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How difficult is it to unlock all trophies in Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia?

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Sate, Sate, Saateee

I recently started watching The Seven Deadly sins on Netflix following a recommendation from MrZhangetsu and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting yet another shonen and having previously watched Bleach, One Piece, and a few others (I’m not a huge anime fan but I can appreciate the odd one) I was ready for all of the shonen tropes I’ve seen many times before. But The Seven Deadly Sins (SDS) seemed to delightfully poke fun at those tropes and adopt them purely for the opportunity to exaggerate them or laugh at itself through them, something I found very endearing about the series, not to mention the creative characters.

I’m not here to review the anime though. MrZhangetsu already had this game in his library and hadn’t checked it out yet, so having just finished season 2 I picked it up to see what it was all about. I was immediately impressed by the amount of effort that had gone into it. I was expecting a very low-effort, ugly side-on fighting game and what I was presented with was a beautiful, well-rendered, fully-3D environment and combat so complex that even now I don’t really understand how it works.

I was thrown in to a battle as Meliodas in the very early moments of the game and slapped in the face with about 6 novel-sized tutorial pop-ups and then… Nothing. I expected the game, like any normal game, to teach me how to play gradually. I did not expect to have an instruction manual thrown at my head and then be expected to just figure it out.

Okay, well, if I’m honest… I didn’t read the tutorial pop-ups. But, I mean, come on they were really really long!

So yeah, I just… figured it out. And I gotta say, the game is a lot of fun! It follows the story of the series pretty much, skipping over finer details so they can condense it into a few low-effort cutscenes, but I didn’t expect much more than that from a game of this caliber, and if you’re hoping for a huge open-world RPG brimming with story missions and quests, well, you’re going to be disappointed (that would have been really cool though).

The cutscenes are actually fully voice-acted by the real (japanese) voice actors!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Gameplay

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia sees you travelling accross britannia on the back of “Hawk’s Mom”, your trusty giant Green Pig who just so happens to live underneath the Boar’s Hat Pub. You explore an overworld map similar to that of old Final Fantasy games, just at a very very slow pace. Hawk’s Mom’s movement speed can be increased by buying upgrades but at the start you’ll likely get very irritated at the movement speed.

Hawk’s Mom’s slow movement speed isn’t too much of an issue while you’re still restricted to the first area.

There are two types of location you can visit on the map;

Random side-missions can appear dotted around the map, these vary dramatically in difficulty and some may not appear at all until you progress a certain amount through the story or have drummed up enough chatter to hear more rumours from locals. These are all side-missions and don’t count as main story missions but may actually pertain to some moments within the animated series.

Towns and Villages are also dotted around britannia, and this is where you’ll need to go for the main story missions and some more main-character-focused side-missions which branch off from the main plotline.

Visiting a town will have you set up shop in the Boar’s Hat, giving you access to a menu from which you can choose your next mission or buy and equip upgrades.

The “Missions” consist of fights between up to 4 characters, often story related, albeit sometimes more of a “What if?” kind of situation which has some interesting results… Like King helping Helbram beat up Diane… For whatever reason.

At the end of each battle you’re given a rank from C to S, it’s very rare that you will see a C rank unless you did spectacularly poorly and S-ranks actually aren’t that rare. To get an S-rank you just need over 10,000 appeal (which is score), and in most matches you’ll achieve this with ease but there are some much tougher missions that I’ll get to later which are incredibly challenging to achieve S-rank on.

If you receive an S-Rank you will know so immediately because, and I’m not kidding when I say this, the game rewards you by showing you Diane’s booty.

You will always get this end-screen when you receive S-rank…. Ahhh, Japan.

Throughout these fights you will also receive magical gems which can be used to purchase certain items and upgrades from a huge tree of available options. As well as Magical crystals you will also need a specific treasure. You get these treasures from Side-missions only and you will need one for each of the upgrades in the tree, which offers extra incentive to play the side-missions.

