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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Guide

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How long does it take to beat Yakuza: Like a Dragon and unlock all trophies?

Around 80 Hours.

How difficult is it to beat Yakuza: Like a Dragon and unlock all trophies?

Medium (5/10).

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Trophy Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Guide and Road Map

Welcome to our Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Guide. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the seventh mainline game in the Yakuza series, which introduces the new western name for the series going forward; Like a Dragon.

The Like a Dragon Trophy Journey, as is famously the case with all Yakuza games, is a long and effort-filled one. That said, it is one of the easier trophy lists in the Yakuza series, and it doesn’t really even ask you to 100% the game—though you will get pretty close anyway.

One of the harder challenges you’ll face comes right at the end of your trophy journey. Close to being able to complete the game without maxing out your level, the final challenge will see you not only max out your characters but also optimize their gear and equipment to get you through the slog.

Besides that, the rest of the trophy journey—for the most part—is fairly fun! You’ll get acquainted with many of the great minigames and side-activities in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as well as taking the time to experience the best of what the game has to offer.

This is perforated by several long EXP grinds during which you may find yourself getting bored, but I feel that the game overall makes up for this, especially for those who are familiar with Japanese culture and the Japanese sense of humor, though I wouldn’t say these are a full prerequisite for enjoying the experience.

Phase One | Complete the Story Campaign

To kick things off, we’re going to keep the first phase of this Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Guide simple, allowing you to acquaint yourself with the game’s ins and outs before you’re then bombarded with a to-do list longer than your leg. To do that, focus mostly on progressing the story campaign via Main Quests.

There will come a few times when you may meet a skill-check boss who requires you to take a break from the story and spend some time leveling up in dungeons, completing sub-stories, or playing minigames to improve your characters’ stats and those of their equipment.

With that in mind, here’s some advice for other things to look out for during your adventures, which will help you to get a good head-start on the more grind-filled phases of your Trophy Journey.

  • First and foremost; save, and do it often. Death isn’t permanent in Like a Dragon, but it’s definitely not cheap either. You will lose a huge chunk of your Yen if you die. To make matters worse; the more money you have when you die, the more you’ll lose! Saving regularly ensures you always have something to go back to if the worst happens and you don’t want to lose all your money.
  • Complete any sub-stories you feel like completing. You’ll need to complete a cumulative total of 40 for Stories of the Streets, so every little helps.
  • Each character has a bond level with Kasuga, which increases when you do certain activities with your companions, such as fighting a battle or eating a meal. At the end of each Bond Level, there’s a padlock icon which you can only get past by speaking to that companion at the “Survive Bar” in the Bar District. Whenever you see a companion’s bond gauge fill up, be sure to speak to them at the Survive Bar to keep making progress. See Friends in Low Places for more details.
  • Regularly eat at restaurants. Not only to heal, but to progress the a trophy. When you create a custom meal at a restaurant, there’s a chance your companions will converse in a “Table Talk” scene. You need to see 20 of these for Food for Thought.
  • Once you get access to them as part of the story, complete as many Part-Time Hero Quests and Challenges as you can. You’ll need to earn 300 stars as a Hero for Hire to unlock A New Hero.
  • Once you get access to them as part of the story, call Poundmates in battle regularly. You need to do this 30 times to unlock Pound It.
  • Whenever you have a million or more Yen in your account, I recommend that you donate as much of it as you can to Romance Workshop. You’ll get access to it automatically in Chapter 6 of the story. You need to donate a cumulative total of 22 million yen for the Romancing the Forge trophy. You could also just put the money away in an ATM at any Convenience Store, but this way you’d be progressing a trophy instead of just hoarding cash.

Unmissable Story Trophies

For the Family

Completed Chapter 1.



At the end of the game’s first Chapter, which lasts around 1-2 hours, you will receive the “For the Family” trophy.

Rock Bottom

Completed Chapter 2.



Upon reaching the end of Chapter 2, you will unavoidably unlock the “Rock Bottom” trophy.

Heroes and Villains

Completed Chapter 3.



The Heroes and Villains trophy will unlock unavoidably once you reach the conclusion of Chapter 3.

Awakening Dragon

Reached level 10 with Kasuga.


Kasuga, the protagonist, will naturally reach level 10 as you work through the story. It should happen around Chapter 4 or 5 depending on how many fights you get yourself into.

Soap on a Rope

Completed Chapter 4.



The “Soap on a Rope” trophy will unavoidably unlock when you reach the end of Chapter 4.


Completed Chapter 5.



The “Smoked” trophy unavoidably unlocks when you reach the end of Chapter 5.


Completed Chapter 6.



You will unavoidably receive the “Ignition” trophy upon reaching the conclusion of Chapter 6.

Three Spiders

Completed Chapter 7.



You will unavoidably receive the “Three Spiders” trophy upon reaching the conclusion of Chapter 7.

The Statesman

Completed Chapter 8.



When you reach the end of Chapter 8, you will receive the unmissable “The Statesman” trophy.

Rising Dragon

Reached level 30 with Kasuga.


Kasuga, the protagonist, will naturally reach level 30 as you work through the story. It should happen around Chapter 9 or 10 depending on how many fights you get yourself into.

Time to Talk

Completed Chapter 9.



When you reach the end of Like A Dragon’s 9th Chapter, you will unavoidably unlock the Time to Talk trophy.


Completed Chapter 10.

When you reach the end of Chapter 10, you will unavoidably unlock the Illuminations trophy in the middle of several long cutscenes.

The Dragon Stirs

Completed Chapter 11.



Reach the end of Chapter 11 to unavoidably receive the “The dragon Stirs” trophy.

End of an Era

Completed Chapter 12.



During the cutscenes that cap off Chapter 12, you will receive the “End of an Era” trophy.

Like a Dragon

Reached level 50 with Kasuga.



