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How long does it take to beat Senran Kagura Estival Versus and unlock all trophies?

About 25 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Senran Kagura Estival Versus and unlock all trophies?

Easy (3/10).

Does Senran Kagura Estival Versus have online trophies?


Does Senran Kagura Estival Versus have difficulty-specific trophies?


Does Senran Kagura Estival Versus have missable trophies?


Does Senran Kagura Estival Versus have glitched trophies?


What is the minimum number of playthroughs required to unlock all trophies in Senran Kagura Estival Versus?

One, plus chapter select cleanup.

Does Senran Kagura Estival Versus have a Platinum Trophy?


Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide and Road Map for Senran Kagura Estival Versus on PlayStation 4

Note: This game is NSFW and as such some of these screenshots will be too.


A few things to note before we start;

  • You do not need to collect all of the lingerie from the Millennium lottery in the store.
  • You can’t check or track Festival Platforms while inside a stage, you will need to quit out to the main menu after each stage to then check how many festival platforms you need in the next stage from the mission select screen.
  • There are some collectables called “Creative Finishers”. These are performed either by defeating a playable character near a sign with a “!” on it or by defeating a character who is wearing a specific clothing item. There is a guide for this below, but keep your eye out for “!” signs as you play to have minimal backtracking.

Stage 1 – True Shinobi Girls’ Code Campaign & Festival Platform Location Guide

Story Trophies

There are 8 days and a prologue in the main campaign and each day has 5-9 missions, with the prologue consisting of 6 tutorial missions. You will get a trophy for each day of the story you complete, and you will also want to be trying to get as many festival platforms as you can as they only appear in the main story.

A festival platform in it’s natural habitat.
Trophy Image
Estival Beginnings

Reunited with your lost sister and began the summer of a lifetime.

Simply start the story for this one to pop.

Prologue/Day Zero

Trophy Image
Kagura Millennium Festival

Completed Day Zero of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of Missions: 6

Festival Platforms: 0

Day One

Trophy Image
Dancing Damsels

Completed Day One of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 5

Festival Platforms: 4

Day 1: Mission 1 “The Sister’s Reunion”

  • At the top of the steps, behind the building in front of you when you start.

Day 1: Mission 4 “Platforms and Problems”

  • First one is directly in front of you when you start, can’t miss it.
  • After a long segment fighting through a dirt path you will reach a bridge, drop down into the river canal and then look under the bridge, the platform is here.
  • Keep playing through the stage until the last area where the boss spawns and you will see the platform towards the back of the walled area you’re in.

Day Two

Trophy Image
Aquatic Exercise

Completed Day Two of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 6

Festival Platforms: 2

Day 2: Mission 1 “The Undie-Eating Contest”

  • There’s a stone arch on the beach, head through it and then turn left and you will see the platform.

Day 2: Mission 2 “The Grand Grope-n-Grapple”

  • There’s a large circular pier up some stairs to the left of the pier you started on, head up there to find the platform waiting for you.

Day Three

Trophy Image
Lingering Feelings

Completed Day Three of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 5

Festival Platforms: 19

Day 3: Mission 1 “A Mother’s Bond”

  • There are 5 platforms to find here, but due to the large open nature of the football field you can see them all right away from the spawn.

Day 3: Mission 2 “Determined Decree”

  • At the start, defeat the first wave of puppet enemies to cause the red forcefield behind where you started to disappear. Once the puppets are defeated head through the gate at the back of the area to get the first platform.
  • Next start heading towards your objective again, once you reach the area with the waterfalls you will see the remaining 3 platforms visibly out in the open ahead of you. One to the left, One to the right, One to the left of the furthest-most waterfall.

Day 3: Mission 3 “The Existence of Emotions”

Note: This one’s a little complicated, but bear with me. Also, you will see a platform right in-front of you when you start, this will be the last one you get.

  • After you defeat the first group of enemies, the red forcefield on the buildings to the left will disappear and you can jump and wall-run up the walls to get onto the roof and then drop down on the other side, in the next street over. Turn left and head to the end of the street where there’s a festival platform.
  • After the last one, turn around and head as far down the street as you can until you hit a blue forcefield. Look right and you will see an alleyway with a festival platform in it.
  • Head back and jump over the rooftops again to end up on the street you started in. Head down the street towards the platform we could see at the beginning and then defeat a wave of enemies. Now, while facing the platform at the end of the street, turn right and run up these short buildings to get into the next street over on the other side. Once again, drop down and head left to find the platform.
  • After the last one turn around and head all the way to the other end, keeping an eye out for an alleyway on your right. Once you find it, head through and you’ll see the platform tucked away in a little nook on your right.
  • Now, we can finally get that platform we’ve been seeing since the start. Head back over the rooftops into the initial street once again and then continue on to the very end of the street where the platform is and the boss will spawn.

