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House House

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17 December 2019


PlayStation 4

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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 2 years, chances are you’ve heard about Untitled Goose Game. Developed by House House, an Australian 4-man team who’s only other game was Push Me Pull You (2016), and published by Panic Inc, Untitled Goose Game aims lets players take control of a clever little goose, with a huge attitude problem, to terrorise the locals of a small and quaint town.

What originally started as a joke on Slack quickly became an internet sensation and, upon release, received favourable reviews from critics and players alike often praising its humour and its gameplay which was inspired by Super Mario 64 and the Hitman series

Untitled Goose Game | Origin
Image taken from PlayStation Blog.

Gameplay, Graphics and Goose

Mechanically, UGG is very simple. Press to run, to lower your goose head, to flap your wings (I’m not convinced this is actually beneficial in any way other than it looks really bloody cool) and to zoom out so you can see a little bit more of the area. The MVP button, however, is the HONK button a.k.a . Honking is a relentlessly fun way to annoy, attract and/or distract the poor victims living in and around the quaint little village that you’ll be terrorising for the next 2 hours. The real beauty of the controls comes from the fact that they never seem to get in the way of you living out your wildest evil goose fantasies, which I’m sure we’ve all had… right?

Getting to grips with the controls.

There are 4 main areas in UGG and in each area you will be given a “To-Do” list, which I guess the goose him/herself wrote with his/her big orange feet? Either way, these lists are the meat of the game acting as puzzles that you have to figure out. One task might be to steal the hat right off some old guy’s head, which I’m sure he more than deserves, but you’re just a little goose, how could you possibly reach up and snatch that lid and then get away without being caught? You’ll have to make him take it off or bend down just far enough for you to reach. After completing enough of these tasks, a new one will be added which upon completing will unlock the next area. These puzzle lists aren’t too complicated but they will definitely lead you to some amusing situations, like intentionally dropping a metal bucket on a poor man’s head.

Graphically, Untitled Goose Game’s low poly style is ceaselessly charming and adorable and reminds me very much of Donut County (which TheDblTap expertly-reviewed quite recently). The models have just enough visual information to add character to each individual villager. There’s a guy with a nose, moustache, cardigan and slippers but no eyes or even facial expression and yet when you first get a look at him, you can just tell he’s a grumpy old who probably hates geese for no reason.

Gonna HONKING tear this place apart!

After you finish the “story” and return back to your… home? You will be given additional tasks in each area—which is great because I was gonna go through and bully everyone again anyway—which extends the gameplay a little further but the best, and possibly most frustrating, addition is the “To-Do, Quickly” lists. These are essentially speedruns where you’ll have about 6 minutes before the church bells chime to complete all the tasks on the initial To-Do lists which adds an opportunity to re-learn the areas and re-optimise your plan of attack.

After completing all available To-Do lists, you will be notified of a gift waiting for you back at the starting area. I won’t tell you what it is, however, I will say that the gift is both hilarious and undeniably cool.

I wonder what’s inside?

Guide and Tips

Untitled Goose Game is pretty straight forward, but if you’d like to know what exactly you have to do to acquire the plat then please refer to this guide.

Stage 1: Complete the 4 To-Do lists and Make It Back to the Starting Area.

This stage is really simple, just complete the 4 Areas, Gardens, High Street, Back Gardens and Pub. Then steal the bell from the miniature town behind the Pub and make it all the way back to the beginning.

To-Do List Solutions:



Get into the Garden – You can turn on the tap outside or interact with the radio.

Steal the Groundskeeper’s keys – You can sneak up behind him and snatch these pretty easily.

Make the Groundskeeper wear his sunhat – The best method I found is to pluck the Tulip out of the ground and wait for him to replant it.

Rake in the lake – Grab the lake at the top of the garden and drag it all the way to the lake.

Have a picnic – The sandwich pieces and apple are on the bench, the basket is at the side of the bench, jam, thermos are on the workbench in the top left corner of the garden, the radio can be found here too otherwise it’s outside on some bags. The carrot and pumpkin can be pulled from the soil inside the garden. Bring all these items to the picnic cloth to the right of the lake.

Make the Groundskeeper hammer his thumb – At some point the Groundskeeper will put up an anti-goose sign. Pull it down and hide in the bushes and wait for him to come and hammer it back in. As he lifts his arm up in the air to strike, HONK at him.


