Donut County

By TheDblTap


Donut County is an interesting game, similar to Katamari – one of my favourite games – in that you must collect items to become larger, allowing you to collect larger items.

BK, a Racoon, is the proprietor of a Donut shop in Donut County and takes orders for Donuts via an app. However, when customers order a donut he sends a small hole in the ground instead. This hole in the ground, controlled by you, will then begin swallowing objects around their home until, ultimately, it swallows their home and everything around it.

His friend Mira is on to him though, and isn’t too keen on her friends being swallowed by giant holes.

Donut County Review

The mechanics of the game are very much based on Katamari, which as I said, is one of my favourite games.

I wasn’t too sure about this game at first, I am often distrusting of Indie games, especially ones which are said to be less than 2 hours of gameplay and cost upwards of £5, but I went for it anyway. I’m going away for Christmas and wanted a nice short game I could plat and review before I leave my Ps4 behind for 2 weeks.

The game was £10 from the Playstation store and I’m pleased to say that, while I am apprehensive due to the amount of gameplay I got out of it (around 2 hours), I’m glad that I paid so much for this excellent game so that the developer, Ben Esposito, can make the most of it with whatever their next excellent game will be. 

In terms of quality and fun, the game is more than deserving of the asking price.

The humour is reminiscent of other popular indie games such as A Night in the Woods and Undertale.

Many of our readers will know by now that I have a hate-hate relationship with Indie games and it’s rare that I will find one which is well-produced enough for me to say I enjoyed it, or even stuck around to finish it. This is one of those rare occasions.

The graphical style of the game is low-poly, simple, and extremely charming. Each minimally-detailed model is equipped with just enough charm to put a smile on my face and put me in the right mood for the comical, relaxed and strange game which lay ahead of me.

The story revolves around the citizens of Donut County and how their lives have been affected by BKs addiction to his hole-making app, desperately trying to reach level 10 to unlock a “Quadcopter”. The citizens sit around a campfire, 999 meters below Donut County, each recounting the tale of how they ended up down there, with BK denying he ever did anything wrong, twisting the tales to seem like a good thing.

Our bizarre cast find themselves stranded far underground.

The gameplay is very simple. You start off as a small hole and you must position yourself below small objects to have them fall in. with each object, the hole gets bigger, until it’s big enough to take bigger objects…

Okay, stop. Stop giggling.

I’m aware of the plethora of double-entendre here, but what do you want me to do? How else could I possibly describe it? You’re just going to have to be a big boy (or girl/other) and get your mind out of the gutter.

Nothing rude about it, see?

With each level there will be a main large object which your goal is to collect, although sometimes the goal is just to collect everything. Completing the level will reward you with a little more of the game’s nonchalantly bizarre story before plunging you into the next stage.

The story took me about an hour and a half, but it would probably have been a lot quicker if I wasn’t taking the time to soak in all of the quirky dialogue.

My Donut County Platinum Trophy Experience

To start off, I just wanted to experience the game. I knew it would be short going in, and I wanted to be relaxed and casual about playing it, rather than tracking my trophy progress and trying to get them all in one run.

The puzzles often have simple, but unexpected solutions.

I played through the game’s story, taking it all in as the hole I was controlling took everything in too. There are a fair deal of story-related trophies so I didn’t really need to worry about too much, I just tried to ensure I collected every item for the Trashopedia. I did manage to get a few missable trophies on my way through, too, such as “Gamer”, “Pyro” and “Disrespecter” but I wasn’t too worried as I knew there would be a level select allowing me to easily mop up any remaining trophies afterwards.

All in all I had a lot of fun with the game, it put a smile on my face multiple times and the simple style was very pleasant to look at.

Donut County Missable Trophy Guide

There aren’t too many missable trophies in Donut County and you can always go back and get them all later via the level select, but I figured I’d write up some tips and I even took some video clips to help out with a couple of the trickier trophies.

Nerd Complete the Trashopedia

I actually got this on my first run. If you just ensure you’re going through each stage methodically, collecting everything in size-order you’ll be pretty much guaranteed this trophy. Then, all you need to do is open the Trashopedia from the game’s main menu and, if it’s full, the trophy will pop once you back out of it. 

According to Google, trashopedia entries will be greyed out if you don’t have them, and you’ll be able to see which stage you can get that missing item in.

The trashopedia is well worth actually reading, as the developer put a lot of effort into making the entries quite funny.

Quack Enthusiast Quack 100 times.

This one’s pretty easy. At the start of the game you will be in Mira’s trailer, talking to BK on her phone. There are two options on the phone, a Reply button and a Duck button.The duck button is what you need for this trophy, just start masing with your cursor over it until the trophy pops. The game will occasionally stop you from pressing any more Quacks until BK has replied with a Quack or three of his own before you can continue Quacking back.

Just keep Quacking wise at the Quack of dawn with your Quacking good buddy until you see that Quack Enthusiast trophy adorn the corner of your screen.

Pyro  Set Pepper’s trailer on fire.

In Pepper’s level (Level 7 – Joshua Tree), there will be a crow stood on a barbecue. When you go near him, he kicks coal on the ground for you. To complete this trophy, first get the Campfire into the hole and it will then begin smoking with an orange glow emitting from it. If you swallow some coal after that, flames will burst from the top of the hole for a second or two.

Let it all burn!

You need to use these flames to burn down the trees in the area otherwise you can’t gather them up. But for the trophy, you will want to set Pepper’s trailer on fire in the same way.

Music Lover Finish Gecko Park without collecting the radio.