As you progress through chapters 12 and 13, it would be a very impressive feat for you to complete these Chapters without at least reaching level 50.

I actually even stopped at the Sotenbori Battle Tower when it unlocked in Chapter 12 and did some level-grinding to reach Level 60 with all 4 main party members. This was crucial in enabling me to take the rest of the story campaign on, especially the two bosses who gave me a lot of trouble at the end of Chapter 12.

Fate of Our Fathers

Completed Chapter 13.



Fate of Our Fathers is a totally unmissable story-based trophy for which all you need to do is progress the story until you reach the end of Chapter 13.

The Torch is Passed

Completed Chapter 14.



Upon concluding the story-based events of Chapter 14, you will be unavoidably rewarded by unlocking “The Torch is Passed.”

Thank You

Completed the final chapter.



The fifteenth Chapter of Like a Dragon is the final one. Upon reaching its conclusion, you will receive the “Thank You” trophy, for finishing the story campaign in its entirety.

Your trophy journey is far from over, however…

Phase Two | Reach Level 99, Gain Max Bond Level, Complete Sub-Stories, Grab Collectibles, and more.

This phase of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon trophy journey dives deep into the heart of Yokohama with a mix of substories, part-time hero quests, achieving miscellaneous accomplishments, and building those all-important bonds.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a variety of substories that showcase the game’s depth and charm. From helping out locals to unraveling quirky mysteries, each substory is a step towards understanding the streets of Yokohama. Remember, there are over 50 to discover, and we’re aiming for a big chunk of them to add those shiny trophies to your collection.

Then, there’s the Part-Time Hero which will have you dabbling in everything from delivering items to taking down tough enemies. On top of that, you’ll get real acquainted with most of the game’s more substantial minigames like Dragon Kart and the Business Management Minigame.

Building bonds is also huge part of this phase. Each key character offers a unique bonding experience that’s not just rewarding but also essential for unlocking certain trophies. Whether it’s grabbing a meal, engaging in deep conversations, or fighting side-by-side, each interaction strengthens these bonds, bringing you closer to your goals.

To make your journey through Yokohama smoother, I’ve broken down these challenges into specific groups. This structured approach is designed to give you a clearer path through the game’s rich content, though you’ll hopefully have made some decent progress already across the board. You’ll know exactly what’s required for each trophy, minimizing the guesswork and maximizing your efficiency (and fun!).

So, gear up for a blend of action, strategy, and heartfelt moments. Yokohama is waiting for you with open arms and a plethora of experiences.

Substory & Part-Time Hero Trophies

Stories to Tell

Completed 10 substories.


“Stories to Tell” unlocks when you have completed a cumulative total of 10 Sub-stories. You will need to complete 40 of the 52 available to unlock Stories of the Streets.

Stories to Live

Completed 20 substories.


“Stories to Live” unlocks when you have completed a cumulative total of 20 Sub-stories. You will need to complete 40 of the 52 available to unlock Stories of the Streets.

Stories of the Streets

Completed 40 substories.


There are 52 Substories in Like a Dragon. They are all clearly marked on your map in the form of speech bubbles once they become available. You will see white speech bubbles when there is a new substory available, and blue speech bubbles indicate a waypoint for progressing a substory you already have active.

Some of the substories are mandatory and will be completed automatically. Some of them require you to reach a certain chapter of the story, and others require that you complete another sub-story before they appear.

Regardless, you only need to complete 40 of the 52 available sub-stories to receive the Stories of the Streets trophy. Check your map regularly for speech bubbles, then head to those locations and complete any objectives you’re given. Simple, really.

A New Legend

Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Senior Hero.

Completing enough Part-time Hero missions to reach the rank of “Senior Hero” will unlock the “A New Legend” trophy. You will do this naturally on your way to “Executive Hero” rank. See A New Hero.

A New Hero

Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Executive Hero.

You will unavoidably unlock access to the Part-Time Hero app after completing the mandatory Sub-Story “#12 Part-Time Hero” during Chapter 5 of the main campaign.

Once you have access to this app, you can use it via the menu in-game and browse the available missions there. Many of them will require you to deliver specific items or defeat a certain number of enemies of a specific type.

Whenever those missions are completed, you can hand them in at one of the Part-Time Hero Representatives, who are marked on the map with blue hero icons, usually at convenience stores.

Also on the map, you may see those same blue hero icons with exclamation points on them. These indicate the location of Hero for Hire missions. These missions require you to beat a group of enemies for a decent reward.

Complete as many of these Hero for Hire challenges, quests, and missions as you can, collecting stars as you do so. At 300 stars, you will reach Part-Time Hero Member Rank “Executive.” Upon doing so, you’ll receive the “A New Hero” trophy.

You do not need to complete all of the available missions to achieve this.

Max Bond Trophies

Friends in Low Places

Maxed Nanba's Bond Level.

The Friends in Low Places trophy will unlock when you achieve Bond Level 5 (Max bond level) with Nanba.

As with all the other characters, Nanba will gain bond exp with you whenever you take them into battle, eat a meal at a restaurant, or catch a conversation with them.

Naturally, the easiest way to farm bond level is just by getting into fights with the relevant party member in your active party. This is fortunate, as you’ll also be farming exp and job exp in the same way.

You can’t just ignore your bond levels, though, and hope that they fill up over time. Each time you reach a new Bond Level, it will be locked and you cannot continue to build your bond with that character without going to the “Survive” bar on the west side of town and speaking to them there.

When you do, you’ll have a meaningful conversation with them in which your choices will dictate the Personality levels that Kasuga will gain.

After said conversation, their Bond Level will increase and they will be able to gain bond level exp once again.

The only exceptions to this are Eri (see Friends from Work) and Nanba.

Nanba’s Bond Level will be stuck at Level 2 for the first half of the story. You cannot increase this until certain campaign events happen, so don’t worry if you can’t increase his bond level right away.