Day 3: Mission 5 “Reunion with Kurokage”

  • Head down the ramp at the start and continue forward down the street laid out in front of you. Eventually, some rabbit shinobi will attack you near a large snow sculpture of Hibari’s rabbit friend. The platform is here, clearly visible.
  • Continue down this street to where there’s a crossroad. There is a festival platform down the left path.
  • There is also a festival platform down the right path.
  • After the last two, head back to the crossroads and down the only remaining path. You will be swarmed by wolf shinobi and there is a festival platform nearby, between a tree and another snow sculpture. It’s hard to miss.
  • The final festival platform is right at the very end of this path, in front of a snow mansion, past where the three bosses spawn.

Day Four

Trophy Image
Same Old, Same Old

Completed Day Four of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 6

Festival Platforms: 13

Day 4: Mission 1 “Not Coming Out”

During the cutscene of your character spawning in, you will see that a platform is behind you, you can’t get this at first due to some forcefields.

  • After you defeat the first wave of enemies in the garden, head out of the garden and turn right, heading up the street. Once the enemies spawn head down the alleyway to the left and then turn left again to see the first platform ahead of you.
  • Now, head back into the main middle street and go all the way to the other end. Right at the end is another alleyway to the left. Follow this round to the left again to see a yellow platform.
  • Now for the one we could see right from spawn. Head into the opposite alleyway of the one you just entered and then turn right and head forwards toward the platform to destroy it.

Day 4: Mission 3 “Slippery Oil”

  • From the start, use the tiered roofing on the buildings to your right to get up and over them. At the other side, head left to go over a red bridge in front of a large temple to find your first platform.
  • From the last one, head back over the bridge and then head all the way left. At the end, if you turn right, you will see the platform.
  • For the last one, head to the hot springs at the opposite end of the area from the first platform to find the final one waiting for you in a pool encircled by the wooden catwalk.

Day 4: Mission 4 “Haruka the Technician”

  • This one is a little tricky, you’ll want to use a series of wall runs and jumps to get up to the very top tier of the viewing area on your left where you start. There’s a long balcony right near the ceiling with a platform at the end.

Day 4: Mission 5 “She Belongs to No one”

  • From spawn, turn around and head all the way to the back wall, then turn right and cross over the stone pathway to follow a path which heads behind the buildings. Once back there, you will see the first platform.
  • After the last one, follow the path further, over a short shallow trench past a house on your left, until the path bends. Between to two houses on your left where the path bends will be another platform.
  • At the other side of the second building, between it and a third building is your third and final platform.

Day 4: Mission 6 “When Hibari Gets Mad”

  • The first platform is behind some short buildings to your right when you spawn.
  • Defeat the first wave and then head to the huge temple in front of where you spawned, go up the steps and then follow the balcony right, where you can jump down and destroy the platform. 
  • Head back up to the balcony and go to the left side of the temple to find another platform.

Day Five

Trophy Image

Completed Day Five of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 7

Festival Platforms: 18

Day 5: Mission 1 “The Fragrance of the Bourgeoise”

  • Straight in front of you when you spawn.
  • Defeat the first wave of enemies and then head up the stairs to the next area, there’s a platform in the centre.
  • Defeat these enemies and then head up to the next area again, there’s a platform near the stairs to the next area.
  • Defeat the enemies and head up the stairs again, you guessed it – there’s another platform right in front of you.
  • Once you’re done with that one, head to the opposite end of the area, the last platform is there.

Day 5: Mission 3 “Last Words”

  • Follow the linear path of the level until you find some stairs on your right-hand side, head down those to find the first 4 platforms in this large open area.
  • Head up the stairs on the opposite end of the room from the ones you came down to see another platform at the top.

Day 5: Mission 4 “Mama”

  • From the start, turn around and cross the red bridge to get the yellow platform at the other side.
  • From the last one, turn around, cross the bridge, and head to the buildings on the right side. Use their tiered roofing to get up and over them for the green platform on the other side.
  • Head back over the buildings and then do the same on the buildings at the opposite side of the stage for the final platform.

