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June 3, 2014


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A Fun Undead Detective Story

Murdered: Soul Suspect was released in 2014 to average reviews with most people criticising the combat, length and replay value and, even though I had gotten it as part of a bundle on PC, I never gave it a shot because of these reviews but since it’s October, I decided now was the perfect time to experience the game. (Since this game is heavily story focused, this review will avoid talking too much about the story to avoid any possible spoilers)

Murdered: Soul Suspect | Investigation
Ghost Ronan investigating his own death.

You play as Ronan, a criminal turned detective who arrives at an old building after receiving a tip-off about the Bell Killer being on the scene, however, Ronan is instead thrown from the top window and shot several times. Ronan, now a ghost, must investigate his own murder whilst utilising and coming to terms with his new ghost-like abilities but nothing is as easy as it appears, especially in the afterlife.

Investigations typically consist of you walking around the crime scene looking for clues, possessing people to eavesdrop on a conversation or influence them into remembering something by connected previously discovered clues. You can also use a “poltergeist” ability to turn on a fan that will blow some papers away so you can see the clue they were hiding.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary clues, you can conclude the investigation to carry on the story. Most of the investigations are pretty straight forward and will not pose many difficulties on you.

Along the way you will see plenty of other ghosts to talk to and some of them will give you side cases to solve, such as a sobbing ghost girl in the first building you visit who can’t remember exactly how she died but is pretty sure it has something to do with the old couple in the building. Upon completing these side cases, the ghost will thank you and a bright light will carry them off to the after-afterlife, I guess?

Murdered: Soul Suspect | Fulfilled ghost
Another happy ghostomer… you know… like ghost customer? Sorry.

While you’re not running around solving cases, there are over 150 collectables to find. Most of them are just items in the world like newspaper clipping or a plaque on the wall etc, but by far the best of them are “broken” ghost objects like boilers or old muskets that you have to reveal with before you pick them up. There are always around 10-15 in each area and once you have them all, they reveal a pretty cool story related to the object.

Murdered: Soul Suspect | Hidden collectable
The story related to these boilers is pretty cool. Make sure you check it out.

It’s not all about being clever and collecting random items because in the afterlife there are demons. If a demon spots you, it will shriek and chase you down relentlessly and, I guess consume your soul? You can, however, hide from them by possessing humans or hiding in old ghost residue spots while you wait for them to return to their patrol routes so you can sneak up behind them and destroy them.

Murdered: Soul Suspect | Demon
This was a pretty cool shot, but they look somewhat goofy for the rest of the game.

You can use to spot these demons through walls and objects so you can better avoid them and/or strategise your attack. Ultimately, these demon encounters get stale fast but the game itself is short enough that it’s not much of a problem.

Murdered: Soul Suspect | demon vision
Hiding inside some old ghost residue while using Ronan’s demon vision.

Gameplay and the Platinum Trophy

The gameplay itself feels pretty decent and consistent, although I did experience a bug where Ronan would start to walk really, rreeeaaaalllly, slowly and would repeat the 1st second or two of his run animation if you tried to speed things up with the sprint button.

The controls themselves aren’t too complex.

  • —Is used to select things
  • —Is the interact button, which you’ll press a lot
  • —Concludes current investigation
  • —Reveals, Removes, Poltergeists and Possesses things
  • —Is called “Detective Mode” and is useful for seeing demons through walls
  • —Sprint
  • —Let’s you teleport once you unlock that ability

Murdered: Soul Suspect is somewhat open-world in the sense that there’s the streets outside of Ronan’s place of death that you can explore and a handful of interior locations where you’ll have to investigate to further the story.

You can possess and play as a cat, which will appeal to some gamers.

The game has no difficulty and all trophies can be obtained in 1 playthrough, or 2 if you’d like to experience the story first.

Once the game teaches you the controls and how to investigate, you should start your hunt for collectables in the first building you’re allowed to access (you’ll end up here right after the first investigation) but make sure to talk to the crying ghost girl because she’ll give you the 1st of 4 side cases.

Essentially, you’re going to want to hunt for collectables/side cases right away when you end up in a new area, like the apartment building or the police station, but save all the collectables outside on the streets for last. I would recommend you follow these videos so you don’t miss any collectables.

Other than that, you’ll naturally unlock trophies as you progress in the story.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a pretty decent platinum.



Plat it! It will only take you about 7 hours and the story is pretty decent and intriguing enough that it’s worth it.


  • Decent story
  • Being a dead detective is a nice idea
  • The Ghost Stories are pretty cool
  • You can play as a cat


  • Demons are a bit boring
  • Movement can be glitchy at times
  • Maybe a little bit short

Gold Trophy

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much at all, but I was really surprised by how much I was invested in Ronan’s investigation.

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