Friends on the Force

Maxed Adachi's Bond Level.

Unlocking the “Friends on the Force” trophy involves the same process as unlocking the Friends in Low Places trophy, but you will need to raise your bond specifically with Adachi.

Remember to visit the Survive Bar on the west side of the map and speak to Adachi there each time his Bond Level gauge reaches the padlock icon. At the end of Bond Level 4, just before crossing the threshold to MAX Bond Level, you will need to help Adachi with a personal errand, which involves a fight. After winning the fight, he will reach Bond Level 5 and the trophy will unlock.

Friends Like Sisters

Maxed Saeko's Bond Level.

Unlocking the “Friends like Sisters” trophy involves the same process as unlocking the Friends in Low Places trophy, but you will need to raise your bond specifically with Saeko.

Remember to visit the Survive Bar on the west side of the map and speak to Saeko there each time her Bond Level gauge reaches the padlock icon. At the end of Bond Level 4, just before crossing the threshold to MAX Bond Level, you will need to help Saeko with a personal errand, which involves a fight. After winning the fight, she will reach Bond Level 5 and the trophy will unlock.

Friends With Familiar Faces

Maxed Joon-gi Han's Bond Level.

Unlocking the “Friends With Familiar Faces” trophy involves the same process as unlocking the Friends in Low Places trophy, but you will need to raise your bond specifically with Joon-gi, a late-game addition to the party.

Remember to visit the Survive Bar on the west side of the map and speak to Joon-gi there each time his Bond Level gauge reaches the padlock icon. At the end of Bond Level 4, just before crossing the threshold to MAX Bond Level, you will need to help Joon-gi with a personal errand, which involves a fight. After winning the fight, he will reach Bond Level 5 and the trophy will unlock.

Friends in the Gang

Maxed Zhao's Bond Level.

Unlocking the “Friends in the Gang” trophy involves the same process as unlocking the Friends in Low Places trophy, but you will need to raise your bond specifically with Zhao, a late-game addition to the party.

Remember to visit the Survive Bar on the west side of the map and speak to Zhao there each time his Bond Level gauge reaches the padlock icon. At the end of Bond Level 4, just before crossing the threshold to MAX Bond Level, you will need to help Zhao with a personal errand, which involves a fight. After winning the fight, he will reach Bond Level 5 and the trophy will unlock.

Friends From Work

Maxed Eri's Bond Level.

To unlock the “Friends From Work” trophy, you need to increase Eri’s bond level to 5 (the Maximum).

Unlike other bond trophies, however, you cannot simply enter fights with Eri to raise your bond with her.

Eri’s bond level is tied directly to your progress in the business management minigame. Reaching level 5 bond with Eri will occur naturally as you work on Presidential Power, reaching max level as the trophy unlocks.

Rank & Level Trophies

Ryu Ga Gotoku

Reached level 70 with Kasuga.


After completing the main campaign, Kasuga should be somewhere around Level 50-60. To unlock the Rya Ga Gotoku trophy, you will need to continue increasing Kasuga’s level after the game until it reaches 70.

This will likely happen naturally as you work on other trophies in the game. You could farm EXP in the Sotenbori Battle Arena (See Heir to the Legend) or you could go and run the Kamurocho Underground Dungeon.

For one of the harder trophies (Victory of the Millenium), I actually strongly recommend that you train Kasuga and his companions to Level 99. Job Rank 99 for the full party would also be very beneficial.


Raised 1 job's rank to max.

The Professional Trophy may unlock naturally as you work your way through the story, depending on how often you change Jobs. All you need to do is earn enough exp from fights to raise the Job Rank for any of your characters to 30. Once any character’s Job Rank reaches 30 for the first time, you will receive the trophy.

You’ll eventually need to do this for a total of 7 jobs.

Master of Trades

Raised 3 jobs' ranks to max.


The Master of Trade trophy asks that you complete the requirements of Professional for a cumulative total of 3 jobs across any of your characters.

Jack of All Trades

Raised 7 jobs' ranks to max.


The Jack of All Trades trophy asks that you complete the requirements of Professional for a cumulative total of 7 jobs across any of your characters.

Since you can have up to 7 characters in your party, it’s advisable to just max out one job per character, rather than switching characters for any reason.

Don’t forget that Max Job Rank is 30. Job Rank can continue to increase past 30, but it is considered maxed at just 30. Raise the Job Ranks for 7 jobs to 30.

Sound Character

Raised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max.

The Sound Character trophy will unlock when you have raised just one of Kasuga’s Personality Levels to the maximum value of 10.

You will need to do this for all of Kasuga’s Personality Levels to unlock the Super Human trophy.

Super Human

Raised all of Kasuga's personality stats to max.


There are around 6 ways to increase your personality traits, and for the Super Human Trophy you will need to increase them all to the maximum level of 10.

  • Ounbara Vocational School is the best way to increase your personality traits. Each exam that you complete will give your traits an enormous boost. The best way to complete every exam is by using our comprehensive Ounbara Vocational School Exam Answers Guide.
  • Completing Substories will often result in you earning some amount of Personality Level exp. So work on Stories of the Streets for a big boost.
  • Bond Level conversations at Survive Bar will increase one trait depending on the option you select for each conversation. It’s difficult to know what will increase at a glance, though. Work on all of the Max Bond Trophies for this small boost.
  • Part-Time Hero Challenges can be found in your menu under Part-time Hero > Challenge. When you highlight an incomplete challenge, it will show you in the panel on the right which stats will increase and how much by.

  • Honk-Honk NPCs will increase your stats slightly depending on which Honk-Honk person you speak to. See Honk-Honk Hero.
  • Mini-games will often provide a small personality boost, depending on the minigame and how well you do in it.
  • Reading Books can give Personality Trait boosts. You can find books as rewards for many minigames (Can Quest and Dragon Kart Shops) or you can find them in dungeons. Be sure to check the “Growth Items” tab of your inventory for these and remember to actually use them.