Day 5: Mission 6 “The Sisters’ Lie”

  • Right ahead of you from your spawn.
  • Once the first wave has been dealt with, head towards your objective but instead of crossing the bridge, drop down and check under it for a platform.
  • After the last one, face your objective and then turn left and follow the canal round to another bridge, jump up to it, and head through the gate into the forest. Follow this path to a platform.
  • Once you’re done with the enemies which spawned after the last one, head back towards your objective, eventually, some turtle shinobi will spawn in an area which has 2 festival platforms, one on each side.

Day Six

Trophy Image
Confront the Past

Completed Day Six of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 5

Festival Platforms: 7

Day 6: Mission 2 “Ice Queen”

This mission contains the hardest-to-find platform which I had to play through the mission 3 times to find, so bear with me once again…

  • From the start, defeat the first wave of enemies and then head into an alleyway on the left where you will be attacked again, defeat this wave also. Once out of the other side of the alleyway, head left onto the main road to see a festival platform on the right.
  • Now, head back down the street until you are attacked by a third wave of enemies. Defeat them and then head further down the street to a fourth wave of enemies. Now you can head all the way to the end of the street where there is another main road. Do not enter the construction site. Turn right and you will see another platform.
  • Head all the way to the opposite end of the big road from the platform you just got and then head left into the street there. Follow this street down until you find an alleyway on your left. Enter the alleyway to destroy the green platform here and the wave of enemies which spawns.
  • Now, the final and most well-hidden platform, head back out of the alleyway the way you entered and then head left down the street. About two thirds of the way down you will see some shorter buildings on your left. Wall run up on top of them and then destroy the platform here.

Day 6: Mission 3 “Whenever”

  • This one is quite out of the way and will require fighting a lot of additional waves of enemies. Head across the rooftop in-front of your spawn until it splits so that you can either go right or forward towards the large temple. You want to go right, but you can’t because there is a red forcefield, so go forwards until another wave of enemies spawns. Once they are defeated the red forcefield will come down and you can follow the right-most rooftop path all the way to the end, with several waves of enemies along the way, to find a platform at the end.

Day 6: Mission 4 “The Egg Rice Bowl”

  • It’s right in front of you when you spawn, you cannot miss it.

Day 6: Mission 5 “At Any Cost”

  • Up the stairs to the left of where you spawn. You may need to defeat the first wave of enemies before you can head up there.

Day Seven

Trophy Image

Completed Day Seven of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 8

Festival Platforms: 10

Day 7: Mission 1 “Any Face”

  • Right from the start of the level, turn around and head as far up the path as you can to find a platform.
  • Also from where you started, you can see the platform on the left in-front of you where all the waterfalls are.

Day 7: Mission 2 “La Ninja Japonaise”

  • Head all the way up the different levels ahead of you, fighting through waves of enemies until you reach the final area where the bosses spawn. There is a platform to the left of this final area.
  • There’s another platform to the right, the opposite side of the area from the last one.

Day 7: Mission 4 “Mama”

  • Another football pitch level, all 4 platforms can be seen quite easily out in the open at the edges of the pitch. 

Day 7: Mission 7 “Thank You”

  • From the start, turn around to face the opposite direction and then jump over the corner of the fence where the sakura tree on the left is, entering into the garden. From there, exit the garden again through the red gate to your left and you will be able to head straight forward to the red platform ahead.
  • Head back into the garden and jump over the fence again to leave. Face left and head all the way to the end of the street, then turn right to see a side-street with two boxes. Head towards these boxes and then turn right to be able to head down this street to the platform at the end.

Day 7: Mission 8 “Even if it’s Just for Us”

  • From spawn, instead of heading down the ramp in front of you, jump off the back of the structure instead. To the left side there is a platform.
  • On the other side is another platform.

Day Eight

Trophy Image
Estival Finale

Completed Day Eight of True Shinobi Girls' Code

No. of missions: 9

Festival Platforms: 5

Day 8: Mission 5 “Tolerant Evil”

  • Right from the start of the level, you should see the first platform in the water, slightly to your left. Jump down and get it.
  • The second one is just up the wall behind the last one. To the far-left from your spawn, near a short waterfall.

Day 8: Mission 8 “Until the Final Moment”

  • A short ways in, you’ll come to a craggy area where lots of puppets spawn. You will need to defeat 2 waves of enemies to bring down the red forcefields but once you have, there is a platform on the rocks in the left side of the area.
  • Another platform is on the rocks on the right-hand side of the area.
  • Once you have these two, you can move on to the next area by heading under the fallen tree. Once you’ve defeated the next wave of enemies, face the direction of your objective and then turn left to find a winding path which leads on top of the fallen tree. Follow it all the way up to find the 80th and final platform.