This is self-explanatory. In Level 9, Coco’s level, ensure you eat everything except the radio, even the box it is on. In order to avoid collecting the radio when you get the box, move the hole underneath it in one quick motion while you’re still quite small. This will knock the objects flying and you’ll be able to get the box without the radio.

Remember you will also need to ensure you eat any foliage, including blades of grass, in the garden too. The level will end without you collecting the radio, just ensure you get everything else.

If you do this in your first attempt at the level, you may need to come back and replay the level, collecting the radio this time in order to add it to the trashpedia.

Egg Breaker Break 3 dozen eggs.

During level 10, Chicken Barn, once you’ve got the rooster up into the second floor of the barn, the camera will move to the right-hand side of the barn and eggs will begin spawning. Collect an egg and then use the catapult to launch it up at the switch on the barn window where Jellybean is sitting. This will cause the pipe to rapid-fire eggs.

You don’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

To get the trophy, just stay away from where they land, they will break on the ground and the trophy will pop about half-way through the barrage.

Gamer Stock up on gamer fuel.

Also during this level, you will need to buy the Catapult from an in-game store. The store also stock energy drinks, you will have enough currency for both, so make sure you grab the energy drinks before buying the catapult to net this trophy.

Secret Soup Make Chef’s secret soup recipe.

I found this one to be the hardest trophy which is why I recorded a video to help. Before you watch it though, here’s a few tips:

The secret recipe is 2 pinches of salt and 3 pinches of pepper. Each time you add an ingredient a cockroach will spawn and try to get into the soup. If the cockroach gets into the soup, it will spoil. You can then feed it to the poor bird to restart and try again.

To pass the level, the soup needs to be gold, with just one or more sprinkles of each ingredient, so try to avoid the bird while your soup is gold, otherwise you will progress and will need to restart the level from the pause menu.

If you have managed to get the right number of each ingredient into your soup, it will turn red. If you add too much of any ingredient it will turn gold again, so be careful not to add any more salt or pepper as you avoid the roaches and make your way to the bird. 

Once you feed the bird the red soup, it will shed a few tears and your trophy will pop. See the video below:

Bandit Break into the vault at Raccoon HQ.

This one’s tricky. To unlock the vault you need to put in a passcode, up, left, down, left, grab while operating the crane in the Biology Lab stage. You do this by hitting the buttons while the snake’s tail is sticking out of the hole (stop it.). The problem is with the snake’s physics. It will wobble around like a Wobuffet if you’re not careful, hitting buttons more than once. 

IIn order to ensure the code isn’t voided by unwanted multiple button-presses you need to pull back on the analogue stick as soon as you hit the button, as demonstrated in my video below:

Once you see the safe unlock, you’re in. Just finish up the biology lab stage and then head to the safe’s location to collect your prize. Make sure you do this before entering the Trash King’s room.

Disrespecter Destroy Trash King’s monitor.

This one’s fairly easy. In the Anthropology lab stage, there is a monitor in the top left corner with a live feed of the Trash King displaying on it. Use a firework to blow up the monitor and you will be awarded this trophy.

You will find the monitor here, on the left.

Game Over Lose the boss fight.

This actually takes a long time. The game takes pity on anyone doing poorly in the last boss fight and so every time you get hit, it does less damage. It will actually take about 6 hits for the boss to beat you, and you’ll get a neat little cutscene in exchange for your sacrifice. 

I just put the controller down and went on Reddit for a few minutes until I heard the trophy pop.

Getting hit does not mean getting hit by a bomb or the concrete beam. After a little while, the quad-copter will hover completely still and start flashing for a little while before tilting sideways and blasting your hot air balloon with a strong gust of wind. This will reduce your health bar and when your health bar becomes empty, you will receive the trophy.

Flawless Complete the boss fight without taking damage.

So as I said before, getting hit only counts when the quadcopter tilts sideways to hit you. You can cancel this out by hitting it with one of it’s smaller bombs using the catapult. Getting hit with the concrete canon will seal up the hole, but it won’t damage you. You can then unseal the hole by letting a bomb go off above it. But, just to be safe, it’s best to just avoid getting hit by the cannon altogether, and the bombs can’t hurt you.

I uploaded a video below of me doing it incase it helps with anything you might be struggling with:

Dethroner Destroy the Trash King’s monument.

This trophy is not difficult by any means, but I missed it at the end because the statue takes a little while to break apart and I assumed I couldn’t damage it.

After the boss fight you will be in control of a tornado. You will need to head towards the screen and hit the Trash King statue with the tornado for a few seconds until it breaks apart. You can see this at the end of the above video.

At the end of the game, you will be allowed to fly around and explore a credits sequence as a drone, and there are a couple of trophies you can get here:

Pilot Fly through the donut hole.

Escape Find the Trash King’s secret getaway vehicle.

“Pilot” is pretty self-explanatory, just fly through the donut sign above the donut shop. 

For “Escape” you need to look around the area for an Anchor, held suspended in the air via a chain which stretches high into the clouds. Find the anchor and follow the chain upwards to the very top and you will acquire this trophy.

Fly, you fools!

My Verdict:


This is a really great indie game full from edge-to-edge with charm and cheer. I definitely recommend putting in the very few hours it takes to plat the game.


  • Charming Graphics
  • Lovely Story
  • Fun, Satisfying Gameplay


  • Probably a bit too short.

Gold Trophy

It’s one of very few Indie games I have actually enjoyed, although quite obvious that it was intended as a short mobile game, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

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TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…