You can check your current Personality Traits via the menu, under Party > Check Stats > Ichiban Kasuga.

Collectible Trophies

I Wanna Be the Very Best

Registered over 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex.


“I Wanna Be the Very Best” will unlock once you’ve registered at least 100 enemies into the Sujidex. There are 252 enemies in the game, and you’ll need to register at least 200 to unlock Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Registered over 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex.


The Sujidex is a mechanic you’ll be introduced to within Chapter 4. From then on, every unique type of enemy you fight and defeat will be registered to the Sujidex automatically.

There are way more than just 200 enemies to register, and you’ll register a vast majority of them automatically as you progress through the game. The rest you will face at Sotenbori Battle Arena or while exploring and farming EXP in dungeons.

Essentially, the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” trophy will unlock naturally while you progress other trophies in the list.

Minigame Trophies

New Digs!

Moved Kasuga's company into a new office.

While working on building the Ichiban Confectionary company, you will eventually reach rank 50 and unlock a better headquarters, and the company name will change to “Ichiban Holdings.” At that point, you will unlock the “New Digs!” trophy.

You will unavoidably achieve this while working on Presidential Power.

Aggressive Executive

Bought up over 10 companies.


In the Ichiban Confectionery/Ichiban Holdings business management minigame, you can buy up to 6 properties. To unlock the Aggressive Executive trophy, you will need to have purchased a cumulative total of 10, which is only possible if you sell some of your properties to free up space for others.

This is actually very likely to unlock while you work on the Presidential Power trophy because you will need to swap out your properties for more profitable ones as you progress.

Presidential Power

Raised Kasuga's company into the top company in Yokohama.


To unlock the “Presidential Power” trophy, you will need to play the Business Management minigame that you unlock after meeting Eri during Chapter 5 of the Main Story campaign.

The Business Management Minigame in “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” is an engaging and strategic feature where players take charge of Ichiban Confectionery in Yokohama. The objective is to elevate the business to the top rank by smartly managing various aspects like investing in profitable properties, hiring and training employees, and making key financial decisions.

The gameplay involves cycles of business operations and crucial shareholder meetings, demanding a blend of strategic planning and resource management. Players must balance their investment in properties and staff, optimize business performance, and navigate shareholder challenges to succeed in this immersive and rewarding minigame.

Please see our full Yakuza: Like a Dragon Business Management Guide for a more in-depth breakdown of the game’s mechanics, as well as a breakdown of which businesses to buy and when.

Once Ichiban Holdings becomes the number one ranked business, you’ll take home the well-deserved Presidential Power Trophy. You’ll also unlock Friends from Work.

Make That Money

Exceed 10 billion yen in capital for Kasuga's company.


To unlock the “Make That Money” trophy, you need to physically have 10 billion yen available in the Business Management Minigame; Ichiban Confectionary/Holdings.

The first thing I’d recommend, though, is that you go and unlock the Presidential Power trophy. There’s a slight chance that you might earn Make That Money naturally while working on it, but once you have earned the Presidential Power trophy, the company should be able to earn around 150 million to 300 million yen per business day.

Therefore, by continuing to play the Business Management Minigame after reaching Business Rank 1, you’ll be able to gradually build yourself up to the required ¥10,000,000,000. You’ll get access to Eri as an employee, too, who can make Shareholder Meetings go a lot smoother, thus maximizing your profit from them.

Other than paying for Auto-care to keep your employees happy, you shouldn’t have any extra expenses and so can continue earning and earning until you reach that goal. That said, make sure you buy advertising for 10 Million whenever it is offered, as this will double your earnings for the whole business cycle.

Heir to the Legend

Beat the Sotenbori Battle Arena.

You will get access to the Sotenbori Battle Arena in Chapter 12 of the Like a Dragon Story Campaign. This is a great place to level-grind up to Level 60 or more for the upcoming story events which can be quite difficult, however, you may not feel the need to complete the tower before continuing on with the story.

No matter, you can return to the Sotenbori district at any time via taxi. From there, go to the Sotenbori Battle Arena at the crossed swords on the map, near Bishamon Bridge.

Inside, you can face up to 30 waves of enemies. Each time you beat 5 levels you will get a checkpoint, so you can resume the Battle Tower from 6F, 11F, 16F, 21F, and 26F. The strongest enemy in the Sotenbori Battle Tower is the Level 60 boss on the 30th and final floor, who you should be able to beat from around Level 56.

You can either level-grind your way up through the floors of the Battle Arena until you’ve completed all 30 in Chapter 12 of the story, or you can simply return to the tower later once you’ve become naturally stronger and take it on then.

Either way, it’s a great place to farm EXP, Money, and Resources, so I strongly recommend spending plenty of time there.

Once you complete the 30th floor of the Sotenbori Battle Arena, you will unlock the “Heir to the Legend” trophy.

Man About Town

Played over 10 minigames.


There are far more than just 10 minigames in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but you will need to play only 10 of them to unlock the Man About Town Trophy.

You don’t need to win or even get a good score, you just need to experience 10 unique minigames within Like a Dragon. Many of them, you’ll participate in for other trophies, leaving you with just a handful more to try out.

