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February 2nd, 2021


Playstation 5

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Ferocious Fender-Bending Fun

I’m not the kind of gamer who can enjoy online games, honestly. I’m not a very competitive person so that burning desire to win which keeps people hooked on their CoD of choice isn’t there for me. Typically, this means that I get bored of online gaming very quickly unless the game has a strong and unique gimmick, like Fall Guys… Before that became literally unplayable thanks to griefers.

Destruction AllStars is one of those one-off unique online games which has massive replayability and a set of mechanics that are just exciting and new enough to keep me hooked. After we received it for free on PS Plus, I gave it a little test run one day and ended up playing it for the entire day.

Then, I came back the next day, and the next day, until I decided that I would absolutely have to plat this game and talk about it on my site. So here I am…

Destruction AllStars Platinum Review

Pole Position

The Gameplay in destruction AllStars is divided in two ways based on whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle.

When you are on foot, you’re obviously very vulnerable to getting squished by players who are driving vehicles, but you can jump around the arena collecting crystal shards which will quickly charge up your special attacks. You can also run over trap spots on the ground to activate them, causing potentially massive damage to unsuspecting drivers.

While in a vehicle, your aim is to smash up other players’ vehicles and run over any on-foot rivals who get in your way. You can use to trigger various slam attacks for extra power behind your collisions. Hitting drivers will increase your special attack meters also.

One of your special attacks (known in-game as Breakers), mapped to is for use on foot, making you faster and giving you the ability to double-jump, but it will also activate an additional ability based on which character you’ve chosen to play as. For example, Blue Fang’s Breaker makes it so that he knocks down anyone who comes into contact with him.

The other Breaker attack, mapped to , spawns in your “Hero Vehicle”. These powerful and uniquely-designed vehicles pack an extra punch, last longer than normal cars, and all have game-changing abilities mapped to . For example, Blue Fang’s Hero Vehicle, The Shredder, has huge saw-blades on the front. The blades, when activated, chew up any car they come into contact with, instantly wrecking it.

By mixing up on-foot and in-vehicle gameplay to ensure a steady stream of Breaker attacks, you can dominate across all 4 game modes; Mayhem, Gridfall, Carnado, and Stockpile.

Mayhem is essentially a deathmatch. All 16 players can re-spawn infinitely and the aim of the game is to simply have the most score at the end by causing a lot of damage. There’s only one winner.

Gridfall is a Battle Royale game mode. If you’re KO’d in Gridfall mode, you’re out of the game. You need to survive against up to 15 Rivals on an arena which is constantly shrinking.

Carnado is an 8v8 team deathmatch mode, in which you must rack up as much score as possible by defeating rivals, but then also bank that score by sacrificing your current vehicle to the Carnado in the center of the arena. If you lose your vehicle without banking your score, you’ll lose all the score you have stored.

Lastly, Stockpile is the worst game mode in my opinion, and I didn’t play it very much. In Stockpile, you must wreck a rival’s vehicle to spawn small cogs for your team. You and teammates can then collect those cogs on-foot (up to 4 at a time) and then you must bank them by going to one of three bases and standing on a small podium. Banking cogs in a base will also capture it, CTF-style. The team with the most bases at the end wins.

Single-Player Experience

From the tutorial, I was already pretty excited about playing the game. I was a big fan of Burnout back in the day, and my favourite thing to do in burnout was to smash into other cars, so I was already sold with a game where that’s the one and only goal.

The unique mashup of gameplay mechanics is pretty addictive, and the Overwatch-style hero abilities and one-of-a-kind characters help to vary things and keep it exciting. Unfortunately, in terms of skins you can work to unlock, there’s nothing but a few recolours. No interesting outfits or insane vehicle designs to unlock, just colours and emotes you’ll never use.

In a way it’s kind of a good thing, that the game focuses more on gameplay than some gambling mechanics. There’s no loot crates to try and win, you just rack up currency from your wins and spend it on the cosmetics you want.

After deciding I would be able to earn the platinum in Destruction Allstars, and that it was something I’d be excited to do, I took myself out of the Online gameplay a bit and stopped to smell the roses in the single-player content. First up; 5 additional tutorials.

The first tutorial was just the introductory tutorial a second time, but with two new features to learn, one of which earned me a trophy.

The other 4 tutorials were specific to the 4 game modes which are available online. In each tutorial (which was simply a mock match against bots) I would need to win in order to unlock a trophy.

Naturally, against bots this was quite a simple task and so about 20-30 minutes later I had all 5 tutorial trophies and went on to play the game’s story mode. There are Challenge Series that you can purchase for each character. At the time of playing there were just a couple to pick from, except only one was free to play.

Luckily, this F2P “Mutual Respect” challenge series is the only one with trophies tied to it. The trophies asked that I complete all 21 optional objectives within the 7 events in this challenge series. Due to that, I ended up playing every event twice, and one of them I even played thrice, just to complete all of the objectives.

It took about an hour or two, but none of the objectives were too difficult thanks to the fact that all of these story events take place against bots and not real players.

