By TheDblTap


Partially out of curiosity and partially as a web-dev challenge, I decided to try and build a tool which can estimate the number of trophies being earned in a second and then display that value as it increments over time.

At first I didn’t think this would be possible as the amount of data out there is highly limited regarding this, but here’s what I managed to find and use to my advantage:

  • PSNprofiles tracks 4,081,344 PSN profiles at this time
  • Those 4,081,344 gamers have earned 2,828,387,043 trophies since July 2nd 2008
  • July 2nd 2008 was 4,081 days prior to the writing of this article (see how this number aligns with the one above? Freaky!!)
  • There are 154 million active Playstation gamers per year

So now, here’s how I did the math (not my strong suit, but I’m confident it’s correct):

4,081,344 gamers earned 2,828,387,043 trophies over 4,081 days which is 693,092 trophies per day. There are actually 154M active gamers per year, which is 37.7x more gamers than the 4M+ that PSNProfiles tracks, so in theory multiplying 693,092 daily trophies by 37.7 should give us a good average number of how many trophies are earned per day by active users across the Playstation family of consoles.

This number is 26,129,568. That’s over 26 MILLION Playstation trophies being earned PER DAY. Which, of course, divided by the number of seconds in a day gives us 302.4 trophies for every second that goes by on the clock.

Of the 267,798 trophies listed on PSNprofiles, 161,664 (60.368%) are Bronze, 67,954 (25.375%) are Silver, 32,097 (11.986%) are Gold and 6,083 (2.271%) are Platinum. Using this I calculated a very rough estimate as to which of the trophies being earned are Bronze, Silver, gold or Platinum.

Of course all of this is wildly estimated and cannot be considered a wholly accurate representation. There are many things that can affect or skew these numbers;

  • Not everyone is a trophy hunter, and a lot of the data comes from a website targeted at trophy hunters.
  • A Platinum is much harder and rarer to earn and most gamers likely wouldn’t just stumble across them, meaning the platinum value is most likely hilariously inaccurate.
  • Many active gamers may play the same online game repeatedly for the majority of their usage time, such as Fortnite, and never earn any new trophies.

Despite all this, I believe it’s a fair enough way to estimate the torrent of trophies being earned per second which, either way, is very interesting to see and was fun to make.

I’d be delighted to update this with more accurate calculations if the data becomes accessible. I’ve been in touch with PSNProfiles to try to gather more data but they have yet to respond.

Check out the tool here

About the Author

TheDblTap is fond of single-player action and adventure games as well as the odd collect-em-up or RPG. He thinks FPS games are stale and repetitive and has little patience for gunfights which are too drawn-out. Originally a Nintendo gamer, the PlayStation line of consoles quickly took their grasp as he fell in love with Sony’s gamer-centric approach and – eventually – collecting shiny, shiny trophies.

With a keen eye for secrets and treasure, TheDblTap’s play-style often benefits him as a trophy hunter, but as someone with poor timing, he struggles with more skill-based combat trophies…