You can see the full list of Minigames in the table below:

Minigame Location
Outrun Arcade Machine Sasaki Arcade in Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Theater Square, Kamurocho
Space Harrier Arcade Machine Club SEGA Arcade in Chinatown, Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Nakamichi, Kamurocho
Virtua Fighter 2 Arcade Machine Sasaki Arcade in Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Sotenbori OR Club SEGA Arcade in Nakamichi, Kamurocho
Super Hang On Arcade Machine Sasaki Arcade in Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Sotenbori OR Club SEGA Arcade in Theater Square, Kamurocho
Fantasy Zone Arcade Machine Sasaki Arcade Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Nakamichi, Kamurocho
Virtua Fighter 5 Arcade Machine Club SEGA Arcade in Chinatown, Yokohama OR  Club SEGA Arcade in Nakamichi, Kamurocho
UFO Catcher Claw Machines Sasaki Arcade Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Chinatown, Yokohama OR Club SEGA Arcade in Sotenbori OR Club SEGA Arcade in Nakamichi, Kamurocho
Batting Practice MIRAI Batting Center in Yokohama OR the Yoshida Batting Center in Kamurocho
Darts Bee Bar in Yokohama OR Bantam Bar in Kamurocho
Golf Heaven’s Golf in Yokohama OR Yokobori Golf Center in Sotenbori
Dragon Kart In Hamakita Park, Yokohama
Movie Theater Seagull Cinema in Yokohama
Karaoke Survive Bar in Yokohama OR Karaokekan in Kamurocho
Shogi In the Commercial District of Yokohama OR South Shofukucho, Sotenbori
Mahjong Citron Mahjong Parlor in Yokohama OR Vista Mahjong Parlor in Yokohama OR Riichi Towers in Sotenbori OR or Lullaby Mahjong Parlor in Kamurocho
Can Collector In Yokohama, you’ll have to play this one for the story.
Property Management In Yokohama, you’ll discover this during Chapter 5.
Vocational School In Yokohama, introduced during Chapter 4.
Pachinko & Slot Machines PIA in Yokohama OR PIA in Theater Square Kamurocho OR PIA in Maruhan, Kamurocho
Blackjack Underground Casino in Yokohama OR at Yotsudera Kaikan in Sotenbori
Koi-koi Underground Casino in Yokohama OR at Yotsudera Kaikan in Sotenbori
Poker Underground Casino in Yokohama OR at Yotsudera Kaikan in Sotenbori
Oichi-Kabu Underground Casino in Yokohama OR at Yotsudera Kaikan in Sotenbori

Note that Hostess Bars may also count as Minigames, but I can’t say for certain.

Certified Genius

Obtained over 10 certificates from the vocational school.


During Chapter 4 of the story, you’ll be introduced to the Ounbara Vocational School, where you can take exams for 50,000 yen each which will in turn increase Kasuga’s Personality Levels slightly.

I recommend saving before each exam because you cannot get your money back when you fail, and 50K per attempt is no small fee.

The Vocational School Exams involve actual trivia questions. Some are about in-game concepts and lore, while others are about an eclectic mix of real topics such as Sport, SEGA, Animals, and Classical Music.

To unlock the “Certified Genius” trophy, you need to complete a cumulative total of 10 Vocational School exams, your first one is free, however. The Trophy Description does say “More than 10” but it unlocks at 10.

If you fail, you can review the answers at the end of an exam and gain knowledge for your next attempt, though the questions do change each time (from a pool of ~10 questions per exam).

It would be wise to complete all 21 Vocational Exams as this will aid in unlocking Super Human. This is easily accomplished by brandishing our Ounbara Vocational School Answers Guide.

Pop the Cork

Beat all Dragon Kart cups and rival races.

Ready to dive into Dragon Kart and snag that “Pop the Cork” trophy? Let’s hit the tracks! First up, find Fujisawa north of Hamakita Park in Ijincho, starting from Chapter 4. Chat with him, and you’re off to the races.

In Dragon Kart, you zip around collecting rings and duking it out for first place across different city courses. Each race is three laps, with item boxes scattered around to give you that winning edge with power-ups and weapons. Keep an eye on your kart’s endurance meter, though. Crashing or getting hit chips away at it.

You start with three basic karts: Crimson Fire, Navy Fang, and Golden Phalanx. But the real fun starts as you clear Sub Stories 41, 42, 43, and 46, unlocking the Ramburg Crusher, Rapid Phantom, Ignition Shadow, and Rising Dragon respectively – each with its unique strengths.

Your racing journey begins with the Cerberus Cup, then ramps up through Pegasus and Phoenix Cups, then culminates in the ultimate challenge: the Dragon Cup.

Here are some tips to leave your opponents in the dust:

  • Start Dash: Press and hold right as the countdown ends for an explosive start.
  • Dash Tiles: Use these for a quick boost. Remember, your rivals use them too, so don’t miss out or they’ll get ahead!
  • Drift: Master the art of drifting with the button to tackle those tight corners without losing speed. Approach from the outside for a smoother turn.
  • Lightning: Always go for the Lightning pickups when you see them, they’ll damage every other racer, slowing them significantly. This is great for catching up and getting ahead.

You will need to complete various Rival Races in order to unlock the Grand Prix events for you to take part in. After each Grand Prix race, a rival or two will meet you outside the Dragon Kart building. Just approach it and the conversation will start.

At a certain point, right before the Dragon Cup, you’ll find that you cannot get any more Rival events to spawn. The next Rival, Jin, will not show up until you have reached Chapter 15 of the story. Therefore, it’s best to come back later once you have completed the story, and don’t worry about this trophy until then.

Once done, speak to Jin on the bench opposite the Dragon Kart building and he’ll challenge you to his rival race. You can see a breakdown of each race, their unlock requirements, and the recommended kart for each below:

Race Type Unlock Req. Best Kart
Cerberus Cup Grand Prix Available by default Crimson Fire
Vs Naoki & Hamanoumi Rival Race Speak to them outside Dragon Kart after beating Cerberus Cup Rumble Crasher
Pegasus Cup Grand Prix Complete the Naoki & Hamanoumi Rival Race Crimson Fire
Vs Ai & Matsuko Rival Race Speak to them outside Dragon Kart after beating Pegasus Cup Rapid Phantom
Phoenix Cup Grand Prix Complete the Ai & Matsuko rival race Rumble Crasher
Vs Suguru Rival Race Speak to them outside Dragon Kart after beating Phoenix Cup Ignition Shadow
Vs Akira Rival Race Speak to them outside Dragon Kart after beating Suguru Rapid Phantom
Vs Jin Rival Race Speak to Jin on the bench opposite Dragon Kart during/after Ch. 15 (after beating Akira also) Ignition Shadow
Dragon Cup Grand Prix Beat Jin in his rival race Ignition Shadow
Vs Dragon Fighter Rival Race Finish Dragon Cup in 1st place Rapid Phantom

Be sure to invest in upgrades for each Kart via the “Kart Setting” option before a race. You really want all of these karts to be maxed out except Navy Fang and Rising Dragon, which you won’t really need to use.