With every single-player trophy bagged, it was time to return to online play, in an attempt to unlock the allstar-specific trophies for every single character.

Multiplayer Madness

Coming back into online play with a new agenda of platting the game added an extra level of excitement and investment that my lack of competitive spirit doesn’t afford me naturally.

I worked through the character list, one character at a time starting from Ultimo Barricado and ending on Sgt. Rescue, but there were just a few characters who were a real struggle…

Almost every character’s trophy could be earned in Mayhem mode, where I’d have plenty of victims to target with my breaker abilities. The two I struggled most with when doing this were Boxtop and Tw!nkler10t.

Boxtop’s ability attaches drones to enemies when you slam them with it active, but his hero vehicle is pretty weak and there’s no way to track how many drones you’ve successfully planted, so I just had to drive around essentially blind for about 2 hours until the trophy finally unlocked.

Tw!nklr10t’s trophy wasn’t technically very difficult. All I had to do was use the boosted damage and shields of her hero vehicle to wreck 3 vehicles in a row, but for some reason this took me an impossibly long time to pull off. I eventually ended up playing every other game with a different character so I could work on other trophies while stuck on this one.

In the end, I earned every other character’s trophy in the game before finally managing this one. It seemed to be a combination of simply bad luck and a weak hero vehicle which made it take so long. It wasn’t actually a difficult trophy.

The truly difficult ones were “Flamethrower”, which is Fuego’s trophy, and “No Escape”, which is Ratu’s trophy.

These two trophies require you to hit the entire opposing team with your abilities in a team-based game mode. Given that there are hundreds of variables making such an eventuality extremely unlikely, there’s only one other way to reasonably earn these trophies; Gridfall.

As I explained before, Gridfall is an elimination-style game mode, meaning that players will be eliminated over time, reducing the number of rivals for you to beat. If you make it to the end of Gridfall, you’ll find yourself in a 1v1 face-off against the last man standing. A last man standing who is at that point the entirety of the opposing team… See where this is going?

If you use your ability on that last person, you’ve essentially used it on an entire team, thus unlocking these trophies much easier… Except there’s a glitch!

If there’s anybody else in the lobby except you and the last man standing when you use your ability, the trophy will not unlock. This is because the others in the lobby still count as being in the game until they leave to matchmake elsewhere. So, you need to repeatedly check the lobby with to find out whether anyone is still in the game – surviving until they’ve all left – before you attempt the trophy.

For Flamethrower, I got lucky. But Ratu’s trophy was so much worse. The way that Ratu’s ability works is that once she has her hero vehicle, she can’t use its breaker attack until she’s charged it up via slamming into rival vehicles.

So, in order to unlock her trophy, you need to;

  • Collect enough shards to unlock your Hero Vehicle
  • Stay alive until there’s just 4 rivals left
  • Spawn your hero vehicle, then slam the 4 remaining rivals with the vehicle to charge up the breaker.
  • Survive with your hero vehicle and breaker intact until there is just one rival left.
  • Continue to survive with your hero vehicle and breaker intact while frequently checking to see if everyone has left the lobby yet.
  • Activate the breaker ability when there’s only one person left. They must stay in their car or they void the trophy. The ability must hit and kill them, in their car. If they get out of their car, run away, or kill themselves to stop you getting the trophy, you gotta start all over again. It’s a cruel, cruel trophy.

Once I finally had all 16 character trophies, however, I just had 2 trophies left before that platinum was mine all mine.

It actually worked out perfectly. The trophy for winning at least one match had 10/16 completion so I just had 6 more characters to win as. Conveniently, the trophy for winning a total of 50 matches was at 44/50, leaving just 6 more wins needed.

So, after playing and winning online matches in Carnado as Ultimo Barricado, Boxtop, Xander, Angelo Avello, Sgt. Rescue, and Hana, I unlocked all three trophies all at once.

Time Breakdown


Challenge Series

Online Play

Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide

So, what do you think? Enticed? Ready to Wreck your way to a Destruction Allstars Platinum of your own? Well, allow me to assist via our Destruction AllStars Trophy Guide.

If you enjoyed reading this review, please do let us know, it means the world to us when we hear feedback and we love engaging with people over the game we just platted!

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Whether you got it free on PS Plus or not, if Destruction AllStars is the type of online game you feel you can sink your teeth into, so then why not take the time to earn the platinum amongst all the fun? The Trophy list offers up a great opportunity to learn how every character works and push them to their limits to achieve some fantastic accomplishments. Well worth the 25 hours it takes to earn!


  • Unique and Addictive Gameplay
  • Interesting Characters
  • No cheap gambling mechanic like other online games


  • Trophy List requires online-play
  • Ratu and Fuego's trophies are stupidly difficult

Platinum Trophy

It has been many many years since an online multiplayer game was able to entice me like this one has. I'm hooked on the never-ending action of this PS5-exclusive wreck-fest and can see myself continuing to play it a lot in the future. The teams behind this game have really pieced together a winner!

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