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Web-Head’s Back! And Prettier Than Ever!

When I was pre-ordering the games I’d be getting for PS5 I saw that Spider-Man Miles Morales had a more expensive edition which came with a remaster of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Given that it was one of my favourite games of all time, and one of the best titles available on PS4, I knew I’d have to grab it. Especially when I learned it would have unique trophies!

This would be my third time playing through the game, as I had already platted it once, and earned the New Game + Trophies once they were released. Despite that, I was so excited to play the game again, especialy thanks to the improvements it would feature thanks to my PS5’s processing power.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Review

Alright People, Let’s Do This One Last Time…

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best-selling games on PlayStation 4, and no doubt brought a few new faces over to the PlayStation side of the console wars. It’s just another one of the key IPs that helped Sony establish a lead in the last generation over competitors, resulting in them out-selling Microsoft this generation 4:1.

The game featured a familiar story often seen in the comic books, as Spider-Man’s greatest foes team up to form the Sinister Six and give him some grief as he does his best to balance his personal life with Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May against his Super-Hero life fighting foes like the Kingpin. In keeping the two lives separate, he hopes to keep those he loves safe.

There are some more modern introductions, however, as we see Miles Morales introduced and his origin story explored ahead of him getting his own game. There’s also a relatively modern super-villain by the name of Mr. Negative, whose origins and motivations are fully explored for an entire third of the game, making sure to introduce him to those unfamiliar, and forming an excellent jumping-off point for the story to ramp up. Which it does, exponentially.

There are moments which will have you precariously clinging to the edge of your seat, such as a certain segment involving the RAFT prison, but there are sombre and emotional moments, too, which are enough to make a grown spider cry.

On top of the powerful story and its epic climax, the gameplay is excellent too. Though a little repetitive at times, there’s myriad side-content to enjoy and getting from collectable to collectable is just as fun as experiencing the story, thanks to a carefully-crafted and well-thought-out traversal system which combines parkour, web-swinging and game-feel into an incredibly satisfying system that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear the first time you use it.

The combat follows the counter/dodge/attack system popularised by DC Comics’ Batman game; Arkham Asylum, but with a selection of gadgets, web abilities, suit mods, suit abilities, cinematic finishers, and air-combat systems there’s a lot of scope for Spidey combat to be very diverse and exciting.

Of course, if you fight lazy like I do half the time, you’ll probably just hold to knock your enemy into the air, hit a few more times to knock them out, then web over to the next guy with to do it all again.

All of these great features of the original Marvel’s Spider-Man are not lost or changed in any way with the PS5 remastered version of the game…

PS5 Remaster Features

One of the most obvious upgrades to the game is the load speed. You can go from your PS5 dashboard to swinging through the city in less than 30 seconds, and fast-travelling across Manhattan takes a hilariously short amount of time. There’s one trophy in the game for using the subway (fast travel) 5 times. Once you have unlocked fast travel, this can be done on PS5 in about 30 seconds, maybe less.

Of course, the change we’re most excited about is the addition of Raytracing. It already made Spider-Man Miles Morales look incredible, so I couldn’t wait to see how this game looks with that extra feature. It wasn’t long until it had already blown me away, as I loaded up photo mode in the first mission to find Spidey perfectly reflected in the polished floors of Fisk Tower.

Speaking of photo mode… All the exciting new features of the Spider-Man Miles Morales‘ photo mode have also made their way into this title, bringing with it my favourite feature from any photo mode ever… The ability to place and adjust lighting!

By pressing in Photo Mode, you can switch to a lighting option which lets you place up to three lights, which can be any colour or intensity and use raytracing to cast realistic shadows. It’s simply incredible, and allowed me to create high-contrast shots like this personal favourite:

Of course, I was once again also blown away by how realistic New York looked, too. This was mostly true from a distance as they were still using the original PS4 models, just with higher quality textures, better lighting, and improved shaders. But combine all those things and you have a truly stunning landscape that makes you need to stop and remind yourself that all these things are being rendered by a black and white box next to your TV.

Just look at this photo of the city I couldn’t resist stopping to take:

I have literally hundreds more photos because I just couldn’t stop myself from taking them, but you’ll have to stop by our twitter to see more, as I try to post screenshots regularly!

Of course, the true level of detail is more obvious and striking in 4K, but the quality of reflections and lighting are undeniably impressive. And this is just the start of the generation! On a remastered game!

Not to say Insomniac haven’t done a mind-blowingly good job, I can’t wait to see what naughty dog do with this new hardware… As if The Last of Us: Part II didn’t already look incredible enough…

Oh, and before I forget, there’s one change that people aren’t too happy about… That’s the new Peter Parker. They completely replaced the model. Honestly, I don’t really mind that they changed his model, he’s a bit more of a pretty boy and they’ve gone for a Tom Holland vibe, but it doesn’t really affect the game for me… It’s still Peter Parker.

My Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Trophy Experience

Completionist Playthrough

Having platted Marvel’s Spider-Man before, I knew exactly what I needed to do and what order I wanted to do it in, so I was able to just mindlessly enjoy the game’s story and mechanics without having to check the trophy list or stop to plan a road map. I will admit to playing on “Friendly Neighbourhood” difficulty to expedite my trophy experience a bit, but considering I’d already completed the game on “Amazing” and “Ultimate” difficulties, I figured I’d earned the right to some fun.