Upon finishing all Grand Prix and Rival Races, you will unlock the well-deserved “Pop the Cork” trophy.

Can Quest Hero

Beat all the can-collecting courses.

Quest is a Minigame you will be introduced to during Chapter 3 of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. In this minigame, you compete with other Can Collectors to grab as many cans as possible and then bring them back to base. It’s a pretty simple minigame without too many surprises.

Depending on how many cans you bring back to base within the time limit, you will earn “Eco Points” which can be used to purchase rare and hard-to-find items from the Can Quest NPC’s store.

There are three Can Quest course; Easy, Medium, and Hard. In each one, the number of enemy can collectors and hazards are incrementally increased, as well as the number of cans you need to collect.

Reach the minimum requirements (50, 200, 300 respectively) for each of the three courses to unlock the Can Quest Hero trophy.

Sleep Sheep Slapper

Watched all the movies at the theater without falling asleep.


From as early as Chapter 4 of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you may stumble upon Substory #8, Old Cinema Paradiso, which introduces the movie theatre.

Here, you’ll need to sit through all 10 movies without falling asleep to unlock the Sleep Sheep Slapper Trophy – sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than watching a movie.

While watching these films, you need to fend off half-human half-sheep interlopers called REM RAMs that are hell-bent on sending you to dreamland. Throughout the movie, they will pop up in a seat behind you and begin casting a sleep spell. You will need to press the button prompt shown on-screen to take them out before they can make you sleepier.

Watch out for the Chickens! Leave them alone, and they’ll wake you up a bit. Accidentally attack them, and they’ll hit you with a sleep spell in retaliation.

Below is a list of the 10 movies you’ll be watching, along with their snooze-fighting challenge level:

Video Name Difficulty
Robocook 1/5
Office Alone 1/5
Sultry Adultery 3: The Key to Love 2/5
Shark Vacation 2/5
Lord of the Wedding Rings: Matrimony of Ring 3/5
Our Winter Sonata 3/5
The Rugged 48 4/5
538 Rules of Romance 4/5
Isezaki Ijincho, a History 5/5
Life of Sheep 5/5

Each one unlocks as you beat the previous one, so grab some popcorn and get ready for some movie-time action. Complete all 10 (with any rating, as long as you don’t fall asleep) and the trophy is yours!

Misc Gameplay Trophies

Fight on the Sidewalk!

Someone got run over by a car in battle.


The miscellaneous “Fight on the Sidewalk!” trophy will most likely unlock naturally during any fight near a main road, especially if you or your party members use attacks that knock enemies back.

Essentially, you need to move an opponent into the path of a car during combat. Obviously, the first place to start is by initiating fights with enemies near busy roads or intersections. Once you’ve found a group of enemies to fight in a decent spot, start trying to bait or push them into the road, then you just have to hope a car comes by to run them over.

I found a good place to earn this at the intersection near the north end of Daikokuten Street, East Jinnai Station, Isezaki Ijincho.

Job Hopper

Changed Kasuga to three different jobs other than his starting job.


As part of the story, you’ll go to “Hello Work,” where you’ll meet Ririka, who you can speak to to change jobs.

Kasuga has 8 job options available, some of which are not available right away. However, there are more than 3 available immediately.

All you need to do is speak to Ririka and change Kasuga’s job to a unique role twice. Once you’ve equipped at least 3 unique job roles, including his default, the Job Hopper trophy will unlock.

Life Experiences

Changed Kasuga to eight different jobs other than his starting job.


As with Job Hopper, you need to speak to Ririka and change job roles to unlock Life Experiences. However, for this trophy, you will need to switch Kasuga to each of the eight job roles at least once.

Some of the job roles are locked at first, and you can’t access them without reaching certain conditions with Kasuga.

Return to Hello Work once Kasuga’s stats look like this:

  • 20 or more Character Level.
  • 3 or more “Style” Personality Level.
  • 3 or more “Charisma” Personality Level.
  • 5 or more “Kindness” Personality Level.
  • 5 or more “Passion” Personality Level.
  • 7 or more “Confidence” Personality Level.
  • 7 or more “Intelligence” Personality Level.

At that point, you’ll be able to access all jobs. Switch Kasuga to each of the 8 job roles at least once and the Life Experiences trophy will unlock!

Career Counseling

Changed all four party members to jobs different from their default jobs and won a battle.

During Chapter 5, you will unlock the ability to change your party members’ jobs at Hello Work.

To unlock the “Career Counseling” trophy, use this system to change everyone’s jobs to something other than their default. Once done, enter any battle and win it to receive the trophy.

Treasure Displeasure

A creep crawled out of a safe for the first time.


When opening Silver Safes, it is possible for an enemy to be hiding inside, who will then attack you!

Though there’s a random chance of it happening, there’s also a safe that is guaranteed to contain a “creep.” During Chapter 6, you will need to make your way through the Yokohama Underground dungeon. In the same room as the save point on Yokohama Underground B2F, you will find the safe in question at the middle of the room.

Romance of the 10 Pieces

Made 10 pieces of gear at Romance Workshop.