Once you’ve beaten the story mode and collected all of the platforms you will have unlocked a lot of content to purchase in the store, every Shinobi Girls’ Heart mission, and the following trophies:

Trophy Image
Down They Go

Knocked down 40 festival platforms in True Shinobi Girls' Code.

Trophy Image
Tower Offense

Knocked down 80 festival platforms in True Shinobi Girls' Code.

Stage 2 – Shinobi Girls’ Heart Missions

How to Earn the Private Lives Trophy

This stage is very straight-forward, just complete the shinobi girls’ heart missions and you will get a trophy for every character’s 5-mission arc that you complete. I won’t list all 26 trophies below, but you can’t get this one without the other 25, so once you have this, you know you’re done:

Trophy Image
Private Lives

Completed all Shinobi Girl's Heart missions.

The Private Lives trophy popping.

Stage 3 – Creative Finishers

How to Get the Your OCD is Showing Trophy

Our main goal in this stage is to set things up right for us to be able to complete the following trophy:

Trophy Image
Your OCD Is Showing

Obtained all the items in the store.

By proxy, you will also get this one:

Trophy Image
Big Climax

Defeat an enemy boss with a creative finish.

As I mentioned previously, creative finishers are performed by reducing a playable character’s health bar to zero while you are in proximity of a sign bearing the “!” symbol. This will trigger a NSFW cutscene.

The “Body Pillow” Creative Finisher.

You can check which you have unlocked by going to the video section of the store. If you have unlocked a Creative Finisher it will appear in here as purchasable or purchased but you won’t find it if you haven’t unlocked it yet. With the exception of some finishers from the Station Shopping District, Sweets Land and Halloween levels which are available to purchase from the start.

Below you can find a guide for the best missions to find each of the creative finishers which are required for the trophy:

NOTE: Finishers marked with a Star(*) need to be done a little differently. You will need to find the “!” sign and then be defeated near it which will unlock the creative finisher once it happens to your character.

Festival Platform: You may notice that some festival platforms have a “!” sign next to them. Defeating a playable character near here will unlock this cutscene for purchase, but you can also unlock it just by collecting all 80 festival platforms.

Frankfurt: Day 0 Mission 6

Chocolate Banana: Day 0 Mission 6

Taiko: Day 0 Mission 6

Bird Cage: Day 1 Mission 1

Net Capture*: Day 1 Mission 4

Sakura: Day 1 Mission 5 OR Shinobi Girls’ Heart Asuka Mission 1

Beach Volleyball: Day 2 Mission 3

Puppet Trap: Day 5 Mission 7 OR Day 8 Mission 2

Paddy Field: Day 5 Mission 7

Scarecrow: Day 5 Mission 7

Pole Dance: Day 6 Mission 4

Bamboo Shoot*: Day 7 Mission 1

Snake Capture*: Day 7 Mission 3

Soccer: Day 7 Mission 4 OR Shinobi Girls’ Heart Minori Mission 5

Christmas*: Day 7 Mission 8 (It’s the snowman with gifts and a Santa hat, the other Snowmen will trigger the Snowman finisher)

Basketball: Day 8 Mission 1 OR Shinobi Girls’ Heart Jasmine Mission 5

Tree: Day 8 Mission 5 

Surprise!: Day 8 Mission 6

Mushroom: Day 8 Mission 6

Window Glass: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ikaruga Mission 4

Octopus Pot: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ikaruga Mission 4

Banana Boat: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ikaruga Mission 4

Cardboard Box: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Yagyuu Mission 2 

Flag Pole: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Yagyuu Mission 5 or Shinobi Girls’ Heart Daidouji Mission 4

Wooden Cage: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Haruka Mission 3 

Pervy Sign: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Mirai Mission 3

Billboard: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Mirai Mission 4

Soap: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Yozakura Mission 3

Bath Pail: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Yozakura Mission 3

Pitfall: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Murasaki Mission 5

Snowman: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ryona Mission 3

Body Pillow: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ryoki Mission 4

Hot Spring: Shinobi Girls’ Heart Ryobi Mission 1

Button Snap: Unlock the Hawaiian Shirt and then equip it on any character, then, look for a mission where you will be playing against that character and defeat them, this will trigger the creative finish.

For example, make Ryoki wear it and then load up Day 1 Mission 1.

Unlaced Swimsuit: Same as above, get the Summer Swimsuit and defeat a girl who has it equipped.

Exposed Towel: Same as above, get the Bath Towel and defeat a girl who has it equipped.

Puppet Kaboom!*: This was the hardest for me to get, and when I finally got it I didn’t have a unique defeat animation so I thought I failed it until I saw a message about it being unlocked. 