No-effort combat meant I could focus more on setting up cool photo mode shots.

Although I did stop and waste up to 10 minutes at a time just messing around with the incredible Photo Mode and its new features, I was mostly very focused and goal-oriented. I would play a story mission until a new type of side-activity – such as Fisk Hideout Enemy Bases, Backpack Collectables, or Taskmaster Challenges – became available and then I would switch focus to that side-activity, working my way around the map to each district, completing those activities until I had done it all.

Along the way, the misc trophies came naturally to me too. Even ones like “Hug it Out” which required me to trip-wire two enemies together 10 times. But this was again because I had already done all this before and just knew it would be on my list.

Somewhere around the start of the third chapter, I’d managed to complete every piece of side-content in the game without even realising I was close to doing so. I took a moment to check my trophy list only to find that the few remaining trophies were all tied to the story, and that I would simply need to complete the last few main missions to unlock the platinum.

I’ll admit that there are a few missions I didn’t want to have to do a third time, mostly missions where I’d play as Mary Jane. It’s not because those missions are bad per se, it’s just that they’re quite slow-paced with little room for a change in approach, and I’m not the kind of guy that can watch a movie over and over again without getting bored.

The climax of the story was just as thrilling the third time around as it was the first, the emotion, the drama, the intensity, it was all still alive and well… Just better, thanks to incredible 4K graphics.

Platinum trophy in hand, it was time to actually check my trophy list, and see what I needed to do for the Remaster Trophies…

The New Ones

There are just 5 new trophies, separated off into their own tiny trophy pack for the Remaster… Which came as a shock to me initially because when I heard that the game would have all-new trophies, I thought that this meant the entire trophy list would be shiny and new and ask completely new things of you, but the actual case is that we get 5 measly trophies…

There were two that I had actually earned naturally through my playthrough, one for completing a tier III benchmark in the Benchmarks tab of the menu, and another for earning an Ultimate (gold) rating on one of the Taskmaster challenges.

I completed a handful of tier III benchmarks.

This meant there were just three left. I earned two of them in the same place; the first Fisk Hideout. I needed to get a 100-hit combo, which probably would have come naturally had I not been playing on the lowest difficulty, and I also needed to complete an Enemy Base activity without taking a hit – hence me coming to the first Enemy Base activity you unlock.

Getting the 100-hit combo was easy, thanks to a suit mod which let me take a couple of hits without losing my combo, but obviously those hits I took in the run voided my attempts at the zero-damage run of the base, so I had to play it through a second time.

The second attempt went much better, with me being way more careful. I used gadgets a lot more, such as the trip-mine which allowed me to take up to two enemies out at once. The impact web was useful too, allowing me to just web someone against the wall and forget about them.

I had to focus mostly on the enemies with guns as those were the only ones who would land a hit on me, if I screwed up the dodge. It was a lot easier than I’m making it sound to be honest, at the end of my second attempt, I was done.

The final trophy is one that I actually didn’t get yet if I’m being honest. The last trophy asks that you fully upgrade every single gadget. This wouldn’t be an issue, but to do this after only playing the base game, you would need to complete every bonus objective in every enemy base, and earn an Ultimate rating in every Taskmaster Challenge.

To save myself the hassle, I’m waiting until my DLC playthroughs to purchase the last few upgrades. This is because there are a lot more Enemy Base and Challenge activities in the three DLC packs with which I can earn more than enough resources to buy the upgrades.

I’m moving on to the DLC today to write up trophy guides for each of them to go with the main Marvel’s Spider-Man Trophy Guide I put together, so it won’t be long until I have 100% completion.

Already made a small dent in The Heist.

Time Breakdown

Story Progression

Map Completion Trophies

Remaster Trophy Clean-Up

Marvel’s Spider-Man Trophy Guide

Never earned the Spider-Man Platinum trophy? Already have it but need a refresher for PS5? Check out our Trophy Guide below for a full road map and helpful tips on each and every trophy!

Check out our Marvel’s Spider-Man Trophy Guide here.

That concludes my Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered PS5 Review. If you enjoyed reading this review, please do let us know, it means the world to us when we hear feedback and we love engaging with people over the game we just platted. It’s basically the only thing motivating us at the moment!

You can follow us on Twitter @GetPlat and Instagram @platget where we’ll be sharing updates, screenshots, upcoming reviews and general gripes about the games we’re working on so feel free to follow us or use it as another channel for feedback!



Every Trophy Hunter and their dog has already added Marvel's Spider-Man to their platinum trophy collection, which just goes to show not only how amazing this game is, but how easy the Platinum Trophy is. Why would you miss an opportunity to plat a game this great twice? Go get 'em Tiger!


  • Same great game with cinematic fight choreography and gripping story – just with better graphics
  • Improved Photo Mode
  • Insanely fast loading times


  • Some side-activities get old real fast – looking at you Harry Osborn
  • Combat is a glorified QTE for the most part but at least it looks good and feels great
  • Only 5 new trophies in the Remaster

Platinum Trophy

The remaster is every bit as fantastic as the original and I loved having the opportunity to play it all again for a third time. Marvel's Spider-Man is a masterpiece both in terms of fun, engaging gameplay, as well as story-telling and even graphical fidelity. It's the whole package and makes me proud to be on PlayStation.

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