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ERROR – Could Not Connect to Outriders Servers.

My first experience with Outriders was a bumpy one. I started playing it a couple of days after launch because I was stuck in a nightmare with Balan Wonderworld for longer than I expected, but once I finally got around to playing Outriders I discovered that it had been having some server issues for the first few days.

As a result, I kept getting kicked before I could even finish the introduction. For some reason, everytime the game kicked me, it made me start from the beginning all over again.

After my fifth attempt, I finally managed to finish the intro and dive into the game. Meanwhile, MrZhangetsu was waiting patiently, and experiencing an issue of his own. He was unable to hand in a Side Quest he’d completed without the game crashing. It was a complete mess and we didn’t manage to actually play the game together for about an hour and a half.

For the rest of that long Easter Weekend, we experienced problem after problem. MrZhangetsu was constantly zipping around on my screen because lag was brutal. We both got kicked several times. And every time the game crashed we’d have to wait up to 15 minutes to be logged back in.

At one point, it was so impossible to actually play the game that we just gave up and went off to play It Takes Two again for a couple of hours.

Finally, when we returned, the servers were stable enough to play the game. Though for some reason my character had been deleted and I had to make a new one…

Thankfully, most of these issues had subsided and by the time I had the platinum trophy. The only one which really still persisted was the long login times. Even so, waiting 15 minutes just to start the game is a complete drag.

Outriders Platinum Review

Brothers in Arms

Between being kicked to the dashboard and general complaints about connection issues, we ploughed through the game’s story.

It’s a pretty generic sci-fi story in which humanity’s last survivors are trying to build a colony on a replacement planet after messing Earth up pretty badly. They speed things up a bit by putting our character into cryo-stasis and they wake us up 30 years later while the new planet–Enoch–is in great turmoil.

Marred by a lack of supplies, never-ending conflict, and an anomalous storm that has been bestowing powers upon those lucky enough to survive it, there’s mystery and intrigue everywhere.

But, the game quickly falls into a formula we’re very familiar with. After platting Destiny, The Division, Anthem, Borderlands 3, and Marvel’s Avengers, we already knew what to expect due to our experience with the good and the bad sides of shoot-and-loot TPSRPGs like this one.

This gameplay takes the helm and drives the story into irrelevance. No matter what was happening in the story, our objectives remained the same; kill the enemies. Lots and lots of enemies.

These Perforo creatures were a massive pain on higher World Tier (difficulty) levels, they swarmed like crazy and the “Alpha” Perforo are famous on the subreddit for their impossible-to-avoid lunge attacks.

Occasionally these never-ending waves of enemies would be interrupted by a single bullet-sponge enemy who we’d have to shoot for longer than the other enemies, but offered no real variety. This is standard fare for a game like this of course.

There were a couple of really cool boss fights thrown in, which involved the environment to a larger degree than normal, and weak spots became a more important part of the combat. However, the class-specific abilities take a back-seat during those bigger boss fights because we can’t get too close to the boss.

Speaking of those abilities, there are some really cool ones! I didn’t get chance to try them all out, but MrZhangetsu looked badass setting enemies aflame left, right, and center, using his Pyromancer abilities. And I often felt invincible as a Devastator.

I was always on the lookout for large groups I could throw myself into, watching the enemies explode into sanguine clouds of fluid as I pounded the ground at the center.

My favourite Devastator ability by far, however, was a massive forcefield I could put up in front of myself and allies. It would stay active for a few seconds, catching any bullet the enemies sent my way. Then, when the ability finally gave out, all of these captured bullets would be returned to sender at lightning speed.

Watching these moronic AI fill my barrier full of lead just for it all to end up in their heads was so satisfying.

I even got a trophy thanks to the devastation this ability causes.

Being mindful of the trophy list, we were also constantly on top of our gear management. We sold any items which were common or uncommon and disassembled every rare or epic item that we weren’t wanting to use. This was so that we could hoard the upgrade resources and make progress towards some trophies.

Additionally, we were always checking the “Accolades” menu for objectives we could complete to bring our Accolade level closer to 20, and work on our respective class-specific accolades for each ability.

Flying Solo

Sadly, the brief synchronised respite that MrZhangetsu and I had in our working lives came to a close and we parted ways, accepting of the fact that we’d need to go the rest of the way to the Platinum solo.

It turned out that we’d actually managed to complete most of the story in the 15 hours or so that we played together, and our vigilance in completing the side quests as and when they appeared meant I only had a small handful of those left to complete too.