High Street:


Break the brooom – The shop keeper will use the broom to shoo you away when you get close. Just grab the broom head and pull when she does and it should break.

Trap the Boy in the phone booth – Run at the Boy and HONK, he will get cared and start running. Try to steer him towards the phone booth.

Make the Boy wear the wrong glasses – Steal some glasses off the rack in the shop and place them near the boy. Untie his shoes, HONK and chase him and he should fall over. Quickly grab his original glasses and replace them with the wrong ones.

Make someone buy back their own stuff – The Boy has a toy plane, you can steal it and drop it near the shopkeeper and she’ll pick it up and add it to her shop.

Get on TV – When you trap the Boy in the phone booth, he will call his mother, who works in the TV shop. After she comes running out, head inside and hit the red button near the entrance.

Go shopping – There is a metal basket near the shop. Drag this away so that the woman doesn’t catch you. Toilet paper is on the right side, fruit and veg is at the back of the shop, tinned food and cleaner is on the shelf on the left and the toothbrush can be found in a trash can next to a house on the far right. You will need to knock it over to get the toothbrush out.

Trap the Shopkeeper in the garage – At some point the Shopkeeper will open the garage to get an anti-goose sign. Steal and item and lead her inside and then quickly run out and interact with the pulley to lock her inside.


Back Gardens:


Make someone break the fancy vase – Grab the purple vase from the woman’s garden and get it over the the man’s side. When he sees it he will throw it over the fence and break it.

Help the Woman dress up the bust – You need to steal the pipe, hat and glasses from the Man’s table. You can do this while he reads the newspaper since he can’t see anything. Grab the item and run to the bottom of the garden where the broken fence is, untie the rope and transfer each item to the Woman’s side and place them near the statue in the middle of the garden.

Make the Man spit out his tea – The Man will alternate between reading and drinking tea. On the Woman’s side there is a huge bell, when the man takes a sip of his tea, interact with the bell.

Get dressed up with a ribbon – There is a wooden goose on the Woman’s side with a red ribbon around it’s neck. Drag the goose away and hide it somewhere she can’t get to. Take the ribbon and place it where she will find it and then interact with the spot where the wooden goose used to stand and you’ll pretend to be a fake goose. Eventually she will notice the ribbon and tie it around your neck.

Make the Man go barefoot – As the man reads the news paper, slowly approach his slippers and press and to stealthily steal his slipper. Repeat this step when he drinks his tea to get his other slipper.

Do the washing – Steal one of the Man’s slippers and place it in the pond at the bottom of his garden. Go to the Woman’s side and steal her socks, bra and bar of soap. Place these in the same pond as the slipper.

Make someone prune the prize rose – On the Man’s side, drag the rose further down the garden. Head to the Woman’s side and press to peck at the bunny shaped hedge. The woman will come along and use the shears to fix it, thus accidentally snipping the rose.




Get into the Pub – Outside there will be a box that you can hide in. Wait for the Deliveryperson to come and pick you up and take you inside.

Break the dartboard – There is an old man who will alternate between throwing darts and playing the harmonica. As he’s about to throw his dart, HONK and he’ll mess it up, breaking the board.

Get the toy boat – In the patio area, there is a sink with a boat. Next to the sink, near the floor, is a tap. Turn it on when the woman isn’t looking and the boat will slowly float to the top where you can grab it. (You can hide under tables here to stay hidden)

Make the Old Man fall on his bum – When the Old Man goes to sit down, you can drag the stool away causing him to fall on his bum. If he’s already sat down you can HONK to make him get back up so you can try again.

Be awared a flower – There are two woman sat opposite each other in the seating area with a raise platform on their left. Walk up this platform and HONK, then the woman on the right will ask you to bow so press , finally the woman on the left will ask you to flap your wings so press . They will clap and award you with the flower.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal – There are pint glasses on the tables in the patio area. Grab on and quickly head under the gaps under the patio. HONK to get the Burly Man’s attention and then run outside back towards the canal. Drop the glass in the water to complete the to-do task.