More missions becomes available based on the amount of “Gossip” you get from locals in each area.

Some missions are “Errand” missions, which require you to play as Elizabeth and collect resources for the Boar’s Hat from an area. The areas are filled with enemies such as Soldiers and Devilhounds but you can’t fight as Elizabeth. Instead, she brings Hawk along who you can send out to attack nearby enemies by pressing .

Instead of a health bar, Elizabeth has a set number of times she can be hit before the mission fails, this can be upgraded.

Combat controls are fairly simple;  for a heavy attack,  for a light attack and  for a ranged attack (in most cases).

Combining any of these face buttons with  will trigger a special attack which uses up the Magic bar. Magic-based characters such as King and Merlin can’t attack when their magic bar is depleted and all standard attacks will drain the magic bar, which is actually pretty irritating.

Pressing  will make your character jump, double-tapping this will have them dash towards the targeted enemy and combining this with  will teleport you behind them, Dragonball style!

You can also block with  and blocking one attack will block the whole combo, even if you let go of the button. But the blocking system is a little crappy and there’s no counter or combo-break options that I could find so it’s really easy to get stuck in a long combo, especially against Ban!

Taking damage will charge another bar to the left of the health-bar. When this is full you can press  to trigger an especially strong attack based on the abilities of the characters in the animated series.

Guilla’s Special attack.

These simple controls quickly get complicated when trying to pull off extended combos to rack up a high score while keeping the opponent from doing the same, but it all depends on who you’re playing as and who you’re playing against.

There isn’t much more to the game than that, and you can plat it in around 15 hours or less, so let’s get into that shall we?

Seven Deadly Sins Platinum Trophy

I really didn’t do anything particularly complicated here. All the Platinum trophy really wants you to manage is getting S-rank on every story mission and every side-mission. There were some particularly tough fights which I’ve detailed below along with (for the first time ever on this blog) video footage of my gameplay to exemplify the strategies I’m laying down.

My method was to just S-Rank all of the story missions and side-quests available in towns and villages first, as they weren’t random and would always be available. Once I’d managed those, I moved on to completing the randomly available side-quests in each area, some of which required me to buy traversal upgrades for Hawk’s Mom.

Completing side-quests would also cause the Gossip in that location to increase, triggering new side-quests to appear. You need to be careful, though, as if you complete an overworld side-quest without getting S-Rank you will need to wait for it to appear again. If you’re in the middle of a side-quest and you are sure that you won’t get 10,000 score or more then you can pause the match and select “Quit to Map”. This will keep the mission there for you to start up again without having to wait.

If a mission you need is not there, you will need to complete any other mission to cause the map to refresh. You’ll need to do this a few times once you reach the end of your Platinum journey and only have 3-4 missions left to S-rank.

There are a few very boring missions against large Demons who are too slow to be a nuisance but have so much health that they take forever to take down!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia – Getting S-Rank

I have quite a few tips that could help you with this so I’ll just list them out for your convenience:

  • If you’re against a group of enemies and struggling to get S-Rank, try to get a high hit-combo. a combo of 20 hits is a guaranteed 1000 point bonus and anything above that will build on it slightly. Using + or > will help you close the gap between yourself and the targeted opponent to keep your hit streak going.
  • This is also helpful for a lot of fights against single enemies. One famously hard one is Meliodas vs Ban on Vaizel Great Rock, against whom you will struggle to get more than 5,500 points. But if you do so fairly quickly (2000 point time bonus), hit a 20+hit combo(1000+ point max hit bonus) and have over 80% of your health left(2000 point health bonus) you should get a decent 5000+ point bonus to tip you over that 10,000 point threshold
  • If Meliodas is available for a side-quest, use him, and spam his + attack against the enemies and environment. 9 times out of 10 you’re guaranteed an S-rank simply by doing this.
  • If there are a lot of buildings, trees, rocks, and other destructible environmentals in the area, try to hit as many as you can, this will increase your score a lot.
  • When doing Errand missions, if you can avoid getting hit at all and complete the mission with at least 60 seconds left you will get an S-rank.