You will unavoidably unlock the Romance Workshop in the Southeast part of the map during Chapter 6 of the story. From then on, you can access the workshop at any time, and will actually need to donate a lot of money to the shop for Romancing the Forge.

To unlock this “Romance of the 10 Pieces” trophy, you simply need to use the facilities there to craft a cumulative total of 10 gear pieces. This can be weaponry or clothing and you can even make the same item 10 times if you wish.

Gear Fanatic

Collected over 100 pieces of gear.


The Gear Fanatic trophy will unlock once you have collected a cumulative total of 100 pieces of gear. You will unlock this trophy naturally while working on the Gear Hoarder trophy.

Gear Hoarder

Collected over 200 pieces of gear.


Weapons, Armor, and Accessories are all items that count as “Gear” in Like a Dragon. To unlock the “Gear Hoarder” trophy, you must collect a total of 200 pieces of gear. Gear can be:

  • Purchased from equipment stores (sword and shield icon on map)
  • Crafted at the Romance Workshop
  • Received as a fight reward
  • Received as a Substory or Hero For Hire reward
  • Found in Safes in Dungeons
  • Won as awards in Sotenbori Battle Tower

Essentially, you’ll be getting gear all the time. And while you’re farming exp or money in dungeons or the Sotenbori Battle Arena, you’ll collect even more gear!

200 pieces of gear seems like a lot, but once you’re around Chapter 12 in the story you should be pretty close. You can get the same piece of gear multiple times and it will count toward this trophy each time.

Food for Thought

Viewed more than 20 Table Talk scenes.


In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, there are 42 hidden cutscenes you can see by eating at various restaurants. The cutscenes all relate to a character or two, so you should only really start trying to farm these cutscenes once you have all 7 party members unlocked.

You cannot get Table Talk scenes from Sotenbori or Kamurocho restaurants, so you need only focus on restaurants in Ijincho.

The Table Talk scenes are typically relevant to one or more item of food from the menu, so make sure you don’t just “Order the Recommendation.” Try to order as many items from the menu as you can to increase the chances that a companion will have something to say about their meal.

Just keep visiting restaurants and ordering meals. You’ll randomly unlock these Table Talk scenes as you do so. Once you’ve seen a cumulative total of 21 (“more than 20”), the Food for Thought trophy will unlock.

Romancing the Forge

Fully upgraded Romance Workshop's equipment


You will unlock access to the Romance Workshop as part of the story in Chapter 6. Think of this place like your go-to spot for beefing up your gear. There’s a taxi spot right outside, too, so you can revisit it easily in the future.

Here, you can “StrengthenWeapons”, “Craft Weapons,” “Craft Armor, ” and “Funds Support.” Selecting “Funds Support” brings up a donation screen where you can donate to improve the facilities at the workshop. There are 4 Workshop Ranks to achieve, each by donating a sum of yen. At each of the four workshop ranks, you’ll unlock access to more crafting options and be able to strengthen certain weapons further than before.

Now, about the “Romancing the Forge” trophy – you’ll need to donate to increase the Workshop Rank four times. The total amount you need to hit is 22,200,000 Yen. Sounds like a hefty sum, right? But when you think about it, it’s pretty reasonable, especially considering that the costs for higher-level upgrades can skyrocket way beyond 30 million Yen.

There are many ways to earn cash for this in Yakuza. You’ll earn a lot of cash from Part-Time Hero Missions and Sub-Stories, and you’ll also make some stacks doing the business-management minigame and working your way through dungeons.

My stomping ground for this trophy was the Sotenbori Battle Arena. The last 5 floors offer 1.8 million yen in total, so I replayed them a few times to rack up the dough needed. It was also helpful for grinding Job Ranks and Bond Levels while I was there.

Pound It

Called for Poundmates 30 times.

After completing the unavoidable Sub-Story called “#5 A Trip to Pound Town,” you will then have access to the “Poundmates” option.

During battle, as Kasuga, you can press and then to bring up the Poundmates menu.

Here, you will see a selection of the characters you’ve unlocked as Poundmates; from sub-story characters to actual in-game bosses, there’s a fair few of them to find. You’ll just need at least one, though.

Each time you select a character from this menu, you’ll pay a fee to summon them into battle. Your first summon of each character is always free.

To unlock the “Pound It” trophy, you will need to summon a Poundmate using the Poundmates option in battle a cumulative total of 30 times. Anything beyond that is unnecessary, but they are actually very useful in a pinch, especially those that can heal or buff your whole team!

Fulfiller of Dreams

Completed the last dungeon in Premium Adventure.

To unlock the Fulfiller of Dreams trophy, first make sure that you have finished the story or you won’t even be able to begin. The post-completion endgame is called “Premium Adventure,” and you will need to have that mode active.

Once you’re in the post-game, head back to Kamurocho via taxi and then return to the Milennium Tower, where the story’s penultimate events took place.

Here, you’ll need to fight your way through several floors of enemies and multiple bosses without being able to save in-between. Make sure you are fully stocked-up for the challenge.

The highest-level opponent you’ll face in this dungeon is Level 80, so make sure that Kasuga & co. are all at least level 80 too. A Job Rank of 50 for each character is highly recommended in addition. Though 30 is technically the max Job Rank, you can continue to increase Job Rank beyond 30 to attain stat buffs.

The Kamurocho Underground Dungeon is a great place to train and level up your party in preparation. You can find it at the manhole cover icon near Theater Alley on the west edge of Kamurocho’s map.

Playing With Fire

Entered into intimate relationships with over two female characters.

While the Playing with Fire trophy asks that you date “more than two” female characters, it actually just requires you to date two female characters simultaneously.

There are 6 women you can romance in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but we’ll just focus on the two easiest ones to romance; Eri and Saeko.

Technically, they require the most effort, but you’ll be doing everything they require as part of the trophy journey anyway!