Set the table – In the back area, where the Deliveryperson is constantly heading, there will be a table. You need to set it. You can find the pepper grinder on the left sat on a table, the candlestick is on the right also on a table and there are knives and forks scattered around the patio area. Steal and stash these under the patio, where you go through to get to the back area, and then when nobody is looking take the items and place them on the table. You will see the final item, a plate, is sat on the shelf to your left.

Drop a bucket on the Burly Man’s head – Get the Burly Man’s attention and quickly run all the way to the back area and grab some tomatoes and throw them on the ground. HONK when you are there so the man will hear you and enter. Quickly head to the patio area before he sees you and he’ll instead notice the tomatoes. As he’s putting them back, knock the bucket off the wall.


Model Village:


This part is pretty simple. To get into the village, swim under the bridge. Head through the village and then break the castle tower to get the bell. Once collected you need to take it all the way back home. Be careful here because everyone is on the lookout for you now and when you make sudden moves or run the bell will make noise so take each area slow and try to be as stealthy as possible. You can place the bell down somewhere safe if you’d like to scout out the area. Once you make it back home, throw the bell in the pit with the others.


At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

Trophy Image
The Garden

Complete the Garden to-do list

Trophy Image
The High Street

Complete the High Street to-do list

Trophy Image
The Back Gardens

Complete the Back Gardens to-do list

Trophy Image
The Pub

Complete the Pub to-do list

Trophy Image
Thank You For Playing Our Videogame

Finish the game

Stage 2: Complete the To-Do (As Well) Lists

After you finish the story, you will be given some extra tasks, (As Well) and (Quickly!!). I would recommend you focus on the (As Well) tasks first since they can be done in any order and have no time restraints.

To-Do (As Well) Solutions:


Lock the Groundskeeper out of the garden – Turn on the tap or radio, steal his keys when he comes to investigate, hide them, or if you’re fast enough run inside, and interact with the gate to close it.

Cabbage picnic – You will need to rool a cabbage, since it’s too heavy to pick up, all the way to the picnic cloth. (If you’ve already locked the gate, you can roll it out through a hole in the hedge in the cabbage section)

Trip the boy in the puddle – HONK and chase the boy towards the water on the far left. When he’s close you’ll have to quickly untie his shoes so he falls.

Make the shop scales go ding – You need to place items on the shop scales. Lock the Shopkeeper in the garage and then grab the model car and some tinned food to place on the scales. If they don’t go ding, then grabing anything else and quickly stack it on top.

Open and umbrella inside the TV shop – Steal and umbrella from the shop and place it near the TV shop. Trap the boy inside the phone booth and when the woman comes out to save him, quicky drag the umbrella inside and interact with the handle to open it.

Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff – Steal the Groundskeeper’s trowel and drop it near the shop so that the Shopkeeper will place it amongst her items. Lead the Groundskeeper all the way to the shop and he should buy it back.

Collect the 5 flowers – There are 5 flowes for you to find and bring to the well and place in the basket. Tulip can be found inside the Groundskeeper’s garden, the lily is at the back of the shop in the street, the rose is the one the Woman snips in the Man’s garden, the daisy is the flower the two woman at the Pub give you and the chrysanthemum is in the model village.

Trap the boy in the garage – HONK and chase the boy towards the garage and then quickly pull the rope to close it.

Catch an object as it’s thrown – Take an object like the ribbo from the wooden goose and drop it on the Man’s side, quickly head back to the Woman’s side and try to catch it as he throws it over the fence.

Get thrown over the fence – Drag the box from the Pub all the way to the Man’s garden, climb inside and HONK to get him to investigate. Upon seeing the box he should throw it over the fence.

Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens – You can steal the Groundskeeper’s hat or the Old Man’s hat as he falls on his bum, the pair of glasses from the shop in the street and the toothbrush from the trash can. Take these items to the woman’s garden to get her to dress the bust.

Score a goal – Take the football/soccerball all the way to the Back Gardens and have the Man throw it over the fence. Then dribble it through the hole in the fence at the top left of the Woman’s garden where you can finally dribble it into the small goal.

Sail the toy boat under the bridge – Steal the toy boat from the pub and take it to the Model Village area and place it in the water. Push it under the bridge.

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon – Make the Woman in the garden put the ribbon on your neck and head to the Pub to perform for the women.

