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PlayStation 4

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The Perfect Game to Escape COVID with Friends!

Due to the you-know-what, MrZhangetsu and I haven’t been hanging out as much as we used to, so we looked for a game we could both plat at the same time, together.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service turned out to be just the right fart-fuelled physics-defiant game to get us wrestling our thumbsticks through streaming tears of laughter which we haven’t experienced in a long time…

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review

Janky, Butt Fun

If you have ever played “Gang Beasts” or “Human Fall Flat”, then you will immediately notice the similarities here between those games and this one.

Similar character model shapes, similar ragdoll-heavy physics and similar control scheme, in that you grab things, lift them over your head, trip over your own feet and knock yourself out a lot.

Barely 10 minutes in and we were already rolling around on the floor.

These mechanics have proven to be fun, yet ultimately frustrating. Gang Beasts did it best, in our opinion (before they updated it to add in shorter stamina and ruined the game) but the problem was that there wasn’t enough to do in the game, the endless possibilities of the physics system were not put to use fully.

Human Fall Flat was the most frustrating. There were objectives, but the controls were much worse and the level design was kind of awful. 

Somewhere between all that, sits Totally Reliable Delivery Service. The controls are much better than Human Fall Flat, but not quite on the level of control that Gang Beasts did (yet also kind of didn’t) offer you. 

Additionally, the game offers far more in terms of gameplay and content than either of the others ever did. With multiple vast locations to explore, 100 delivery missions to complete, and many crazy tools at your disposal for completing them, it’s easy to get distracted and find yourself seeing how far you can push the game’s physics systems and the durability of your character model.

The game allows for you to use your noodle and come up with some very creative ways of completing deliveries.

Beatin’ Cheeks

The objectives are usually one of two things, Either deliver an object from point A to point B against a timer, receiving a Gold, Silver or Bronze commendation depending on how quickly you complete the delivery. Or, deliver a fragile object from point A to point B while doing as little damage to it as possible receiving a Gold, Silver or Bronze commendation depending on how damaged it is upon delivery. 

The fragile deliveries are the best, once you have a grip on the game’s controls and what to expect from the physics, it’s very easy to get a gold rating. However, the timed deliveries are – in most cases – near impossible to get a gold rating on. 

Volatile explosive deliveries add a little extra pressure.

The biggest frustration in those challenges is actually loading the delivery onto the provided vehicle. Often, the space available for storing the parcel is exactly the same dimensions of the package and you need to precisely position it at the right angle to get it to stay in place. Which, when all you can do is lift it above your head and run in circles hoping the angle is going to change in just the right way that you can slam-dunk that bad-boy into the trunk of your golf cart, is infuriatingly impossible. 

More often than not you’ll have run the timer down to a silver rating before you’ve even set off, which leads us to believe the developers never considered this part of the delivery. That they expected us to just be able to grab the parcel and go. A better way to do this would be to have the parcels slightly magnetised to the cargo compartments of the vehicles, just to reduce the frustrations slightly but keep the awkwardness alive.

Watching from a distance as MrZhangetsu tries to make a very long-winded delivery on his own.

That said, the selection of vehicles is great. Everything from forklift trucks which are powerful enough to flip a small lorry to a large helicopter with a comically-sized cartoon magnet glued onto it. They all control using levers, so whichever hand you grab the lever with correlates to which thumbstick you control the lever with.

Some vehicles have two levers and require precision which is not possible but allows for just enough precision that you can somewhat reach your destination in that small helicopter and giggle (rather than scream) at it along the way.

However, some modes of transport offer you no means of controlling them at all.

Often the acceleration on vehicles will range from “We’ll never get there at this pace” to “The parcel has just shot like a bullet straight out of the back” which leads to some hilariously intricate attempts to reign things in and keep them under control.

Rear-End Turbulence

Towards the back end of your playthrough is where things get a little rockier. 

There’s only so long that you can wrestle with the controls until you hit a brick wall where you’re just never going to get more control out of the characters or the vehicles. Things which were funny just 2 hours ago are suddenly tiresomely irritating and you start to feel a strong desire to play something else. 

Some deliveries asked that you reach ridiculous places just to even start them.

It’s a lot like trying to use a small zip after being in a snowstorm. You know what you want your hand to do, you know how it should do it, but your grip isn’t what it was and everything is shaking too much.

Having a friend around certainly alleviates the frustrations but you do end up feeling more pressure as when the controls fail you, you’re partially responsible for your friend’s frustrations too, so you’ll definitely want a patient friend who can laugh things off a lot.

I’ll pretend we didn’t spend 5 minutes cry-laughing at the shocking discovery of my character’s underwear cleanliness.

In-fact you yourself are going to want a good sense of humour before playing this game. If you’re the sort who will easily resort to throwing their expensive gaming hardware when things don’t go their way, then I certainly wouldn’t recommend this game. You will definitely need to be able to laugh things off to enjoy what the game is offering.

Our Totally Reliable Delivery Service Trophy Experience

Just Farting Around… With Purpose.