To begin, first unlock Super Human, Friends from Work (requires Presidential Power), and Friends Like Sisters. Once you have those three trophies, you’ll have everything you need; Level 5 Bond with both Characters, Level 10 Style for Saeko, and Level 10 Kindness for Eri.

To invite Eri out on a date, you must first go to the Ichiban Holdings building and speak to her there. She’ll actually invite you during the cutscene that pays and asks you to meet her at Survive Bar.

Next, go to Survive Bar in the Bar District of Yokohama. When you enter, speak to Eri and ya cutscene will begin to play in which an implied romantic relationship with Eri begins.

Once the cutscene ends, stay in the Survive Bar and speak to Saeko, she’ll ask if you want to share a drink with her. Accept and a cutscene will play that insinuates the two of you have entered into a romantic relationship.

Once you’ve done all of the above, you’ll be in a simultaneous relationship with both Saeko and Eri… Awkward! At least you receive the Playing with Fire trophy for the trouble.

Honk-Honk Hero

Found all the people who will give you a honk-honk.




For the irritating “Honk-Honk Hero” trophy, you will need to find and pay 5 very rarely-spawning NPCs. You need to find all five, and pay them the amount they request.

When you pay them, they’ll give you a “honk-honk.” The results of this will be your personality levels increasing slightly.

The locations are described in the table below:

NPC Location Cost
Honk Honk Girl In the alleyways south of the Survive Bar, in the Bar District. 10,000
Honk Honk Lady In the subway access tunnel next to Wette Kitchen. 50,000
Honk Honk Man In the garden at the northwest corner of East Jinai Station. (from Chapter 11 onwards) 100,000
Honk Honk Woman In the separated area north-east of the S Shofukucho taxi point in Sotenbori. 50,000
Honk Honk Princess In the u-shaped alleyway in north-west  Kamurocho, where it says “Hotel District” on the map. 30,000

Their spawn rates are excruciatingly low, so I’d recommend just stocking up some cash and then taxi-ing back and forth between the five locations until you’ve paid all five of them.

Phase Three | True Final Millennium Tower

If you’ve made it this far in your Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Journey; congratulations. It’s no small feat and you’ve had to overcome a lot to get this far. The good news is; that you have one trophy left. The bad news is; that it’s the hardest one by far.

The Victory of the Millennium trophy asks you to complete the Millennium Tower final dungeon a third time (the same one you completed for the Story and for the Fulfiller of Dreams trophy). However, this time the difficulty takes another big spike. The closer you are to Level 99 and Job Rank 99 with each character, the higher your chances of success.

It truly is a grand challenge and without a crack team and plenty of supplies you’ll find yourself struggling, so prepare well. The length of this phase depends entirely on how much you choose to prepare.

Trophies in this phase:

Beat the True Final Millenium Tower

Victory of the Millennium

Beat the True Final Millenium Tower

Victory of the Millennium

Beat the True Final Millennium Tower.



To unlock the “Victory of the Millennium” trophy, you need to make your way through the “True Final Millennium Tower” and defeat the bosses at the end.

This isn’t just about climbing to the top of the tower; it’s about mastering it with all the skills and knowledge you’ve accumulated. Here’s the best advice I can muster on how to conquer this intimidating challenge:

Level Up, Gear Up, and Get Ready
  • Max Out Your Party: You’ll need your party at Level 99 with their Job levels maxed out too. This isn’t just a recommendation; it’s practically a requirement!
  • Job Level Bonuses: Don’t stop at just mastering your main job. Level up other jobs to at least 30 for those essential skills and every 5 levels beyond that you’ll get permanent stat boosts.
  • One Fight at a Time: Assess your team’s condition after each battle. If you need to heal, do it. Don’t rush or you’ll regret it.
  • Perfect Block Mastery: Perfect your blocking skills. Timing is crucial, and a well-timed block can be the difference between victory and defeat.
The Right Gear and Strategy
  • Equip the Best Gear: Good gear is essential. Make sure you’re well-equipped before heading into battle.
  • Thought Entities Alert: Watch out for Thought Entities. They might seem less intimidating but can easily derail your run. Don’t underestimate them.
  • The Final Showdown: The last fight is insane. You’re not just battling Amon; you’re up against Kiryu, Majima, and Saejima. This is where every skill and strategy you’ve learned will come into play.
  • No Auto Battle: Auto Battle won’t cut it at any point in the Tower. Stay alert and in control.
  • Survive or Start Over: If Ichiban falls, it’s game over. There are no second chances here, so keep him safe and healed at all costs.
  • Poundmates Can Save the Day: Don’t forget about your Poundmates. They can turn the tide of a battle in your favor when you need it most.
Navigating the Tower
  • Familiar Layout, Tougher Foes: The layout mirrors the Final Millennium Tower and the game’s finale, but the enemies are tougher, meaner, and more relentless.
  • Enemy Reinforcements: Some foes can summon lower-ranked units (Levels 40-60). Knowing which enemies call for backup is key to your strategy.
Final Words of Wisdom

Leveling your jobs to the max or at least to a significant point is crucial. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about having the firepower to take down formidable enemies.

My recommended team is as below, but you’re free to chop and change to fit your playstyle:

Character Job Info
Kasuga Hero Job
Adachi Enforcer Job A good tank is crucial for extending your survivability, and Adachi’s the best there is.
Saeko Idol Job There’s no better healer than Saeko. Kasuga gets some good healing skills that can save you in a pinch, but with Saeko you can pretty much keep the heals coming all fight long.
Joon-gi Han Hitman Job He’s got some great attacks that deal very high damage. His Poison and Stun-applying attacks are really useful, and he occasionally gets a free extra attack that can really turn the tide.

Good luck, you’re going to need it!


The New Dragon

Obtained all trophies.

After collecting every trophy in this Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophy Guide, the "The New Dragon " Platinum Trophy will unlock. Congratulations!

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