Steal the Old Man’s woolen hat – Make the Old Man fall on his bum and quickly snatch the hat off his head..


At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

Trophy Image

Lock the groundskeeper out of the garden

Trophy Image

Cabbage Picnic

Trophy Image

Trip the boy in the puddle

Trophy Image

Make the shop scales go ding

Trophy Image

Open an umbrella inside the TV shop

Trophy Image

Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff

Trophy Image

Collect the five flowers

Trophy Image

Trap the boy in the garage

Trophy Image

Catch an object as it's thrown over the fence

Trophy Image

Get thrown over the fence

Trophy Image

Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens

Trophy Image

Score a goal

Trophy Image

Sail the toy boat under a bridge

Trophy Image

Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon

Trophy Image

Steal the old man's woollen hat

Stage 3: Complete the To-Do (Quickly!!) Lists

Now all that’s left is to complete the intial To-Do lists, but this time do them Quickly!! A.K.A in under 6 minutes.

You will likely find the Garden and High Street areas to be rather easy to complete in under 6 minutes, however, the Back Gardens and Pub can be much trickier due to the human AI sometimes not behaving how you’d like.

This stage will take some trial and error but this is the order I did each run:



  1. Turn on the sprinkler
  2. Steal the keys when the Groundskeeper comes out
  3. Take the flower from the flower bed and steal his hat when he comes to replant it (hide hat in bushes in top right)
  4. Drag rake into the lake
  5. Get all picnic items
  6. Drag no geese sign down and make him hit thumb

High Street:

  1. Chase boy towards phone box, untie his shoes before he goes in
  2. Take his toy to the shop and grab some glasses while there
  3. Return to boy and swap out his glasses (if you timed it right you might be able to enter the TV shop)
  4. Chase the boy towwards the shop
  5. Lock woman in the garage
  6. While woman is in garage collect all items on shopping list: Brush, Tinned Food, Cleaner, Toothbrush, Fruit and Veg

High Street:

This part is very tricky and the human AI is unreliable and I didn’t manage to come up with a foolproof solution so I’m afraid you’re going to have to figure out what works for you by trial and error. Here are some general tips though:

  • Work on stealing and transfering items immediately. The mans, slippers, pipe, hate and glasses. The Woman’s socks, bra, vase and wooden goose.
  • Place the woodeen goose on the Man’s side, as far away from the fence as possible (stops the Woman from noticing it and getting hung up on it)
  • Don’t have the man break the vase until you have the tricker tasks out of the way
  • The Man will likley switch to drinking tea by the time you’ve got most of the items where they need to be so hit the bell as he sips and carry on.
  • If at any point you can’t continue with the task you’re on because the human’s are in the way etc, improvise and switch to a different task


This area is also quite tricky, but less so than the Back Gardens, so again I will offer some tips:

  • Get the man to chase you so you can drop the bucket on his head first.
  • While on the patio, start collecting items to set the table
  • If at any point you can’t get an item for the table because somebody is in the way etc go and HONK at the Old Man to mess up his throw, steal his chair or perform for the women
  • While in the patio area, try to turn on the tap to fill the sink while you scavange for items
  • Leave the pint glass in the canal task for last
  • You have to have the toy boat in your mouth for a few seconds for it to count so don’t grab it if you’re being chased

At the end of this stage you will have achieved the following trophies:

Trophy Image
The Garden, Quickly

Complete the garden to-do list before the church bells ring

Trophy Image
The High Street, Quickly

Complete the high street to-do list before the church bells ring

Trophy Image
The Back Gardens, Quickly

Complete the back gardens to-do list before the church bells ring

Trophy Image
The Pub, Quickly

Complete the pub to-do list before the church bells ring

Trophy Image
A Secrety Prize

Earn every other trophy



Plat it! UGG is really popular and after playing it, I can see why. If you're in the mood for something light and hilarious but also oddly cute and charming then pick Untitled Goose Game up and get your HONK on.


  • Minimalist graphics are amazing
  • Lots of fun to be had as an angry goose
  • Puzzles are simple but really fun to figure out
  • HONK


  • It's quite short
  • Human AI can be quite janky at times
  • You will develop a fear of geese

Platinum Trophy

You'd have to be HONKING crazy not to find Untitled Goose Game to be one of the most charming games to be released in recent years.

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