this trophy, and if you collect it you risk voiding “Magnets, how do they work?” if you didn’t already have it.

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
A little less lonely

Find Wollie

Wollie is a reference to the movie Castaway, in which there’s a similar-looking ball with a face on it called “Wilson.”

Finding Wollie is guaranteed to happen while you’re looking for Survivor Remnants because it will spawn in one. You don’t need to pick it up or do anything with it, just approach and look at it for the trophy to unlock.

Survive for 20 Days

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Day 20

Survived for 20 days

All you need to do is survive for 20 days, there are no other requirements for this trophy.

Given that you survived for 10 days near the start of this trophy guide, you should already have a decent head-start and may have earned this trophy naturally. If not, and you somehow did phases 3 and 4 of this Stranded Deep Trophy Guide in less than 10 days, then just survive for as long as you need to.

Use your watch to keep track of how many days you have survived so far. The trophy will unlock at midnight on Day 20.

Craft One of Everything

Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Gotta craft them all!

Have made one of each craftable item

It’s possible that you have already crafted the majority of the craftables in the game while working through the other phases in this Stranded Deep Trophy Guide, except maybe the building structures. Using the Farming Island to gather resources, it’s now time to craft one of every craftable in the game. To help you keep track, I’ve created a table below which lists all of the items in the game and which crafting menu tab you will find them in.

Stone ToolCrafting > Tools
KindlingCrafting > Tools
LashingCrafting > Tools
Refined KnifeCrafting > Tools
Fire TorchCrafting > Tools
Crude AxeCrafting > Tools
Crude HammerCrafting > Tools
Crude SpearCrafting > Tools
Fishing RodCrafting > Tools
Fishing BobberCrafting > Tools
Fishing SpearCrafting > Tools
ClothCrafting > Tools
Refined AxeCrafting > Tools
Crude HoeCrafting > Tools
Crude BowCrafting > Tools
ArrowCrafting > Tools
LeatherCrafting > Tools
PlanksCrafting > Tools
Refined SpearCrafting > Tools
Refined PickCrafting > Tools
BricksCrafting > Tools
SpeargunCrafting > Tools
Speargun ArrowCrafting > Tools
ShelterCrafting > Camp
Camp FireCrafting > Camp
Fire PitCrafting > Camp
Fire SpitCrafting > Camp
Water StillCrafting > Camp
Hobo StoveCrafting > Camp
Meat SmokerCrafting > Camp
LoomCrafting > Camp
Plank StationCrafting > Camp
FurnaceCrafting > Camp
Tanning RackCrafting > Camp
Brick StationCrafting > Camp
Fuel Still BoilerCrafting > Camp
HookCrafting > Furniture
Light HookCrafting > Furniture
Container ShelfCrafting > Furniture
Wood ChairCrafting > Furniture
Wood ShelfCrafting > Furniture
Wood TableCrafting > Furniture
Plank ChairCrafting > Furniture
Plank ShelfCrafting > Furniture
Plank TableCrafting > Furniture
Sleeping BagCrafting > Furniture
Corrugated ShelfCrafting > Furniture
Corrugated TableCrafting > Furniture
Bird SnareCrafting > Traps
Fish TrapCrafting > Traps
ToolbeltCrafting > Tool Belt
Tool Pouch 1Crafting > Tool Belt
Tool Pouch 2Crafting > Tool Belt
Tool Pouch 3Crafting > Tool Belt
Wood FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Wood Wedge FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Plank FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Plank Wedge FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Corrugated FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Corrugated Wedge FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Brick FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Brick Wedge FoundationBuilding > Foundations
Wood FloorBuilding > Floors
Wood Wedge FloorBuilding > Floors
Plank FloorBuilding > Floors
Plank Wedge FloorBuilding > Floors
Corrugated FloorBuilding > Floors
Corrugated Wedge FloorBuilding > Floors
Brick FloorBuilding > Floors
Brick Wedge FloorBuilding > Floors
Tarp WallBuilding > Walls
Wood WallBuilding > Walls
Wood Half WallBuilding > Walls
Plank WallBuilding > Walls
Plank Half WallBuilding > Walls
Corrugated WallBuilding > Walls
Corrugated Half WallBuilding > Walls
Container WallBuilding > Walls
Brick WallBuilding > Walls
Brick Half WallBuilding > Walls
Wood WindowBuilding > Windows
Plank WindowBuilding > Windows
Corrugated WindowBuilding > Windows
Brick WindowBuilding > Windows
Wood ArchBuilding > Doorways
Plank ArchBuilding > Doorways
Corrugated ArchBuilding > Doorways
Brick ArchBuilding > Doorways
Wood DoorBuilding > Doors
Plank DoorBuilding > Doors
Corrugated DoorBuilding > Doors
Container DoorBuilding > Doors
Brick DoorBuilding > Doors
Wood StepsBuilding > Steps
Plank StepsBuilding > Steps
Corrugated StepsBuilding > Steps
Brick StepsBuilding > Steps
Wood Roof MiddleBuilding > Roofing
Wood Roof CornerBuilding > Roofing
Wood Roof WedgeBuilding > Roofing
Wood Roof CapBuilding > Roofing
Clay Roof MiddleBuilding > Roofing
Clay Roof CornerBuilding > Roofing
Clay Roof WedgeBuilding > Roofing
Clay Roof CapBuilding > Roofing
Tower FoundationBuilding > Towers
Tower FloorBuilding > Towers
FlagpoleBuilding > Towers
Wood Raft BaseVehicles > Raft Bases
Buoy Balls Raft BaseVehicles > Raft Bases
Tyres Raft BaseVehicles > Raft Bases
Barrels Raft BaseVehicles > Raft Bases
Wood Raft FloorVehicles > Raft Floors
Plank Raft FloorVehicles > Raft Floors
Corrugated Raft FloorVehicles > Raft Floors
Clay Raft FloorVehicles > Raft Floors
Raft CanopyVehicles > Raft Parts
AnchorVehicles > Raft Parts
SailVehicles > Raft Parts
RudderVehicles > Raft Parts
Boat MotorVehicles > Raft Parts
Gyrocopter frameVehicles > Gyrocopter Parts
Gyrocopter seatVehicles > Gyrocopter Parts
Gyrocopter motorVehicles > Gyrocopter Parts
Gyrocopter cockpitVehicles > Gyrocopter Parts
Gyrocopter rotorsVehicles > Gyrocopter Parts
Wood Farming PlotFarming
Plank Farming PlotFarming
Corrugated Farming PlotFarming
Shark TrophyStory > Trophies
Eel TrophyStory > Trophies
Squid TrophyStory > Trophies
Aircraft Rudder PartStory > Aircraft Parts
Aircraft Engine PartStory > Aircraft Parts
Aircraft Propeller PartStory > Aircraft Parts

Some of the above items were required for other trophies and should have already been built by you, such as the Boss Trophies, Aircraft Parts, Gyrocopter Parts, and more.


Trophy Image
Trophy Image
Stay Alive!

Collected all trophies

Once you have every other trophy in this Stranded Deep Trophy Guide, the Stranded Deep Platinum Trophy is all yours to add to your collection!

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