Honestly, this platinum trophy is laughably easy… for the most part. 

The best thing about this game for a group of friends is that everyone involved (up to 4 people) will all earn the trophies at the same time, regardless of who completed the requirements. 

Some trophies will only pop for the host, but once the host has every trophy, the other members of the team can start their own lobby and earn every trophy too. Except for one. All members will need to individually get hit by a Tornado in their own lobby in order for the “Tornad-Oh!” trophy to pop. 

MrZhangetsu earning Tornad-Oh.

There are 4 types of trophies to pop in the game:

  • Unlocking Vehicles – This is done by earning a certain number of gold, silver or bronze delivery ratings depending on the requirements for each vehicle. The toughest is earning 30 Gold ratings.
  • Finding New Locations – Going to a new island or area of the map for the first time will unlock a trophy.
  • Completing Deliveries – Overall you’ll need to complete 100 deliveries. Out of 100, or 130 if you have all DLC.
  • Miscellaneous – Everything from taking a hidden foam hand to a Stadium, to farting in a Biplane. These trophies are fairly simple but the hidden objects can be very tricky to find.

We bought the Deluxe Edition of the game on the PS Store, which meant we got all of the game’s DLC and had 130 deliveries we could complete. This was fantastic because we certainly came across at least 5-10 deliveries which we just straight up gave up on because the requirements were too ridiculous. 

There are some which we stuck with that we probably could have or should have skipped after spending up to 15 minutes trying to use a conveyor belt to launch an oversized fish into a tiny apartment window.

This honestly took so long to do, but it was somehow still a really funny experience.

But knowing we had the option to skip a few definitely relieved some of the pressure and I highly recommend that anyone who attempts this does get the DLC to save themselves a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Our strategy was simple, complete deliveries. At first, we weren’t too fussed about getting gold ratings (mostly because we didn’t see any trophies which explicitly called for getting gold ratings) so we would just complete the requirements however we could and had a lot of fun along the way.

Every now and then we’d take a break from deliveries to complete a miscellaneous trophy, like taking a Banana we found all the way to the other side of the map to a Motel with a giant banana sticking out of it.

Our in-game banana-delivery reward was this goofy outfit.

These usually took long enough and resulted in such silly fun, that we were ready to get back to normal deliveries once they were completed.

Conflatulations are in Order

At around 70-ish deliveries we were pretty much done with every miscellaneous trophy and it was time to go full-on getting the other 30 deliveries done. It was at this point that I realised we actually needed 30 gold ratings to unlock the Rocket for one of the vehicle trophies. 

We had around 20-25 gold ratings at this point, so we really started to knuckle down and go for gold. Fragile deliveries were our main goal because we knew we could easily get gold on those, and they already made up the majority of our gold ratings. 

Every now and then, also, we would complete a timed challenge and convince ourselves we could probably do that better, and then manage to pull off a gold for some of those too.

A previously un-seen fragile delivery at the GASA complex was our final gold rating.

Our fun had been whittled down by this point though, we were getting a little tired and the controls were starting to get the better of us. We’d only been playing for around 4-5 hours (with a break in-between) but maybe we shouldn’t have tried to cram the whole platinum journey into a single day. Perhaps more break in-between would have made things more bearable.

After 100 trophies and 31 gold ratings, we held our virtual hands high in success and called it a day (once MrZhangetsu had loaded his own lobby up to get his trophies). Irritations aside, it was the most tear-inducing hilarious fun I’ve had in months and I’d easily be convinced to go through it with MrZhangetsu all over again.

Getting sucked-into and stuck inside delivery destinations was a frequent source of giggling.

Time Breakdown

Laughter and Fun

Frustration and Rage

That concludes my Totally Reliable Delivery Service Platinum Trophy Review. If you enjoyed reading this review, please do let us know, it means the world to us when we hear feedback and we love engaging with people over the game we just platted. It’s basically the only thing motivating us at the moment!

You can follow us on Twitter @GetPlat and Instagram @platget where we’ll be sharing updates, upcoming reviews and general gripes about the games we’re working on so feel free to follow us or use it as another channel for feedback!



The game is a great, yet silly, experience to have with a friend, and if you just so happen to both be Trophy Hunters, then it’s the perfect game for you! Especially right now when couch co-op is out of the window for most of us.


  • A lot of fun - especially with a friend
  • Up to four people can pop trophies at once - regardless of who completed the requirement
  • Janky physics-centric gameplay makes for some unique and side-splittingly funny moments


  • Wrestling with the controls is only fun for so long
  • improvements could absolutely be made
  • Tasks the developers seemingly assume should be simple prove to be incredibly difficult

Gold Trophy

We feel as though the developers under-estimated how frustrating their controls would actually end up being, but other than that and the frustrations involved, the game is absolutely a lot of fun.

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More fond of single-player experiences and story-driven games than anything else, TheDblTap has a keen eye for secrets and collectables, a skill which serves him well as a Trophy Hunter. However, with little patience and poor timing, he can struggle where MrZhangetsu would succeed.

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