To do this, you need to go to a mission with Puppet Mechs (Shinobi Girls Heart Daidouji Mission 3 is really good for this). Then you will need to defeat a puppet bot, get the bomb that it drops, use the bomb with , jump in the mech which spawns with and then press to make it self-destruct and hope that the self-destruct kills you.

You may need to let your health get reduced a little beforehand. If you use the recommended Daidouji mission you will have 3 chances in one run since you get attacked by 3 mechs at once.

As you can see, this was the last one I bought from the store.

Stage 4 – Miscellaneous

Buy, Buy, Buy!

As you have now done all story missions, Shinobi Girls’ Heart missions and creative finishers, you can finally buy everything there is to buy from the store. 

Again, you do not have to get all the lingerie from the lottery. Only items bought from the main part of the store count towards this trophy.

You should have enough money if you haven’t wasted any on the lottery like I did before I knew the above tip. But if you don’t, then you can re-do any of the Jasmine levels from Chapter 8 for a decent amount of money, just use your strongest character and blow through it as fast as you can as many times as you need for a fairly reasonable monetary reward.

Once you finally buy everything, you’ll see this trophy grace the corner of your screen:

Trophy Image
Your OCD Is Showing

Obtained all the items in the store.

Miscellaneous Combat Trophies

You will most likely get these trophies through normal gameplay like I did, but if you do not then here are the unlock requirements anyway…

Trophy Image
Gravity-Defying Physics

Hit 50 enemies with wall-running attacks.

I actually got this in the first mission which teaches you about wall-running. Day 0 Mission 4 is a wall-running tutorial and it throws a generous helping of enemies at you. I simply kept wall-running with and then pressing to rocket myself off the wall at the crowd of enemies below. 

I repeated this until I had killed everyone in the area with a wall finish, but the trophy didn’t actually pop until the results screen, so there was no way to know when I had done enough wall-run attacks.

I think that was totally unnecessary in hindsight. Wall-running attacks happened quite a lot during my playthrough and 50 wouldn’t have been an issue at all.

Trophy Image
Finish with a Bang

Completed a mission with a Secret Ninja Art or Ultimate Secret Ninja Art.

Simple enough, just defeat the final enemy of a mission by using one of your +, + or + attacks.

“Finish with a Bang” trophy popping
Trophy Image

Struck 20 enemies with ball objects.

In my opinion, the best place for this is the waterfall level. There are some boulders at the back of the stage near the waterfalls which can be pushed when struck enough times, just move around the back of one, putting it between you and a group of enemies, and then repeatedly hit it towards them until the trophy pops.

Ball objects can also be found in the form of beach balls at the beach, footballs/soccer balls at the football/soccer pitch and basketballs in the school gym.

Here’s the boulder I used to get the trophy.
Trophy Image
Defeated 20 enemies with Bombshells

Defeated 20 enemies with Bombshells.

Again, I got this one during the tutorial level for this ability. 

Day 0 Mission 5 teaches you all about bombshells and spawns them seemingly infinitely, so I avoided attacking enemies via any other means until I saw the trophy pop.

Trophy Image
Excellent Form

Stripped enemy bosses 100 times.

When a playable enemy is hit hard enough their clothes will explode, this can happen 3 times and on the third time, they will be completely nude. You need to cause this 100 times, which is actually way easier than it sounds and will probably happen all the time. Defeating a character with a Ninja Art or creative finisher will always leave the character nude, also.

My trophy screenshot for this one is a bit confusing…

Miscellaneous Dressing Room Trophies

The following trophies can all be done from within the Dressing Room section of the main menu.

Trophy Image
Try a Different Position

Posed a character in the dressing room.

Trophy Image

Tried out all dressing room poses.

To get the above trophies just go to “Diorama” mode in the Dressing Room menu and then change a character’s pose. If you have all of the festival platforms you will also have all of the poses unlocked, which means you will unlock the “Supermodel” trophy just by cycling through all poses once.

Trophy Image
Eye for Details

Changed the position of an accessory in the dressing room

In the Dressing Room menu select “Change Clothes” and then equip and accessory in any of the accessory slots. With the equipped accessory highlighted, press to open a selection of settings for positioning and scaling your accessory. Simple move it once and the trophy will pop.

“Eye for Detail” trophy popping.


Once you’ve done all of the above, you’ll obviously net this trophy:

Trophy Image
How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Obtained all trophies.

Check out my review of this game for more of my personal experiences with it, and enjoy!

Thank you for choosing PlatGet for your trophy guide needs.


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