For more specifically difficult missions, I’ve written guides below and provided video reference.

Great Vaizel Rock Broken Sword Meliodas vs Ban

This was easily the one I struggled with the most, it took me about 2 hours of minute-long fights with this guy to finally get S-Rank. He’s incredibly fast and there are no easy ways to get score from him or the environment. To achieve S-Rank you will need to:

  • Get at least 5000 score, but more is obviously better
  • Beat him as quickly as you can for the 2000 score bonus
  • Try not to lose too much health for another 2000 score bonus
  • get a hit-streak of over 20 for a 1000 score bonus

The way I did this was to repeatedly hit him with  until he gets knocked away, then close in as quickly as I could to repeat the combo again before he can block or attack back. It was incredibly hard to get the conditions just right, but as soon as I had that 20-hit combo, I hit  to get a few more hits on my streak from my special attack and kill him as quickly as possible.

I want to stress that the video above is only 1 of hundreds of attempts, so if you don’t get it right the first few times just keep at it, practice makes perfect!

Arthur vs Meliodas

This one was extremely tricky due to Meliodas’ speed compared to Arthur’s. Arthur’s moveset is also really lacking and it was hard to keep a good combo going. I used the method listed above, to try and get 5000+ score as well as 5000 bonus and managed to pull it off as you can see in the video.

For this I used a very specific combo:

 > +

You will need to pull that off around 3 times to get over the 20-hit threshold, and then kick Meliodas’ ass as fast as you can after that. Also, be careful to only hit  2 or 3 times before using + because otherwise you’ll launch Meliodas into the air and it’s extremely difficult to keep the streak going after that. Again, practice makes perfect.

Ash-Demon Hendrickson & Demon Meliodas vs Arthur & Gilthunder

This one is stupid. You can’t really do anything because Hendrickson is too strong and kills Arthur & Gilthunder in no time at all. You also need to be really quick if you want to get any hits in before Meliodas does all the work because you don’t get any score for damage done by Meliodas. 

I won’t lie, I got really lucky when I got my S-rank. You can see it in the above video, but, when Arthur dodged away Gilthunder just happened to be nearby so I could keep my streak going on him, otherwise I would have been screwed. To switch target you can flick the right analogue stick towards your desired opponent and it will lock onto them. I was also using Hendrickson’s + move as much as I could as it lands a lot of hits and boosts the hit streak quite well.

Once you hit that 20 hit streak you want to just unleash your special attack and finish them off pronto!

Slader & Merlin vs Ban & King

This last one is very similar to the Meliodas vs Ban fight, except King is there too so you have a chance of extending your hit streak on King as well if Ban manages to get away. Luckily Merlin doesn’t seem to do much either.

My strategy here was to spam Slader’s  combo and then hit + as soon as I could to squeeze plenty of hits out of the one special move. In one of my attempts I managed to hit Ban and King with that special attack at the same time and got almost 20 hits in one attack, so if you can somehow orchestrate that then you should definitely go for it.

Again, you just want to get 5000+ score and the 20-hit combo and you should get an S-rank.

That’s all I have to offer, I didn’t really struggle with anything else but I hope the videos can help you to achieve the platinum in this game if you’re going to go for it!



It’s a fun and semi-unique anime fighting game, but the mechanics grow stale and platting the game is nothing more than a long and drawn-out chore, so I’d recommend only getting it to play for fun and not for plats!


  • Fantastic stylised graphics
  • Large cast of playable characters
  • Complex fast-paced combat system


  • Crappy tutorial
  • Quickly-stale drawn-out campaign mode

Silver Trophy

As far as anime fighters go, it’s not a bad one and the graphics do the series a service in their own way, but it’s not exactly a game to write home about. It’s just okay.

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