The game is actually a lot more difficult without a friend there to back you up. You’re the sole target of the never-ending enemy hordes, and when they eventually pin you into a corner and beat you to death, there’s no-one there to revive you, so a reset is your only option.

Given that there were no trophies tied to the difficulty I chose to play on, I hung my pride up on the coat rack and plummeted the difficulty into World Tier 2.

The story did get genuinely interesting towards the end; I’d managed to find myself invested in the mystery at least. As for the characters, there were some emotional and powerful moments, but for the most part, it was pretty predictable, and I didn’t feel much of a connection to any of the team.

The dialogue didn’t help with this. There was clearly a lead director with a great vision and premise in mind for the story, but the actual writing is pretty poor and the dialogue falls flat, through no fault of the voice cast.

Regardless, I don’t feel like this was a bad game by any stretch, just that it’s not remarkable or exciting in any way. It is what it is, and it’s enjoyable.

With the story over and done with, I mopped up the last couple of Side Quests I had remaining, and then dove head-first into the post-game “Expeditions” mode.

A Class Act

I had a few trophies left when I loaded Expeditions up and I would need to kill 1,000 enemies specifically in this new mode, about 3,500 more enemies for the “Gravedigger’s BFF” trophy, and I still needed to reach Tier 5 Accolades for 5 of my Devastator’s 8 abilities.

I was in for a long grind.

Expeditions mode are similar to “Strikes” in Destiny, sort of miniature Raids with a reward at the end for making it through. Your reward is greater depending on how quickly you get through the activity and what difficulty you choose to do it on.

Still, there was no trophy-based reward for pridefully playing on the harder difficulties, so I kept it at Challenge Tier 1 and just fought wave after wave after wave after wave of enemies in Expeditions.

I mean, seriously. There’s an objective every now and then which mostly asks that you stay inside a circle or knock over an obstruction, but all Expeditions really consists of is fighting a crazy amount of enemies.

I didn’t really mind, since I was only there to kill enemies, but if I had any interest in sticking with this game past the Platinum I think I’d be quite disappointed that this is all they could offer for the end-game.

This is what I did for the next 7 hours of gameplay. I loaded up an Expedition, fought hundreds of enemies (using my abilities as much as physically possible) collected the useless loot at the end (my own fault for sticking to lower difficulties) and then went back in to do it again.

By the second hour, I’d killed 1,000 enemies. On the fifth hour, I finally had the 7,500 total kills I needed, and by the seventh hour I’d completed the last Class-specific accolade I needed. But even then I still had a couple more hours ahead of me.

Completing the story, side quests, various expeditions, and all of my Class Accolades had just got me to Accolade level 19, and I needed to complete 13 more Accolades to reach Level 20 and collect that trophy.

I spent the next two hours working on accolades for the following:

  • Killing enemies with pistols and revolvers (I never used side-arms so these were easy wins)
  • Killing enemies with bolt-action rifles and automatic shotguns (I just so happened to have some decent ones at hand)
  • Killing enemies with headshots
  • Completing 10 unique Expeditions with Gold ratings (this was four accolades in one, up to five times)

In the end, the grind wasn’t too bad, it just got intensely boring in the final leg of my journey. That being said, I enjoyed the game and I am genuinely glad to have this platinum in my collection.

As a little bonus; it turns out that you can load your save on the PS4 version of the game and unlock all of the trophies immediately. So I got a second platinum out of the game, just for downloading and opening the PS4 version!

Time Breakdown

Story and Side Quests

Expeditions and Accolades

Trying to Log In

Outriders Trophy Guide

Ready to face off against the hostilities of Enoch for yourself? Check out our Outriders Trophy Guide which will tell you everything you need to know to add this Platinum to your collection.

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Outriders is a decent game with a simple Platinum Journey that requires you to do little more than complete the story and side-quests. There's a bit of a grind when it comes to the accolades, but if you just take the time to properly manage them as you play, you'll have little trouble.


  • Easy double-platinum if you have a PS5
  • Addictive shoot-and-loot gameplay
  • Lots of server issues at launch


  • Pretty bland aesthetic from gear to creature design
  • Boring and repetitive end-game

Silver Trophy

Outriders isn't a great game, but it's also not a bad one. It sits firmly within the grounds of "Sure, I can put thirty hours into this, for the Platinum at least." There's nothing really stand-out or exciting about it but it is genuinely an enjoyable game where you can be as challenged (or not challenged) as you want to be.

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