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Ascension Dream, 7th Ascension, Sometimes You

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17 January 2019


PlayStation 4

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How difficult is it to unlock all trophies in Pantsu Hunter?

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Just Who is This Game for, Anyway?

Pantsu Hunter is a point-and-click adventure game of sorts, in which you follow the story of Kenji Kojima, a young lonely fellow who seems to believe he has some special knack for understanding girls by looking at their panties.

Obviously, that’s his way of excusing away the fact that he’s a pervert, but there you have it.

With this bizarre title, my pervert saga continues as I work my way through a selection of somewhat-adult games in my plat list. Also, check out Pervert Saga Part One: Senran Kagura Burst: Renewal

Pantsu Hunter Review

Throughout the majority of this game I had to keep asking myself; what am I missing?

I just don’t get who the target audience is. The only lewd graphics you see are the actual “pantsu” except from a single illustration of the game’s four girls in bikinis at the beach, which I wouldn’t really call lewd. So, seemingly, the game isn’t aimed at people seeking an adult gaming experience…

Oh boy, Pantsu! How exciting…

Surely, then, it’s for people looking for a wholesome story experience?

Fat chance. The protagonist’s goal isn’t to get into a relationship, as some of the game’s bad endings actually involve the protagonist “getting the girl”, as it were. Not to mention the fact that the story is poorly written, riddled with spelling and translation errors, and hardly makes sense.

The game’s shining, glowing, burning saving grace is the art style. For whatever reason, the game’s development budget must have gone 1000% into creating the graphics because they’ve done a phenomenal job of bringing that 90s anime style to life, and it is such a pleasant aesthetic. Everything’s kind of cosy in a way, if that makes sense?

Ignoring the dialogue, the art’s pretty cool, right?

It’s extremely reminiscent of the lo-fi/vaporwave music trends we’ve seen in recent years which are often accompanied by 90s anime graphics and loops. This is probably where the sense of cosiness comes from.

Even so, the graphics are scarce and they will often avoid doing an illustration to show what’s going on in the room as you might usually expect from this type of dating-sim-like game.

Oh… Okay. Didn’t, uh… Didn’t fancy drawing anything here, then?

Okay, then if we assume the graphics aren’t the game’s selling point, then it must be the gameplay right?

The gameplay consists of going to each girl’s home under false pretences so you can proceed to rummage about in their belongings and attempt to acquire their underwear. The underwear is often hidden under extremely obscure circumstances and the puzzles are more just clicking randomly until something happens as there are hardly ever any contextual clues to help you find the ideal solution.

One example is in the first stage where you need to check out your reflection in the mirror multiple times until Kenji finally realises he can see panties behind him in the reflection. 

This isn’t shown in the scene on-screen and there is nothing to hint at their whereabouts, you just have to guess that clicking the mirror a lot might make something happen.

There are also a lot of ways to fail a level. Even just accidentally clicking on a chair can mean a total restart of a stage, which is simply just irritating due to the lack of checkpoints and the frustratingly bizarre solutions to practically every puzzle.

Man… I have colleagues who read my website. What am I doing with my life?

Can I also just give a shout out to the voice-actors of this game. They are clearly native English speakers and so they do their best to make sense of the script, dodging spelling and grammar errors, but sometimes they have no choice but to say something very dumb and by golly, they do it anyway!

In summary, the puzzles are bad, the story is poorly written, the lewdity of the game is almost non-existent and the art is okay. Therefore, I have no idea who this game is for.

What I do know, is that it’s not for me. It was boring to play and only fun to look at for the first few minutes or so. I’m glad it was a short platinum – at around 5 hours – because I wouldn’t have liked to spend more time on it.

It can actually be funny at times, with the awful translation being so bizarre, such as Anko shouting “Today is Football!” at you, but none of it is intentionally funny, so no extra points there.

Strangely enough, I have actually enjoyed this game before playing it. I’m a huge fan of the YouTube duo “Game Grumps” and their playthrough of the game was hilarious, so check that out rather than playing it if you’re desperate to see what the game is like.

I liked the art style enough to try it out. Here’s a poor attempt at Chloe Frazer in the Pantsu Hunter 90s anime art style. It’s okay, I guess.

My Pantsu Hunter Platinum Trophy Experience

Having seen the Game Grumps play through the game a bit, I had some idea of the right way to complete certain stages but some of the trophies required me to not only correctly complete a stage but also fail it in every possible way. 

Basically, my whole approach to the game’s trophies was to start a stage, trial and error my way excruciatingly through each stage, repeating the same dialogue over and over until I reached the “True Ending”. From there I’d attempt to get every pair of undies until I had them all.

I’d make a pantsu vending machine joke but this game isn’t even Japanese!

For some girls, there was a trophy for getting all the pantsu in one run, for which I’d go back through and use my knowledge of where they are to figure out the best way to get them in a single run. Then all that was left was to get every possible bad ending.

This was just as irritating as the rest of the trophies as I had to go through the same dialogue options over and over. For example, there are a lot of ways to fail once Haruka is out of the room in the first stage, but to get her out of the room you have to choose the right dialogue option twice, then click on the TV a certain number of times (with dialogue between each channel switch) until an advert for detergent comes on. This will remind her to check her laundry in the other room. Then you can click on whatever is undoubtedly going to kill you or something, just to do it all again. It’s just not fun, there’s no gratification.

At least there’s a trophy for dying 70 times!

It could be slightly improved by adding some sort illustrated still of the events which happen after you fail, but there’s no such thing. Nothing but a block of text in wildly varying font-size explaining why it’s a failure… Sometimes, these “bad endings” could be perceived as a good ending, too, it’s thoroughly bizarre.

Pantsu Hunter Platinum Trophy Tips

I would suggest you do not try to plat this game. 

But, if you don’t care about fun and just want to bump up those platinum trophy numbers, it is definitely a quick and easy game, it just feels like a chore.

Still determined? Okay, I may have a tip to help you out:


This is the biggest and best tip I can ever, ever give you for this game and I wish that somebody bestowed the information upon me too.

Holding will quick-fire skip through all dialogue in a scene and it will stop skipping once you need to make a dialogue choice. It’s an absolute life-saving ability and, you know what?

I didn’t figure it out until the very last level. It honestly takes so long to get all the other endings that knowing this trick from the start would have taken at least 2 hours off the total time it took to plat.

If the trick isn’t working for you, it’s probably because a character is currently speaking. You need to wait for the current dialogue to end, then if you hold you’ll just fly through the dialogue until you can interact again. Meaning you don’t have to sit through the same dialogue over and over again like I did!



I definitely wouldn’t recommend platting the game, getting all of the endings takes a while and is an extremely boring process. Playing the game is hardly even worth it either, though, as it’s quite boring.


  • Cool 90s anime art style
  • Voice-acted by people who try their darnedest to ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes in the English script


  • Irritatingly stupid puzzle solutions
  • Poorly translated dull dialogue
  • Very boring grind for endings if you want to get the trophies

Bronze Trophy

Honestly, if the art style wasn’t good this game would get no trophy at all. So they get a bronze for the art, that’s it.

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